Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shared Topic: Starting Over

Reading through my various blogs that I frequent, I happen upon the Shared Topic concept a few times. Intrigued by this idea, I thought I'd participate this time.

The idea that Pieces proposes:
If you had the chance to start all over again in WoW, but your char is already level 80, or level 1 depending on if you like to level or not :>. What class would you pick? What race? What faction?
Why would you pick that class/race/faction?

And most of all what would you plan to do with it? Raid, PvP or just hang out in Dalaran?

Class/Race/Faction -
  • Class - Considering I've really enjoyed PVP as of late, I'd like to play a more durable character, but at the same time, the variety of a warlock is fun.
  • Faction: Horde - I have always loved the misfit feel of the horde.The Alliance has always seemed goody-two-shoes to me; maybe it is just stereotyping from my friends.
  • Race: Undead - There's something about this race that is intriguing. It's the unfortunate, plagued humans that the humans just wanted to destroy not fix, sort of the orphaned step-child of all Azeroth.
Where would I start over?
Like the Death Knight class, I'd love to start over again at 55. I personally did not like the grind up from 0 to 55. The quests are long at tedious. Running around all over the Barrens was painful. I've heard that it is quite a bit quicker, but Blizzard still has BOA and "recruit-a-friend" leveling (+xp) bonuses out there. It can't be THAT great.

Now to test my most eggcellent skills at RP. 

Waking up in the dark is disturbing. Waking up and your in a box is absolutely terrifying. The last thing I remember was fighting some bone-dragon in Icecrown. My group was succeeding to injure this dragon, but not enough to kill it. Suddenly a large plume of green gases exploded nearby and I was in pain, excruciating pain.

Now I am in a box. All my gear, presumably has been stolen. I lay here in my skivvies, no armor, no weapons.

Tired, sore, aching all over, I kick and tear my way out, only to have red dirt poured on my wounds. Climbing out my hole, I find a nearby stream to wash off in. Looks like I am in Nagrand. I stand up, weaker than I was before. Looking around, I see that I am right outside of Garadar. Shuffling into town, the locals stare at me as if I am a ghost. For this neighborhood, it should not be surprising, but they continue to stare at me.

Approaching the center of town, I find the inn. A small crowd has developed on the road before me. I am forced to struggle to even walk further. They just stare at me. Frustration builds as I have shove more and more people to move along. I just want to eat and sleep. The tips of my fingers start to tingle with long forgotten power. The anger fuels the power and I start reveling in it. Elbowing a young male orc, I punch his companion until an all out brawl has started. It is then I HOWL. I giggle as they all run. The old routines return as the spells start coming back to me. Unfortunately, I quickly realize that without my gear and in my weakened state, I don't have the stamina to last long. When the group breaks from their running, they quickly drop me to the ground.

When I awake, I am in a bed, wrapped in bandages. A wizened priest looks over at me, smiling, he tells me to rest. I feign sleep as he walks away. I am hungry. Looking for food, I find a plate next to me, but don't have a taste for it, boar is such a bore and fish fails. It's then that I spy a dead mage in the corner and start to drool. This also scares me, but my hunger is too great. I pull off the caster's arm and start to chew.

After I finished eating, I felt much stronger. I borrowed the dead mage's clothes and could sense my powers returning. I had forgotten much while buried in the ground, but I could remember those old trainers and were they lived. I'd start over, this time with revenge as my motivator. I would find the beasts who stole my gear, kill them, then, heck, eat their hearts.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Warlocks, you want Green Fire?? Check out this..

It's a non-supported, could-get-you-banned, cosmetic only, so only you see it patch. The cool thing, is it give you GREEN FIRE. Aphroditi has figured out how to turn your fire green in-game and on most of your key icons. I don't think I am going to apply this patch, simply as I've recently gone back to Affliction and immolate isn't even on the top-10 keys any longer.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nerf Warlock Axe?

Shopping the other day and saw this battle axe. I am guessing that this vendor does not realize that warlocks cannot equip axes. Against our nature (I guess). I was saddened when I first learned that they were going to let Orc's run with Axe's, but then well not Warlocks (still).

Of course, that doesn't stop any RL warlocks from equipping this weapon. While it may not have epic DPS, it may help ward off alliance NPCs equipping a Nerf maurader two handed sword.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gold Making Strategy - Win it?

The Call to Auction podcast is having a contest at 730PM Eastern on 3/28 (this weekend). First person to successfully open a trade window with Faeghelis will get the 20k gold. You must be lvl 3 or lower, must be tagged pvp.

OK, so if you were going to attempt this contest, what race, class combo would you try? Rogue for stealth, druid for stam? Would you send BOA PVP gear to this toon?

I guess the bigger question, is the US $25 for a server transfer, worth 20,000 WOW Gold to you? Of course, unless you are already on Onyxia-US.

3.3.3 Frustrations

Ok, to be honest, I am not sure if it's a patch problem, or simply me messing with my key bindings in bartender4. Lately when I am in a really intense PVP fight, I am spamming Shift+MouseWheelUp (Shadowflame), MWDown (Fear) and Alt+MWD (howl of terror).

It seems about 10% of the time, I get the PVP Info screen popping up and twice yesterday, I get a dreaded button bar flip. Bar 1 and Bar 2 flip places. No longer is shadowbolt on key 1, but my healy potions. The only way I've figured to get my key order back is to logout and log-backin; a simple ReloadUI is not fixing it.

Going to have to research if this is a bug, or assigning too many things to the shift/alt mouse wheel.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting deeper into PVP

This weekend was a really, really quiet guild weekend online. None of my usual suspects logged on, and I was able to log-on earlier than typical (9PM local). So, this gave me a ton of time to PVP (after my daily pug of course).

I have come to the conclusion that PVP is basically raiding for the casual player. You get to do something with a large group of people. It often takes a coordinated effort to complete the task and if you're not, you'll die. When you complete that task, you will get some sort of reward, typically honor, which can be used to get gear upgrades.

This weekend, I played with a new PVP talent build. I was looking to decrease my Fear cast time and increase my stamina. What I came up with is this (56/15/0). Looking back at the build, I think I am going to take the 2 points out of Improved Curse of Agony and push them over to a pet, considering this build (53/15/0) but need to decide on how to spend my last 3 points (Dark Pact + Improved Felhunter or Improved Succubus). I am liking the Dark Pact option, in that it grants me a way to regain mana, without taking away health.

Now comes glyphs. I found this slightly aged post over at YAWN, that goes over some of the various warlock glyphs. His top 3 affliction pvp glyphs (as of March 2009) were Glyph of Soul Link, Glyph of Corruption and Glyph of Howl of Terror. 4-5% less damage taken, another possible nightfall proc and reduced CD (40s - 8s) Howl are all full of win. Looking at this build presented by FelFire, I am reminded of the Curse of Exhaustion Glyph and strongly consider putting 2 points into Master Summoner, instead of on a pet.

I tried playing with Macros, but no luck. I attempted to use a onfocus fear macro (i.e. Chain-Fear Focus Macro) that should have casted fear when I moused-over a target (scroll wheel down). Unfortunately that entire BG was a total loss with no fears going off. It was also a total loss with alliance winning the Eye of the Storm completely. Boo. With my Howl of Terror changes, it might be beneficial to move this into an easier spot. Currently it requires clicking to get it to trigger. Hmm, shift - mouse wheel down?? :)

Eye of Storm was on holiday over the weekend, so more Honor. This gave me enough Honor points to purchase the i245 Relentless Gladiator's Treads of Alacrity. I enchanted these with Tuskar's Vitality and gemmed with the orange Steady Eye of Zul (for the resilience and Stam bonus). I also found that my PVP neck was missing a gem, so I added a Solid Majestic Zircon also for stam. This brings my self-buffed health to 26,434, and with 'raid' buffs, I saw over 28k. Overall, my PVP gear is almost as good as my PVE. According to GearScore, my PVE set is 5308, while my PVP set is just over 5100. Not going to get into an ICC25 raids with this gear, but sure makes nice for PVPing.

What's next? I am thinking I'd like to try arena (lf team Malfurion-US, most nights after 9PM). There are a number of gear upgrades available that could be obtained with simply 700 arena points. Plus, the wrathful set looks very cool. Hmm, looks vaguely (color-wise) like the similar score Tier-10 pieces, but without the Tron glyphs all over it. I'd need a darn good arena team to see these, but I could get the basic ones for much less.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thorough reading of the 3.3.3 Patch notes.

I was just reading through the 3.3.3 patch notes posted here and noticed a few items that I haven't seen mentioned before.

  • No more farming mounts - The Holiday Bosses and Battleground queues will be converted into a model similar to the RDF. Randomly get one of the BG, you win you get big spoils. 
  • Goodbye PVP Daily .- Get equivalent to the PVP daily if you win (30 Honorable Kills worth of additional Honor currency and 25 Arena points). Second time, get honor equivalent to 15 HK.
  • Raids of 5 people per side. I can't imagine the length of time to complete Isle of Conquest or Strand of Ancients when all 5 people are completely spread apart. Maybe it will contain five 5-man groups?
  • hCOS will have a skip functionality, like TOC, to allow you to skip the jibber-jab said at the beginning (assuming your party has completed it at least once). Yipee, ran Culling last night and had to wait the 4 minutes from start to finish just "Arthas Roleplay".
  • A second fishing daily in Dalaran - The "Monsterbelly Appetite" daily fishing quest has changed so it now takes place outside the Violet Hold in Dalaran. The quest still requires a Severed Arm and has been renamed to "Disarmed!" (yipee! this is my second least favorite fishing quest, outside Ghostfish). For both these quests, I fly past Wintergrasp. I tend to manually fly, instead of take a taxi. Inevitably, I fly too close and get tagged PVP. More than once, I've been attacked by some hopeless Alliance because of it. At least death removes the PVP tag.
  • Don't Ditch the Dungeon - The "ditching of a Random Dungeon" debuff, er cooldown, has been increased to 30 minutes!
  • Why me? - You'll be asked to why you wanted to kick someone from a random party. Last night the "kick" function failed us. Our healer decided to accept a battlegrounds invite right after the instance started. Unfortunately you can't kick someone who is tagged "in combat" even if they aren't in the same instance as you. When he finally decided to rejoin us (yes, we actually waited), probably when the battlegrounds closed, he claimed "sry dc'd". Oh, right, that health bar wasn't visible to us, showing it go down to almost 0, then back up as someone healed your sorry bum.
  • Order in the chaos - Parties built by the RDF, will always be arranged Tank, Healer, DPS ... 
  • We can all be Loremaster's - Quest tracker has been improved. Looks like Blizzard is really trying to help people to finish their Loremaster achievements before Cataclysm. Need to see if I like it better than Carbonite. 
This patch is looking to be bigger than I had initially expected. In turn, this may mean that Cataclysm will probably be pushed out a month or two. I had initially hoped that Cat would drop early this summer, but I am bound to guess closer to September. Which for me, later in the year would be nice, since I was hoping to take a few days off and play while the family is out of the house. 

Blizzard, I have another feature request.

First off, I love the Dungeon Finder tool. I haven't ran so many dungeons or gotten so many Triumph badges ever. In the past few months, I've purchased almost a complete PVP set completely with Triumph badges. Sure, it's only i231 level gear, when most my pve set is working towards i245+, but at this point it's (virtually free).

No my problem is, well, I am a warlock and all I can do is DPS. (for some reason healthstones and drain life don't qualify me for healer status) Typical queue times are on average 10-15 minutes per dungeon. That's not too bad, except that I can't dual queue any longer. No more putting my name in 3 locations (pvp, raid and dungeon queues) and see who offers first.

To top it off, I've seen Heroic Gundrak 22 times since you started tracking this. I am absolutely tired of this dungeon. I'd like some variety. I'd like something new.

So my suggestion:
  1. Make the cooldowns a little longer (20 hrs)? This would have the positive effect, that Gundrak would  only come up, say once a day. Negative would be not able to farm Triumph badges 24hrs a day (assuming it would take you 8hrs to queue and finish all the different 5-man dungeons).
  2. OR change the prioritzation so that I don't run Gundrak more than once a week with some TiVo Season Pass type logic. "Instance won't queue if I've ran it less than 3 days ago." 
  3. OR make it so that I can queue for PVP and a random dungeon. 
On my part, the issue may be my time I am logging on. By 10PM local, the only people still running the random dungeons are either too low or already ran all the high-end dungeons. For awhile there, when ever I partied with a specific dk tank, we got hHOR, even that would be better than another Gundrak run.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Soloing Flame Leviathan?!

Through a link on another site, I found Kripparian's videos on YouTube. Right before Christmas last year, he posted a video of him soloing Flame Leviathan in Ulduar.

Basic strategy he used is pre-staging 4 vehicles, two demolishers on opposite corners, a motorcycle in one corner and a seige vehicle in the opposite corner. Attack with demolisher 1, fight until demolisher explodes, hop on motorcycle, race across to opposite demolisher and start distance shots. He died seconds before leviathan died, but had the siege vehicle to start pounding him if necessary.

While there, check out his video on making 20,000 gold an hour. His market is reselling cut gems, but has addons and various tricks to get there. Yes, 20,000 is possible, if you have the mats that he had on-hand.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tip: Some vehicles can carry multiple passengers.

This fortune cookie message is what I was greeted with while logging into Elk this evening, after transfering 15,000g to him from my bank toon.  Hmm, premonition of his next purchase?

Introducing Mojodishu and Drix Blackwrench, my two newest traveling companions. Drix appears to come from a bit of a shady past, but Mojodishu just appears to be a troll trying to make it in the world. What I'd love to see is a portion of their proceeds, back into my pocket. Use my vendor, I get 10% of the sale (AH tax sort of thing).

Now that I am back down to 3000g on my toons, it's time to get back into gem flipping. According to Kripparian, today is the day to post them up!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Variety is the spice of the Heroics

Fuubaar has some excellent ideas to spice up those daily heroics.

Go check out: So, you're bored, what do you do? Heroics Edition

Tonight, I think I am going to equip my easter flowers and give everyone bunny ears.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lil' XT - Coming in 3.3.3

The first time I fought Deconstructor in Ulduar, I was surprised by the whiny little kid voice coming off this boss. It throws a tantrum, it stomps around, it even sits and pouts. Now in 3.3.3 (probably a purchasable pet like lil'kt), we'll see a lil'xt. I just wish these pets would (like the Calico cat + Stinker), they'd interact when put close together.

Burning a hole in my pocket

Last week, my playing on the auction house had netted me a little over 14,000 gold. Yipee! Gem sales are paying off nicely for me. Last night I got a 5x proc on the Cardinal Ruby, and they are selling for 180g on my server, so I am hoping for some nice income this week. Not bad from farmed eternals and a drop off Occulus "bag".

Either way, the mechano-hog is dominating my thoughts. Yes, I want my warlock to have a hog. Looking at the mats required for creating one, I am looking at immediately 12,500g out of pocket just for the basics, then it will require 12 titansteel bars (or 36 titanium bars and 12x3 eternals).

Luckily I have 2 engineers in guild that have the pattern and it looks like titansteel no longer has a cool-down. I am going to have to spend a few days in Wintergrasp farming eternals so that I can have them.

Hmm, per a comment on the hog parts vendor, they can be farmed from Ulduar bosses. Can hope that the weekly raid is Ulduar this week.. :)  (with a less than reasonable drop rate)

Recipe for  Mechano-hog x 1

     Titansteel Bar x 12
         Titanium Bar x 36
          - created
         Eternal Fire x 12
          - created
          - drop
         Eternal Earth x 12
          - created
          - drop
         Eternal Shadow x 12
          - created
          - drop
     Handful of Cobalt Bolts x 40
         Cobalt Bar x 80
             Cobalt Ore x 80
              - drop
     Arctic Fur x 2
      - drop
      - vendor ( 24 g)
     Salvaged Iron Golem Parts x 1
      - vendor ( 3000 g)
     Goblin-machined Piston x 8
      - vendor ( 8000 g)
     Elementium-plated Exhaust Pipe x 1
      - vendor ( 1500 g)
On the other hand, maybe I should take advantage of my Kirin'tor rep and just get the 3-man mammoth mount??. It's only 16k for the mount and has vendors!! Great for repairs while out questing (soon to happen again in Cataclysm). After pricing out all the mats I would probably have to buy, it will probably cost about the same.

From the 3.3.3 Patch notes

This is going to make me consider changing my affliction spell rotation (and talent build), so that I can start using Dark Pact instead of Life Tap. 

  • Dark Pact now has a 100 yards range (up from 30 yards) and ignores the line of sight.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Interesting - Random Dungeon Finder Pool

The dungeon finder tool, takes advantage of the already existing battlegroup (aka closely related server farms). For kicks, I clicked on my battle group on the WowArmory and found a blue post by Nethaera.

The following realms are all a part of the Shadowburn Battlegroup (List subject to change):

Agamaggan- PvP
Azshara- PvP
Baelgun- Normal
Dark Iron- PvP
Detheroc- PvP
Emerald Dream- RP-PvP
Greymane- Normal
Kalecgos- PvP
Lightninghoof- RP-PvP
Maelstrom- RP-PvP
Malfurion- Normal
Moonrunner- Normal
Nazjatar- PvP
Sargeras- PvP
Staghelm- Normal
Twisting Nether- RP-PvP
Ursin- PvP
Wildhammer- PvP
 I find it interesting that most my heroic dungeons are run with PVP players. Of 18 realms, 5 are NOT PVP (including mine Malfurion). This puts a bit of a different light on the 5-man groups that I have joined. Now I am going to pay a bit more attention though.

Have you noticed any consistencies with your groupings? My 5mans are typically:
  • Healer = Shaman
  • Tank = Pally or DK
  • DPS = Me (warlock)
  • DPS2 = Mage
  • DPS3 = Another Pally or DK.
Is this due to server make 1/5 Normal to PVP ratio, Blizzard maths or simply server population. Are most healers rolling shammys?

Isle of Conquest Holiday

The last weekend was an Isle of Conquest PVP holiday. Isle of Conquest is the new battlegrounds introduced with the 3.3 patch to Warcraft. This zone is resource race like Alterac Valley. As you grab various resources, you get different advantages. Own the dock, get catapults and Glaive Throwers (like a boomerang sword - unfortunately the only vehicle I didn't get to drive). Own the oil refinery, you get resouces (not sure if to build and power vehicles). Own the Hangar and you get a gunship that you can fire down upon your enemy base from above (ICC style).

The catapults are NOT like those in Wintergrasp, they are more like the demolisher's in Ulduar. You jump into the catapult and hit #1, and it will launch you into the air. Launch yourself into the air near the enemy base and you'll land inside. The alliance was loving this trick, because they would land on top our base then fire down arrow volleys from above. Worked wonderfully when they'd kill us rez'ing in the graveyard. Trick was to dot them when they got in range, then run as far away as possible to let them die a (slow) painful death.

I used the Bartender4 key binding, to bind mouse up to Death Coil and mouse down to Fear. This was really useful in the battlegrounds, I could tab -> scroll, tab, scroll, etc. and fear an entire crowd. It was NOT useful inside a Dalaran where I wanted to zoom in and zoom out. At least Dalaran blocks casting offensive spells when you have someone targeted. Need to retrain muscle memory to use ALT+mouse wheel...

If you're not into PVP, this is a good variety battleground. There are vehicles and turrets for those that like distance, there's lots of open space for melee battles and there's flags and bases to guard if you just like to take it easy. During the day, the horde managed to win 3 straight runs, but when I checked back in Friday night, the alliance had the upper-hand and won most matches.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Pally mount?

Wow.com has a few 3d models data-mined from the PTR build. One is a celestial horse, that looks like it's made from a constelation, pegasus-style.  This, unfortunately, doesn't look like a very scary warlock mount, but darn-it, those pallys (the warlock's goody-two shoes cousin) could take this one for a spin.

On the other hand, this would be extremely cool as just a regular mount, especially if it could have the 310% flight.

Found this video of a orc warlock flying around on this mount:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Screenshot - Flying cats?

It appears that this druid has captured himself a cat mount and is bringing it home for dinner.

PVP Tuesday!

This evening, I ran my first successful Eye of the Storm. My previous luck has been to die a bunch of times, then the horde would eventually lose miserably.

Basic idea (afaik):
  1. Find and then take over enemy post (one in each corner) until you get the flag.
  2. Once you get flag, you run to the center with it (don't mount up)
  3. Defend yourself and the flag until it claims that base as yours.
  4. As you own a base, you get resources associated with that base.
  5. Winner is decided by the first team to reach 1600 resources. More bases owned = quicker you win.

As the place you turn in the captured flag is in the middle of the map, there was always a ton of action there. Nice because as a clothy, I had lots of backup (sometimes) and someone to root/cc the mobs attacking me  from behind. Defending a base is a cheap way to participate, at least as long as you maintain the base. :)

Succy was still my favorite pet in this. Again she seduced an attacking enemy, long enough for me to get off a death coil.

Things that didn't work:
  • I have my trinkets bound to my corruption spell. In raid gear, this is the Nevermelting Ice Crystal. Recently for my PVP gear, I started equipping my insignia of the horde. I've found myself hitting the corruption spell to trigger the crit damage, only to blow the cooldown on my escape mechanism.
    • Maybe change out corruption macro to something else for PVP mode?
  • Since I haven't trained into destructive reach (in my current 0/13/58 build), I don't have the same reach as the melee classes. I can't cast fear without getting into their field. So, they can charge me before, I can even start casting. 
    • May have to consider using my duel spec for a pvp build and not an affliction build.Or maybe run my affliction build AS my PVP build?? :)
    • In some ways, that would work nicely since my spell rotation would automatically change.
  • No stun. Conflagerate is my only stun at the moment. That requires that I have immolate or shadowfury on him already.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Strand of Ancients Holiday!

Last night, testing out my new PVP gear, I participated in the SOA holiday to earn double honor. If you haven't tried this battleground out, here's what I understand of it:
  1. The battlegrounds consists of a fortress and a harbor. Two boats arrive at the harbor with the opposing faction. When they leave the boats, they can mount wintergrasp style demolition vehicles and/or pick up seaforium bombs. Your team can either mount artillery guns or run to front. 
  2. The goal is to take the rune beyond the 3rd wall.(hmm, sounds like a mini-wintergrasp, except)
  3. You start with a count up timer. I believe the attacking team gets 10 minutes to successfully capture the rune. If they do, you flip sides, and then have that long to take the rune back. 
Last night, during my last attempt (it was 12am local), the alliance took 9m 20sec to capture the rune. That gave us a ton of time to do better.I believe our final time was around the 5 minute mark, as I didn't get the 4 minute achievement.

Defense strategy:
  • Grab a harbor canon and shoot as many that get close. This didn't appear to be effective against the vehicles, as they kept coming and could quickly knock down the walls.
  • Once they breach the first wall, jump off the canon and start fearing and death coil to interrupt.
  • The vehicle buildings spawn health refilling stations (treasure box with a leaf floating above it), so use as needed. May also want to grab before the enemy does. I have seen vehicles appear in these buildings also, but I guess they are on a respawn cycle.
  • At death, typically the graveyard I respawn at is right in the middle of the fighting, so be ready to find the

Attack strategy:
  • Put on Demon Armor for +stam bonus. More health = live longer. Fel puppy or succy. Have to thank the succy, as she loves to seduce the rogues when they start attacking me! Not for long (until they take damage), but any bit helps.
  • Grab a seaforium bomb, then jump on the first vehicle heading out. As a dps caster, I can curse + immolate as we drive by. I was having fun casting fear on those that tried to attack us from behind.
  • At death, grab a vehicle, and continue up hill, best to get as far as possible up the hill. Firing into the canons from distance, then focus on the gate as I get closer. Broke through 2 gates before they finally took me down. 
  • If I lost vehicle, start CCing the crowd. Fear/Death Coil/curse and on.. if I can get off a conflagerate all the better to stun them..

What I need to work on.
  • Key binding my instant cast spells. I'd love to have Shadow flame,death coil and fear on a big fat button. Or maybe I'll put it on my scroll wheel. Right now I have to clicky on a button for all three.
    • Trying to find a way to have Bartender4 show a 'pvp' only bar. 
    • As of 10/2008 no macro code exists to show when in battleground. 
    • Maybe marked PVP
  • Purchase 4th piece of PVP set. I am looking into getting the PVP helm (Furious or Relentless). I can purchase the Furious for honor points after a few more WG runs! The Relentless is going to use either Arena points (which I don't have) or Frost emblems (which I don't want to spend). Since I have 3 Furious pieces, it makes sense to go the 'cheaper', Furious route.
  • Play more PVP. Practice should help me to remember to use my insignia and setup teleport.

End of 8.0

Looking at the calendar, we are under 2 weeks until patch 8.1 drops. See! Paste this following line into a Windows 10 CMD prompt. powersh...