Friday, February 10, 2012

Shared Topic: Stacking +Int

OK, so this orc went into the dental office the other day for his cleaning. It is nice to finally get that fish feast taste out of my mouth from Northren. Yuck! After the goblin hygienist finished grinding off 2 years of plaque and buildup, threatened punishment if I didn't floss more, I realized that this little goblin, probably stacks a lot of strength and agility on her gloves to deal with DPSing down my tooth bugs.

 In my job, I DPS down computer bugs. They are nefarious beasts to kill sometimes, they have a ton of evasive abilities, and even cause fear when attacking executive management. If I was given the opportunity, I'd love to apply these enchants to make my DPS higher.
  • head = +Int so that I can think a little clearer without the need of massive amounts of espresso.  
  • gloves = +agility so that I can type with less errors. 
  • shoulders = +haste to get the work done faster. More free time for personal hobbies.
  • chest = +resilience so that I can deal with the office politics.
Given the opportunity, what enchants would make your real-world raid role easier? I'd like to hear what your leader (aka supervisor) says about your new recount stats after applying those enchants. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Does 4.3.2 mean MOP Beta for me & you?

4.3.2 brought about only minor, minor class changes, and a consolidation of the game installed on my drive. I may just not been paying attention, but I don't remember this happening before; not with Vanilla, BC or Wrath. Shrink my install down, before adding a bunch of new content??

The forums over at MMO-Champion, estimate a Summer (July?) expansion timeline. That would mean (I'd hope) we should see the beta very soon, to work out any bugs, of course...  ;-)

So, are you going to do the Beta this time? I did with Cataclysm. It was fun to see the early stages of the environment. I signed up on to beta WoW and I signed up for the season pass!? Good or bad, I'll be there when they finally let us in the dojo.

Monday, February 6, 2012

64-bits = 64 fingers :)

OK, so with patch 4.3.2, Blizzard provided a non-supported 64-bit client. I am fairly excited about this news. I have a 4 year old PC that is running a recent install of Windows 7 in 64bit. My gaming PC has 6gb of memory installed in it.

What are bits? 
it's right here!
Low-tech explanation. Your computer is very simple. It keeps track of, remembers, things that is doing by assigning it a location in your machine's temporary memory (RAM), a bit. Once we've used all of our bits, we have to drop/complete something before we can move on.

stateful counting
Now, your computer is 'state-ful'. This means that it treats if your finger is up, different than if it is down. That means you can expand the number of locations referenced. Using the hand example, you could use your right hand to count 0-9 (aka ones column), then your left hand to keep track of 10-90. This means you could count from 0 to 99 just using your two hands.

watch out when counting by 4s
Closer still. We assign values to each finger (i.e. thumb = 1, pointer finger = 2, middle finger = 4, etc.), we can start combining values and get more locations (now thumb + pointer finger = 3). With 10 fingers, we can count from 0 to (2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2)-1 (or 1023) locations.

Now your computer, 20 years ago had only 8 bits; nowadays typical your consumer grade computer can have 32 (say older laptop) or 64 bits to work with. This means that your computer is able to reference (theoretically) 2^64 or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 locations.

Work PC w/ Win7 - right-click My Computer, select Properties.

For this to work, everything your computer does, has to be able to reference 64-bit locations. Assuming your operating system is currently installed and running in 64-bits, you are good to go! Windows / Mac OS has found the drivers to necessary. (The article linked above has how to check your machine. )

If your computer has more than 4GB of memory, you will probably experience a performance increase running the 64-bit client. I wouldn't suggest trying this right before a raid, as a number of people have reported issues with various device driver conflicts.

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