Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A-Caroling We Will Go - PVP FREE method.

I logged on earlier this afternoon to be greeted by one of OOT's resident altaholics, Taurohtar, finishing off the Winter Veil achievement A-Caroling We Will Go. This achievement has you fly around to each of your enemy's capitol cities and sing a little festive song. Intrigued, I joined her along on one instance of completeing this achievement. Funny enough on her warlock. Gratefully, Taur went through it one more time for me and sent along these instructions and screenies.

So, here's Taurohtar un-edited.

1.       Take the portal to Dragonmaw port (Equip your sweater!) (Don't leave it in the bank as I did).

 2.       Travel in an almost straight western direction

3.       Towards Ironforge

4.       When you pass through the wetlands, you’ll know you’re on the right track if you see these hills.

5. You’ll fly past the front of IF by way of the eastern side.

6. Hopefully you’ve been smart enough to fly high enough to avoid trouble, you’ll see the tops of the gate.

7.  Here’s a nice squarish spot – use it.

8. Quickly mount and fly southwest-ish, keeping more south than west.

9.  I make this ugly sweater look good.

10. In the northern area of Stormwind, there are many unoccupied towers,

11. find one (this one is near the dock area)

12. Head towards the furthest  dock, all the way south. You’ll catch a boat called “The Bravery” (We mounted the boat sitting up on the boom of the sail. Just to avoid any drive-by alliance.)

13. Disembark once you’re no longer in ‘open water’ (fatigue) so as to avoid detection.
Flying up up up up up
14. head towards the city

15. Find this landmark

16. Land once the zone text turns red

17. Down down down

18. fly back to the docks, but stop at the first (eastern most) dock. Again.. fly high enough to avoid attention.

19. Get on the boat to Exodar – flying mounts won’t work here, so be cautious…

20. jump off and there is the back door to the Exodar!

21. use the shirt for the last time and hearth the hell outta here lol (Make sure you use while on the bricks. I clicked a little too early and had to wait for the 20s cooldown)

Win like Charlie sheen

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SSOTD:Shirt.Woot Derby 229

Shirt.Woot, the clothier of this blogger in humorous T-shirts, just closed their latest derby "Roleplaying in everyday life". A number of their shirts tugged closely on my "i want" factor. Evidently roleplaying means wearing dull-armor grey. ??

This looks vaguely familiar.

and so does this...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now that you have it, what are you transmogrifying?

I have been excitedly running dungeons again. No more troll-fail-roics in my queues. Over the last few days, I believe I've hit each of the 3 dungeons about 3 times a piece. This has mean some wonderful upgrades and a good amount of valor points (~1500). I have slowly managed to upgrade all of my basic gear with i378 something-or-other. I currently have 2 items with spirit, but the the rest is all dps. Down to the trinkets, weapons and rings. Next adventure, LFR?

On my disc priest I am still avoiding the new dungeons. Healing is much more demanding than PVP. She's at a gear score of 377 PVP gear. Tonight we are planning our first jump into Season 11 arena, I am hoping for the best, but considering she hasn't maxed out on Ruthless gear yet, I imagine she'll take a beating until we get adjusted for the right match-making index.

So, are you morg-ing anything?

For Elk, I went with a skull-cap, everything else is running the default model. I thought it matched the mostly browns and blacks coming across with the new gear. I am trying to place that quilted look. I keep thinking I've seen this style before in RL.  Even if he upgrades to the Tier helm, I think'll be replacing it with this model. Much less freaky. I am sort of glad to finally get rid of those deepholm theme'd shoulders.

For Eride, she'll headed into the Arena tonight in her close approximation of a cloth ninja outfit. She's gone for as much black as possible, including a black cloak. Last weekend, I had a guild mate craft the Shadoweave Mask and then changed her top to something more color appropriate (less red than before). Then she went and upgraded her PVP Pants from Vicious to Ruthless, so need to go re-transmogrify. Looking at the recently changed WowHead, I found these pants which are a better 'black', and only 770 JP (in dalaran). I am not sure the shoulders look PVP though. I have been looking for something different, maybe these? Less 'magey?'

Maybe I should be putting more of my gold into gems and enchants and less into making the outfits look nice together. I should be almost done, assuming nothing crazy drops in the next few days. Mr Robot says I am almost BIS (pre-LFR).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vote for MrRobot - 1 hr left to vote...

Mr. Robot is trying to get nominated for the "Best Bootstrapped Startup" on the Crunchies (an award program run by TechCrunch). All you have to do is follow this link and nominate Team Robot!

Voting ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:59pm. Also, if you share this link with friends, on your guild forum, Twitter or Facebook, it will help Mr. Robot's quest to unlock the Crunchie achievement!

So Mr. Robot... what is a "bootstrapped startup"?

This basically means that we didn't get a ton of money from rich people to run our company. The three founders (Yellowfive, Zoopercat, and Revulva) now run Team Robot as a full-time job, trying to make it entirely on profits from the website and services that we provide. We really like video games and helping people improve and have more fun, so we hope to continue making enough money to keep the servers running! And... pay rent and buy food. We're still working on that part.

Sincerely (we really mean that),

Team Robot

Friday, December 9, 2011

Working towards a 378 iLevel

Saw on Emberstorm
With a group that knows these fights, this round of end-game dungeons doesn't seem as painful, as say Wrath when we finally made it into ICC. There was a definite dread last expansion when ever you randomly landed in Halls of Reflection. So far in the runs I've had, Dragon Soul seems fairly well balanced and no major surprises. Even picked up 3 new upgrades on my first time through and that's only because I lost the chest drop to the guild mage, typical. :) Now, I am sporting the healie helm, which isn't ideal, at least it's a gear score better than my old dog-collar.

I did sense some irritation by the people who've ran these dungeons much more than me, especially the role-play segment on the dragons happen. "Click the darn dragon...." remarks in chat.

Looking around at my guild members, I see those who are logging in, quickly trading in their i359 gear for shiny new i378. Holiday's over, we MIGHT even have enough to jump right to the new raiding environment. OOT first, hit the raid before it's nerfed!

If you are raiding, you might want to check out Poneria's gear spreadsheet. Link to download found here. It provides as a wonderful resource for what are warlock gear is out there and where to find it, segmented into the various slots. Personally, if for nothing other than to peek at what items are better bought with Valor, than vs Quest or Heroic Dungeon drops.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

IT: Save Me Plz!

As I am sitting here, trying to get motivated about wiping over and over again in the LFD/LFG queues, I start to think of each wipe, as a crime scene. All those corpses over the place, just waiting to be processed, photographed, bagged and sent of to the morgue.

Then I take the leap from in-game to real world. Take one major car accident, mix in some WoW. Instead of the morgue showing up, there's just a bunch of people sitting around a roast pig, eating, while a shaman has thrown up totems to heal everyone. Maybe a few people still a ghost running back from the local 'graveyard'.

Of course, then I fall over to a short story I read, where the game world starts to mingle with real-world.
      They ride two white unicorns down a forest path blanketed with fresh snow, and by some strange twist of magic or fate they come upon something that should not exist.      It lies half-buried in the drifts, but Leena can see that it was once a sort of carriage made from black metal. It has a roof, and its underside is all manner of piping, rusted now. Long ago, someone had sliced it in half. Where its other half may now lie, none can say. (Save Me Plz by David Barr Kirtley). 
The entire story was read, back in 2007 on Escape Pod and is now available on their archive CDs. Another fun story, go check it out.

As for the new dungeons, I am still skeptical. Maybe need a guild run (tonight) to start them rolling.

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