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7.3.5 Bucket List

Based on the 77 day turn around that Blizzard has been demonstrating on their patch release cycle, 7.3.5 should be dropping into production next Tuesday. With this patch comes the much anticipated content leveling (aka zoneless). BlizzWatch has a great breakdown of the various zones.. from mmo-champion Wit this, a few things are going to be a little harder when the patches drop. That 20 minute run through BT or Karazhan (BC) is going to get a lot longer. Unstead of these dungeons being level 70 content, starting with this patch, they will go to being level 80 level content. While still not a big deal for a max level character, it will mean a slightly longer dungeon run. Farming Transmogrification Outfits While trying to build an interesting Holy Paladin xmog, I found that I had the shoulders from the Judgement Armor recolor set. This BC dungeon tier set is dropped from many of the BC dungeons. My priority for this outfit will be the legs and chest. I am not so concerned wi