Friday, December 31, 2010

85 and Closing in on 525

ATM, I am still about 3 bubbles from reaching 85. Hopefully, I'll have some time tonight to get that last dozen quests done. Last night, I ran 2 random dungeons, the cooking daily and 1 random battleground then dinged 85! After dinging 85, I immediately ran over to the JP vendor, picked up the trinket and the head piece with the 3800 points I had left over from Wrath. I also picked up a honored rep ring from the Ramkahen QM. My next acquisitions will likely be tailoring items. I am highly favoring the Flame Ascended Pantaloons and the Batman, er, Dreamless Belt. I have a guildie working on leveling tailoring and all she asks is for the mats (400 embersilk and 60 of each type volatile for both items). Working on the pants first, then worry about the belt later.

I am still working through Uldum at the moment. I figure I'll finish out the zone, so I can get really close to that camel mount. I've had 4 successful runs through Vortex Pinnacle. I'll see about a write-up here later on. Lots of CC (banish/fear) and a few items that I'd like to screen shot.(edit: we'll see now if I get into heroics). In addition, I am loving the Desert Walker Sandals for exalted rep rewards. Currently honored, so hopefully not too much further...

Elk's quick-get wish list items:
 I've got to a point in cooking (level 516) that I don't have any viable recipes to skill up. Everything is gray at the moment, meaning 9 points via cooking dailies, bah! Only then will I be able to grab one of the 'end-game' recipes. I really need to work on fishing dailies though too, looks like the new Fish Feast recipe comes from a guild achievement (10,000 fish caught from pools by guild members).

Got my alchemy up to 507. I absolutely wanted that cool new alchemy trinket, so when I saw someone selling 200 volatile life for ~1000g on the AH, I bought it. Looking at Wow-Professions, the trick to get to 525 is flasks (which you'll only want one of these) then transmutes. BTW, a guildie stated that one of the low level transmutes is going for an easy 300 gold on our server. I don't remember which (Dream Emerald I think)?? Definitely a nice profit margin! As a side note, check out the comments for the Mix Master guild achievement. It appears that currently ilevel 85 flasks (i.e. Wrath flasks) are counting towards this achievement as well.
Just tested this on Flask of Pure Mojo and it counted for the achievement. It did indeed count both flasks made too moving the tracked achievement from 339 to 441. Then I made Flask of Frost Wyrmx4 due to my elixir master proc and it counted for four points. Seems like this is a huge boost to farming the achievement if you kept any wrath materials or just buy them cheep.

Flasks currently working(that shouldn't according to the achievement):
Flask of Endless rage
Flask of Pure Mojo
Flask of Frost Wyrm
Flask of Stoneblood

So here's to a few achievements over the weekend. Hopefully by Monday I'll have 85, Illustrious Cooking and Illustrious Alchemist. (scratches head) Now, how do I get back to Dalaran to get those Kirin'Tor head enchants again?

Cheers to another binary year!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Macro Quickie - Using Your Charms!

Doing the fishing daily, the one I am getting most often lately is Crawfish Creole. This quest has you fly around Orgrimmar and pickup 10 muddy crawfish.

My macro for this fishing quest is:
/tar Muddy Crawfish
/run SetRaidTarget("target", 5)

 The beauty of the macro is that the crawfish have a raid icon on them. Raid icons don't have LOS issues.

Can you find the next muddy crawfish?
I have another very similar macro for finding quest NPCs. Fly around and spam the button looking for him/her. When it clicks, they have a raid icon on them, so, now you simply run towards the moon/star/horse shoe... etc. Edit macro and replace with Lucky The Leprechaun. Magically Delicious!

Your options for raid icons include:
  • 0 = no icon or Remove icon
  • 1 = Yellow 4-point Star
  • 2 = Orange Circle
  • 3 = Purple Diamond
  • 4 = Green Triangle
  • 5 = White Crescent Moon
  • 6 = Blue Square
  • 7 = Red "X" Cross
  • 8 = White Skull

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Question about the Christmas Card from Blizzard!??

Is this a warlock flying in this Christmas Card concept art from Blizzard? Cloth, dps, and has that claw hand look like the warlock class icon. Blizzard, that would make an excellent present, that all warlocks would absolutely love to receive!!

Stonecore and More

Last night I was happy when two guildies wanted to run a random dungeon with me (tank and dps). Instead of the 38 minute queue time, we had a party in about 10 minutes. Didn't even have time to finish the Clammy Hands fishing daily. The dungeon we randomly got was Stonecore. Stonecore is fun. Stonecore is about the crowd control. Ok, crowd control and staying out of the mess on the ground.

Corobus - Here's a mage who starts off with the first trash fight, get's involved in each of the next two, then transforms into get's passed by a giant worm. (he he, mage's are truely worms?!) As a lock, my job was to glyphed fear one of the trash (then banish the elemental he converts into) while the tank worked through the others. Focus on Corobus until he moves along. The boss fight, think Anub'arak in Azjol-Nerub.

Investigate: Macro to do a fear / fear on focus / set focus to target.

The trash between Corobus and Slabhide includes those borers in Deepholm and a few large elementals. This elemental has two major abilities an aoe and summoning a crystal shard. The shard spawns from an orange glowy spot on the ground then flies through the group. It will eventually explode and do 15000 to 20000 damage. Kill the shards.

Slabhide - Basic fight is a tank and spank. Just avoid the spots on the ground. Black spots turn into crystals from the sky. Rumbles on the ground turn to pools of molten lava. Easy fight.

Trash between Slabhide and Ozruk is a mix of warriors, warlocks and a fire elemental. Tank would either have me banish the elemental or fear one of the warriors.

Ozruk - Large elemental boss. Only key element that I remember is DXE/DBM screaming out to stop casting during the Ground Slam. Otherwise, simply a tank and spank.

Final stretch. The first time I ran this, I picked up a quest to kill 101 devout followers. "Wait we better get that one way over there!?!"  We had 100 easily by the time we reached the end boss and found she's surrounded by another 3 large groups. Don't worry about the quest. It's an easy one.
High Priestess Azil - Tank and spank, but has a stage where she throws big rocks at you. Just watch out for the incoming. She shields herself and summons more followers, I could still attack her (I saw damage, it must be hurting) and then spammed my AOE and a Shadowfury on the followers. I was fairly certain I saw cultist die when they ran into the ground AOE she did. I never saw the ability Force Grip during the last two times, but maybe it was focused on someone else. In Normal she dies pretty quick. (BTW, where's the Star War's references?)

Got a green wand upgrade (off trash) on the second time through the dungeon. Then proceeded to replace it with quest rewards in Twilight Highlands.

Speaking of...

  1. Don't attempt to mount and fly over to Garrosh's zeppelin during the trip over to attack the Twilight Highlands. First the zeppelin crashes first, second it isn't possible. Yes, you can mount up, and lift off, except as soon as you get off the ground, it's all over. Try it! Oh, so fun!! (dripping with sweet sarcasm)
  2. If you die from falling off the zeppelin going to the TH, you can go back to Azshara and get back onto the zeppelin again.
  3. Rolled a 9/0/31 Destruction talent spec last night. Sure it was about 1AM local, but I wanted to spec into Jinx. Running around in TH starting area with Jinx, I did not aggro other mobs. 
  4. Food made for leveling, sells great in the Auction House. Made probably 50 gold just selling Gumbo.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Gamer's Holiday Gift Ideas for Non-Gamers

With the holiday quickly approaching and many people looking to purchase gifts for their loved ones, I thought I'd throw out a handy dandy gift guide. I find that many of my relatives don't quite understand my hobby. It's not like watercolor painting or maybe scrap booking, where someone can easily get me a gift card for the local art supply shop and feel like I'd absolutely love them for it. Our hobby, involves a technical barrier that prevents idle purchase. Now my hints below will be primary for players inside the World of Warcraft, but much will apply to other gaming.

Gift Ideas:
  •  Authenticator - In this world of key-loggers and hackers attempting to make money from gamers. This provides your gamer security, via a token that generates a random 6 digit key. This key is unique to their account and will need to be entered everytime they logon to the game. This $6 investment pays back in the form of not missing game play. (and it grants a free pet).
  • Time - Time to explore and enjoy this world (Free) or time, in the essence of a prepaid month(s) of play. Blizzard sells time in blocks of 1 month ($15), 3 months ($42) or 6 months ($78). "Time is Money, Friend"
  • Real World Money for in-game perks - I would not condone purchasing items on eBay. Most of the items their are people who have found wining trading card game cards. Considering the TCG careds are only a few bucks a pack, why pay over $60 for an item here. Great fun, but most have charges, or limited use. What I DO like, is the in-game pets and/or mounts. Currently the Moonkin hatchling is on sale for $10, with half that purchase price going to Make a Wish (now until 12/31/2010). Besides, he dances, he flys, he's all around cute.
  • Gear/Hardware - Now unlike a gaming console, like xBox, PS3 or the Wii, your gamer is playing on a PC or Mac. What equipment you buy may play an important factor. Since there is an You may want to simply invest into a gift card for your gamer. 
    • - online retailer with quick shipping and great rates.
    • Best Buy - Numerous locations, prices a bit higher, but has a physical presence to shop at and look around. 
    • Apple - I know NewEgg and Best Buy have Mac accessories, but they may not sell some of the finer upgrades.  
  • If you're not one for gift gards, there are options:
    • Gamers need lots of memory - This equates to the how complicated the game can be (Warcraft is complicated) and how fast things come up. More memory faster game play.
    •  Gamers need fast graphics - I upgraded my video card from the stock card, to one around $150 and game play was dramatically different. I could complete game play that I could never even imagine. Laptop players and Apple devices may not be able to, but Window's Desktops, definitely.
    • Gamers need faster PC - Now some times upgrading is just not an option, and you need to get a brand new machine. Why not a new Alienware PC?! :)
    • Gamers need accessories -  I've created this Amazon page to detail some hardware I use. Nothing fancy, but get's the job done. Read the reviews other people made before a purchase. (click box title to see more:)
  • Play along! - If you are also a gamer, consider getting a Trial account and playing along. Your gamer will enjoy the perks of having you tag along, plus there's the rocket! $3 get's you the media (or download for free) to play through the starting areas of several races. There will be things you can't do, but plenty you can.
    • Purchase pets from auction house, or in-game vendors.
    • Vanity items - wine, flowers, cake
    • Ride a dragon!
Gamers, what did I miss? Tell me what you'd want from your non-gamer friends and family and maybe we'll all benefit!

Reader Suggestions:
  1. 10-Person Ventrillo subscription - Vent is a Voice over IP solution used by gamers. It allows for 10 simultaneous people to communicate with each other. Think Party Line. My mom called it "Kid in a box". Best of all, anyone can use it. Want to chat with remote family members, while they travel? Want to have a party chat with 9 other people. 5 user subscription is free. A 10 user subscription is $50.
  2. Good chair. Gaming isn't that physically demanding, but sitting on one's derriere for several hours on a bad chair (at a badly configured desk) can be. A good setup is a 100x cheaper than physical therapy. Sorry, can't provide suggestions. I still sit on an extra kitchen table chair. Just remember the adage, "you get what you pay for".
  3. Steam Games - Steam is an online distributor of PC games. You install a small agent on your PC and then select games from the Steam Store. Check back later and you have it installed and ready to go. Right now Steam has a number of holiday gifts available, including Portal( click here for trailer) for only $4. Purchase the game online and say "Purchase as gift". Your gift is delivered as an email for them!

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    Justice for Warlocks!

    Like, OMG, did you see what that outfit on Lady Nas'Jar. It's like totally last Xpac. Doesn't her BFF know that Periwinkle is not the new Purple? (ends bad imitation of teen-age girl)

    I don't know about you, but I am already tired of the "Is this item better than what I have?" game. Sure PAWN is awesome!, in that I can see immediately if it's an upgrade, or if I should vendor it. Combine that with Outfitter, and I've basically automated gear selection and equipping.

    What I am totally looking forward to, is my first round of point-purchased gear. You know, that gear you only replace by raiding, or doing the next round of dungeons.
    Checking the vendor in Orgrimmar (upstairs from Garrosh), I see immediately that each of these items is several percentage points higher than my 'currently' equipped gear. Of course, I am only at 83 and still have ~80 quests in Deepholm and all of the higher level areas. As what happened in Icecrown, I found drops via the dungeons and questing that out-ranked this gear.

    Since you can't use the Justice gear til 85, what may be a better, more immediate consideration is REP gear. Scanning down the list, I see a number of items that are available upgrades at level 83, simply by being honored with one of the new Cataclysm factions. For example, the Earthen Ring quartermaster has a iLevel 333 helm for being Honored. Easy if you've been questing in Vash'jir (plus Deepholm and Twilight Highlands). Otherwise, you can pick up the tabard once Friendly, hold onto it til 85 and champion their cause via the heroic dungeons. (Still got my Goblin tabard on Revered - 14,000 from exalted!!).

    I am not holding my breath though. Things change quickly in this game. Heck, by the time I get to 85, I'll probably start filling in with Valor point gear (and ruin my entire tag line). What looks like a wonderful upgrade at 83, may end up being a sideways replacement when I finally can equip the gear. I just like to dream... or is it sulk? Yeah, warlocks sulk.

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    Bad Days for a WoW Player to Stay Home

    Being a salaried IT professional, I have the flexibility, on occasion, to work from home. It works really handy for when this Dad must stay home with sick kids or wait for a delivery of Christmas proportions. Sometimes during my stay, I fire up the WoW client and run a heroic, or do a little fishing in the background.

    Here is my really short list of days, that a (casual) player in particular shouldn't bother staying home.

    1. Patch days, like today. :(
    2. Kid's school holidays
    3. Edit: Days waiting for contractors to show. Can't be polite and run a dungeon, knowing someone is going to be ringing the door bell... 
     Yep, not much today.  If I am able to play tonight, Elk will be doing more quests in Deepholm. Running the beta, I had seen a good portion of Hyjal and Vashjir. Now that Elk is 82, I jumped to Deepholm for the evident gear upgrades, plus so that he can "find" the Stonecore entrance. He now has the three low dungeons which he can queue for. One more hour until Blizzard says my server should be available. Maybe for an early lunch!!

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    A bit about Archaeology

    Found a link to this site on the Wowapedia site about Archaeology. I loved TotalBiscuit's video on the sunflower pet and had to check this out. I think you'll find this short very useful for figuring out how to survey and find things in this new secondary profession.

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    Got AddOns?

    In my opinion, one of the best elements to playing WoW is the capability of using addons. In my limited MMO gaming experience, addons or hacks were just that, hacks. You did it to change the game to your benefit. Often consider a illegal.

    I learned about AddOns in a sort of backhanded approach. My original install of Warcraft came from a dump of the folder from a friends machine. Sure, I paid $40 for the license, but the media came on a flash drive from his PC, addons and all. It wasn't until BC, that I learned how tweeked my view of the GUI truely was. I remember the day, saying "I CAN'T PLAY RAW!" Buttons were all in the wrong place, I only had 2 rows of bars, and my mini-map didn't show herb possibilities any longer; it was devastating.

    A few years ago, I started using WowMatrix and have not been surprised again. WowMatrix downloads addons from a variety of locations, and doesn't ask for money (like some other addon updaters I've used). Unfortunately, it is unable to update addons that are hosted on or, but as more developers may self-post, this may become more available. Now I've gotten into the habit, I try to run WowMatrix to get into Warcraft, instead of the Wow icon on my desktop. My gaming runs better because of it.

    Thursday, December 9, 2010

    Dungeon Finder Video

    Dungeons are my bread and butter. Since I started leveling my priest, I've come to love running dungeons to get basically free XP and nice gear upgrades. With the changes in Cataclysm, you can no longer start running dungeons until you 'find' them.

    Well, here those fine folks at WowHead have put together this video showing how to get to each dungeon entrance.

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Elk's Cataclysm story so far...

    Last night was a lovely thing. One minute I am in Wrath expansion, a global says reload software and come back in. 10 minutes of authentication failures and I get in. No disk to load, no patch to install. It was an absolutely sweet experience. Compared to the anti-climax that Nibs referred to, I thought the patch was a dream come true.

    I didn't do any pre-questing (ok, the just the Org fishing and cooking daily, but forgot to train-up before turning in quests). I just didn't have the time this week to spend in getting the quests gathered and turned in. I barely had enough time to log on and run Heroic Daily for Goblin rep (now revered).

    What I did do:
    1. Learned Archaelogy. The guy is standing next to Garrosh.
    2. Picked up Azeroth Flying, made next step a dream.
    3. Flew around Orgrimmar and trained up all professions (alchemy, cooking, first aid, fishing, and herbalism)
    4. From breadcrumb quest, flew out to boat and started working on quests in Vashjir. 
    Things learned:
    Party boat headed out of Org.
    • You don't need to click on the quest giver to turn in a quest, but really just the symbol over their head will work. Watch your mouse pointer. 
    • Due to high amount of day-1 traffic, investigate and use /tar macros.
      /Tar Drowning Warrior
      /use Enchanted Conch
    • Party when attacking mini-bosses, like naga warden. You're competing with the Alliance here! (macros can help target, or HellFire!)
    • Phasing only helps when doing 1:1 interaction (Budd + Jaws) quests. Sharkbait, ooh-ha-ha
    • Flying in Undercity is SWEET
    • Having a ton of fun playing Destro (3/3/31). I did just put one point into Improved Life Tap as I am running out of mana by end of long fights, but not health. LT + Soul Harvest FTW!
    Based on Pawn's suggestion, I have already replaced 4 items (armory).
    1. Gloves - quest reward
    2. Belt - quest reward
    3. Weapon - now two-handed staff - Throne of Tides drop - seems to drop almost every run. No need to fight. (at least 2 of 4 times ran)
    4. Cloak - Throne of Tides drop.
    Throne of Tides is a new dungeon in Cataclysm. It is first accessible by finding the entrance to the dungeon at the bottom of the Abyssal Maw. Basically swim down to the bottom of the whirlpool and soon as fatigue starts to set in, swoosh, your inside. Once you stand in front of the portal, you're unlocked for now running it via the random dungeon finder.

    Inside you'll find 4 main bosses. Each will sound vaguely familiar to ones in other dungeons.
    Throne of Tides in game map.

    1. Lady Naz'jar, female naga, sits at the top of the elevator, found straight ahead. Ride up to the top, clear the trash (more naga) and begin. Her biggest abilities are a shock blast which DXE tells me to interrupt and a water spout, which throws the tanks in the air. When she does the water spout, she becomes immune to all attacks and 3 adds appear. Take them out, and attack her again. (cinematic)
    2. Commander Ulthok drops down from the ceiling outside the Lady's room. No trash IIRC between the two. His worse ability is picking up a random team member and squeezing them. Otherwise a standard tank and spank. 
    3. Right outside his room is a 'vehicle'. It's a portal to the front lobby of the dungeon. Take it AFTER the fight.  
    4. Take the door way to the right. Here you will find murlocs (80 non-elite) and faceless watchers. The watchers like to throw the entire party in the air, then you float down under his feet and he smashes you into the ground. I suggest warlocks use their handy portal to escape the aoe.
    5. Erunak Stonespeaker and his head crab, Mindbender Ghur'sha. Mind the gates to this boss. They close when you engage. Erunak is a draenei shaman corrupted by a head-crab (sorta looks like octopus). He attacks you with elemental abilities including a frontal flame cone and stone spikes aoe. Just stay out of the rocks, you're good. At one point the crab, Ghur'sha, will disengage and start attacking you directly. He mind controls a random party member, stops when they hit 50% health. He links everyone to him, sucking health, use pilars to stop LOS.Fairly easy kill, IMHO.
    6. Run back to other side, now you have elementals. At the bottom of the stairs, is a water elemental gauntlet. Kill the elites, aoe the non-elites and keep running to the gateway. The non-elites will spawn as long as you sit there. 
    7. Final boss, Ozumat. (another gate to mind) This is fight is a lot like Valythra in ICC. Neptulon(sp?) is under attack. You gotta to kill off all the adds before they kill him. I found the caster adds to be harmless. They don't move and at one point only focus on Neptune. You DOT and go. Just gotta watch out for the Bloodbeasts (ala ICC Saurfang Jr.). Nothing a little soulshatter or shadowflame don't handle well.
    8. Ozumat is the giant sea squid. Luckily for you after you kill all the aoe bosses, Neptune empowers you and you can take on Ozumat directly. Imagine a giant sea-star and you're inside the aquarium. Target it's mouth, fire at will, standard rotation.

     Well, time to grab some lunch, before a few more quests. I'd love to be 82 by EOD. We'll see, I have a family commitment from 2:30PM until 9PM tonight. From the lock trainer, I just learned Fel Flame, so need to work that into my rotation.I plan to place between immolate and incinerate, to provide that wee bit of time buffer between those spells.

      Today's the DAY!

      Monday, December 6, 2010

      Are You Prepared?

      Tomorrow is the day. You'd think that a cataclysm would be a surprise, but?? I guess Blizzard would like to charge for the experience... Since we know, we can prepare. I am not really thinking about trying to be first-in-game level 85 warlock, but I would like to be say, first in Guild. To do so, I am planning on starting at midnight and leveling as much as possible until say 3am Tuesday. Sleep til my wife and children are off to school, then play again until 2PM when I will pick them up.

      My question to you, have you thought about what you'll need? No, I don't mean in game. I mean RL. You know the land of bio breaks, breakfast and babies. I'd like to share a few items I plan to do today to prepare.

      1. Time - off for good behavior. First order of business, is to forget business. I have scheduled 2 days off, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, like a new movie, I plan to logon at midnight and start leveling. :D
      2. Rested. No Warcraft Sunday night. This should help make sure that game time, I am not falling asleep on the sofa.
      3. Fed. Do you have sufficient snacks and refreshments for leveling? Anti-acids? Heck, do you have warm socks and fingerless gloves for when it get's rather cold at night?
      4. with Friends or Not? Have you coordinated your first few hours leveling with friends? Are they going to level with you to 85 or are you going to go solo. There are benefits of going either way. One you don't have to share your loot or XP with another character. On the other hand, you don't have to pug any group content. Think about hours of play, what is reasonable for all players, how you'll communicate and if/when you'll break during leveling.
      5. Computer Upgrade.  It's a bit last minute, but maybe your mom/dad, spouse, significant other may be willing to drop a new video card or more RAM into your gaming machine. Christmas is only 19 days away. BTW, if you haven't bought the downloadable upgrade, make sure you have 15-20gb free space on your hard drive to copy off the DVD size data file and decompress them to your hard drive. While you're at it, make sure your addons are all updated and you can quickly check Tuesday morning.

      6. In-Game cleanup? I know, I meant real-life, but I'd suggest emptying those bags, and the quest log clean-up. Consider dumping or turning in all that you are grey for. Maybe spend an hour today and pickup a bunch and complete, but don't turn in those quests in Icecrown (or where ever you may have left off).Just make sure you're parked in a city or inn at the end of the day tonight.

      Is there something else you are planning to do for leveling? Do you plan to start playing when the gates open, or wait for the weekend?

      How are you preparing?

        Friday, December 3, 2010

        Why are you not Championing?

        I know, I know, you're not an achievement whore (like me). You're not a mount junkie (like me). You're all about the game. Still it's free rep to champion one of the new races coming into the game, and Blizzard has made it EASY to get exalted with your faction's new race.

        I ran a Heroic HOR and picked up a quick 1000 rep with the goblins. You need approximately 40,000 rep to get to Exalted. That's an easy (at the current rate) 40 heroic (Wrath) dungeons. Just for wearing their tabard...Combine that with a bunch of Justice points you'll get..
        1. Cheaper prices when purchasing from the Goblins
        2. Possibility of a loud, alliance bashing mount
        3. Tons of badges justice points for your Tier 11 set when Cata drops next week. 
        Why are you not championing while in the dungeons?

        Thursday, December 2, 2010

        Plants vs Zombies Mini Game - Broken?

        Edit: My newest pet!

        I pointed out during the beta, the singing sunflower pet. You load him her up and she sings a little melody (sort of like the Troll Senjin fetish); voiced by Laura Sigihara from the theme song/commercial.

        view of old dal crater

        Brazie the Botanist
        To get this pet, you need to beat 4 different waves of zombies (i.e. scourge) then the boss. Each new series of beasties, brings a new plant.

        Phase 1

        1. Collect sunshine pellets (+5 sunshine) by right clicking on them.
        2. Plant sun spitters (20 sunshine - dps)
        Phase 2
        1. Plant sunflowers (10 sunshine - generates more solar power) and collect sunshine pellets
        2. Plant sun spitters
        3. Pickup icey plants (20 sunshine - slow)
        Phase 3
        • Phase 2, but now you get 'rocknut' (15 sunshine mini tank). Will aggro zombies around it and they'll attack it down. You can put these behind zombies and they'll turn around to attack it. 
        • You pickup a strangle vine (30 sunshine). It will attack a single zombie until dead by swinging it around. 
        Phase 4
        • Add exploding pumpkins (40 sunshine) - aoe damage that kills most enemies. Get zombies, through aboms. Necessary on final push of this phase.
          A winning configuration.
        • Here's where it broke on me. ? ticket submitted. Tired, I logged out. Edit: GM responded. Same as comments, too bad, please try it again.
        Phase 5
        • Edit: Easy. Once I got a good base down, I was able to beat the boss on the first pass.
          • New Sunflower as soon as on cool down.
          • Drop only a DPS when you have 3 sunflowers in place. I placed it in the row with 2 zombies by now.
          • Keep adding sunflower, dps and maybe rocknut until you fill 2 rows of sunflowers. 
          • In front of DPS, place frost flowers. The slow, but don't do DPS.
          • In front of the frost wave, I put totems, and lashers. When one was eaten through, I'd repopulate. 
          • Replace back 4 rows only when boss tossed them down.
        • Boss has a few abilities. 
          • Boss kills your plants by throwing stuff at them - replant.
          • Boss drops totems that spawn more undead. 
          • Boss has a poison gas, don't know really what it did. 

        There's a great guide that has quite a bit more screen shots and details over at "Blessing of the Grove".  I haven't seen anyone on the server with this pet yet. Guidlies claim they have, but not sure when they got it. Maybe before last patch?

        Wednesday, December 1, 2010

        Dance Buddy

        Doing the funky chicken, with my boomchicken

        I love my pets. I love pets that I can interact with. Stinker chases the girls. Pandera does something, but haven't figured out. /Dance with your Moonkin pet and he'll funky chicken right with ya'. Boomkin style.  Plus $5 goes to a good cause..


        Taming MOAR Pets

        WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...