Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Hozenageddon!

Remember the one Cata quest that everyone thought should be a daily? Gnomebliteration? Sure you do.. The giant fire ball that rolls around and you simply roll over the fel infected gnomes..

Go, Kota Kon, Go!
Well, I found the MoP version, and it's a daily too! I was in Kun-Lai Summit last night leveling my Disc Priest, when I found one of those optional quest ! markers pop up. It starts with a poop quest. Ends with grinding the poop up into a 'kafa' drink (secretly I don't think Blizzard likes coffee). You give it to the abominable snow monster, 'kota kon'. Kota kon is now under your control and you go and smash, charge and eat evil Hozen along the Burlap trail.

Sure it's not a giant ball of fire and the Hozen don't scream in agony as you eat them (at least not what I heard with my volume settings), but still a nice daily and provides XP or gold. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

So THATS where the Golden Lotus Start...

After reaching 90, I have begrudgingly started doing my dailies. Primarily at this moment with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. I think riding around one of those dragons would be cool (hopefully I don't get motion sickness). The quests are a wee bit tough in my warlock gear, but it is getting easier, slowly. Demo for the AOE and dozen pets or destro for the quick kill? So far, living a bit better destro, but it may be my Soul Leech healing that is keeping me alive.

To my frustration, I picked up the breadcrumb quest for the Golden Lotus faction, only to find that it's a dead-end. Yep, go to the shiny pagoda and nobody has anything for me to do..  What to do?? Wowhead, thanks.. It appears, that I need to finish my White Tiger quests. These are pre-reqs for the Golden Lotus...
To begin questing with Golden Lotus, you'll need to prove yourself to the Pandaren at the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit. You'll be able to fly into Vale of Eternal Blossomsotherwise, but many areas will be phased. The gates to the Vale have not been open in many years, so you will have to defeat three trials, the last one being a shadowy version of a faction leader.
I had gotten to 90 JUST as I was entering the temple of the White Tiger and went over to do dailies... Guess I better go back and fight myself a few times..

In other news, have you looked tailoring for upgrades? My tailor, a level 88 priest, is looking to make me a set of PVP robes in order to replace my quest reward blues. She just needs 2 more Mote of Harmony to create a Spirit of Harmony to buy the recipe. Once she has that. the set is only 5 bolt of WindWool. Easy, peasy. I can get a bolt on the AH for about 10-20g; 100g (or 4 quests) for the piece.. Not bad for something that I can later enchant for PVP resilience later on.. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ding! 90! Leveling via Trick-or-Treating and other goodies.

Last night around 1AM local time, I finally reached level 90 on my warlock. Now for the painful leveling process of bringing my priest up to max.

When I started last night, Elk was about 4 bubbles away. Bringing up an add-on mentioned on Twisted Nether ( HandyNotes+HallowsEnd) edition, I quickly found each of the buckets in the 4 zones I'd played in and simply picked up candy!! (Note HandyNotes is and old-addon and you need to edit the TOC file in order to use it, see the comments on curse). It's a really nice way to level when all you need to do is find the next flight path between quest hubs! Only once did I have to run to the next area, simply because I hadn't grabbed the flight path when there previously.

[MACRO - Put shortcut on your bar and click it instead of opening your bags each stop.]
/use Handful of Treats

What 90 means...

FLYING! Yep, my first thing once hitting 90 is to find the flight trainer and plop down the 2500g to get flying.

Heroic Dungeons - Sadly the interface didn't appear to have 'random dungeon' any more. It only had Specific or Headless Horseman. May be just my lack of sleep.

Scenarios - Remember the Sacking of Theramore event? Yeah, same idea. I ran a little segment with a rogue and warrior, completing some "Save Brewfest for the Pandas" scenario. It consisted of 3 major quests (get supplies, defend the city from invaders and kill big boss). Those broke down into mini-requirements. Get water by killing elemental mini-boss, get hopps by killing (those tauren looking guys) mini, and finally a saurok mini boss for cups?! I think. Like the Brewery dungeon, there are mechanics to play with that make it much easier. Defending the town, kick the fireworks barrels (they do aoe) or stand next to a floaty sphere.

Dailies - From the Temple of the Two Moons(sp?) - I picked up dailies for each of the factions represented there. I now have my dragon pet, I have started the next round of my farm, done a bunch of 'favors' for the cooking crew (which I think are Tillers as well) and even started looking for the Golden Lotus faction.

HH - I started hitting the Headless horseman at 89, but now I can equip anything that COULD drop from him. Sadly, I've picked up, the healers ring (Wicked Witch Ring) and nothing else. I am still hoping for the DPS ring or the warlock mount, but alas they still haven't shown, ever.

Well, back to grinding gear to open up the LFR and maybe even some warlock PVP. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

5.1 Brings Green Fire!..

Check out this concise little article over at Wowhead about the new epic warlock-only quest line coming in the next patch. It will provide us with the Codex of Xerrath which according to Wowhead at once said  "transforms the color of your Warlock fire spells into a rainbow. Also, summons Unicorns."

The interesting point will be that this story doesn't end in 5.1, but continues to the next patch cycle as we start chatting with the Black Prince
"Then we return... one year from now and take the results of our expeditions back to our own sects. More powerful than we would have been alone."

Friday, October 12, 2012

3 Weeks of Pandas. What do you think?

Here we are, end of the 3rd week with our fuzzy little panda-land expansion. If you are like me, you've got a least 2 battle pet teams, explored all 4 (85-89) dungeons and started your own little four plot farm.

Halfhill Market
The other night, I dinged 89 after completing the quest line in Valley of the Four Winds. Some of this reminds me of Ulduar with multiple cut scenes. Fun! 

If you haven't started the WoW edition of Farmville, I highly suggest you do. The pay-off for cooking will come in extremely handy. I mean, look at these raid recipes. Great Banquet of the Pot needs 100 carrots. That's a lot of kills, or about (a day and) 15 minutes on a level 90 farm. Before you reach 90, you can only have a 4 plot 'trainer' farm. (I haven't seen the larger farm yet).

Dungeons are fun, don't wait until 90. They play directly into the lore, so you won't be ruining the story for later on, I promise. There are 2 available at 85 and 2 more come available at 87. As of today, I have completed 10 runs. Since the DPS queue has been about 30-45 minutes, I typically only get one dungeon in a night. Some notes:
  • Stick closely with your tank, there are doors. If he engages, and you're outside... 
  • Watch for the vehicle. First boss in the brewery (aka Donkey Kong) throws barrels and you can hop on top and wheel them back at him. (for 50,000 damage). Adds on second boss drop mallets, use button that shows up in vehicle area. Last 2 weeks, the hird boss has had 2 flavors. One is bubbles to float in during rage phase.
  • There are 2 quests in each dungeon that provide level appropriate rewards. If you wait til 90, the 410 quest rewards will be irrelevant. (again, don't wait!). Get the additional benefit ASAP. 
Shrine of Two Moons
Have you seen the Horde version of Dalaran in Pandaria? Yeah, it has vendors, a flight path, and, yes, portals to every Capitol (including Dalaran and Shattrath) . My level 90 druid guildie, in AWESOME flight-mount form, flew me over there from Jade Forest. It was there that I spotted my first Blingtron 4000. A Jeeves style robot that hands out goodies, like the ethereal gem allotment in Wrath. Now to find me an engineer friend... :) 

Speaking of Shattrath, have you seen the recipe for Imperial Silk. It's a trainable level 550 tailoring pattern that allows you to craft 1 imperial silk a day. Trick (i.e. reference to Shat) is that you need to be standing in the Silken Fields (63,58). This reminds me so much of the need to fly to an alchemy table in order to make certain raid flasks. 

Finally, why hasn't Coren Direbrew changed? My last item last night after hitting 89 was to queue for Coren. He drops iLevel 470 gear! But, it's still a tank and spank fight. Bah humbug. Panderians, the ultimate brewmaster can't intervene and fight along side us? Just remember to open your bags and drink the beer when the add throws them at you.. Nothing worse that that tank wearing a barrel and letting us all die.. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dungeons vs Questing

On my healer, I queued for a dungeon before accepting the first quest from Garrosh. I ran the random dungeon and completed the 2 quests that are inside the Jade Serpent dungeon. 30 minutes healing a normal dungeon at 85 and I received 1.4 million XP or 47k XP per minute.

On my warlock, I have been simply questing. Since dinging 86, I have quested for 3 hours 23 minutes (aka 203 minutes) and received 5.7 million XP or 28k XP per minute.

The level appropriate dungeons are not difficult when wearing LFR and Heroic dungeon gear for either class. At only one time did my healer have near-OOM issues. Warning, stick with the tank. There is at least one boss in each instance that blocks the entrance and can separate the team. Brewery it's the first (i.e. donkey kong) boss, Jade Serpent it's the last boss.

Yes, healing queues times are quite a bit faster. It typically takes 10-15 minutes to drop into a healing dungeon, vs the 30-45 minutes to get a dps spot. I'll probably keep running dungeons as a healer, but queue up for DPS whenever I plan to play for more than an hour. The 10 quest jump (one dungeon at 1.4M xp) by running a single random makes for much faster leveling.

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...