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While my other server is down, I thought I'd take my own advice and use BlogSpot to start hosting my personal site. When the hardware is up and running again at the other location, I plan to keep both sites up and running, posting more personal content here, and technical articles at the other location. Update, now that the site is back up, if you want to read those posts... WoW, The Armory is cool! (July 2007)- Blizzard had just created the armory site.  My New Gaming Headset - Motorola S9 - I rave about my new bluetooth headset.  Better Warcraft Gear Script Version 2 - A script that uses the recently implemented Armory page to create crafted gear materials list.  Read WoWArmory XML via PowerShell - First attempt at reading the armory via Powershell.  Grab my WoW Character into Powershell (aka case study in pulling data from xml) - deep dive into reading Character data.  WoW Wallpaper Grabber Version 2 (July 2010) - updated version of a Windows Logon script that gr