Friday, October 23, 2015

October News: Priest hits 100! Holidays, Holidays, and More Holidays! QQ about Valor!

Ah Fall is here. We've already had our Brewfest, Harvest fest and now Hallow's Eve! What a busy month. (Why did we have the harvest festival happen in October? US-Turkey day is late November. Blizzard are you planning to mess with my month? A little something post-BlizzCon, hmmm??) Let's see where can I begin?
Headless Horseman by LD Austin (click image for video)
Elkagorasa completed the ring quest chain, including killing Archimonde. He now has 2 (of 5?) statues set up in his garrison. Quest completed, I haven't stepped into a raid instance since. I still want to attempt a normal raid, but don't seem to have a lot of free time at night, so only quick stuff.

My priest has hit 100! That was actually quite a non-event. She finished the first few quests in Nagrand, opening her outpost there and DING! Oh, I wasn't even really expecting it. From there, I tried my luck at the proving grounds. ONE SHOT! Couldn't even queue for heroic dungeons until this week, but I could heal proving grounds just fine.. Go figure after the crazy # of tries for warlock DPS silver.
A bit more casual than Silver Thread Regalia

Getting back into healing hasn't been as hard as I envisioned (post nightmare patch 6.0 fail-fest). She's able to mostly keep the party alive. I do see that the other hybrids are helping out. I sort of got forced into healing when running Skyfall as shadow, and having the healer drop on the first trash. "Hey, priest can you heal?" Sure, just take it slow, my gear isn't very shiny.

She's now working on rounding out her gear. Already equipping 3 pieces of crafted gear, I had a fairly decent start. So, my warlock checked his bags, and found as many baleful gear tokens. Next PVP gear was immediately available, so she picked up shoulders (i670), wrists (i625) and legs (i670). This was through a combination of BG wins and honor purchases. Next came a little flying around in Nagrand to kill some bosses, but that didn't last. But overall, timewalking has been the best source of gear. With my first TW LK run, I picked up the 500 TW token quest. This allowed me to buy 6 updates! Bringing my overall gearscore up almost 50 points.

  1. Meteor Chaser's Raiment (675)
  2. Frozen Tear of Elune (675)
  3. Sundial of the Exiled (675) - currently reserved for shadow.
  4. The Egg of Moral Essence (675)
  5. Renewal of Life (675)
  6. Xintor's Expeditionary Boots (675)
Dropped: Frozen Scepter of Necromancy (660) in Gundrak. (it was during this dungeon that I realized I hadn't selected a level 100 talent!! Oops! ) 

Looking back at my talent spec, it's still designed for SoO atonement healing. Thinking I need to go something more like this (based on Icy-Veins post and some experience so far). I keep forgetting to trigger Power Infusion, so need to see why Vuduh isn't handling it. Macro it maybe? 

Next came approximately 50 kills on Headless Horseman to get the healer ring. Another 50 with the druid to (try to) get agility ring (which still hasn't won) and warlock, simply for chance to get mount. 

Next items to focus on replacing ... heirloom cloak, crafted pandaren belt and pandaren lfr off-hand. Now that her gear score is high enough, she is allowed to run LFR. Maybe this weekend she'll see Highmaul. If she ever gets the quest (maybe it's my quest log and hadn't seen it??), maybe go open Tanaan Jungle area. Flying around makes rares and treasure hunting painless. 

Speaking of Hallow's Eve, I was quite happy with the event's coordinator. She's helped my warlock deck out his garrison with pumpkins, the ghost summoning mystic, and supposedly a brew vendor? (who hasn't shown yet). I haven't ran any of the dailies on my non-dps toons yet. They're too busy timewalking and HH fighting.

Path 6.2.3 has promise. Valor (upgrades), cata timewalking and better Tanaan drops! I do love the new TW mount. Really curious as to what the actual drop rate will be for this guy. My guess is that he'll be terribly rare. My only complaint being that the valor upgrades are going to be 250 valor for 5 ilevel and it getting valor tokens will be slow.
  • Mythic Dungeon (Valor awarded with dungeon completion, once per dungeon per week) – 300 Valor Points
  • Complete the weekly Event quest from Seer Kazal (Pet Battle Event excluded) – 500 Valor Points
  • Heroic Dungeon (complete your first random Heroic of the day) – 100 Valor Points
  • Raid Finder wing (once per week per wing) – 150 Valor Points for Hellfire Citadel wings, 75 Valor Points for Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry wings

Monday, October 5, 2015

Feeling Lucky - September's Update

I ended the month of September by finishing off the legendary quest chain for Kahdgar. I now have my ring. It was a glorious time. I needed 3 more tomes, dropped into LFR Halls of Blood. Each of the three bosses dropped a tome. Lucky!? I now have my second statue in my garrison, following the 50,000 apexis crystal statue I put up all over the place.

I've completed my stable dailies and have all of the mounts. Rebuilt that building now as a War Mill so I can get more follower upgrades. I am now getting the level 675 garrison missions weekly and would LOVE to get one of the 'normal HFC' drops that these missions provide. Sadly, I only have 1 follower who even qualifies. So, most of the time my success rate is around 83-85%.

Speaking of HFC, I can agree with Grumpy about the lack of awesome gear drops. Oh, I've gotten some stuff, but then I've also gotten a lot of gold and those darn Intellect token "participation" trophy. Sadly, I keep getting the same drops over and over again. In fact, I now have 3 pairs of Felfume Pantaloons. What I really want, is a 4th piece of the lfr tier gear. I have shoulders in my bags now, but AMR keeps insisting that my current gear is better.

On the other hand, I think I'm finally geared enough to start pugging normal raids. /shrug. i686/681 equipped. Looking at the drops from Archimonde, I see that the 'fel sludge' only drops from in Normal -> and I think it would be awesome to start off Legion with a 750+ ring..

Completing Pathfinder was uneventful. I've only been back to Tannan a few times to work on questing since then. Oh, look, I could grind this ... queue popped!

Played some Witcher 3. Haven't gotten very far (about to meet the king). Friend suggested that since I haven't played 1 or 2, that I should pause and read some of the background. I've been exploring the Wiki a little and a BUNCH of videos on YouTube..

I am liking some of the mechanics. For example, if you hold down your left-shift while riding your horse, it will follow the road directly in front of you. Your horse WILL run people over, but nice for jaunting between towns. Double-tap to have your mount run 'faster', but your horse will soon get exhausted. This is a great for escaping those bad guys that could snare you.

Start of the month, I re-started leveling my priest. She's taking advantage of wearing 3 heirlooms full-time (cloak, shoulders and neck) and then swapping out her crafted items when turning in quests.. Combine potion, heirlooms, and DMF buff, it provides a really nice xp boost. She basically only 'opened' her Gorgrond (gladiator stadium(?)) outpost, and was ushered off to Talador. Being able to fly between quest givers has been REALLY nice. "We just closed the pass, effectively stopping the iron horde from entering this valley. Let's go check in with the Laughing Skull.." Up, up and away!

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