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Glory of the Legion Hero at 120(+)

Now that we're up to into BFA and have a gear score over 370, going back to solo Legion dungeons is rather painless. With 10 levels, your toon can walk passed most trash mobs and quickly take down those that you need to engage. The achievement Glory of the Legion Hero  has 26 meta achievements. Several of those you may have already completed as you played through the area. I found that I completed about half of them already on either my paladin or hunter toons. Since the achievements are account bound, you can complete them in any order, on any toon. There are 3 achievements that you'll need 5 people. Eye of Azshara But You Say He's Just a Friend  - burn down boss, don't kill trash. don't have boss spear shellbreakers. Stay Salty  - boss summons droplet adds. do nothing to adds until 10 are there. boss puts debuff on you that expires in a focused spray. Use that spray to kill 10 droplets at the same time.  The problem I had is boss only calls player # * 2

Busy as a Bee

Last few weeks have been busy.  First off with the release of the 8.2 to the PTR, WoWhead has been aggressively data mining the files. We're getting quest chains, the final raid boss of the Azshara raid, new recipes and tons of new mounts and pets to collect. For me, the biggest thing we found that the Pathfinder 2 mount, won't be the bee mount like eluded to at Blizzcon last year, but the mechanical parrot mount. I guess this makes sense. It's a parrot, so that makes it pirate-y (Kul Tirans are wondering does it run on crackers?). It golden, so it's Aztec-ish in nature (thematically Zandaralarian). It's mechanical tieing into the tinker gnomes we'll see in 8.2. In fact, it's just a bigger version of the parrot that carried us un-ceremoniously across the desert. Not all was lost for this glorious mount. Wowhead  announced they found a series of quests and a rep grind around the bee mount. The current speculation has the mount tied to