Thursday, May 27, 2010

Casual guide to making gold

Overview - Making gold on the auction house is an easy and reliable way to increase your wow pocketbook. I have not reached gold limit, but I don't scrape by. By doing only the very basics each day, I have recently purchased a 16kg mount (March) and a 9.7k gold battered hilt (May) within a matter of months. I don't grind for my mats (who has the time??), and I am not about to start leveling yet another alt, so that I can do multiple professions ("Elk" the Casual, remember??). I spend maybe 30 - 60 minutes each week on this.

Addons -  Use of add-ons are key to running a successful gold making business in WoW. They add simplicity and consistency to the process that would otherwise require lots of organization. Keeping track of trends, materials costs, creating your auction-able items, and finally posting and collecting your rewards!
  • Auctioneer - This addon provides additional functionality to the typical Auction House window. Straight out of the box, it allows for scanning of the auction house, and quick posting of a large number of common items. Later on, I'll discuss some of the functions that I use every time.
  • Lil Sparky's Workshop - This addon is a crafter's buddy. It combines the average AH price of items with the materials cost to give you an idea of what your profit will be to sell that item.
  • Minimalist - Primarily used to auto-sell gray items. Gonna have to look for a replacement as this addon hasn't been updated in a few months.
  • Postal - Grab all mail in mailbox with one click. 
  • Skillet or Advanced Trade Skill Window (ATSW) - Both these add-ons provide the basic functionality of allowing you to queue up builds. ATSW has the additional functionality of allowing you to click on recipe items when shopping at the auction. Considering both add-ons don't have a recent update, expect this to change with 4.0. The author of Skillet (and Lil Sparky's) is currently working on a replacement, which is still in early beta stages called GnomeWorks.  
  • GoingPrice_WowHead - This addon provides me the current price as posted to WowHead. I use this as a fact-check when buying items on the AH. 
Not related directly to working the auction house, but I really like Addon Control Panel. It allows me to create 'builds' of addons. When questing, I run one set of addons, when raiding, I run a slimmed down bunch of addons.

Check out FelFire for an even more detailed list of various add-ons. Aphroditi has included a few others that are also extremely useful. For example "Auction Filter Plus" is great when buying mats on the auction house, IF you are not already using Auctioneer's SNATCH feature.

Process - I vary my process based on what day it is, because the traffic patterns are always a bit different. I have enough bag space on my primary bank alt to hold approximately 50 individual items. Bags are cheap, buy the biggest for each slot and fill up buy up all your bank slots too.

  1. Daily alchemy transmute. My 20hr cooldown is done and I can create another epic gem for resale. (Note, I've picked the xmute specialization on my main, so that I proc additional gems. It seems that each time I think about respeccing back into flasks, I proc a x5.) Email gem to my bank alt. (flip to bank alt)
  2. Empty Mailbox - Often done on a bank alt so that I don't fill up my main's bag space.
  3. Scan Auction house - Using the quick scan (>>) button added with Auctioneer, I can scan my auction house in about 3-5 minutes. 
Tuesday and Friday:
  1. Do Everyday items.
  2. From Auctioneer, select the Appraiser tab. From here I can relist my auctions that failed to sell. I typically save the re-post to Tuesday after the reboot, or Friday afternoon. Both are specifically days that I have found have a higher amount of traffic. Higher traffic = higher demand, typically higher prices.
    • High priced items (i.e. Sunday's resale buys) and items like gems that are highly fluctuating, I'll post individually. (Post Item)
      • When posting individual items, I tend to avoid posting items that have a lot of competition (except for cloth). I have enough bag space that I can hang on to an item for another few days.  
      • Use the REFRESH button to do a quick scan, to see what your competition looks like and to gather the most current pricing.
    • Raid/Instance drops and stable items (cloth, enchants, etc.), I'll tend to Batch Post. 
(Late) Sunday: "Weekend raiders" post their BOE winnings, but don't always use market prices. Often a great day to find re-sellable items.
  1. Do Everyday items. 
  2. Use the Auctioneer Search function and select Resale. This search specifically looks for items posted lower than I've seen on the AH before hand that would make a handsome profit. Filters:
    • Profit of 100g
    • Items that I can afford
    • Bids and Buyout
    • Search then sort by PCT column. I believe the lower # is higher amount of profit.
  3. Bid or Buyout items on this list. Unless the deal is really great I don't buy seasonal items, darkmoon cards or most green/blue items. I like to buy fairly high-demand items, like pets/mounts, weapons and armor that look like they have broad reaching specs, and maybe the occasional holiday item. 
Bored or have some time: I only tend to do enchanting when I have some time, as it requires a bit more gathering of mats and time clicking to make inks.
  1.  I've spec'd my bank alt (lvl 12) into enchanting. I've found that a few of the low-level glyphs (Corruption, Bloodrage and Penguin) typically sell fairly well (5-15g). I can post a few of those with minimal effort. This is server specific, but where Lil Sparky's helps out.
  2. With BOA gear, there is also a bit of a market for lvl 1 weapon vellums. The trick is the mats can't out weight the sale price, check your server. Don't see any? You found a niche!

    Useful Links
    • Fel Fire - A warlock blog, that  has an excellent auction house guide.
    • Just My 2 Copper - Blog with regular updates on gold making. Often the blog contains community tips and tricks that the author responds to. Somewhere on the site, he's also posted a long list of all the items he regularly posts on the AH (still looking for it).
    • Kripparian's YouTube Channel - Here's a top DPS rated hunter, sharing some of his tricks to play the AH. His videos are top notch and very informative.

    Overall, I am not promising that you'll ever reach the gold cap using this method. At least not if you are a consumer like myself, but isn't that the reason for making money is to spend it? "You can't take it with you!"  Find a niche that has a little competition, regularly create your crafts and post them when you can maximize your profits. Like the stock market, play it for the long run, not the quick profit.

      Sunday, May 23, 2010

      The Battered Hilt

      With some gold burning a hole in my pockets, I ran over to the auction house today, plunked down the 9700g for a battered hilt. If you don't already know, this is the 'epic' quest chain that has you rebuild one of the "ancient" weapons. The quest chain has you piece together the pieces of the weapon, fix them, bless them then get permission to use the weapon. When completed, you get to choose from 4 different swords. I am loving the Lens of the Mind (comparison) as a Warlock. Sure I'll lose some +hit, but I'll gain:
      • 7 Int
      • 20 Sta
      • 54 Crit (1.18%) 
      • 107 Spell Power

      Once you get the hilt, you head up to the Argent tourney grounds and meet with a weapon specialist up there. He helps you identify the hilt. Once you've identified it, you get a surprise meeting with an ICC boss, who tells you to STOP. It's a very dangerous weapon that this boss helped destroy to prevent the Lich King from finding and fixing.

      Night Elf in Filthy Animal
      One of my favorite pieces of the quest chain, so far, is turning into a Silver Enclave guard and running up into the Alliance inn, which is the first (and probably only) time I've ever seen the inside. Note, you do the Alliance version of this quest (not the horde according to Wowwiki). The Arcanist is in the library above the entrance, hit the stairs and turn around. You have some time after the transformation, so feel free to look around. If it runs out, run back to the Filthy Animal to be re-transformed.

      This is wear the guards get there clothes washed.
      This is also another phased quest chain. Here I was washing laundry on the top floor of the Threads of Fate, while people were running through looking for the books.

       The hardest part about the entire quest is going to be running all 3 Icecrown instances and doing a quest item in the middle of each. "Hold on group, got the hilt quest to do."

      Pit of Saron can be done in Normal mode (all can be done on normal.. Highly suggested, at least on my server because this was an immediate entrance. (Not the normal 15-minute Heroic random time for DPS.) I did not find all 5 infused sarronite until right before Ick, and it would have added a few minutes for me to run back. I wasn't about to hold up my group, so I ran back after killing Scourgelord Tyrannus to the forge and completed the quest. (not sure if this was because someone stuck around in group with me.) Just make sure to loot the quest item off Garfrost after the kill. All dead npcs disappeared after the completion (live ones we skipped did not).

      Frozen Halls turning in quest. Remember this place? I forgot.

      Next Forge of Souls. This was easy. No interruption in the instance, no gathering. Simply toss the sword in the forge after the last boss fight, before zoning out.

      whirlwind is new elite spawning, look closely.
      Finally, Halls of Reflection. For this fight, I had an almost 20 minute queue time. I think it's because most people don't really like the waves upon waves of ghosties, then scourge. Walking into this instance is a bit different. Immediately, Uther materializes and yells at you "Don't bring that sword in here"... Well, then your party better be ready to subdue this new level 80 elite. Fight done, the rest of the instance goes normally.

      being detained at sunwell, while cleansing sword.
      Now out to Isle of Quel'danas and the Sunwell. No raid required. After proving to the previous ghost owner that you are responsible, you get free pass to the stairwell outside the Sunwell. Now, not sure if it is zoned at this time, but there's a lot of changes going on now on that island. For one, no beasts fighting before the sunwell and the portal has been shut down. At the Sunwell, they try to take the sword from you. No fight, but political subterfuge. You've already proven yourself, so you keep the sword.

      mighty spellpower enchant added sparkles.
      Woohoo! Now port back, turn in quest and now I have a shiny new sword! Unfortunately after a 500g enchant, am now also broke (1g on main, 200g in bank). Not even enough to post my gem auctions.

      Wednesday, May 19, 2010

      "Offline" aka Remote Auction House

      When Blizzard first announced that it was working on a Remote Auction House, I had my concerns. Gold Farmers posting 24 hours a day, playing the markets on all servers, hackers stealing my account info and wiping me out, or even myself scanning the AH all day at work, to just be able to quest when I am at home.

      Checking out the links and reading through the FAQ, it looks like it won't be any of those.
      1. It will be a subscription service (free during beta), $3/month when in production.
      2. You can only do 25 transactions a day.
      3. It requires your WoW credentials, so got Authenticator? 
      4. No addons (yet). There isn't an "Auctioneer" available yet that will scan the AH and tell me how much something I should sell something for. 
      The major benefit I see this being useful for, purchasing upgrades from the office.The issue being 2-fold, no way do I want to pay $3/m for a new subscription and not carrying my authenticator around with me all the time.

      The AH Beta consists of 20 realms. Malfurion is not on that list, so no testing for me this go-around.

      • Anub'arak
      • Blackwater Raiders
      • Bladefist
      • Cenarion Circle
      • Cenarius
      • Darrowmere
      • Echo Isles
      • Fenris
      • Hyjal
      • Korialstraaz
      • Lightbringer
      • Maiev
      • Misha
      • Ravenholdt
      • Shu'halo
      • Sisters of Elune
      • The Forgotten Coast
      • Uther
      • Vashj
      • Winterhoof 

      If your toon is on one of these servers, check out the new Armory page and let me know what you think?

      Tuesday, May 18, 2010

      Shared Topic: What am I doing to prepare for Cataclysm?

      Coming soon to Azeroth near you, the world is going to dramatically change. Terrain changes, class changes, even opening up new locations and progression. How can one prepare for this? How am I preparing for this?
      1. Quests / Zone changes- The most pressing issue I have at the moment is trying to capture quests and zones that I missed while leveling my main. I would absolutely love to get the Loremaster title before Cataclysm drops, but I am not pressing it hard. I have turned off my Find Herbs, and running with Find Low Level quests, when I fly taxis through Classic. I found I have about 6 incomplete quests in Kargath when I ran up to Gnomeregan.

      2. Clearing stock - With a number of the recent changes, the economy on my server is slowly dropping. Raw gems that used to see for 300% profit are now down to 150% - 200% profit. People are finishing off the end-world content, Lich King is now on farm and they're just not getting the massive gear drops. Those that aren't raiding, are getting gear upgrades quicker and easier due to the badge changes. Considering this, I now vendor all my green and blue drops and only put purples on the AH. Then checking GoingPrice, if it's not selling for at least 30-40g profit, I may even vendor the purples. I don't have a reliable Enchanter to DE this gear, so off it goes. After a release date is published, I'll probably stop my gem xmutes and even look at converting back to elixir spec for a short time. (of course, that's a specializations will be diminished in Cataclysm.)

        As a side note, the week before Cataclysm, stop posting items on the AH. The day before Cataclysm drops, empty all my mailboxes!

      3. Can you reach Exalted with Booty Bay?
      4. Stockpile? - With 2 new entry-level classes coming, am I going to stockpile entry level materials? Probably not. I've read some of the changes coming Cataclysm for the profession changes and I don't think we'll be prepared for what Blizzard is planning. If I have bag space, I am not going to throw out my current herbs, or gems. There will be some need. (BC Gems still sell fairly well and most don't have a cooldown). I will more take advantage of my herbalism and alchemy skills to level up a bunch of Cat recipes and sell those off to uninspired individuals for a nice profit.

        World of Warcraft: The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm
        Summer WoW
        Lore Reading

      5. Reading ahead - Like reading reviews to an upcoming summer Blockbuster, I am reading all I can about the game coming out later this year. I am curious as to what changes Warlocks will see. I am excited about the new areas to explore. I am eager to start leveling a short horde class (goblin). For one, I think for a few months, goblins will rule PVP as many alliance will see gnome or dwarf when they see a short guy coming their way.. Goblin shaman - would s/he be as big as the totems? (note I may do a female so that I can have one with pink pigtails and offend a guildie, 'cuz he dislikes gnomes for that very reason).

      6. Add-ons - Final thing to work on is to thin down my add-ons. Checking my current install folder, there is approximately 120 different folders which constitute roughly 75 different add-ons. About a week or two before Amazon ships Cataclysm to me, I am going to start checking on my various addons and see which are going to be 4.0 functional. Uninstall or remove those that won't be ready. With so many dramatic changes in the interface coming, I don't want to be out of the water because add-on conflicts. 
       As Cataclysm approaches and more changes are released, plans may change. For the most part, I do most these steps for each major patch. I've lost items that sat in my mailbox then had 75 mail posts unread that required 3 clicks to open after restored. Now that I am running tools like WowMatrix, my addons are typically up to date.

        Monday, May 17, 2010

        Shared Topic: Tour of Azeroth

        Welcome to our Tour of Azeroth: Lost series.

        As part of this mini-series, I, Elkagorasa, will take you on a short visit of a couple of sites that resemble or come directly from the TV show Lost.

        First stop, The Statue. The Statue can be found at the end of the land mass in Azshara.

         Azeroth's version is a bit different as both feet are plainly visible, and it is destroyed at the thigh, not the shin. Since the flight that crashed into the original statue was not an aircraft, but a zeppelin, it did a lot less damage.

        Speaking of zeppelins, lets all head back to Orgrimmar and fly on over to Northrend, hop on the zeppelin over to Borean Tundra.

        Now head north into Sholazar Basin, off to one side of Bittertide Lake (map). There you shall find a hatch very similar to the one built by the Dharma Initiative, but one off. Probably what they get for using Goblin help to build the bunker??

        Locke (blade vendor)

        (Desmond) David Hume

        You won't find Locke anywhere near the hatch, because he's setup a 'sharp blades' shop in Howling Fjord. As like in the show, he's undead. Won't see him turn into the smoke monster, but he's definitely not going to be dying again soon.

        On the other hand, Desmond has departed from Dalaran. He was given a great job in as a glyph vendor, but he and several of the Lost cohorts have disappeared.

        Thanks for coming along on this tour. Next time, check out the Star Trek themed tour of Netherstorm.

        Wednesday, May 12, 2010

        Shared Topic: Helping New Players

        Do you help new players, if so in what way?  (source)
         If you've read my About page, you'll know I started playing WoW on the encouragement of friends. At that time, I was helped leveling, getting gear and grab as much XP and gold by running dungeons. I enjoy the camaraderie of the game. In many ways, I felt like the apprentice to the master raider.Continuing that tradition, I am more than eager to help my fellow guildies out (and their many alts). If it be, group quests, or helping 2-man a low-level instance, or even a generous gift of 10-20 gold to get them started, Elk is more than excited to help out. Heck, sometimes we find low-level quests that still needs to be completed for Loremaster.

        Taking that outside the guild, I am a bit more reserved. While, I'd love to be that rich benefactor that hands out gold to all entry level characters, I realize that there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. Those that would simply create 5 new characters in order to get 5x free money. Sure, I'll throw down a fish feast before a big fight or quickly throw out a soul well for free healhstones (cost the same for 1 as 25). In addition, if I see a lower-level horde player in a tough fight, like Dirty Larry, I have no qualms against throwing one of my special 10k shadow bolts his way (making sure he's tagged grey before I cast).

        Do I help out new players? Sure will, glad to help, love to share the wealth. Heck, that is part why I blog in general. Share my experience playing this game of ours with other people. Starting out new, or starting a new warlock in general.

        Tuesday, May 11, 2010

        You got to know when to hold em... know when to fold'em..

        The GamblerMonday night, I gambled and tried out a Heroic ICC-10 PUG run. Unfortunately, I learned that I am totally underqualified for Heroic modes. Well, at least according to the other 9 players. Gear-wise, I think I am right in there, but as for knowledge of the fights, I am, well, ok.

        Basic strat for Marrowgar: Attack boss, avoid blue fire, avoid whirlwind, fight boss, all the time attack bone spikes asap. Unfrotunately, we wiped around 6 times. Then the 'truths' started coming in my direction.
        1. Not enough DPS  - I am moving around too much, well yeah, blue fire = bad! refreshing dots and life tap when up.

        2. Hitting the barbs too slowly or too late - I am affliction! Expect 1second per shadowbolt, or slow ticks of corruption. According to Recount, my favorite bone spike attack was Haunt.

        3. Healers out of mana before end of fight, can I go Destro? They "needed" someone spec'd into Regeneration. I guess they all can't be warlocks, but I never heard of this happening normally. Still not enough DPS?
        When I dc'd while running in the last time, I didn't try that hard to get reconnected again. I felt bad leaving them in a lurch, but I had the feeling, next wipe, I was gone anyway.


        Horde Don't Feel Left out!

        After reading through the Operation Gnomeregan propogation about the Alliance(-only) planning to retake the Gnome home city in the upcoming expansion, I felt rather miffed, left-out, sad. Why do the Alliance get this cool new project to work on??..  I want the fun of reclaiming some lands for the brothers of my horde clan.


        Then, I got over it and moved on. Blizzard doesn't play that game. They try their very hardest to balance the experience for both sides of the fence.
        • Alliance get Gnomeregan
        • Horde get Echo Isles
        Now, if you don't play an Orc or Troll, you probably never saw the Echo Isles area. It consists series of islands at the very southern tip of Durotar (map). This was that group of quests that lead to the killing of Zalzane (Note: soon to be feat of strength), the evil witch doctor who took over this land.

        Vol'jin's Darkspears settled in nearby Sen'jin Village, which they have since used as a staging point to attack Zalazane. Over the years, members of the Horde looking to test their worth have braved the Echo Isles to confront Zalazane, and many of them even returned victorious with his severed head. These victories, however, proved to be nothing more than an illusion created by the twisted witch doctor's dark magic. Days after these trophies were taken to Sen'jin Village, they reverted to their true forms: painted rocks and coconuts adorned with wooden tusks, or even the heads of Zalazane's enslaved trolls. (source)
        Trolls, unite! We, the horde shall help you retake your promised land.

        Monday, May 10, 2010

        To Do:Raid Mt Hyjal

        I was reading through the Dev notes about the upcoming zone revamps. One of the zones to get a major revamp is Mt. Hyjal. This area is going to become a major entry level quest hub (78 - 82) in Cataclysm. It sounds like from what I've read it'll be a phased zone like Icecrown.

        With these changes to Mt. Hyjal, I am curious as what will happen to the current raid zone there? I don't think it will be soloable like Gnomeregan, but definitely should be easier as it's an end-game (BC) raid. One more achievement that I'd like to get completed before Cataclysm drops. As it rolls up into the Outland Raider achievement.

        Friday, May 7, 2010

        Gnomeregan - Gnome-a-done!

        Alright, so the run to Gnomeregan wasn't that bad. Dalaran -> Orgrimmar -> Stranglethorn -> Fly to Kargath -> ride through Loch Mordan -> tunnels to Dun Morogh. Total travel time ?? I queued for and completed my dungeon daily and pvp daily in the middle of the entire trip. (2 wins in PVP, most excellent - only serious achievement getters and die-hard pvpers).

        Inside the dungeon, I followed Cassandri's walkthrough almost to a tee. I mistakenly followed her instructions to the exit before I killed the last boss, so I had to back track a bit. No problems, as at level 80 all the mobs are paper. I had to put my felpuppy into passive mode to avoid him killing the bosses with his death breath, before I could put a dot on them.

        Best of all, I got the cool helm that drops off the end boss.  Now my "Around Town" outfit features a satelite dish helm!

        Wednesday, May 5, 2010

        My Thoughts on the Twitter Dev Chat

        The other day, I was reading through the Dev Twitter Chat that is posted over on the WoW forums and made a few notes. Most of the topics that I found interesting, were clarifications on points that we've already heard in the class changes, or questions about specific spell series.

        Here's what I found immediately relevant to myself:

        310 Mounts trainable - Not clear if this is related to all players (have 310% mount and not). To me it has two possible interpretations. First, I have a 310 mount, and if I can train and convert all my mounts to 310 speed. Second thought, like the Cold Weather tome, you could send this to your alts and get them the 310 speed. IMHO, Blizz don't waste dev time if it's option 1. Having gone through the holiday achievement, it should be given to me. If it's option 2, I could see a definite need for it, my dk could be my herbalist and go around gathering mats for me on his 310 dk mount.
        Update (5/5/2010):
        It certainly is happening, but it will only be purchasable by characters who are level 85. Players who already own a 310% mount will be 'gifted' the training, and it goes without saying that once the skill is learned all flying mounts will become 310% mounts. That's the current plan at least, and we don't plan on offering any further speed increases to these mounts. (source: BlueTracker)

        No plans to force wand usage - Personally, I interpret this to mean that mana will not be an issue in cataclysm. In Vanilla, leveling up, the wand was my best friend (curse, corr, wand). Now it is only used if/when silenced.

        Gems will convert to new stat - Considering I just spent 600g on gems for my PVE gear, I wasn't excited about buying all new gems with the new stats on them. Just hope for a equitable conversion.

        haste = more ticks on channeled spells - This is Glyph of Quick Decay applied to my channeled spells also. Stack more haste for more dots.

        Pollution: "On the third (?) hand, you’ll be cleaning up the toxic waste in Gnomeregan if you can retake it! " - Keyword here is "IF??". So this will be a world event, like whatever that thing I missed was. Opening the portal??.. Will this be a horde vs Alliance thing? It sounds like it will be possible to have some servers who haven't reclaimed Gnomeregan and some that have.. I'd like to see some of the fabled gnomeregan losttechnology snuck into the game as orange, er Legendary items.

        CC in PVE viable, yes - This will make for some interesting fights. I am guessing the corollary will be not as much AOE in fights, as they will be running off after that lock aggro'd him. 

      1. shouldn't have to worry about threat when dealing with no-clipping of dots - I foresee CoA no longer building and building as the spell progresses. Or maybe after the 24s time, it sits at max? That would be too nice.

        Stuns diminish - When asked specifically about demo locks and getting another CC to deal with stuns, they responded back that the impact of stuns will be diminished. Interesting. OK, going back to CC in PVE, does that mean we'll have other problems? As a lock, I really hope to see a nerf to rogues stunning me without being in melee range. Running along in AB and I get stunned by some unknown source. It disappears and I can move along. Sort of like I just hit a particularly tough pothole and knocked myself silly. 

        At this point, all I can tell is game play is going to be different. With the known shard changes, and dot changes, and even my role in a 5/10/25 person group is going to dramatically change. Heck, maybe I won't simply be the candy and closet guy.
      2. Tuesday, May 4, 2010

        What should be an easy achievement...

        I was reviewing my reputation with  the various factions today and I realized that I've hit Exalted with about 15 different groups. 16 (of 20) according to the achievement page. This implies to me that I should have or be really close to completing the Ten Tabards achievement. Unfortunately when I review, I currently have only equipped 7.

        So, how do I go about acquiring the remaining 9 that I've earned? How do I even figure out which ones I've already purchased? Due to the lack of stacking or separate character tab, I've tossed the "Championing" tabards as soon as I hit exalted. OK that means I've worn:
        1. Argent Crusade
        2. Ebon Blade
        3. Kirin Tor
        4. Wyrmrest Accord
        Next, I have my guild tabard (5) and my Explorer tabard (6). Ok, I just realized that I got a tabard from fire festival (7). Whew! Thanks for lending your ear, er eyes.

        Now for the remaining tabards. 

        I qualify for all of the horde tabards, but they appear to be 50 champion seals each (sort of saving those seals for the 150 seal  flying mount). Unfortunately the goblin NPC in the Argent tourney area that sells souvenirs, doesn't also sell tabards. I'd gladly pay gold for each of these.

        Next, I need to invest honor points to get the pvp tabards for Scout and Stone Guard. (15k and 20k respectively). I wonder if I could pickup the specific battleground tabards also? The Warsong Gulch one looks pretty stylish, listed at 60 WG Marks(??).

        I am betting that this and the other BG tabards have also converted to honor points. In fact, the Frostwolf Battle Tabard (AV?) is listed at 15k honor. Well, at least by running the various BGs for the Hard Knocks achievement, I should have enough honor for all 4 (and the black raptor!).

        While easy in respect, it now looks like I have a bit of work ahead of me to gather the honor and champ seals. :( I have the reputation, just not the currency.

        Speaking of easy, wonder if there's an addon that will say... Hey you have this, this other achievement should be really easy. A sort of "related" achievements add-on. Overachiever comes close by providing a "suggestion" tab.

        Monday, May 3, 2010

        Gnomeregan Achievement to become Feat of Strength?

        I am one of those Horde players that have yet to complete Gnomeregan. One, it's hard to get to, especially if you (like me) didn't do the quests to get in there and second it's a very big zone. Last time I tried to solo it, I got lost in the entry areas. Worst off, this enormous zone, that you can't mount and ride through, lots of running around (lost).

        Coming soon, it sounds like this area may not even be available:
        For Mekkatorque, however, his plan goes beyond just reacquiring lost technology. The retaking of Gnomeregan will determine his place in history, either as the high tinker who lost the gnomes' beloved capital, or the one who reestablished it as the center of innovation on Azeroth.
        Operation: Gnomeregan is about to get underway.(source)

         I guess that I am going to need to revisit this zone, because I really, really want to complete the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. I am not too worried about Cataclysm closing down this zone, but if I am bored, I should fire up the Wow-Pro Instance guide.

        Taming MOAR Pets

        WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...