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LFR TOS - Gates to Hell - Prot Pally POV

Last night, I ran the first wing of the Tomb of Sargeras raid on my Protection Paladin. We managed to one-shot all of the bosses. Thank you DBM for making me look like I knew what I was doing.. :) The only really questionable fight was Harjatan as fellow tank and I didn't use the damage soak on his 'unchecked rage' mechanic. oops! Today, I found Krazitrain has posted short videos for the first three bosses.. Nice concise 1-2 minute long summaries each fight from a ranged DPS perspective. I've added my perspective as a prot paladin below. Wing 2 - Wailing Halls Wing 3 - Chamber of the Avatar Goroth  ( icy-veins guide ) DBM prompts you to do everything you need here.  Taunt when other tank is inflicted with Burning Armor. Run out of range if it's cast on you. Hide behind spikes when he cast Infernal Burn. Don't stand in bad stuff. Harjatan  ( icy-veins guide ) (My DBM was a little out of date, so this may have been fixed alre