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5.4 Timeless Gear.. I need that.

I am trying to level my disc priest's gear up. She's currently trying to gather up supplies in the Battlefield Barrens zone but as a healer it's VERY SLOW! She can kill mobs using her rotation and she doesn't die, but geesh, we're talking 5 minutes a mob. Were as, Elk can power through 7 mobs at a time. Voidwalker out, aggro an entire area, dot everyone up and grab loots! Since his average ilevel is 507, I've often wanted to simply mail the supplies (again, why are they soulbound?) to my priest and let her turn in the weekly quest. It appears that in 5.4, the Timeless Isles zone will include, yet another weekly quest, with yet another currency, timeless coins . These coins can purchase pet costumes , some ' buff ' items, and timeless armor . These Timeless items appear to work in a similar fashion to the Latent Kor'kron Gear in Battlefield Barrens. You can transform a plain item into one with random stats that is appropriate for your spec. The

Oooo! Dino-Mount-A-Licious!

Last night after completing my random dungeon, I hit exalted with Sunreaver Onslaught. I didn't think much of it at the time. Today I checked their loot table and saw a few ho-hum things for upgrades, but was really stoked when I saw their mount! Now my troll velociraptor mount has a dino-buddy!

Warlock. Role Healer.

Aztec Life Tap? Sorry, often during various projects around the house, I tend to have 'deep' thoughts about various other things. This time, I believe that a warlock playing the role of healer isn't that to far-fetched. Warlocks have enormous health pools that we use to do damage. We have an entire specialization that deals with stealing health from our enemies to better ourselves. What do we do with it, we spill our own blood to build our power or mana. We give away our health to our minions so they can be stronger and fight for us longer. Why not turn the tables and help our fellow players? Ok, so let's see. A discipline priest is one who punishes the bad and heals the good. We steal from the bad to heal ourselves. This leads to our higher survivability than some of the other casters (namely mage). We can heal ourselves through our own means. As Destruction, I have 4 different self-heals available to me (let's see... drain life, passive talent soul leech, he

What I'd like to see for sale on the Blizzard In-Game store.

Recently WoWJuJu pointed out a new Elixir coming out on the PTR that grants 100% xp bonus. Current WoWhead notes have it usable at level 85, so as soon after your upgraded heirlooms and/or guild heirloom gear has stopped working for you. Makes for that run from Cataclysm to MoP quicker. (I know a few guildies that would love that). The main problem most people are having, it looks to be sold from a real-money vendor => " 5.4 - In Game Store - 100% XP Buff (Tracker)" We are currently exploring the possibility of adding a way for players in certain regions to make purchases directly within the game. As part of this process, elements related to this will be appearing on the PTR. We’ll provide additional updates on our plans as development progresses.  ( source ) First off, I speculate ' certain regions ' stands for US (and neighbors) because close to home and no major currency exchange required (RL: I work in an IT field, we like to 'test' out new feature

We bring TOO much!

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what do I do with my Justice Points once I've hit the cap?

The other day I opened my bag of goodies dropped off the dungeon boss and found it didn't disappear. It stayed in my super tight bags taking up a slot because I was at max for my justice points . Instead of simply tossing the bags, I went looking for ways to spend them down, so that I could get rid of the goodie bags (3). Luckily I found that Brownpaw , " what do I do with my Justice Points once I've hit the cap and I no longer need them for new PvE gear or heirlooms? " put a great comment out on WoWhead. He even listed the heirloom upgrade option that I have been playing with for my alts. 2. You can trade in old 1-80 heirlooms, along with a varying amount of JP, for a similar 1-85 heirloom. You have to decide if it's worth it for the price though -- for example, you paid the 2175 JP for the original Tattered Dreadmist Mantle , and the upgrade costs that original item plus another 870 JP just to get an additional 5 levels of experience boost... if you want to