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Image is a great site if you want to build your own PC. Today, the Shell Shocker is also the source of all Warlock Power . This power supply just glows of all the shadowy power that Warlocks wield in Warcaft.

Lunch, Work from Home = Exalted with Kirin'Tor FTW!

Having some home repairs done this week and next, so I happen to be working from home. Today, I took 30 minutes to do my cooking and fishing daily. The 500 points was just enough to push my reputation into Exalted with Kirin'Tor. Now, cheaper repairs before questing! Next Thunder Bluff for that huge Kodo mount.


After almost 2 weeks of my running circuit of the mage books based on the Kirin Tor guide , I looked back at my printout today to realize I was looking in the wrong place for the Lower Violet Citadel book. It's here (not on the floor between the bookcases, like I had been looking):

Tier 9 Warlock Armor

Zach over is reviewing the Warlock armor sets coming out in 3.2. The new Warlock set looks pretty cool, if you're "For the Horde!". Now, need a guild that can get me into Naxx, so I can have the gear to survive the Colliseum. See his review here.

Doing my chores

One of my guildies reviewed my gear on WoW-Heroes and told me that I looked good for Naxx25 and OS10. Cool! Checking out this site, I found that I was missing enchants on my gear. Simple enchants that I could purchase immediately. With that, I realized in several places, I was running "substandard" enchants on my gear also. This got me into doing my dailies again. My current chore list: Run around Dalaran for the Kirin Tor Mage books . Check VH for the Heroic Daily, maybe that night with Guild. Pickup Dalaran cooking and fishing daily (finish if able to w/o flying off). Port to Shatrath and check the fishing daily there. Do it and hearth back. Run around Dalaran for the Kirin Tor Mage books Fly up to Argent Tournament - do Champion, and Undercity dailies (almost have Exalted with UC, would love to get a skeletal horse ) Fly over to Sons of Hodir area, do dailies there. Hearth home. Nicely, this little route nets me probably 200-300g each time. Gone up over 1,000 gold in

Elkagorasa of Orgimmar

Last night, with the help of friends, I finally achieved the Argent Champion title on my 'lock. This is great, because now I can start doing the Argent tourney dailies for another faction. I picked Undead, so that I can start working towards Exalted with them. Thinking after Undead, I'll go for BloodElf so I don't necessarily need to go back and do their starting area quests...

What's so gooey, with my GUI

After recently installing the Power Auras addon last week, I've been seriously reconsidering my in-game GUI. What is working, what is not working. Relavent Addons: PowerAuras is working nicely to help track my spell rotation, warn if my warlock armor has dropped and remind me to set up the food and flask buffs. Bartender has helped me put more buttons on the screen. As a destruction warlock, I rotate through 5 spells regularly, then have several emergency fillers for when the need arises (AOE, fear, death coil, curses). Bartender let me define 6 different bars for these purposes (healing bar - pots, healthstone, bandages; regular items - hearth, mount). In addition, I can define the column/row size, button size and when they show up. XPerl reformats the player information bars, allowing me to define where I would like to have my target, focus and raid information show. OPie expands the available buttons by adding a popup menu available via keystrokes. ALT+D displays all my warloc

Quest for Higher Learning and a new pet.

Today I am determined to start looking for the 8 books involved in the Higher Learning achievement. I think it will be cool, to run through town, with bluey, my Voidwalker and the Kirin'Tor familiar right behind me.. One step to making it easier will be following the pathing suggested on Breanni's site . Second, adding the suggested addon, Dalaran University (fan fix) .


Last Friday, I posted and planned for a gathering of guildies to run some group content. We managed to get 5 people together to run the heroic daily and one other heroic dungeon (got two people the Champion of the Frozen Wastes achievement). That being said, the heroic daily was Violet Hold . A fairly straight forward random set of boss fights; the last fight being a giant blue dragon. Friday, I was the only low-geared warlock in the bunch, and the Mark of the War Prisoner drops. Me, trying to be polite, compared all my PAWN values, and didn't roll on it!? It is a great trinket due to the high amount of +HIT. I could have dropped some of the +HIT gems that I have and actually used something more useful, like +spellpower. Kicking myself now on my stoopidity.

Warlock Q&A - new minion models?

I was just reading through the Warlock Q&A posted on the World of Warcraft forums, when the last question sparked an idea. Q. Are there any plans to allow warlocks to slightly customize or change the appearance of their pets? A.This is something we are discussing. There are several voidwalker and imp models we could use pretty easily and it might be nice to add more felhounds and succubi. This isn't a high priority, but something we would like to eventually get around to improving. We are discussing whether this is simply just random variation (like the names) or whether it becomes an even bigger feature. So, the first thing I see happening is each warlock blowing ~20 shards to see all the random models; maybe they can make an achievement out of it! Then once we get used to it, warlocks wanting to summon the 'pink' felhound, may spend another 3-4 shards until the correct minion arrives.