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Gotta try something else.. Not having SILVER Proving Grounds is killing me...

Last night, I had enough, I've been reading , and reading about Demo being OP and how the PTR was nerfing everything about it. OK, I need some OP right now. First off, rebuild bars.. Off to IcyVeins . New talents, new rotation.. Second AskMRRobot to optimize my gearing. Swapped out 2 items.. Trying out the rotation on the training dummies in my garrison, I thought I had it down rather well. Queue for proving grounds, realize I don't remember the build as well as I had thought. What's the AOE? Oh yeah hellfire/immolation aura.. What's the interrupt? Same as destro, but doesn't the felguard have something as well??  Today I found (silver starts at 2:26 ):  Some basics that Anxeity pointed out..  Wild Imps, place them near one of the adds. Short cast travel time.  Hand of Gul'dan is an dot, and can easily take out one of the mobs.  Healer heals lowest health. Hit vermin for 90% health and let him heal it.. if need be Felguard has axe thr

WoWToken vs AH

Just a little observation.. When I was really into making gold on the Auction House, I found a little trend. Casual raiders drive the market. People would log on Friday night and drive the sales price of mats, gems and enchants up higher. Something that sold for 100-150g during the week, could jump up to 400g on Saturday night. Sunday the market would be flooded, causing price to drop again. Tuesday night was the only exception. Dedicated raiders coming in after reset would cause a spike. tokens flood in at night causing price drop until AM. In my opinion, the best time to sell a token? A few hours before the earliest realms start raiding. People get off work around 5PM, come home, log on, hit AH for some much needed mats, raid then logoff. Since the US-NA market would be East Coast driven primarily (aka GMT -5hrs), that would put ideal market time around 2-3PM. Last week the spike maxed at 5PM Tuesday.

Interesting Items from WowHead's 6.2 PTR Notes and Datamining.

I was peeking at the data mined information on Wowhead  and found these items interesting. Wrathion  - he makes an appearance?  Mythic Dungeons and a new scenario !? The scenario may be related to the 'gated' Tannan Jungle exploration and not a stand-alone scenario. Will the Mythic dungeons also require silver proving grounds, or will Blizzard bump it up to GOLD!?! (or drop it completely). Shipyard followers Troop Transport , dreadnaught , submarine , carrier , destroyer  -  Shadow priests will no longer have shadowy mounts, unless they get minor glyph of shadowy friends. New vendor mount for sale  costing more gold than a wowtoken is paying right now. Fel puppy as a battle pet. I could have a fel pup minion along side my fel pup companion. Sort of like how sometimes I run with my voidwalker and the Kirin Tor Familiar .  5 (maybe 6) LFR sections: Hellbreach Halls of Blood Black Gate  ( end of first tier of content ) Bastion of Shadows Destructor's Rise (un

WoW 6.2 as I see it.

Nobbel does a great coverage of the 6.1 -> 6.2 speculation. What we know: Iron Docks quest hub area is planned to open in 6.2. I envision this happening a lot like Pandaria: Isle of Conquest where we quested to open up the different phases of the island. Instead we'll be headed to Tannan jungle to work there.  We need to continue the legendary quest chain.. So some new content to generate things to collect. This could be simply something to finalize the ring. Blizzcon is November 6/7.  My theory: 6.2 will drop before Blizzcon.. I say sometime around August. It will probably be a two parter as we've seen with Highmaul -> Blackrock Foundry. That way Blizz can announce, part 2 at Blizzcon as well.  Blizzcon will announce the next expansion. As we're likely to only have 2-3 patches in this expansion, here's to hoping that the next expac drops around February 2016. 

Priest in Shadow

My discipline priest has given up the righteous path and went to the 'dark' side. This is an attempt to level her up as quickly as possible to 100. Formerly a bank alt, then dedicated dungeon/raid healer, now I want to level her up asap for possible raiding in Draenor? To make leveling easier, I've started tailoring as much gear as possible. I've crafted the Hexweave leggings  and starting to work on one more piece, probably head. The fur is getting cheap on the auction house, so I bought 5 stacks of 200 for around 500g. With two toons both burning dailies and work orders, I should have another 2 pieces really soon. I only have one piece of 90-100 heirloom gear (so far).. Most of the rest of my heirlooms are base level items (0-60) with a few topping out at 89. If I only had 40,000 gold to spend on all the items and upgrades available.... Hmmm. I've been following the Icy Veins Shadow Priest guide. I am slowly learning all the spells that take her out of sh