PVP Tuesday!

This evening, I ran my first successful Eye of the Storm. My previous luck has been to die a bunch of times, then the horde would eventually lose miserably.

Basic idea (afaik):
  1. Find and then take over enemy post (one in each corner) until you get the flag.
  2. Once you get flag, you run to the center with it (don't mount up)
  3. Defend yourself and the flag until it claims that base as yours.
  4. As you own a base, you get resources associated with that base.
  5. Winner is decided by the first team to reach 1600 resources. More bases owned = quicker you win.

As the place you turn in the captured flag is in the middle of the map, there was always a ton of action there. Nice because as a clothy, I had lots of backup (sometimes) and someone to root/cc the mobs attacking me  from behind. Defending a base is a cheap way to participate, at least as long as you maintain the base. :)

Succy was still my favorite pet in this. Again she seduced an attacking enemy, long enough for me to get off a death coil.

Things that didn't work:
  • I have my trinkets bound to my corruption spell. In raid gear, this is the Nevermelting Ice Crystal. Recently for my PVP gear, I started equipping my insignia of the horde. I've found myself hitting the corruption spell to trigger the crit damage, only to blow the cooldown on my escape mechanism.
    • Maybe change out corruption macro to something else for PVP mode?
  • Since I haven't trained into destructive reach (in my current 0/13/58 build), I don't have the same reach as the melee classes. I can't cast fear without getting into their field. So, they can charge me before, I can even start casting. 
    • May have to consider using my duel spec for a pvp build and not an affliction build.Or maybe run my affliction build AS my PVP build?? :)
    • In some ways, that would work nicely since my spell rotation would automatically change.
  • No stun. Conflagerate is my only stun at the moment. That requires that I have immolate or shadowfury on him already.


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