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Oh, I Didn't Realize...

So, I always figured that it'd probably never happen. Malfurion is a medium population server. Orgrimmar never seemed empty. Always lots of people running around.  Per WoWRealmStatus: Trollbane is an east coast realm (50% alliance, 49% horde). Malfurion is central (54% Alliance, 45% Horde).  Per WoWTrack : #74 Trollbane 52% alliance, 48% horde  #132 Malfurion is more off balance at 39% alliance, 61% horde. So, what can I expect when the server comes back online? A bit of imbalance on the AH. That could be nice, as prices for items might decrease for a short time.  Trollbane does have a bit of a bad rep with regards to 'trolling on the trollbane'. Is this going to continue? Malfurion had the Chuck Norris jokes, had the insult comics, but most of those left last expansion. Will this return? Only time will tell..

How I Got My Own Red Cloud (disc) Mount?

Co-worker and I were talking today about all the 168 mounts she has. While looking at the list, I asked about her Red Flying Cloud mount. "Oh, that was easy, we got it in about an hour."  Really? "Yeah, you just fly around and open those notes.." Oh my! Exalted with the Lorewalkers in about an hour! I am doing it. So, tonight, I first checked Curse for an addon that could help. A quick search of Lorewalker rep and I found " Lorewalkers ". This awesome little app, combined with TomTom for the arrow, provided a direct route to each of my missed readings. When I got close, it would popup a little picture of the drop spot.  (highlight added for emphasis) I had only 2 issues with the addon. 1) It seemed to have issues with registering some of the statues ('view read plaque'). I had to dismiss the waypoint to get TomTom to move on. 2) Once or twice, I reloaded all my status (click 'reload' button) in order to find my next point of in

Blizzard: A Request... RE: New Models

OK, One of the BIG things coming up in Warlords is new character models . Their higher polygon counts are going to make for smoother characters, more details and even better character animations. Using my old PVP shoulder as a transmog. FIRE! Sadly, I cannot think of a good way in-game to see how Elkagorasa reacts, looks, smiles. The load screen provides some, but not a lot. I could load up the WowHead  model viewer. I could try swinging around the camera to see his face.  (He's rather ugly). Blizzard this is up to you. I think you could really make this work. First off, run over to the Barber shop. Inside you'll find a giant mirror. Click on Mirror (which has familiar gear mouse icon). And you're presented with a model viewer . This model viewer would present my actual character and allow me to test out each the emotes, cast animations, and dance routines. 95% of the time, I am only ever going to see my character's backside. It would be nice, if I could see

Legendary, I See Your End Coming..

Ah, no more secrets to collect! I ran one more LFR this morning and killed Jin'rokh  (who I haven't seen in quite some time) and grabbed my last secret. That was a long and tedious process. 2-4 secrets per LFR, meaning an easy 6-7 LFR that needed to be completed while under the Gaze buff. Next came the Thunder Forge scenario, which as a destro warlock wasn't that hard. I simply had my voidwalker tank all the mobs, while I dps'd them down as quickly as possible. Considering there are shado-pan and then celestial guardians there to assist, these fights were just really tank & spank. I now have the lance and ready to fight Nalak. Glad I checked into this before starting the fight this morning?? According to King Wampa, it's not about killing Nalak (like I thought), but avoiding him for the minute it takes to charge the lance. I foresee using the portal to shoot myself out of LoS and the gateway to kite the add. Next up, the runestone collection and havi

New PC Experience

Hey Dad! Come feel how powerful! About 2 weeks ago now, the new PC arrived on my doorstep! When I got the phone call from my wife that it had arrived, I was told by several co-workers that I should really just head home early so I can get some play time in.. This awesome box arrived from Digital Storm exactly on schedule. In fact, I had contacted them and asked that it not deliver over the 4th of July weekend and they delayed it until Monday afterwards. Contents : Welcome packet with install media - Windows install disk, drivers, manuals, getting started flyer, cables Computer The PC was extremely well packed for the 200 mile delivery. My brother, who does deliveries, was worried about ordering off the Internet. When my PC arrived, it was packaged similar to their image on the Internet. A mini trampoline of sorts to absorb all the bumps from shipping. Inside the case, I found that they had shot the case full of foam packaging. Two thumb screws later and I removed the

Darn you Yikkan Izu!

Ok, I am still stuck on Yikkan Izu . I've taken to waiting the 13 minutes for Crystal of Insanity to reset, so about only 2 attempts each night. Apply all self buffs. - Insanity, Dark Intent , Crit food Grab some arena pots if I don't have some, like  Brawler's Cunning . Summon voidwalker (or void lord). Zone in, summon major demon, typically  Doomguard , but going to try Infernal for the AOE. Cast typically boss rotation, CoE, Immolate, Conflagerate, Incinerate...  Watch for Shriek , try to interrupt with Fear , Shadowfury , Howl of Terror Best I've been able to achieve is about 25% health remaining. What happens is something like: I use up all my interrupts, get hit by the Shriek and stunned for a few seconds. During this time, I am not healing with Soul Leech , so my vw dies. VW dies, everything aggro's me and I die.  I get out of the stun quickly with Unbound Will . Resummon a new vw , only get overwhelmed with adds and die. I AOE too many