Monday, November 28, 2011

Blizzard Having Black Tuesday Shopping?

The Arena season is ending tomorrow.
4.3 patch is most likely going to drop too. (Season 10 arena buy back issues).

With this means, the usual currency devaluation. All your high-value Valor or Conquest points, will be converted to the lower value Justice or Honor points. Gear that was formerly out of reach (like that beloved Tier 11 warlock set) due to ill-performing raid team. Combine that with a late start to the Arena team making only the 7800 limit to get the weapon. I am personally looking forward to some transition recession upgrades.

Sleepy Gladiator Set
Elk is STILL running around with that 353 "dog-collar" of bones. I know, there is no helm money can buy, but there does appear to be a decent one dropping off the new dungeons. At the moment, my priest is running around with 3 pieces of Ruthless gear (chest, weapon and belt). I'd love to see the legs and head replaced sooner than later. As soon as the next arena season fires up, I am sure we'll be right there stacking up Conquest for those "Cataclysmic" gear pieces.. (I can already see the Panda gear names in my head.. adorable gladiator,  and gentle gladiator).

Call this Black Tuesday. What are you going to buy?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leveling Enchanting /Facepalm

When leveling enchanting, don't bother going to the auction house and purchasing a level appropriate item to enchant. I suggest going to the Enchanting Supplies vendor and purchasing Enchanting Vellums. When combined with a ATSW, I click create all and then simply click on my stack of vellum. One, two, three and done. No longer need to confirm that I want to replace +5 spirit, with +5 spirit on this pair of gloves.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Malefic Guild COT:Hyjal Combo Pack

Last night we were (again) a few people short of a full 10-man raid. Darn you school and work, how dare you. So, being the ill-tempered warlock, I demanded that we run the BC Hyjal instance. I really, really wanted to pickup the Malefic (Tier6) warlock helm.

After much discussion, we had 8 people convinced to run the raid. (Only 8% away from guild level 25 was a selling factor). By the time we all reached the raid entrance, we had 10, picking up a husband and wife team who just happened to log on to level up. This was a first time for a number of us, so this was a learning adventure.

Items learned:

  • Raiding has changed quite a bit since BC. Hyjal focused on numbers (trash mobs coming in 8-10, boss had 8 million health), less on 'don't stand in the ___' mechanics. 
  • A raid group with, average level 84.5 and iLevel of 360 can get through the entire raid without a healer. OK, yes, after several consecutive trash fights, running around doing hellfire, I was down at 60% health, but that wasn't due to the trash, but hellfire. Just to give the healer something to do, I life tapped down to 40% one time.. :) (Then harvested souls to recoup health).
  • We did have 4 deaths. Falling off a cliff, still does kill. Riding in a 2-man rocket doesn't count as a flying mount in this raid. 
  • It was a given, but pointed out on Vent, there is no Death Knight Tier drops in this raid.

The final boss was dead, 0%, before his first phase transition. Oddly enough, he continued through his ability and fell down promptly when it was over. He dropped 3 tier piece tokens and 2 weapons. I would have loved to grab the apostle of argus, if simply to transmute over another staff, but couldn't see rolling on it as well as the tier piece. 

In all, I picked up the tier gloves and helm, plus a nice set of shoulders that match the tier ones. Chest piece and I'd consider this set done.. :) (ok, maybe a belt that doesn't look so cata). 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving Thanks To My Fellow Bloggers

November is the time of the year to reflect. Look back at those people that have made a substantial impact, providing support, and

My Mentor Warlock Bloggers - When I started blogging about WoW some 2+ years ago, there were only a few people out there. These bloggers actively posted new content on their sites; helping others play the game and improve their blogging. As I started blogging, I wanted to find a niche that these bloggers didn't currently fill. I never saw raiding in my future. I hadn't realized how much fun PVP was going to be. I wanted to communicate about my warlockery, but as a dad of 2 who needed a place to place links.

Nibuca, Fulgaris, I couldn't have lasted this long, without your blogs, comments and linkage. Even without posting anything for months, Nibs you are my still #2. all-time highest traffic source.

Other bloggers that I liked to bounce ideas off - These bloggers have been around at least as long as myself. I have found their input in the WoW warlock community useful, insightful and even fun to bounce ideas off of. Sometimes on my comments, sometimes in theirs, we share ideas, we share readers??
  • Cynwise - PVP has never been the same since your Battlefield Manual. 
  • Poneria - You and your guild has some of the best ideas. I still want my guild to run a naked classic raid run. 
  • Mortigan - Even with your on-again, off-again blogging, you made me reconsider blogging as a less-serious sport. Rules for Raiding always the inspiration. 
  • Aphroditi - I still use add-ons you suggested in your AH guide. 

Twisted Nether Blogcast - Hydra and Fimlys - I started listening to TNB when Nibuca was there, and continued for almost a year or two afterwards. Now it's just an on and off thing, unfortunately. The interviews are interesting, and fun. Earlier this year, I was the blogger in the hot-seat. There is nothing more humbling than to have directed questions about why I did this or that in game. A public job interview. In hindsight, I know I could have done better. I am sure of it. Maybe I could have even pronounced my character's name better and remembered how to spell it. /facepalm

Reminder to self: Name was built like this (slightly different image in mind for 'gore'). 

I thought I was prepared for everything, but you really helped point out how little I was. Thanks Fimlys and Hydra.

Blog Azeroth - Those wonderful forum moderators at BlogAzeroth have long been a source of content for this site. Shared Topics are a not-so-regular but usual feature on this site. This content ranging from humorous, useful or even insightful is often some of my best received. It's knowing that other bloggers are considering using the same topic to generate ideas. Thanks for all the fish.

MMO-MeltingPot - Lastly, Hugh Hancock and his voracious appetite for all things WoW. I can't figure out how this one guy has time to read all the blogs that he comments on. Plus it's not just WoW, but numerous MMOs. Compiling short reviews of other posts, and providing a discussion board for it all. Appreciate all your time and effort Hugh.

Moving forward, I see blogging continue as long as I play WoW. Now, that's at least a guaranteed 11 more months (yep, I signed up). Thanks to all the bloggers out there that have helped me (directly and indirectly). I appreciate your content, your time and your efforts. I look forward to next year when I can include more people in this list.


Monday, November 14, 2011


With the arena season ending later this month, my estimate is that it will correspond with the drop of 4.3. Numerous guilds have reached Ragnaros and are going to start getting bored. Players who can't reach Rag, like myself, will be excited when the new dungeon content comes about and the valor point system changes to 150 valor for all heroic dungeons. But my biggest reason why?

The downloader has 15gb of data downloaded to my PC.

Now, this means, my arena team has possibly two more nights before the season ends. I am hoping that my disc priest is able to reach an 1200 arena rating before end of season. My druid partner, thinks my arena skills are improving and we're definitely sticking around. He's already looking to start me in a 3's group next season. If only our timezones weren't so disparate. 

Until then, time for some shopping.. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beware of the Gnome Clone-inator

This looks like fun, if you're interested in starting to play PVP. A bunch of Gnome Clones are going to take over. This based on a long forgotten run done by Alas and a few of her friends back in Vanilla. 5 gnome locks running battle grounds, both a cuteness and deadly combination. 

If you're interested, head on over to and signup. They have all the details and name variants taken. They're planning on all playing, shudder, mages! (Which based on my arena experience, is a good combination). I can just see hitting a battleground as Horde, being tagged constantly morphed into an animal (sheep then frog then cat...) or ice blocked. With 10 mages, all with their elementals out, ouch! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

IT: I miss my non-druid, non-channeled, instant mount

Halloween, er Hallow's End, brings along with it a ton of nifty toys.There's that helm that laughs out loud. There's that pet jack o lantern, that follows you around. There's that flaming flying warlock mount, that should be given to every warlock at level 70. There's all the cool, vomit inducing candy that no longer provides a useful buff (candy that's good for you, bah!) Lastly, there's the non-druid, non-channeled instant mount. It comes in two flavors, magic and flying, both of which are magic and fly. After 2 weeks with this mount, it's loss is measurable.

Gathering - Sure, I can dismount, pick flowers (1s), mount back up (1s). Now using the broom.. dismount, pick (1s), mount again. That's a 100% decrease in time spent per node!! Now, if I really wanted to pick enough plants for say, 10 flasks, that's an approximate (80 twilight jasmine/ average 2.5 per stop) 32 stops. That's a half hour of my life lost, simply because I rolled a warlock and not a druid.

PVP - The enemy has taken off with your flag and has escaped the flag room at 30% health, then turns into druid cat form and runs off top speed (or make it worgen gallop). I channel-summon my mount and now the efc is already a third of the way across the gulch and on his way to victory. If I only had my broom, I could mount up, keep pace until around more hordies. Dismount and heal them, while they take him down.

Dailies - Ugh. I hate doing dailies. There are a number of pets out there, just a few dailies away and I just don't have the time or enthusiasm to get them. Anything to make them 'easier' is appreciated.

Here's to wishing the Magic Broom was a permanent fixture on my mount rotation. If not the holiday themed broom, an instant-cast mount that is available to all. I'd be good with non-raiding achievement based, like the Long Strange Trip. A vendor would be great, as long as it didn't involve the dreaded dailies. (Still over 200 hyjal tokens from finishing the avenger's series.) Or even, making just the Warlock mounts, insta-summonable via the soulburn mechanic, like our minions.

Taming MOAR Pets

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