Soloing Flame Leviathan?!

Through a link on another site, I found Kripparian's videos on YouTube. Right before Christmas last year, he posted a video of him soloing Flame Leviathan in Ulduar.

Basic strategy he used is pre-staging 4 vehicles, two demolishers on opposite corners, a motorcycle in one corner and a seige vehicle in the opposite corner. Attack with demolisher 1, fight until demolisher explodes, hop on motorcycle, race across to opposite demolisher and start distance shots. He died seconds before leviathan died, but had the siege vehicle to start pounding him if necessary.

While there, check out his video on making 20,000 gold an hour. His market is reselling cut gems, but has addons and various tricks to get there. Yes, 20,000 is possible, if you have the mats that he had on-hand.


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