Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aff-Lock Blizzcon Gear?

Shopping at the mall the other day, this lock needed a suit, and saw this line of clothing. I couldn't help thinking, "That would look great for a trip to Blizzcon!" Oh well!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Elk's Least Favorite Dungeons

Saresa recently posted a blog detailing her favorite 5-man instances. Instances that clicked for her on one level or another. Unfortunately, one of her fav's is one of my least favorites. That's why I'd throw out this.

Elk's Least Favorite Dungeons.

5. Scarlet Monastery - This was probably my first at-level dungeon. Um, maybe, Elk was dragged through several as he was growing up. What I do remember about this is, lots of scare-dee-cat humans. They always run around and aggro all their friends. Now on my level appropriate healer, I am stuck. I don't want to queue up for another dungeon, just to wipe on that first room, yet again. From SM:Graveyard to the graveyard in 3 minutes.

4. Gundrak  - Snakes. It only happened once, but doesn't take much more. My first time running this dungeon, we pugged one additional DPS spot. Yes, I was a noob, yes, I was in ilevel 200 gear, much in need of an upgrade. (TG for RDF!) The pugged DPS (a druid, IIRC), didn't like that I was there. Then when I didn't get out of LOS of that first boss and died to a poison nova, he told the tank, also a friend and guildie, that I should be kicked. To make matters worse, I COULDN'T find the entrance as a ghost. I believe I ran around for 10 minutes looking. This incident, has always left a sour taste in my mouth. (One of the sparks that started this blog actually) Now it takes all of 8 minutes to complete, but still.

3. Azjol-Nerub - Spiders. I hate spiders. These spiders have a dreadfully low aggro table. Or do they even have one? I dunno. Clearing the trash on that first boss, I have more than once grabbed aggro and wiped. Luckily now with my PVP set, if I know it's gonna happen, I can throw on this gear and have 35k health.

2. Razorfen Kraul  - Nothing puts your ego more in check, than having to call for help. For help, when you are in a entry level dungeon. Soloing it. And you are a level 80 warlock. Hey!, I got lost. I had accidentally fallen off the main ridge of this dungeon and couldn't find a way to get back up.

1. COT: Black Morass - My, oh, my, I hated this 5-man. Back in BC, I was working on becoming a Master of Elixirs. The one thing you had to get were these 10xEssences. They'd drop off the (every 3rd fight) mini-bosses, randomly, with a terribly low drop rate (Wowhead says 7%). I would get any where from 0 to maybe, 3 essence for each run of BM. If my repressed memories serve correctly, we ran this dungeon close to 12 times, just for these darn Essence of Infinity.

So, there you have it.

Dreadful Dungeons!

Also, take a sec and vote in Saresa's poll.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

GUI Reviewee

BBB then Fulgaris started reviewing their UI for functionality. BBB is a clicker, Ful is a button masher. Me? Well I don't know, both(?) Since, I haven't really reviewed my recent UI changes since last year, I thought I'd also contribute.

Here's is my raiding UI!

My Raiding UI as seen from my HP2509

My design premise:
  1. Minimize my eye movement on screen. I read a forum post reviewing eye focus. It stated that it typically takes 0.2 to 0.5 seconds for your eye to focus on something different. (to find at button, click, then refocus could take 1.5 seconds) To minimize my eye movement, I've placed myself and my target immediately at my feet. (Stay out of that green gooey stuff). Spell timers are immediately visible on my target.
  2. Remove clutter. I removed Necrosis as it's functionality wasn't adding anything to me. I removed all additional bag buttons as I only needed to click one to see contents. One version, I was having a button bar disappear when in combat (like micro and crafting bar), but it became too complicated.
  3. I am right-handed. This means (to me) that I favor looking right for info that left. I typically notice changes on my right, before my left (raid chat window). Omen, Recount land here. I allow them to overlap with some buttons when I don't need them (especially crafting, micro menu, world map).
  4. Make use of audio and visual cues. Omen plays Taiko drums when I get close to stealing aggro. Forte plays ding when SS expires. PowerAuras provide visual queues when personal and target's buffs drop. DBM provides it's own alerts (center screen).
 How I interact with it:
  • Button mash my spell rotation 1 - 5, sometimes 6,1,2,3.... I flip CoA and CoE around depending on the fight. I always want 5 big icons to show up on my target..
  • Click everything else depending on need, i.e. Curse of Tongues on the mages in Valithra, or Shadow Ward in Festergut.
  • Constantly re-purpose big buttons. Assigned mouse-button #4 and 5 (via Bartender) to the large buttons center screen. I typically use these buttons for dropping in macros. Marrowgar I have a target bone spike macro. Festergut I drop the portal, in case I am #2 with spore at casting range. I like to have my emergency heal button up at all times (just in case). I pasted several macros at end of this post.
    • Decrease screen-estate used. Macros to minimize number of buttons displayed. Shrunk my non-critical buttons as much as my quad-shot-espresso-driven jitters would allow. Recount, the ego checker, is often not displayed, but if it is, sometimes I put on top of the world-map.
    • Mouse turn, keyboard strafe. I try not to use my right hand for anything other than mousing. 85% of what I do, I don't have to move my left hand at all. Only when, say I want to Drain Soul, do I need to.
    I hope this is helpful for you. Unlike my PVP UI, which is still a mess, I am comfortable with this interface. I can quickly find most all that I need. Running Beta, my biggest problems so far, is the portraits being way up in the right hand corner. It is the greatest thing impacting my game play. Hopefully when add-ons are turned on in Beta, I'll find all of the big-deal add-ons below work seamlessly. Until then, have fun!

    If you Read More, below I've posted the add-ons displayed here, the macros I like using and my raiding PowerAuras set.

    Button Philosophizing | Killing 'em Slowly

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Festergut quickie: use Shadow Ward

    I hadn't seen it before, until I searched specifically for it. Festergut's gaseous attacks are not poison, like I had thought, but actually shadow damage. This means that you can avoid a lot of damage, especially at the start of the fight, by maintaining a Shadow Ward on you. It could make sense to even roll it into your spell rotation as it's cooldown coincides with it's length, 30seconds.

    This trick is mentioned in the Flu Shortage achievement comments.

    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    Interview with Quest development team

    I recently subscribed (personal birthday present) to the World of Warcraft "official" magazine. Since it only comes out quarterly, I received my first copy this week. Quite impressed with the quality so far; writing is well done, lots of high quality pictures and art and relevant articles. This issue even has a short post on the difference of dragons, drakes and proto-drakes.

    bombing sketti eggs
    The first article in this issue was an interview with the Quest Dev team. They discuss their developmental process, some of their heartaches and troubles. They brought up when new employees join the dev team they do not get GOOD examples of quests, they provide quests NOT to model. They specifically pointed out the Outland quest Fire over Sketties.
    Basically, the monsters have like 5 abilities to disable you in 5 different ways, and they'd knock you off your mount so you'd take durability damage. It was horrible. (Luis Barriga)
    Their second example was the quest "The Alchemist Aprentice", specifically for those "shorter" classes. They could not physically reach the ingredients on the top shelves. (At 6' tall in RL, I've seldom had that issue in my own kitchen; hide my secret stash of cookies on top shelf). From what they said, addons were created so that they could get the ingredients.

    From my perspective, I hate all the murloc quests. That daily at the Sunwell was one of my least favorite. As a race, they tend to run when almost dead, and aggro a bunch of their friends when running back. Being a squishy caster with little CC options (fear?), these guys cost me a ton in repairs especially as a freshly minted 70.

    So, what is your least favorite quest?  What quests would remove from the game if you had a chance?

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Beta Warlock Destruction Rotation

    an underwater mount!
    I went out questing again last night in Vash'jir, the new Cataclysm water-zone. They had reset all my quest heads, so I was able to complete a previously bugged quest. This time, I was carried away by a naga into the depths. "You'll make a nice specimen...". Without spoiling anything, you need to make sure you make it through these opening quests. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are upgrades, and you get a cool mount. (If you or your kids watch Phineas and Ferb, you'll have an idea what this mount is.) This opens up a new quest hub that you work in.

    As I quested, I played around with my Destro spell rotation, until I came up with this:

    1. Bane of Havoc - instant cast
    2. Curse of Elements - instant cast
    3. Corruption - instant cast
    4. Immolate
    5. Fel Flame - Instant cast and buffs damage on Immolate, works as great filler before Conflag can be used. Very little damage done.
    6. Conflagerate
    7. Incinerate
    This is a fairly quick spell rotation. Usually by the time I reach the Inc, they are within 10% of death. Seldom do I need a second INC.

    • Shadowflame - instant cast - nice CC with fear aspect. This would create a great fail safe when I aggro'd too many mobs. I could dot, then shadowflame, and get back to my primary target. Unfortunately they are harder to kill as they are same or higher level than me.
    • Chaos Bolt - not currently in my rotation, but available.
    • Shadow Bolt (mouse button 4) - only when instant cast with Nightfall proc. I was surprised with the current number of nightfall proc's. Sometimes, I would simply target a mob and nightfall would trigger.
    This build (0/4/32) and rotation was a bit fragile. I died 2-3 times in one area, where I kept aggroing multiple mobs. I recently put the 2 points into Soul Leech for the replenishment factor after dinging 82 last night. I currently have 2 points in Improved Soul Flame (0/4/34), which I plan to spec out of. The 5sec cast time on that spell is not ideal for questing. I am considering either put them into Dark Arts or Empowered Imp. eImp buffs SoulFire, so maybe not that.

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    The Epic Board with nail!

    I think I found my first upgrade in Cataclysm. It was in the game chat, but I couldn't believe it when I read it. It's called the Sishir Spellblade of Wildfire.

    Here are the statistics:

    I am considering using this instead of my Quel'delar Lens of Mind. Ouch! Seems crazy, to go from an epic quest line item, to a quest drop that looks like is a board with a nail splitting it. Hoping this is one beta green drop that get's its stats changed before production.


    dagger quest drop from game.

    Monday, August 23, 2010

    Paying the Bills

    If you attempted to check out this site on Friday afternoon, you would have been presented with a generic, spam-centric website. No, I had not been hacked. My free-DNS provider, is charging me to manage this domain. Another $11/year to maintain a domain with them, when you have hosted 5 other domains prior.

    If I wasn't hosting a domain for my wife with the same DNS provider, I'd probably take the down time and flip it over to someone else.

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Shared Topic: How do I assist my healer?

    RestoDude asked how I, a Warlock, would help my healer. It's not until I played my Priest alt, that I realized just how intensive some fights can be on healers. Even when I am not directly being attacked or standing in the fire, I am still taking a bit of splash damage, heck, Life Tap is glyphed, so always on my spell rotation. They may have the niftier tools for healing, but still have to juggle their own cooldowns, and spell cycles.

    Ok, as we all know warlocks are not that versatile of a class. We have the DPS build (lots of dots), and that other, um DPS (tanking) build and one more DPS (pyromaniac) build. Healing isn't on that list. We're actually quite flagrant with the usage of health, stealing another's then using it to create our own home-brewed mana. Tasty! Does this personal addiction to organic mana help our healers? Heck no. I've had 5-man healers get mad at me for tapping (and some "enablers" that say go for it, but they're probably also 'locks at heart).

    How do I help my healer? From my warlock bag-o'-tricks, I have 4 basics.

    The 'lock candy bowl is typically the most popular of them all. This raid sized bowl of health stones provides anywhere from 4100 - 5000 health in a single pop. Sure a tank with over 70k health isn't going to get much of a jolt out of one, but a clothy, like myself with 25-30k can get a substantial (20%) hit. Yeeess! And I DO share.

     Secondly, my posey picking penchant has provided me with a peculiar proficiency. I've found that this spell is almost perfectly balanced with a almost two taps. Tap after a fight, I'll kick of this and be replenished and off CD before the next pull.

    Health-splosion! If all else fails, I have a macro that I can spam that fires off all my healing tricks. This uses my Battlemasters trinket, uses healthstone, potions, bandages, and lifeblood. I am considering adding a /yell bit to the macro.. "/yell Elk is going down!"

    Finally, there's a bit of soul jewelry. Providing my healer with his/her soul encased in a shiny purple globe, is my greatest gift. By providing my healer with a second-chance, they can keep healing after a death. Combine this with candy, they can get roughly 50% health back instantly.

    Now, those are great for healing myself, but that's only one aspects to health. Not getting hurt is equally important. To avoid damage, I have a different set of tricks. These do not rely on specific talents, but gold and training.

    "If it doesn't look sparkly and pretty, don't stand in it." I read this rule of thumb on another blog. Basically if it looks bad for you, it is. Rings of death are my excuse for...

    Run faster, jump higher! On my boots, I have placed the PVP-ish enchant that grants a speed increase. My thought process being if I can get move out of _____ faster, I can start casting again sooner. Stam means more health, so in turn, more to tap! All win!

    Location, location, location! I don't mean glowing, smoking, gassy green rings on the floor. I mean in relation to the boss, where you stand. Don't stand in front of this boss, or behind this one, stand inside the "hit box" or near a pillar for this guy. This can only be learned through exposure, maybe a few well crafted blog posts or a video of the fight. I find that you're best learning is through doing.

    See, I CAN HEALZ! There have been a number VOA runs, where I've been #1 or 2 on recount for healing done. Healing myself and avoiding damage are the best ways to help my healers. Providing candy for the entire raid, can often keep the raid for wiping, especially when the fighting get's going, (I can't help it if you don't remember it's there). Lastly, being conscious of my surroundings and getting out of harms way quickly when I miss something. All help my healer keep me alive.

    Thursday, August 19, 2010

    It's the little things, that make it grrrreeeaatt!

    I spent more time in the Cata beta the other night. Logged on too late for the raid. Earlier this week, Blizzard pushed out another patch and it appears to have added a nice bit of content.

    Found that they fixed the trainer bug, so I was able to train into my entry level warlock spells. Soul Burn, Soul Harvest and two others. Playing around with SoulBurn, I realize I don't know enough about what spells this buff. SB + Summon Pet = instant pet (fka fel domination) was what I ended up playing most with.
    Hey, let's get out bluey to tank this guy, hey, let's grab my felpuppy. I do love that Soul Harvest also heals. It's like a mini-meal, food and soul-shards in a single spell.

    Outside that, I was oohing and ahhing some of the UI changes I've spotted recently. Quest items are highlighted in my bags. They have a yellow halo around them. Makes them super easy to spot. Makes it great when going to vendor my grey items, that I don't accidentally sell those items. In addition, items that spawn a quest (beta is handing out free battered hilts!!?! unfortunately, like death, you can't take it (to production) with you.) You view the item in your bags, and it has a ! on it! Nice! Oh, did I pickup a quest too?

    I won't spoil them, but the load screens are great. First time I hearthed into Dalaran and saw the new load picture, I went "Oh Cool!". Let's check out the page for TB!... The goblins and worgens are now represented on the old-world screens. Sadly, doesn't look like any warlocks, still.. :-|

    not a wow screenshot
    Swimming through Vashjir, I started feeling like Nemo. Tons of sea life, color everywhere and lots of places to explore. The under-water mechanic is interesting. Instead of straight running across the sea bottom, my toon looks like he's bouncing across the moon. Big strides, lots of area covered. It's almost odd to swim. Which unfortunately still can't take advantage of my old glyph of underwater breathing. Still need to replace that.

    Dungeons. I had fully intended of spicing up my leveling via the RDF. Logon, queue in RDF, then work on first quest objective. Repeat until reaching 85. Well, minor quirk. Ok, not really big deal, FOS does it. You have to "find" the entrance, before you can queue for the dungeon. From experience, the entrance to the Throne of the Tides, is exactly, logically where you'd expect it. Be brave little one. Once inside, I was in aww of all the colors. I think you'll find this one to be a 'pretty' instance, like I've heard a lot about HOL.

    A sample of the awesomeness

    I dinged 81 last night before logging off. Now I have the green fire spell. Time to see about spicing up my rotation!! I'll let you know how it works out.

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    200th Post - Blogging Lessons Learned

    Back in April 2009, I had started a blog to talk about my in-game exploits. I had found that my personal website was taking a lot of flak due to 'gaming' posts and moved content over here. As time moved on, I found blogger ideal for hosting and have remained here ever since. In this 200th post instead of posting specifically about WoW, I thought I'd take a few moments a detail some of my lessons learned over the last 16 months. (If you're not thinking about starting your own blog, the rest of this post may be boring or it might give you insight into me, the author... you've been warned.)

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Arena Update August 2010

    Felruk and I have 20 more arena battles under our belts and things are changing, slowly. Unfortunately we are still only wining 30% of our fights. The fights we win are typically the battles where they attack him first.

    This week was devastating. Typical fight is about 2 minutes long. We had 2 or three fights this week, where I died within the first 10 seconds. Yes, I am a clothy and I have less than 30,000 health, but when the melee dps doesn't focus on me, I can outlast Felruk.

    incoming chaos bolt
    •  Felruk and myself have improved our communication. We still aren't coordinating our efforts to take out specific combatants, but better. Hmm, raid icons? I'll ask him to mark them next week.
    • Destruction is working nicely, in that it provides me a few escape mechanisms. In addition, I was able to do a nice killing shot using Chaos bolt. wwhhiiizzzz, drop! Sadly my Fears take longer to cast.
    • Both of us picked up a new piece of equipment, he still hasn't enchanted any of them yet though.
    • I felt like I was constantly stumbling over the keyboard this week. Either it's my lack of practice this last week or still haven't fine-tuned my play style. Ok yeah, Cata-beta is impacting my Wrath play time. I still haven't even laid a lock portal down for an escape yet. Probably not a bad idea?
    • More DOTS! I need to cast dots on everyone! Darn it. Too many attackers are getting a free ride when I don't cast at least one dot. The healers need to work at dispelling my madness. Corrupt them, curse them, give'em pain. 
    • Hmm, wondering if the felpuppy is ideal for a destruction pvp build. He's got that great spell removal, but darn, low dps. Saucy Succy for the seduce? Dancy the Imp for the dps?
     10 Arena fights is about 30 minutes on a Monday night. I'll try some of these new ideas, succy + spam dots and see if we last a bit longer.

    Any other ideas? I have 2 buttons on my mouse that I am not using..

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    Soul Swap Review

    Last night after the raid, I logged into the Beta realm and swapped to my Affliction build. I spent some time questing in Hyjal, so I could play with Soul Swap. This tier-4 affliction talent, requires 15 points in the affliction tree and 1 point in siphon life. Leveling, you could pick this up at level 39.
    You instantly deal ??? damage, and removing your damage-over-time effects from the target. For 20 sec afterword, the next target you cast Soul Swap on will be afflicted by the damage-over-time effects and suffer ??? damage.
    You cannot Soul Swap to the same target.
    6% of base mana, 30 yd range, Instant cast

    Grinding through closely packed mobs, currently appears to be the ideal situation for this spell. Since it does so little (if any) damage, this spells is a great closer (aka destro's shadowburn?) for mobs. This spell in some aspects takes the place of your Drain Soul, except that it does not damage over time.

    Here's how I've been using it:
    • At ~10% health of one mob, grab dots and exhale them on next target (focus? mouseover?). 
    • Finish off first target as second starts running toward you.
    Soul Swap target

    Exhale Soul target

    Now, in actuality, timing of this spell is complicated. You need to have closely spaced mobs, that are fairly similar. If you time it wrong, you can grab a dead mob's soul and pass that along, wasting the mana. If you do it too early, you've removed a lot of potential damage from your current mob and it could take too long to die (have two angry mobs). Maybe Hellfire?

    The mana cost is defintely worth the effort over simply recasting the 3 dots (corruption, bane of agony and Unstable Affliction). Assuming you can flip and not recast those dots, going to require retraining muscle memory (rotation: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)..

    • Soul Swap (6% base mana) + Exhale Soul (6%) = 12% base mana used
    • Bane of Agony (10%) + Corrption (6%) + Unstable Affliction (15%) = 31% base mana used
    I'd like to do some testing with macros. Mouseover a target to set it as my focus (button 4 on mouse), then /cast Exhale Soul [target=focus]. If I get a macro working, I will let you know.

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Cataclysm Beta - Warlock Perspective Part 1

    I copied Elkagorasa over to the Beta realms around the end of July and he's gotten about 8 hours game play total. A family vacation to visit Mickey Mouse in the middle sort of put a damper on his time. 3 hours game play over the weekend. Unfortunately he is still level 80. I have been leveling as Destruction, even though it was the build I intended as my PVP build.

    Here's my initial reactions:
    1. Due to the build mechanics, I am casting soul fire with every spell rotation. It has a long cast time (almost 5s?). Rotation is : curse, bane, curruption, Soul Fire, Immolate (typically a dead mob), conflag, inc spam. 
    2. Trainers are still not talking to me, so I haven't been able to try out the soulburn mechanics. I am hoping that I'll be able to train when I hit level 81. My goblin and worgen haven't had any trainer related issues.
    3. Random Dungeon Finder won't let me queue. I had an issue before Disneyland that prevented me from queueing, now that's been fixed, but haven't tried again.
    4. Haven't tried queueing for individual PVP zones, as it caused the issue stated in #3. Also PVP queue issue caused the "queue join" alert to go off repeatedly (bong bong bong). Hence, why Elk didn't get much game play.
    5. Quest drops have been all vendored. So far, nothing looks like an upgrade. (No add-ons in Beta, so I can't use my crutch, Pawn.) I am still sporting all my T10/Frost badge/ICC gear. 
    6. Just joined a guild with my Goblin (hunter), going to get Elk in same guild, get nice +% leveling bonus. Maybe also build some 5-mans for the dungeons.
    7. There are two zones for level 80 players to play in, a water zone (I forget the name) and Hyjal. I've played both zones through the first 10-15 quests. Hyjal seems a bit more 'epic' as the quests require a flying mount. So far the water zone is fun, lots of naga and those underwater goblins. Don't bother looking for that Unending Breath spell.
    8. One cool thing I found in Vashjir is an example of Blizzard's new auto-quest mechanism. If you enter a zone (aka breadcrumb quest), or pick up an item that has a "click to start quest" mechanic, you will get a popup about that quest automatically. Complete the quest, it will allow you to auto-complete the quest without seeing a NPC. Great for when we level up, and need the XP. 
    9. Reforging of my gear was simple. See vendor next to enchanting trainer. Not sure if the mechanics are functioning for the +mastery I put on gear. More to come. 
     I plan to continue leveling through a few more levels and as I mentioned I still want to get into the dungeons. Mostly, I'd like to test those new spells advertised in the many forum posts, etc..

      Monday, August 9, 2010

      Getting ready to say goodbye to Dalaran

      Sure, "Old World" is changing and all, but nobody ever talks about the changes to Dalaran coming soon. Yeah, I know, it's a floating city and all, it COULD split down the center and dragons come flying out of it. (Hmm, maybe that IS why it's flying??)

      Anyway, with the coming Cataclysm, it will soon be a ghost town, like, well, Shattrath. (more after video)

      As I start packing my bags and calling the movers, I ran around and grabbed a few snapshots of old friends. Like...

      "Aunt" Sarah Brady -  the forgotten member of the family.
      Hugh let's her moonlight here.

      The TMNT crew - Splinter consulting with
      Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo & Raphael

      Applebough - the vendor that cannibalizes itself for you.

      Sith Lord Land'alock - the quest giving pirate

      Breanni - co-conspirator w/ my pet trading ring.

      Lastly, but not least...
      Marcia Chase - who's always willing to show you her goods

      So, who's going sign your Dalaran yearbook?


      Saturday, August 7, 2010

      New Launcher Launched!

      Blizzard has pushed down a new beta client that changes the launcher/patching functionality. This has some excellent potential for future growth of the game.

      4gb into a 16gb beta client download and I can "play"
      The patches are given prioritization. The important stuff (bug fixes) to play the game is pushed down first. Filler stuff comes second, and pure fluff (hi-res graphics, sounds, etc) are pushed down last. This means you can start playing sooner when a patch is pushed down.

      I tested it Friday morning and was pleasantly surprised. At 16% completed, I was able to start playing the game. I logged into Orgrimmar and was able to fly around while the game was still downloading and installing. Even better, I was able to play in Ultra resolution with full screen (1920x1240?) and didn't notice a difference.

       Other beta observations:
      • Questing is even easier than before. I have reached level 7 on a goblin hunter and I am basically flying through the content. Temporary mounts are provided for a number of quests. 
      • Little miffed that the Warlock trainers won't talk to me yet. Considering the scope of change, I'd bet this is going to take a bit longer than the simple artwork changes and new quest areas. 
        • So far my gear and regular spell rotation is working in the new lock zones.
      • Flying around Orgrimmar is nice, but also a bit disconcerting. I find walking easier as I am already acquainted with it from the ground.
      • Today I found a cooking quest in Orgrimmar, that had me collect edible items in town, then awarded me an Orgrimmar Cooking Award and +1 cooking (now 451). Haven't figured out how to spend this currency yet. 
      From Intro movie.

      • The damage to the Barrens isn't as cataclysmic as I thought it would be (from the trailer). Maybe I need to explore more, but it's not what I envisioned.

      Friday, August 6, 2010

      WoW Wallpaper Grabber Version 2

      If you, like me, have at least one PC set with the Blizzard background configured, you'll like this script. I've placed the script in my Startup folder and it will randomly download a new Blizzard approved wallpaper image each time you start your Windows XP/Vista/7 computer.

      I've linked to this before, but I recently posted a newer version of this script to include Fan Art and some random functionality. You will still need to modify the script to fit your size monitor. Edit the code in Notepad and it should be fairly obvious (Note look for two sizes of art, the fan art sometimes comes in different sizes than Blizzard images).

      Script is here

      Thursday, August 5, 2010

      Catching up on the news!

      Reading Blood Pact, I see they are more than open on posting blog posts on
      Cataclysm Beta Warlock talents. Someone not read the NDA?

      Looking at the revised talent tree, I am  happy to see that I do not need to take Improved Fear, or Curse of Exhaustion in order to reach Haunt at 31 points.In a build sheet from about 2 weeks ago, you did. Didn't think these fit into the "no wasted points" philosophy.

      Anyway, a cool affliction talent  I am looking forward to testing is Soul Swap. One of my biggest complaints about leveling as an affliction lock is the slow ramp time of our dots. Tons of mana spent, and it takes 3x longer to kill beasts as they run at us. The talent will require 15 points in the affliction tree, so easily obtainable by any level 80 warlock who is running affliction.
      lvl 80 cata afflock build (31/0/5)

      Legion's Mythic+ Dungeon Final Impressions

      Yesterday, Ythisens  posted a question on the WoW forums asking for final impressions on the Mythic+ dungeons. With Legion coming to a cl...