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Mountain Dew promotion

Moutain Dew is starting a new promotion for their "Gamer Fuel" soda with a World of Warcraft theme. Here's my banner.

Warcraft Recipe Builder Powershell Script

I've posted this script before on my own server, but since it's being rebuilt, I thought I'd repost it here. The script will take the name of an item from Warcraft (for example) Mekgineer's Chopper, then return all the items and roughly how you get each. Maybe revise the code to return a webpage with links to the source, but that's for a third revision. Note: This script requires Powershell installed on your PC. Copy and paste the code below and save into a file with a PS1 extention. Sample Results Please Enter the WowHead name or ItemID (found in the URL)?: Mekgineer's Chopper Mekgineer's Chopper x 1 Titansteel Bar x 12 Titanium Bar x 36 - created Eternal Fire x 12 - created Eternal Earth x 12 - created Eternal Shadow x 12 - created Handful of Cobalt Bolts x 40 Cobalt Bar x 80 Cobalt Ore x 80 - drop Arctic Fur x 2 - drop