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Profession Opinions

IMHO, spend your first points for herbalism or mining in 40 into [ botany ] or 35 into [ mining process ] so that you can gather while mounted.  I hate that the skinning trainer is standing immediately behind one of the leatherworking tables. I am constantly clicking on them.  I 100% agree with everyone that says the fishing profession needs a hat slot. We may need a secondary equipment slot for toons with a fishing ring.  I wish the crafting orders system worked 'better'. To complete "# of (profession) crafting orders" quests, my default is to go to my bank toon, and order low-level items. Gimme 3 bolts of cloth, or 2 handfuls of bolts, or 3 'profession equipment'. I sort of wish that when I specify a personal order, I could see their available recipes. Oh, look my hunter can make ___, lets's order 3 of those? My bank toon could order profitable items, not just garbage fillers.  Leveling engineering is dreadful. Creating 1 middle-level item, requires 1 ra