Blizzard, I have another feature request.

First off, I love the Dungeon Finder tool. I haven't ran so many dungeons or gotten so many Triumph badges ever. In the past few months, I've purchased almost a complete PVP set completely with Triumph badges. Sure, it's only i231 level gear, when most my pve set is working towards i245+, but at this point it's (virtually free).

No my problem is, well, I am a warlock and all I can do is DPS. (for some reason healthstones and drain life don't qualify me for healer status) Typical queue times are on average 10-15 minutes per dungeon. That's not too bad, except that I can't dual queue any longer. No more putting my name in 3 locations (pvp, raid and dungeon queues) and see who offers first.

To top it off, I've seen Heroic Gundrak 22 times since you started tracking this. I am absolutely tired of this dungeon. I'd like some variety. I'd like something new.

So my suggestion:
  1. Make the cooldowns a little longer (20 hrs)? This would have the positive effect, that Gundrak would  only come up, say once a day. Negative would be not able to farm Triumph badges 24hrs a day (assuming it would take you 8hrs to queue and finish all the different 5-man dungeons).
  2. OR change the prioritzation so that I don't run Gundrak more than once a week with some TiVo Season Pass type logic. "Instance won't queue if I've ran it less than 3 days ago." 
  3. OR make it so that I can queue for PVP and a random dungeon. 
On my part, the issue may be my time I am logging on. By 10PM local, the only people still running the random dungeons are either too low or already ran all the high-end dungeons. For awhile there, when ever I partied with a specific dk tank, we got hHOR, even that would be better than another Gundrak run.


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