Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dropping the Big Four Dot One

I attempted to logon this morning and found that 4.1 has dropped. Here's something to look forward to tonight upon getting the kids in bed.

Addon Review: TradeSkillMaster

Always looking for something to make the process of growing gold easier, I have downloaded and started playing with TradeSkillMaster (TSM). This addon looks to be a mix of various other tools that I already use.

  1. Auctioneer/Auctionator - scans the Auction House, gathers current prices of items available. Plus, post auctions to the auction house with competitive prices and undercutting values.
  2. Postal - automate the scrapping and sending of mail to/from crafter/bank toons.
  3. Lil' Sparkys Workshop - Provides me with a list of craftable items, with the cost to make, and current AH sale price (aka Profit!).
 Being a combination of these various tools, has some advantages and some disadvantages. Advantage-wise, things work nicely together. Stuff you queue up for one bank toon, should present as a shopping list on another and then be mailed back when it's purchased for that toon (for example, bank toon purchases Alchemy materials for my main toon/alchemist using this tool, those mats will then be auto-shipped off to that toon).

Disadvantage being this tool is complex and requires a bit of tweaking. It is the 'beta' version, so that may change. I spent about an hour last night going through my two main crafting toons starting the setup of the tool and the items I wanted to build. No, I didn't read the manual. I will need to. Peeking at Zoxy's write-up, I see I didn't even start in the right direction. I'll probably work on this over the weekend.

Based on my initial review of the tool, I can be making 100g on a wrath gem, and approximately 8-10g on a few (low-level) enchants. I started picking up the materials last night, using the shopping interface against the auction house, and got summoned for my random dungeon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Update - The Phoenix Schools

(based off RL letter from my kid's daycare.)

Dear Parent,

Week of the Young Child is just around the corner, April 11-15th May1st-7th.  This is a special week where our school celebrates the families, children and teachers.  The schedule is as follows:

We still have Sleepy available.

Music for the Infants, Toddler and Twos is as follows:
  • Infants/Toddlers - Wednesday  
  • Murlocs and Panderans - Tuesday
Have a Great Week,

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email me.


The Phoenix Schools

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Manliest Gown

Saw this dress linked to on Poneria's site and thought it might look nice on my BE Female Disc Priest. Pulling up the site, I had to laugh at the combination of ads with the dress.

It's not for women.

Now peek at this gown, if you dare, it equipped on a male toon. (Cuz all warlocks wear robes, a gown isn't that far a stretch.)  Bikini on top, anyone?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Epic Flying Elk

Yep, that's me! Last Saturday's interview with Fimlys and Hydra was a lot of fun. I hoped I provided an unique perspective to the game and playing a warlock. Talking about kids, the game from a casual perspective  and what it means to just now seeing the Cataclysm raid content.

Here are a few items we discussed:

Thanks for listening. Hopefully they think of me for other topics. Maybe it's time to fire up the PTR again. I hear that is getting interesting.


    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    2011 Blizzcon shirt

    I love Shirt.Woot. They sell unique shirts that you are NEVER going to find in retail store (I hope). Every shirt is voted on by members and only the best get printed. They run them for a short time, then never again. I've gotten the most "cool shirt" comments from my Ninja vs Samurai shirt, now reckoned.

    Spinning through their top sellers, I found this shirt. Is that Deathwing post wipe? It looks like he's a bit disappointed about not having anyone to play with?! Maybe it's because he's sitting on the tank?

    No one left to play with.. :(

    If I thought I was going to Blizzcon, you'd absolutely see me there in this shirt!

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    OOT is Making Progress.

    Order of Thought is a 'small' guild. Last check, we have around 150 toons (mains and alts). We're a fairly active guild reaching guild level 12 last week. Most of the people in the guild are friends, and family of those people. (I work with my main raid healer and one of the dps in RL, plus both their spouses play.) This makes for a very mature, understanding group of people. It's not that unusual to hear someone call out "brb, need to tuck in kid."

    This last month, we have successfully started pulling together a crew of 10 people to work on the Cataclysm raid content. For 3 hours, twice a week (Wednesday then Monday), we're hitting Baradin Hold whenever we hold it (typically every Wednesday) and then either Magmaw in BCD or Halfus in BoT. Happily this week, Monday we got Halfus down for the first time, but didn't have the raid composition to down Magmaw. Wednesday, we got them both down! Personally, very excited to finally see that worm dead. It has been a test of my patience to get this far. Wiping regularly for 3 weeks, I personally was starting to get depressed. 100g in repairs each week is expensive without the increases to my valor point account.

    Wednesday's drops included:




    I am really happy that we are finally making progress. Unfortunately, our main healer was not playing on his guild toon, but more powerfully dressed main (can you guess who from the screenie?). I am hoping desperately that this is not the only reason that we've made this progress. We only have 2 dedicated healers and a third, a priest. One out sick, or out of town on business and we're running Heroics and not raids.One slightly slow on the heals and it's a wipe fest.

    So, if you're
    • looking for a guild, 
    • play or willing to transfer to horde, 
    • don't use swear words in your every day language (some of us have young kids in the room and in guild chat), 
    • don't mind a playful, friendly atmosphere, 
    • and willing/wanting to raid 2 nights a week starting around 9PM PST to midnight.
    Check out the guild blog and fill out an application. Maybe someday, we'll raid together..

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Guild Challenges question

    Peeking at the guild challenge screen grab on MMO-Champion, I have only 1 question. Does the Baradin Hold boss count for the 1 Raid boss?

    Combine the guild challenges here, along with the new (all) 7 dungeons in a day changes in 4.1, I can see a lot less running PUG groups at max level. That is going to make it difficult (for me) when I logon at 10PM local and most my guild is going to bed.

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Do you want to 'hear' me? Got questions?

    I am nervous. How will I do?

    As a fairly avid reader, I imagine the voices of those characters in the book. Reading to my daughter, I play up the accents where I can and tweak the female voices to make them different than the male characters. It's fun. When I finally see the movie, sometimes it's a disappointment; sometimes it's dead on.

    What will you think when you hear my voice? I've heard that I act and sound younger than my real age. I've been told that I have the gentle patience of an old man. If you're curious, you have a chance.

    This Saturday, 4/16, Fimlys and Hydra will be interviewing me. I am afraid that the answers will be short and the total interview will last 20 minutes. ;)

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Dangers of Late Night TV

    Last night after an absolute fail of a pugged Grim Batol (yeah know the kind when the druid healer starts bickering about how the clothy lock dies first all the time, but fails to mention how he got NO heals. That added to the fact that my Warcraft build has been loading REALLY slow after a recent add-on upgrade, so I was always the last one to make it back from the wipes.) I decided to watch a little pre-recorded TV.

    At 4AM, when the TiVo kicked into 'live' broadcast, I was awoke by the sounds of a jewelry store advertisement. You know one of those stores that buys your old gold jewelry and converts it to cold hard cash! Clicking off the TV, climb into bed, and then quickly falling back asleep to dreams of gold making techniques in Warcraft. Unfortunately, my dream included a loud announcer, touting the gold making technique commonly referred to as MLM or pyramid scheme. "Send me 5gold to learn my patented gold making techniques!!" still echoes in my brain. So, here are a few things that I am doing now.
    1. BOE drops. Everyone should be doing this already. Unless you need it as an upgrade, you should be trying to sell all your BOE drops.What to sell them for is the hard part. Check out addons like Auctionator or Auctioneer. 
    2. Crafted items. I have been madly working with the guild to complete the [Set Oven to Cataclysmic] guild achievement. Of note, on Malfurion, making Scalding Murglesnout is an excellent replacement to the Tea. I can spend about 1g to get 20 fish, which creates 6 dishes. The recipe creates a health+mana food with no buffs, so think of it as mage food that doesn't disappear. Anyway, these food dishes have been selling on the AH for anywhere from 1g to 30g.
    3. Flipping of your sales. Like the real estate boom of early this century, I like to buy AH items that are undervalued, then flip them. Sometimes, simply reposting that very same item, sometimes waiting until Thursday or Friday to catch the casual crowd influx. Auctioneer's SCAN + Search function to locate the deals, followed by Auctionator's POST function, which grabs competitive sales, and can under-cut existing sales based on pre-defined definitions. 
     Now, send me 5g and I'll send you an in-game letter pointing to this post. You can send this post to 5 friends and they can each pay you 5g and me 2g and so on. Eventually we'll all be Warcraft millionaires. Me, more so, but I won't gloat.


      Friday, April 8, 2011

      Playing with my Alts.

      Last weekend, Elk got a case of the 'been there, done thats". After running my daily heroic on Saturday night, I decided it was time to fire up my Discipline Priest alt again. She hasn't gotten any game play since 4.01 dropped. To top it off, OOT had reached Guild level 10, and now she can run with the (BOA) Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak, for an additional +5% xp. (so that's +10% chest, +10% shoulders, +5% cloak, +5% guild perk = +30% xp for each kill!).

      Since, I haven't played a healer in quite some time, I figured, what better than a BG; quick queue time and no punishment for letting people die. I ran three back to back BGs and found the experience bordering on dreadful. As Cynwise pointed out there's a new add-on out there and it's targeting healers. At several points, I found myself surrounded by not 1 or 2, but sometimes 4 or 5 people all trying to kill me. The worst experience was during a 30 minute long Arathi Basin. Luckily near the end, aka demise of the Horde, I got behind a pinch point, and was able to heal, heal, heal with only a few of the stronger characters to get passed and killing me. At least, this helped remind me of the buttons and what each of my healing spells are used for (still miss Circle of Healing from Wrath, got moved to a different level with 4.01).

      To the point. With the new cloak and the guild perk, I didn't find that I leveled that much faster. Sure it's only 10% xp bonus, but I thought it would be more noticable. It probably didn't help that every other dungeon run was partially done. I bopped into the dungeon at the last or second to last boss in the run. Not a lot of xp coming off, the pre-boss trash and the boss. I am still curious, why it didn't seem that much. Maybe the cloak doesn't work until I reach a higher ranking with the guild? Does my Neutral standing on this toon, make the cloak and perk 0%? I guess I need to experiment without it and see.

      Monday, April 4, 2011

      Screenshots from recent SFK run.

      Had a fun guild Shadow Fang Keep run the other night after the raid failed to start (7:10 shown). There was this one warlock who just couldn't keep himself out of trouble. Managed to stand (or sit) in fire and even get stuck in a wall.

      fire here doesn't do damage!

      Loved the details of the little beakers and bottles in this room. 

      bad timed jump
      Running out after "1 more trash kill" to get one party member 12 more rep to exalted.

      Friday, April 1, 2011

      Herbalism Upgrade in 4.1

      Withering potted Azshara's veil?
      Coming with the content release, Blizzard is making an exciting change to Herbalism. This change is going to make grinding for those plants less tedious, maybe.

      For starters, you go out and pick herbs. Instead of simply throwing the herbs into a herb bag, you will be given the option of placing that herb clipping into a pot. Luckily you'll be able to store the pots (sorry no stacking) into your existing herb bags. With these potted plants you will need to care for them regularly. Water and feed them using items you will buy from the Herbalism trainers. I imagine there may even be a series of poop related options in Stranglethorn vale. "Raptor poop makes the best plant food!".

      Taming MOAR Pets

      WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...