Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gear Math

Inspired by Cynwise, I decided to do a little math. Ok, no deep analysis, just some basic calculations on my gear. I want to know what it's going to take to get me into the next level raiding.

Current iLevel
I have an average gear score of 465 equipped now. This is found by doing a simple average of my equipped gear. Fire up Excel, and fill in the numbers, easy to do.

By tinkering with the numbers for gear iLevel, I found that by increasing a single item by 10 points (460 -> 470), it makes my overall average score increase by ~1. For example, when I replaced my crafted PVP helm (450) with the scenario reward (463), I went from an average score of 464.5 to 465.3 (0.8 increase). To do a full point increase, I'd need a 16 point change (i.e. 450 -> 466).

I want a 470 overall (average) ilevel. To do so, I need to improve my over all score by 4.7 points or add 75 points on my gear.

Add REP Gear
Spin it around, I have 3 pieces that are over 470, (2*476 and 480), for 22 points combined. Those points mean that I can have a few items that are under 470 (by 22 points) and still reach raid ready. Or, I can have one item at 458 and one at 463 (i.e. 19 points) or three items at 463, if I upgrade everything else to 470.

Dominance Offensive is still the way to go. Trinket = 458 to 496. Waist or feet = 463 to 496. This puts my average gear score at 469.8 or with rounding, close enough. Now, I just need to run those dailies, what, another 15 times to Revered?? With 5.2,  I could also start a work order (if I understand this correctly) and get an additional 400 rep each day.

The changes coming up in 5.2 look promising. (Next Tuesday?) Valor point rates drop, rep options increase, new scenarios and raid factions. I am hoping I'll be able to pickup the 522 neck piece from the raid faction without entering the raid (hopefully not like Firelands). Of course, all my valor will probably convert to justice, so technically not a net gain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LFR Still Stinks. Gear is too low to continue.

I have come to realize that raiding without rep grinding is going to be very very boring.

I am stuck at this point waiting for the random number gods to drop me an upgrade. I am still sporting my crafted pvp helm and several other blue sub-460 items. My only saving graces last night, a winning roll on heroic version of my old shoulders (450 -> 463), and "Love Is In The Air" started Sunday, so I picked up the 480 necklace (463 -> 480). Finally, off the AH, I purchased a new pair of bracers for 1100g (450 -> 476). This only brought my overall average iLevel up 3 points (from 462).

Outside of straight RNG, I COULD look into valor/rep upgrades, but bah humbug. It just sounds painful. Shado-pan (head), Golden Lotus (chest), Dominance Offensive (shoulder, belt, trinket & feet) and/or Klaxxi (legs & belt) all Revered.

As you can see, I am not very reputable. In fact, Dominance Off likes me best with only FRIENDLY. You'd think that since this is a outfit ran by Garrosh himself, that I'd already have decent rep.. but alas..  Maybe find me a guild tailor? (or get my tailor leveled to 90 and Honored with the Golden Lotus).

Trying to get my iLevel up to 470 so that I can reach the next raids entrance requirements is going to take awhile. Maybe it IS time to quest??

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