Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Solo Hyjal??

Very serious about grabbing that helm from Hyjal, so I can get the wings! No tank, boss fights can be tough, but we do have Bluey and/or the Felguard. The head piece drops off the final boss, so we have a bunch of killing to do.

From the video, it looks like this is the lock, Firedemon, is fairly well geared, running 130k health. Can't tell from the armory page when he picked up the latest tier pieces, July? Maybe I have a chance.. If you like this video, I suggest you subscribe, I see recent drops from Malygos in the Eye on his recent activity page.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transmogrification Options!

DiscoPriest has put together an excellent breakdown of the various options out there for priest, mages and locks. If for nothing else, I'd love to get Elk out of the Tier robe and into PANTS!

Need an outfit for (TLA) Pirate day (Sept 19th)? 

Monday, August 29, 2011

I am King of the Spider Hill

Last night after completeing my Firelands dailies for the upteenth time, I decided to take on one of the "Flamebreaker" achievements. King of the Spider Hill has you go out to the Widow's Clutch and use the spider's ability to pull you up to the top of the hill.

The hardest part of this achievement, is finding where to where to start. You need to have line of sight with each of the spiders to get them to attack you. I found two spiders around the back side of the largest rock both fairly low to the ground. Both are on large platforms. I started with the guy on the right, and then worked my way around the spire.

I started on the right, but looks like the guy
on the left would have worked as well.

From that first vantage point, work yourself clockwise around the spire. I was able to make the entire progression in about 7 different hops.


  • I went Destruction for the progress. I used the Imp's ranged attack to help. The Felguard sat idle during the fight. He would hop with me, but did no fighting.
  • The spiders are friendly until attacked. One platform had two spiders on it, and using my Fel flame, I aggro'd just him. Then when I was done, killed the second because I accidentally clicked on him and whacked him with my weapon.
  • I didn't need to use any crazy AOE for LOS issues. Every spider I killed nicely had something sticking out over the edge of the pillar. 

From the top, it all seemed fairly obvious. 

Have fun!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Idle Thought:Raiding Socks

My lucky raiding socks?
I was just discussing a recent run of Atramedes the deaf dragon in BWD. We've recently downed this boss and I was expressing my love for the sound mechanic. As you progress through the fight, the boss sends out sonar waves, like a bat. If you get hit by these sound waves, you're sound level increases. I felt like bat-snacks. No guano in this group.

Hi, I am the tank!
One of the elements, I asked about for this sound mechanic was Shield Bash. Does this add to the tank's sound score? Heck, all that metal armor, it should add sound points here and there. clang, clank, clang, squeek!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I am a warlock. We don't wear plate, mail, or even leather. We wear cloth. This means that I am basically wearing cloth sandals or maybe even simply slipper socks at best. Besides the grass stuck to the bottoms of my feet, I should be stealthy and quiet.

Watch out! I am sneaking up behind you.. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mini-Milestone: 50,000th Customer!

Here at Elkagorasa, I am happy to celebrate over 50,000 individual page views. Sure, it may seem like nothing, in the long and short of things, but it means to me you like what I am posting. No, I am not going to see the 7,400 hits again for the month that Cataclysm dropped.

Blogger only started tracking back in May 2009.

If you're curious, here are my top 5 blog posts of all times.

  1. Wrath Honor to Cata Honor conversion (2990 views)
  2. Shared Topic: Prepare for Cata (1930 views)
  3. Horde - Get your Ravasaur for only one daily (1740 views)
  4. Cata Beta Mounts (800 views) 
  5. [Using] Wowhead [as a] Quest Tracker (700 views)


Thanks for all the fish!,


Monday, August 22, 2011

Problems with Personalized Domains

Back when I started this blog, it was the standard domain, It was simple, you could find it easy enough. Then GoDaddy came along, whoo'ing me with cheap domain names ($1 for a .INFO domain, why not!! Heck of a lot cheaper than some silly .COM site) and Scott Sigler with his podcasts, gave codes for discounts. I was sold.

Take one part GoDaddy, combine with ZoneEdit (for free DNS hosting), add one free blogspot web site and you are golden. $1/year and you're a blogger..

A long comes the issues. See, I've been using ZoneEdit for years. (going on 8 years IIRC). Along the way, I've used up my 5 free DNS zones. Sites have come and gone, now is #6. Sites 6 and on, cost, $1/month. August 18th, was the end of my year.

So, behind the scenes, this blog faced a minor financial snafu. Gotta pay the bills in order to keep the lights on. Unfortunately the bill arrived in the email the day it was due, and I missed it. We're up for another year, or until September when the domain expires (again). This time, I might even invest in the 2 year renewal..

Friday, August 19, 2011


You may not know this, I didn't, but the alcoholic mana regenerating drink found in Dalaran, was a nod to Disney. According to the irrefutable source, Wikipedia, Kungaloosh was a greeting (and drink) within Walt Disney World's Adventurer's Club on Pleasure Island. Reading through the post, it sounds like the club would have been a lot of fun! Animatronics, stage shows, musical numbers, rowdy signing, and even improv comedy!
We climb the highest mountains,
just to get a better view.
We plumb the deepest oceans,
because we're daring through and through.
We cross the scorching desert,
martinis in our hand.
We ski the polar ice caps,
in tuxedos looking grand.
We are reckless, brave, and loyal,
and valiant to the end.
If you come in here a stranger,
you will exit as a friend.

Unfortunately, Disney closed down the Adventurer's Club back in 2008 and dismantled it. This warlock would have really enjoyed hanging out with adventurers, Harrison Jones and the likes (go check out Fulguralis' stories). For our enjoyment, the recipe for Kungaloosh has been posted. (Sure, this link is one to help me win a trip to Booty Bay, but every little bit helps.)

"Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt!"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

4.3 Gives Me WINGS!

When I was reading through the 4.3 announcement on, I wasn't that excited. Woohoo, dungeons, random RAID finder and transmorgri-blahblah. I am still working on the first tier of raids, so my gear is i358 average score; not THAT bad. Still not going to be killing Deathwing for quite some time.

Then I got thinking, hmm, convert one's armor to look like something else you own. This got me thinking, I would absolutely LOVE to have my current shoulders have WINGS! Remember the Malefic Warlock Tier 6 set??
Deathwing ain't got nutting on these.
Only thing? It looks like the transmogrify process requires you have the original to 'apply' to the new ones. Guess I need to go hunting...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Darkmoon Un-Faire

Last night, I found a deal on the auction house; the last card of the Volcano deck. With this, I ran over to my bank, picked up the other 7 cards on hold and assembled the deck. Yeah! I have a completed deck, just need to turn it in at the next Darkmoon faire for the official Card.

Soon the realization kicked in. The Darkmoon faire just left town. Next stop, Stormwind in September... Not that bad of a deal, considering nowadays I can simply land on top of the vendor, turn in the card and fly off. No need to run across the continent to get myself tagged 'PVP' and have to deal with potential corpse runs.

Next month, I'll finally be able to replace that i346 trinket with a i359 epic! Looking at Wowhead, it looks like Brewfest will drop some nice new i365 pieces this year. Maybe if I don't have Firelands opened up by then, I'll try for the new Mithril Pocketwatch.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Check this out - Great Beginner Gold Guide.

I wanted to refer you to a great post over on Just My 2 Copper. This gold making blog had a great post on getting started in the AH. Leo has posted a few pointers on more successfully selling items on the AH.

"If you sell gems, scrolls, glyphs, ores, bars, enchanting mats, herbs, volatiles or cloths, than you will be competing with farmers and other people that produce these as a routine. These are high supply, but also high demand items. And these are the items I am writing about. I want to show you how to increase your sales on these."

Take a look at the rest of the article. It has a bunch of good ideas for making some nice in-game gold. Check other posts in this category for other gold making ideas.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Firelands Daily Achievements - The Flamebreaker

Yesterday over lunch, my friend mentioned that I should really start working on the series of achievements related to the Daily quests. The series of 14 meta achievements roll up into a single achievement that grants "the Flamebreaker" title. Along the way, you will finish you will  complete the achievement, The Molten Offensive, (where you get that sweet mount) and have opened up both factions and all three vendors. The first 9(.5) items below you could complete right away.
So, here's my skim of the achievements and their best rated WoWhead comments...
  1. Have... Have We met  - everytime you head out to Sethria's Roost for the daily and you're army of epic joins you, wave at a few of the famous. This macro will help you find them midst the crowd.

    /tar linken
    /tar chromie
    /tar thassarian
    /tar nat pagle
    /tar mankrik
    /tar hemet nesingwary
    /stopmacro [noexists]

  2. Hunt Fiery Lords - These 4 all appear around Sethria's Roost. Supposedly the spawn one at a time, soon after the last is down. No apparent order. 
    • Kelbnar - A Charhound. He appears at the southern end of the first ledge.
    • Fah Jarakk - A Molten Giant. He is located on the second ledge.
    • Searris - A Bound Fire Elemental. He spawns on the third ledge, right where Sethira was fought.
    • Andrazor - A Firehawk. He flies above the third ledge, and needs to be pulled down with a ranged attack.
  3. Ludicruous Speed - While on the daily to summon birds, use the item and then abandon the quest. You won't get knocked out of the bird form and then all the birds are fair game. Grab 4 or 5 of the goldenwing hawks and bam, this ridiculously impossible achieve gets done in 2 mins.
  4. Gang War - Start a duel with a friend, then one of you /forfeit or /yield. (or actually win)
  5. Master of the Molten Flow - It requires killing certain mobs in certain method. Pyronus has a nice long description. The hunter sounds to be the hardest. "Position yourself on one of the vents, and aggro the Hunter. As soon as he starts channeling his ability, jump up! Quickly move to the next vent and keep going until he stops channeling. It helps if you explore your jumping path beforehand so you know exactly where to run for the next vent."
  6. And the Meek Shall Inherit Kalimdor - Let the birds finish off the phoenix, stand next to a squirrel throwing nuts at fire elementals, punt turtle at elemental, throw bear at corehound. For more, check out Zzeke's comment. 
  7. Infernal Ambassadors - These are the meta bosses that you summon after you do the collection series (i.e. punt turtles,  howl over dead bodies, collect birds, save bears, or spirits of malorne).  (Zzeke again)
    • Nemesis - (Punting Season / Echoes of Nemesis) - When Nemesis begins to erupt, run over to Tooga and hide under his protective shell.
    • Millagazor - (Call the Flock / Wings Aflame) - His special attacks will place patches of fire under you. Just keep moving as to not get popped in the air by them.
    • Lylagar - (Perfecting Your Howl / The Call of the Pack) - Simply move out of the way of his breath when he casts it.
    • Pyrachnis - (Those Bears Up There / Nature's Blessing) - Only use the Emerald provided to summon him, never to cleanse the stacking poison his attacks apply. Kill him quickly and it won't become a problem.
    • Galenges - (Between the Trees / The Power of Malorne) - After summoning him with the staff provided, a spirit of Malorne may appear and greatly weaken Galenges. All this one requires is heavy DPS so he dies before another Spirit comes.
  8. Flawless Victory - Solo kill a molten behemoth and avoid all damage. Jump before stomp and avoid black circles for the meteor. Hardest part is going to be the solo kill (considering the competition).
  9. King of the Spider-Hill - From [the Molten Front], just ride north east to reach the area marked on the map, and look for the largest of the odd mountain things. Ride around until you can trace out a path to the top (remember to account for LoS) where you can hit spider after spider, so that they web grip you up to the higher step. I found it best on the south side. Using a target-able AOE (like Rain of Fire) worked nicely to grab spiders out of LoS.
  10. Fireside Chat - When visiting various areas, click on the 'chat' button with these NPCs.
  11. Death From Above - This one requires that you open up the Druids of the Talon to get the bombing run daily. Bomb the large elementals and kill them. Sounds like this got easier after the 8/8 patch. More than one elemental appear in the zone each time.

    Note: Just got this last night... Bomb does not mean kill... I use bartender, so the macro was useless. Just fire off at each target as you fly by.. 2 days, 6 hits. Easy peasy.
    /target Ragepyre 
    /target Flashfire
    /target Heatflayer
    /target Blazefury
    /target Hatespark
    /target Singeslayer
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /run SetRaidTarget("target", 4)
  12. Ready for Raiding II - The idea is to kill an elites in the area, while not taking any damage due to their special abilities. To get the quest for this area, you need to open up both the ShadowWardens and Druids of TalonSacredDevil has a great explanation of their abilities..
  13. Legacy of Leyara - The quickest way to complete this achievement is to complete Filling the Moonwell/Nourishing Waters before Additional Armaments/Well Armed and Calling the Ancients/Aid of the Ancients, as it unlocks Into the Depths.
I love the title associated, especially considering it will come without that much RNG. Sure, I got to find certain NPCs, but at this point, I have over 400 (150+125x3)  more marks to complete. I am just about to turn in my first 150 (probably for the Druids).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WoW Loses More Players, Oh My!

In the news this week, Blizzard reports another loss of 300,000 subscribers. This comes closely after last quarter's report of losing 600,000 users with a half year total at over 1 MILLION subscriptions. More on this after the break...

So, after careful consideration, this warlock doesn't really care. See, Blizzard still has 11 MILLION customers paying for the game. In my honest opinion, a 9% loss of paid subscribers can safely be accounted for. A drop in the subscription numbers doesn't really account for the game going to hell. It isn't necessarily because another game has drawn players away. (As a casual player, I am not that fickle. I am not about to restart my entire characters, just for flash.) For example:

  1. Cost - During this odd economic situation in the US, a lot of people are re-evaluating their finances. People who are looking for means to save some money. Sometimes, this means the Warcraft subscription. Renew subscription or eat? Buy the Expansion or pay the mortgage?
  2. Window Shoppers - Cataclysm was advertised to the hilt. TV, Print ads, blogs, game sites, magazines, newspapers. You couldn't look at a piece of media without Blizzard's logo on it. We are far enough into the year that those people brought into the game via this media blitz have either decided to stick around or move on. 
This is not the end of the world as we know it.. This is the thinning of the heard. People who want to play, will continue to play. Everquest has been around since 1999 and still has an active community. Warcraft has the same (or even better) staying power. As we watch more people let their renewal run out, subscription counts will go down.

What I haven't seen is how many people are signing up?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Even in WoW...

It appears that even Undead females have lines to get into the restroom.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Have you done the Virtual Ticket?

I have long wanted to go to Blizzcon, but due to family commitments, this Warlock has never attended, and in all honesty, probably never will. My wife would literally kill me if I "abandoned" her to play games out of town on a school night. Work conference? Totally acceptable. Warcraft? Um, no. So, why would I even consider it?

Blizzcon is the big reveal. This is when our game grows, or the company throws out new concepts to an eager crowd. I can imagine that Blizzcon will define the next major patch (4.3) coming out. Since this expansion is about the elements, I am guessing a water raid encounter to be coming soon. (Back to Vash'jir we go) The chance to see this new environment and bring that to you sounds exciting! 

How about the in-game rewards? Oh sure! When I first saw the bear mount appear in Shattrath, minutes after Blizzcon started, I was jealous. That was before the Virtual Ticket was available (IIRC). Spotting the flaming murloc while running my (dreaded) Fireland's dailies and he's spewing fire, I am jealous again. I want! (at 106 of 125). 

My biggest problem is work. There is no way my employer is going to allow me to stream hours of video to my desk. I would absolutely need to watch the Instant Replay of the entire event. I am not sure I really have the time or patience to sit at my desk at home, after the kids are asleep, watching people talk (and not play Warcraft). 

So what's it worth? I've mentioned before, that I thought the 'recruit-a-friend' mount is cool. I'd pay $30 for it; by setting up an account for my kids, then canceling it after the mount arrived. Would I pay $40 for a Blizzcon pet/mount?? I think that may be a bit too much. 

How about you? Have you bought a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket? If so, will you do it again this year?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tailoring 1-345

My disc priest has been using the guide to leveling her Tailoring. Over the weekend, approximately 5 hours of play time, I have leveled her from 0 to 345. This has cost me approximately 2000 gold. The best return on investment has been combining tailoring with Enchanting, or Disenchanting. After I create a bag full of items, I disenchant all those items and sell the enchanting components. The dust and shards that come back, return a good portion of the gold.

For Horde, I found the best area to level this profession is the Valley of Wisdom. Within 20 steps of each other are the three primary hot spots, AH, mailbox and trainer, and thread vendor. Only when I needed to grab a bunch of a odd color dye or the pattern from Shattrath, did I need to fly out of this area.


step 1

step 3
step 4

step 5

  1. Train a new pattern.
  2. In Advanced Tradeskill Window (ATSW), queue up the number of items I need for the pattern. Not necessarily the bolts of cloth, but the tailored pieces. 
  3. ATSW provides a clickable shopping list, use that to buy up all the cloth for the pattern from the Auction House. 
  4. Back to mailbox, use Postal to grab all my AH purchases.
  5. Run across the street to Isashi, ATSW is set to auto-buy the thread. Process my queue.
  6. Disenchant them using a mapped button.
  7. By now, the recipe is grey, go back to step #1.
Not bad. When I was trying to run this loop via the downtown Auction House and the tailoring trainer in the Drag, it was quite a, well, drag. I am now starting the Wrath recipies, so maybe it's time to start revisiting those wrath dungeons.  Only problem is that I'd either need to run solo or with a guild group, LFG tool no longer allows me to queue up for them... One bubble from 84, I don't imagine that Hellfire Ramparts will be that hard...


Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...