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Can't Stop this .. Waiting.

  I took so long to publish on this post that 9.1 dropped. Spent the last few weeks getting into the content so this is slightly outdated, but still slightly useful.  So, rumor has it that 9.1 will drop. Eventually. Probably this year. I swear! I've heard it from all those talking heads people. My favorite theory has it dropping the last week of June. Nothing like a major US holiday weekend to deal with troubleshooting the first large patch of the expansion. Hmmm..  In the meantime, it has allowed me to get the Mythic+ achievement for +10 or better dungeons. My hunter is sporting 200-226 level gear. My alliance warlock has reached 190s and is working on a few low-level mythic dungeons.  So, what do I do instead? Start an alt. Just started a new warlock on Stormrage. Enervati - the one who causes enervation - a feeling of being drained of energy or vitality; fatigue. I was considering a character move to Stormrage to join " The Turtles " over there, but there already was