Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home

Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twitter:
and thought, with 960 gear, this should be EASY. I'll just go in and one shot everything, burn down the two bosses and I'll have me Fenryr doing my bidding. Unfortunately, reality didn't agree.

First off, packs of three require a bit of coordination. CC the caster, misdirect another, and make sure tank pet doesn't die. Packs larger than 3 require even more effort. I probably died about 4 times, actually just trying to kill the second trash pack of 2 casters, 2 berzerkers and the drake. OK, that method wasn't working.

I found on WoWhead, people suggesting flipping to Marksman then simply using camouflage to get up to boss. I did this. After each death, swap to MM, run as quickly as possible back to Fenryr, then try again. THEN I had to logoff..

When I came back all the  trash I managed to kill had respawned. Annoying, but still not a big deal. Camouflage myself a little bit longer. The 'spell' lasts 1 minute, perfectly fine for running all the way there when using cheetah speed.

Unfortunately, after all that, I did manage to kill Fenryr (the boss) but Fenryr, my (soon-to-be) pet, isn't there.

Then I found this video by Bambuzel. It's a year old, prior to any mythic dungeon difficulty upgrades, but it gives some good strategies. My first thing was to compare (and replicate) his talent spec. I had been running the "zoo" spec from Icy-veins. Next, I loved seeing him successfully pull off feign death to drop aggro for each of the trash mobs. (now to be part of my rotation while in dungeons). I also took note and replicated his trap placement for phase 2 (8:18) [i.e. tar trap in front of boss, ice trap in front of me] and movement into the cave to end the fight.

 My last tweak was to modify my misdirect macro. During the Skittish affix last week, I created this macro to continuously refocus mobs back onto my tank.

/cast [@focus,exists] Misdirection;[@pet,exists] Misdirection

I added a second line to the macro to /cast mend pet every time this macro was ran. I bound this to my fourth mouse button, so I could spam it regularly. On mouse button five is typically my interrupt, I swapped that to intimidation which stuns the pets target. This allowed my pet-tank to keep the wolf-adds on him and not me.

With all this in place, I reset the dungeon, and tried again. I managed a perfect run, no deaths, and completed within 10 minutes (video possibly to come soon).

Feeling Ambitious

Checking Bambuzel's other videos, I saw that he also had a video on how to tame Jetwing. This is a tamable black gryphon flying around in the Hinterlands. (IF you have the tome purchasable in the class hall).  He is a rare spawn and has a very small flight path, between Valorwing lake and a mountain nearby. So I ported to Ironforge, then flew north to Hinterlands. To help out, I added his ID (16872) to npcscan and flew around in circles for about an hour. No luck, but I did find the Feathermane guide and decided to search for the others. 

Hmm, Wolfhawk. This is the EASIEST tame. There are 3 color variants to the wolfhawk. They all reside in similar caves on the back side of the Eye of Azshara dungeon location. Fly there, pick a color and tame, done. One note.. DO NOT BRING A FOLLOWER! I had Rexar on follow and he killed the green wolfhawk before I could tame it. Had to fly back to Dalaran, release him from duty, then fly back to tame blue. 

Second, Owlcat. I loved the colors on the very lost feathermane kitten, so off to Suramar. By default he's stealthed, but has a predictable stop at coordinates posted in the guide. I went to the coordinates, popped flare, and he immediately started attacking me. tamed. Named him FuzzlesJr because he reminds me of  the druid owlbeast form and Fuzzles is the healer in my guild. 

Third, Netherbeak. Netherbeak is a stealthed hippogryph that is flying around a building in Azsuna. 

When I landed by this building, I actually found one of the blue and gold grand hippogryphs flying right there, so I tamed him first! 

Next, I flew around for about 20 minutes around this spot. I still don't know how to 'enable track hidden' as the guides state. I had actually just told my son "oh well, I give up." when he said, "dad, he's attacking you!". Land on roof top and tamed Netherbeak.

This brings Erlenmyer upto 18 hunter pets! IKR!? In keeping with my 'scientific terminology' names for this toon:

  • Fenryr a wolf, named him Wavelength
  • Cliffwing Hippogryph, named him Helium
  • Netherbeak, I just renamed back to Netherbeak because that seemed appropriate.
  • Very Lost Feathermane = FuzzlesJr in honor of Fuzzles. Sadly he didn't notice the name during our +12 Upper Kara. 
Still need to name the blue wolfhawk. Thinking of naming him Kelvin as it mirrors his NPC name of Kveldulfnir.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring Update

I have seen all the bosses of Antorus at least once on my hunter. Paladin has seen 'most' in tank spec, with someone else taking over passed Kingaroth (skipped Coven and Varimatharas). DPS having a lower level of expectation, my hunter has made it all the way through (except for ... pug killer kingaroth).

With that, I do have AOTC, via a friend-of-friend. He did a 'perky pugs' style raid run and pulled in a bunch of all-stars to help a few of us get the achievement. I did manage to pull some dps, just not the top of the charts, dps like others.

This same friend, also worked with us to get some of the achievements towards [glory of the argus raider].

  • [Remember the Titans] - CC one of each of the titans that spawn during coven fight. They picked the one wall opposite the stairs and CC'd the titan along that wall. 
  • [Hard to Kill] - tanks simply triggered every single trap running across bridge. Take it slow enough that healers can top off.
  • Don't Sweat the Technique - Instead of the tanks swapping directions, the rest of the raid needs to swap. Stand behind, stand in front, stand behind, etc. We had a warlock banish the add. My hunter frost trapped it once until banish cd came off. Besides the raid move (call out in discord), the tanks had to taunt perfectly so as to not get hit by knockback. I believe they stood at (10 & 2) behind tank while rest of us stood at 12 and 6. 
While I was in the group, we never completed Stardust Crusaders. I was one of the DPS that didn't release and res.. We attempted a couple times to get the achievement. I found a weak aura that 'helped' but I believe the raid leader needed something like that.. I believe we 'really' needed to wait until ~ 5% health and 6 of them to spawn. We were attempting it at 5 orbs, so only perfect amount of orbs to collect.. 

The guild is still running pugged mythic+ dungeons on a weekly basis. We're kinda stuck at the +14/15 level. None of my toons have experienced anything over +14 at the moment. Due to guildie having 3 different toons (tank, dps and healer), we swap out tanking duties. He's doing quite a bit better learning the fight intricacies, so he tanks more often.

My paladin is hovering around 945/947 for gear. No tier items yet so it's hurting her progress getting into raiding (except for 915 lfr editions).

My hunter on the other hand has gotten some nice RNG luck and pulled down 2 titanforged (980 boots and 985 bracers) items from the weekly loot box. This has pushed him to 957. Top this off with 2 Antorus tier pieces, with a third in the bags waiting for it's partner.

Legacy Raids/Dungeons

Glory of the Firelands Raider
Firelands = Stormwind/Orgrimmar -> Hyjal portal -> fly south, entrance is in middle of lava field).

  • Been looking at the legacy raid/dungeon achievements. I found that I am only 2 away on [Glory of the Firelands Raider], i.e. Bucket List and Only the Penitent. Paladin runs out there to do Bucket List, in full armor, and manages to kill boss via enchants (Army). Sigh, I don't seem to be able to zone out and run in 10-man vs 25-man mode?? Only the Penitent is going to require more players. It appears 5 more people in voice chat. The rest of the achievements are trivial at 110. 

Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Dalaran:Legion -> portals -> Wyrmrest Accord (chromie scenarios) -> fly north to Ulduar.

  • [Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare] is keeping me from finishing the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider] (i.e. the 25 man version).

[Glory of the Raider]

... Wyrmrest -> East to Naxx.

 Ran Naxxaramas with a guildie and we got separated. He did one wing while I did another. He got all those achievements, while I got the ones in mine zone. Now need to go back and complete them again.

Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25) - Ran half of raid in NORMAL mode and didn't get any achievements, then realized and changed raid. Still need to complete [Been waiting a long time for this (25)].

Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
Dalaran:Legion -> portals -> Caverns of Time -> follow map.
  • Ran Dragon Soul for the first time all the way through. Soloing Deathwing's spine was interesting. Not 'hard' on a 110 paladin, but hard in the since of what am I doing? 

Mage tower - paladin made 30 attempts one day last week. Still not getting any closer on finishing first mini-boss off. Like proving grounds of WoD, I think I am missing the majorly obvious mechanic.

PVP Prestige - sigh.. Usually, PVP on paladin isn't so bad, but last few weeks, the alliance just can't win. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Post 7.3.5 Revisiting My Warlock Talents

While playing with my friends has me spending more of my time on my Alliance toons, I still try to find time to play and level up Elkagorasa. Last night, I found a PUG that was running a +6 Eye of Azshara. The group leader, FindMuck is another warlock and consistently did quite a bit better damage than me. Reviewing his armory page, I found that he's both 20 ilevel lower than me and isn't gemmed or enchanted at all. Top it off, he only has a single legendary item equipped and no tier gear set bonuses. On the charts, I should have been out doing his DPS by a 100k+.

realized class hall chest has tattoos.
going red with fancy hat.

So.. What is the difference?? I know my rotation was clunky.

  1. Agony
  2. Corruption
  3. Siphon Life
  4. Unstable Affliction
  5. Haunt
  6. Drain Soul
Once I applied all my dots, I bounced around between DS and whatever was about to drop off. Usually dots 1,2,3 would all fall off about the same time. UA would drop a few seconds before or after. 

After the mythic+, we ran a few wings of the Antorus LFR together. During this, I set him as my /focus so I could watch what spells he was casting. One thing I immediately noticed was that he wasn't ever casting haunt (i.e. it's has a 1+ second cast time). I couldn't see any of his instant cast, but I could see a constant bounce between UA <=> DS. This led me to talents. Of course.  Reviewing the damage meters, I did see that he is casting the agony, corruption, plus some proc's. 

What I did find is Findmuck is/was running a much simpler talent build. No Haunt, no Siphon Life, and 'permanent corruption'. This would definitely explain his 3-button rotation. Agony -> Unstable Affliction -> Drain Soul, with Corruption and Phantom Singularity on cool down.

As it was LFR, and we just wiped on Imonar, I ported out (teleport out of dungeon), changed my spec's and repaired my gear, then popped back in. With that, my DPS charts went from 15-16 up to somewhere around 7-8. More practice with this simplified rotation. Maybe more moves of the buttons so they are in a better cast order.  Thinking...

The Phantom Singularity buff has a 16 second cool down, so likely only cast once per short trash fight, or maybe a couple times during a boss fight.  Instead of macroing it to apply with something else, I think I'll just squeeze it into my rotation like:

That's my plan. I'll check out my progress later this week to see if this helps. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

IT: Ready Player One (may include spoilers from book)

I mentioned the book Ready Player One in my Liebster award. Now that the movie is only about a month away from release, I've had my son (11yo) start reading the book for his English class. He's having a bit of a disconnect with all of the 80's references in the movie, so I thought I'd help him 'a little' by looking up some of the video games. Using this wiki page as a reference and a few emulator sites, you too can be Parzival, Aech or Art3mis.

Adventure: (EO) Game referenced because of the 'easter egg' that the author put in the game.

Joust: (EO) Game for copper key.
Dungeons of Daggorath: Gateway game. Found a nice community site here. Also a Windows 10 Microsoft port of the game.

PacMan: (EO) Parzival plays a perfect game.

Zork: (Archive.Org) Turned into a 3D world that users must collect all the trophies..
Black Tiger (aka Black Dragon): (Game Oldies): Gateway game.

Tempest  (EO): Final Key quest.

Update: Saw the movie last week with my son, none of these are referenced in the movie.. How funny.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

7.3.5 Bucket List

Based on the 77 day turn around that Blizzard has been demonstrating on their patch release cycle, 7.3.5 should be dropping into production next Tuesday. With this patch comes the much anticipated content leveling (aka zoneless). BlizzWatch has a great breakdown of the various zones..

from mmo-champion
Wit this, a few things are going to be a little harder when the patches drop. That 20 minute run through BT or Karazhan (BC) is going to get a lot longer. Unstead of these dungeons being level 70 content, starting with this patch, they will go to being level 80 level content. While still not a big deal for a max level character, it will mean a slightly longer dungeon run.

Farming Transmogrification Outfits
While trying to build an interesting Holy Paladin xmog, I found that I had the shoulders from the Judgement Armor recolor set. This BC dungeon tier set is dropped from many of the BC dungeons. My priority for this outfit will be the legs and chest. I am not so concerned with other items (hands would be nice, but at 15% drop rate, that's not favorable odds..) As my paladin is a boosted character, I must have got the shoulders as a timewalking drop. With the BC timewalking, I've been through most of these dungeons at least 4 more times.. So, I am less than excited at my drop rate prospects.

(Ref: Paladin T2 gear and this excellent guide to dungeon locations)

Update: Last night, I ran all but the last dungeon. It took about an hour to complete the 6 dungeons. As this is all level 70 content, I would run into a room bring the chain along with me, turn around and one shot the crowd (ret artifact weapon or aoe). About 40 minutes into it, I ran the weekly event with the guild (4 mythics trying to get as many achievements as possible). Then came back in prot spec to run Shadow Labyrinth. (It's awesome fun when your shield bops 5 mobs and manages to go around their pillar). During the run, I got the gloves and chest. BC dungeons are on a 10 hour reset, so I should be able to run them again tonight..

Update 2: I want this sword. Now need to start running Classic Karazhan. The sword, Despair drops from the Opera event. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any drop statistics.. At least, I could run in right before my next Mythic Lower Karazhan run this week.. :)

Update 3: 7.3.5 dropped while I was on vacation, then recovering from the flu I caught while traveling. Looking through my list, I am down to the 3 items in Zangramarsh, helm, pants and (possibly) the belt.

Update 4: Pants dropped on last run of the dungeon. I still officially need the helm as it would nicely complete the set, but I am not too concerned.. Tried healing a BG the other night and it went miserable.. Maybe paladin healing isn't for me..

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...