Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heirlooms, Get Your Heirlooms!

BOA gear closet coming soon?
Coming with 6.0, it's been announced that Blizzard is going to give all the Justice Heirloom vendor's a vacation.
As you might already be aware, both Justice and Valor Points are being removed as currencies from the game in 6.0.2. As we started to work on new ways to buy Heirlooms, we found that we were setting their value up for a rollercoaster ride. That's because we’re also working on a larger Heirloom system for a future patch, and we don’t want to introduce an interim pricing scheme that could temporarily devalue Heirlooms or limit how we’d be able to give them out in the future. Rather than make players face buyer’s remorse and hand-wringing decisions about when to buy, we’re going to give the Justice Heirloom vendors some time off while we work on improving the system as a whole.
As you can guess, if you plan to boost a level 60 toon, and you're still haven't started or have quite a ways to go, you might want to start purchasing your pieces. You'll still be able to purchase all other heirlooms (i.e. guild, DMF, argent tourney, and pvp). Get your chest, and maybe shoulders ASAP. So not only finishing legendary quest before the quest line disappearsm, start grinding JP before 6.0...

Your options:

Friday, September 12, 2014

10th Anniversary Molten Core

Maximum Molten Core

One of WoW’s classic 40-player dungeons, Molten Core, will be available in Raid Finder during the anniversary period for level 100 players. Making it through the underground gauntlet and defeating Ragnaros will reward players with a Core Hound mount and a Warlords of Draenor Raid Finder–quality helm (100% guaranteed!). For a walkthrough of the dungeon as it stands today, check out our Revisiting Heroism’s Past – Molten Core guide.

I hadn't really thought about it before, but I may not be able to even do this. This will require me to reach 100; 10 levels between release 11/13 and before the end of the anniversary party on 1/6/2015. 54 days. The last week, I've only been able to log about 45 minutes leveling up my druid. I am not sure I'll be able to level up my warlock in 7 weeeks!! I'll work on it as a core-hound mount sounds CRAZY! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What to Expect when 6.0.2 Drops Live

Sometime next month (October 2014), patch 6.0.2 will drop from the PTR down to the live realm. This includes a good number of the changes to the game both expected and unexpected.

WoD Pre-Event starts:

  • Iron Horde starts invasion
  • UBRS dungeon revamp is launched. (video run through)
  • Kor'kron removed from Horde cities following Garrosh's removal from power.

Interface changes:

  • New character models
  • Revamped Group finder (looks more like oQueue).
  • Inventory Improvements
    • Quest items don't go in bags
    • Toys in Toychest
    • Reagent tab added to bank. You can now craft using items in bank if in this specific tab.
    • 2nd tab to void storage, 98 more slots.
  • Bag changes
    • sorting via "cleanup bags" button
    • item colors showing around items, 
    • tradeskill items stack to 200
  • Updated Mount Journal that includes location mounts can be acquired. Specify favorite mounts and summon random mount button to be added. 
  • Auction House is combined (per realm) Horde, Alliance and Neutral. So, get ready to sell your cross faction pets on the Auction House!! (@Veroicone)
  • Reforging removed. Reforges will be removed from all your items with patch. Secondary stats are designed to fix this balancing. 
Before and After Squish

Class/character changes

  • Numerous stat changes
    • Stat squish goes live. 
    • Balancing of primary stats.
    • removal of non essential stats, including hit and expertise. 
      • Hit on existing items converted into haste, int or mastery. 
      • Any talent or ability that granted these have been removed or modified.
    • new secondary stats: bonus armor, multistrike and versatility. 
  • Changes to healing, including dumber auto-target (aoe) heals. Intent to make healing more active job, instead of spamming aoe heals. AOE heals may cost more mana, vs direct healing. 
  • Learn some major glyphs while leveling. 
  • Ability pruning of various classes and restructuring of racial traits to not provide hit, cc or .  Warlocks not hit very hard as we had a re-build with last expac.
    • All weapon specializations removed; haven't needed it since not needing to level weapon skills.  (still proud that my warlock got this one).
  • CC Changes. Remove or restructure most CCs. 
  • Haste and Crit  no longer have 'separate' types (ranged, spell, melee).


  • Removal of Valor and Justice points from the game. 
    • Heirloom gear should be purchased with gold (400g as of build 18816)
    • Test of Valor quest removed from Legendary Quest chain
    • MoP "item upgrades" convert to Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.
    • Warforged seals cap removed.
  • Gold to be new standard for purchasing items. 
  • With not tokens dropping, gold drop rate will increase. 

Dungeon/Raid Changes:

  • Siege will have a 100% drop rate on Garrosh's legendary drops for 6.0 patch (normal or higher); with release of WoD goes to 0%. 
  • The mount for beating Garrosh in Mythic will disappear with WoD release. (Just realized I'll never get Mimiron's head). 
  • Revised Raid Tiers:
    • LFR stays
    • Flex tier disappears
    • Normal and Heroic convert to the Flex model and allow anywhere from 10 to 25 players.
    • Mythic tier added, fixed at 20 players.
  • Legacy Raids simplified for soloing
    • Dragon Soul - 86+ 
    • ICC - skip Valithria as door is always open.
    • Ulduar - Thorim no longer resets when arena empty. 

Non-Blizzard changes

  • Addons all stop working correctly. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Comic: Dark Legacy Comic #432

As a off and on reader of this comic strip, I really got a chuckle out of this issue.

click image to redirect to site.

Friday, September 5, 2014

WowHead Leveling a Monk in 3 days Played

I was looking into the various heirloom gear options on WoWHead because I'm still not really happy with my Druid's main hand weapon. While looking at the page, I saw a link to a guide referencing the mace.

Reviewing this guide, it has some great suggestions, including various gearing options, questing areas and tricks to minimize your time spent. The author suggests avoiding looting mobs unless you have a collection quest and queueing for specific dungeons that you haven't done before so you can complete new quests each run.

It's the beginning of the month, so it's about Darkmoon Faire time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Raising Alt - Alliance Style

Back in March to June, I blogged about my progress raising a Troll druid from 0 to 60. The overall process took me just under 38 hours, reaching level 61 while inside a BC dungeon. It was a 'fun' endeavor and it was nice to see a lot of the old vanilla dungeons again.

Why am I doing it again? Well, a few co-workers are Alliance. Alliance on Auchindoun-US, which is a PVP server. Husband and wife have a wonderful level-25 guild. So after some discussion (around my PC as we watch the WoD announcement) I decide to start leveling up a toon on their server. As I've learned with my last alt, the hybrid model is ideal. I can run dps while questing, then pop tank when I want to hop into a dungeon. As I've already burned my 'boost' (and I don't want to pay the $60), this toon will have to make the adventure all the way from 0 to 90 the old fashioned way. Quick dungeon queues and questing.

Say Hi to..

Esha @ Auchindoun-US
  • Female - Night Elf
  • Guardian Druid
As you may notice, Alliance Esha is sporting all the same duds as Horde Esha. I was happy to see that I could mail myself all my heirlooms across without any issues, including my horde-guild purchased head, pants and back pieces. (It has left my goblin hunter fairly naked.) 

This is netting me 45% additional XP and 4% of my health regenerated with each kill. (Turn in a 3000 quest XP + 45%  heirloom bonus + guild bonusrested = 5000 xp.) Of the remaining slots, rings, belts and necks typically drop in the dungeon bag of goodies; the others are typical quest rewards. Even so, I typically out-gear most dungeons and don't need gear help. 

Leveling up:
Speaking of questing, it's odd, but I am still questing even at level 38. Yesterday I was fighting my way through the Southern Barrens killing kodo and quilboar. I find that, due to my heirloom gear and saved rested bonus, I do about 5-8 quests in an area before leveling out of the area (quests go from yellow to grey).  After flying back to Darnassus, the job board has me headed to Feralas and/or Dustwallow Marsh (levels 35-40). I may actually skip the trip (run a dungeon or two instead) and head straight to Thousand Needles

My "/played" time so far is 16 hours (960 minutes). As I am level 38 with 4 bubbles to go to 39, this puts me approximately 3 hours ahead of my  'dungeon-only-after-level-15' Horde run. The questing is definitely helping on the speed, plus I am getting all my flight paths as I go along. Since I only spend about an hour at each quest hub, it does mean a lot of running around. 

Playing on a PVP server:
OK, coming from Malfurion, a strictly PVE server, I was timid about making the jump to full-time PVP. Am I going to get ganked at every moment? Am I going to have a lot of ghost runs back to broken gear? So far, no. I've had only 4 actual PVP moments so far. 
  1. While in Stonetalon mountains, I saw a pet mechanical squirrel. I had to have it. So I started a pet-battle with it. While fighting the pet, 2 Horde came up and killed me. Quick and easy. Death. No, I never got squirrel. Achieved! (armory isn't updating in timely manner).
  2. While also questing in same zone, a horde warlock sent his puppy and started AOE attack. I was able to go kitty and run to safety. Same time a higher level alliance pally dropped a healing circle around me. No death. 
  3. Running into next zone, from the sky a high level warrior lands on my head. Instant death. 
  4. Questing barrens, a 'boss' level horde (probably max level), started following me around. He was trying to guess my quest objective and started killing all the trash leading up to a boss. The quest was to pickup "polished boar skulls" (decorative trash littered around area) and kill mini-boss. With all the trash cleared, I simply ran straight to mini-boss, aggro'd it and the horde one-shotted it. Quest over. Thank'd horde player, he laughed and flew off. 
Otherwise, I see horde players. They're typically questing in the same area with the similar objectives as me. We tend to ignore each other. Maybe this changes as I will get to higher levels?? I hope not, I can deal with the occasional touch-of-god or 'cheap shot' moment.  

On Playing Alliance:
Honestly, it's interesting. Here is a faction who have been bashed the last 2 expansions (and more in the third). They're trying to re-take a foothold after Lich King and keep getting put down by Orcs. Running through Southern Barrens, you see how Deathwing brought both heartache and opportunity to the Alliance. (My Hearthstone is currently set for a tent, not an Inn). It maybe that the storyline has always been this way, but as my highest Alliance characters only made it to starting towns. I had such grand plans for making gold by selling cross-faction pets. Ah well. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Warlords of Draenor, the Backstory

During the big announcement on August 14th, Blizzard provided us a glimpse into the background of one of the Warlords, Kargath and how he came to lead the Shattered Hand clan.

Last week (8/21), Blizzard posted a great short story by Robert Brooks, Hellscream. This short story starts off a few days after the events of War Crimes.
Kairozdormu had advised him to expect a few strange discoveries. I've spent my life studying the timeways. If you try to count and compare blades of grass, you'll drive yourself mad, he had said. My plans require a few… favorable conditions, and we'll find them here. This is the perfect timeway for us. Not a perfect mirror image, but perfect nonetheless.
Read the full story online here, or download the PDF.

I found the story shed light on a few items. I think you'll really enjoy getting some further insight into some of what is going on in before we show up in Draenor.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why NOT Grommash? (as end boss of Warlords)

During Blizzcon 2013 and a few weeks ago, Tom Chilton has let us know that the 'end-boss' of Warlords is going to be Grommash Hellscream. This caused a bit of outrage as people also heard "not another Orc" as the end-boss. Some are translating this to "not just any orc" or "not just an (single) orc" to justify Grommash as the end-boss. If you look at the story leading up to where we are now, Grommash actually makes sense.

In our timeline (with spoilers from War Crimes):
  1. Grommash, father of Garrosh, kills Manroth and finally ends the Orc's (self inflicted) demon blood infection.
  2. Garrosh, "saved" by Thrall in Nagrand comes back to Orgrimmar to see what his father helped build.
  3. Garrosh is recruited as a military leader during the fight against the Lich King.
  4. He comes home to a hero's welcome and takes over as Warchief Pro Tempore while Thrall helps elementals. Deathwing happens.
  5. Garrosh goes a little power crazy.
  6. Garrosh is put on trial, then escapes before judgement is declared. 
  7. With help of Wrathion and Kairoz, he escapes to the past; to a time when Orcs were powerful and full of potential. 
  8. Garrosh's influence helps divert the initial 'incident' of drinking of the blood. Encouraging Dad to seek power, not slavery.
  9. Garrosh get's dealt with some how (in WoD); probably a scenario, I'd really hope he wouldn't rate as a WoD dungeon or raid boss. 
  10. Grommash see's how evil we (i.e. from Garrosh's Azeroth) are and wants to avenge his son's death. 
  11. He unites the clans and plans to send them through the new dark portal. 
Now from the "in action" video that Blizzard put out, you can spot multiples Warlords.

2:15 and 4:32 - Guldan? Warlock spells, horns.
3:09 - Blackhand?
3:12 - Giant Orc with blade hand, Kargath's influence.
4:34 - Killrogg? (it's long-shot and only a flash on screen).

Sadly, I haven't done anything in the Beta, otherwise, I would probably know the answers to who all these people are. I believe we'll level through the various zones in Draenor, opening up our garrison and the various dungeons in these areas.

Am I disappointed that it's Grommash?  No. Would fighting Wrathion or Kairoz be better choices? Not really sure. We've had dragon bosses before. We've killed Deathwing, now Wrathion is going to avenge his dad?? Or maybe Chromie helps us as we flit through time chasing Kairoz ending in an epic battle.

(not me)

End dream sequence. WotLK and following expansions never happened. We return to Azeroth and find that we're still fighting the Burning Crusade.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blizzard Robin Williams Memorial

Over the weekend the Robin Williams memorial character came up on Twitter. Personally, I think their revealed model is a bit Uldum, but maybe he can make a special appearance somewhere else in the game.

From the conversation, it came up that this NPC should have something to share from his immense filmography.

Me, spinner of tangled webs, thought at first that that this Genie, should pass out a nice flying carpet mount. Having only a single tailor, I thought it would be awesome if this was a non-tailor specific mount. They already have the model, but could color this one differently than the 2 already in game. Sadly, I didn't think this would happen.

As with the last celebrity in-game character (Mr. T and his mohawk grenade) it was a short-term item. I felt if Blizzard added this mount it would probably be treated more like Halloween and the flying broom. There for a week, then gone.

This got me thinking, how about a pet. Blizzard seems to love pets. Pets are everywhere and everyone can have hundreds of them. How about a "carpet" theme'd pet? I personally love the looping animation of the "spirit of" dragonkin. How about a mini-carpet pet that does flips randomly as he is flying around you?

This morning, I started thinking, hmm, genie needs a lamp. Maybe a mini-quest, or maybe sitting right near him. I'd love to make interacting with this lamp (mouseover and little gear pops up) do something like Mr. T's did. I was thinking about costume changes like the Blingbot, but they'd be the other 'Robin' models that WoWHead data mined. As with the 'Dressed to Kill' buff, it would only stick around 2-hours or until your first death.

Long shot ideas for Genie. 
  • He sells a new tailoring pattern for a flying carpet that's BOE. 
  • Genie has a monkey pet for sale, that wears a little hat. 
  • Genie quotes various one-liners from various movies.
  • Genie breaks out in song, tap shoes and starts singing...
  • Something else that uses trademarked material directly from the movies..

As a memorial for a comedian, there is a lot of material that could be covered. I think Blizzard's choice on "Genie" model versus Mork, Patch Adams, or Adrian (Good Morning Vietname), etc. is a great choice. They will have a ton of PG material to work from and hopefully not get in trouble with Disney. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Legendary Acquired!

In the 8 something years playing Warcraft, this is my first Legendary. The single reason why this was possible is the LFR. Without the LFR, I wouldn't been able to get into enough raids to gather the stones, secrets and runestones to complete the quest chain.

Last weekend, I had 11 of the 12 necessary Titan Runestones. With this, I only queued up for Halls of Flesh-Shaping and luckily I got my last stone from the first boss (Durumu). Lei Shen was easy as usual. Quick three bosses and back to talk to Wrathion. Purple i600 cape is now on my back.

Challenge of the Celestials. Ugh. Not easy, but not the green fire PITA. I was able to finally win the fight after about 7 tries. In this you have to fight Wrathion. Void walker as my tank, all buffed up, ring the gong (like in proving grounds) and get yourself ready. He has some attack that the VW soaked up for me. The one item that I had to avoid was the lava pools that he'd spawn. If I pulled them off my VW, the pools would chase me down, getting faster and faster. Stun, aoe pools as quickly as possible. I found standing as the very edge of spell range, I was able to avoid most of the pools. Wrathion runs around the Jade Temple a bit, so you will end up taking down the pools. Second phase, he splits into dozens of spirit doubles, like second dungeon boss of Scholomance. Little AOE (rain of fire) on each and they disappear. Kill a few and they do some aoe damage at roughly 300k-400k health. So cast your AOE, then backup, go back to see how many left. You may have to respawn your VW. Good thing, those duplicates won't move to hunt you down, so sit under Yu'lon and do as you need. When all the spirit doubles are dead, you'll need to have your VW right there to pick up Wrathion again. He runs pretty fast to you if he's not picked up quickly.

You win this fight and you're now in the home stretch. Fight all 4 celestials is the final step. I was really happy to hop into oQueue and find a group planning on doing this very quest. There were three (warlock, priest and mage) of us that stuck through all 4 fights, pulling in new people as they dropped from each round. Within the hour, we had all down and legendary cloak on my back. Queue for Garrosh fight and entire chain was complete.

Now that I can successfully bridge the gap in Timeless Isles, it's time to take down Ordos. Multiple attempts and then finally, we all stacked at his feet, quickly taken down. While on that side of the island, I realize that there's a chest I haven't opened yet. This chest is deep inside Ordo's sanctuary surrounded by 92 and 93 level elites. After a few attempts I was finally able to access it.

When you die on this side, you  re-spawn on the green circle. Mounting up here, I was able to run all the way around to the end of the line. Here I died because of all the ordos followers that I've managed to aggro. Soulstone or corpse run and revive in that back corner. From here, I had one summoner (ugh) and one of those giant fire elemental dudes. I had a an alliance mage killing off all the wandering npcs. I only had to kill off the ones immediately around me. Once the ones closest to the chest are taken out, it's possible to open the chest without aggroing anything else. To escape, I ran back out and jump off the cliff into the ocean below. This did net me yet another Burden of Eternity. According to Mr Robot, I used it to replace the 522 necklace that I had been wearing since patch 5.2.