Tuesday, September 1, 2015

LFR Black Gate OMG!

Last Friday, I had the day off, so I did some catching up. Actually got the last of my fragments to make up my last tablet and completed the next phase of my legendary.


Time to move on to Hellfire Citadel. So far, I've participated in downing 9 of the 13 bosses. Xhul'horac was crazy difficult for LFR (having at least 4 wipes). The hardest thing to communicate was dropping the pools onto opposing sides.

Archimonde takes the award for a major PITA. There are so many different things going on in this LFR, that it's almost impossible for a PUG.

So, far, I haven't seen the entire fight. Based on the LOS video, the best I've reached about 40% but never saw the 'nether banish' mode.

I am really starting to understand Alt:chat's "not going to do that.." post.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dress for Success: Gul'dan

All across Azeroth, warlocks are looking up to one of the most influential warlocks of our times, Gul'dan. His influence has been felt for several expansions and even plays a major role for the next years to come.

Elkagorasa has started collecting pieces to put together a similar set. Here's where he's at so far.

Nice look, but won't pass for Gul'dan.
(click image for 'dressing room')
  1. Chest, Gloves and Shoulders of the Corruptor raiment (we actually are sporting the T5 Warlock set). The shoulders miss out on the wrath style glyphs on them, but definitely have the skulls on barbs going for them. 
  2. Head: Nightsky Cowl - which I actually like this better than the corruptor head piece. 
  3. Belt: Primal Gladiator's Cord of Prowess - this is a PVP piece that sells for 1750 honor
  4. Main hand: Headmaster's Charge which is an heirloom item. Not a great coloring, but the extra skull adds nice flavor. Have to try out some cosmetic enchant on it to add flavor.

Possible alternate shoulder considerations...
  • Champion's Dreadweave Mantle - This gives the impression of glyphs on the shoulders, and the spikes off the top, but no skulls.  The warlock version of these shoulders are red, so it would require going mostly red for other parts. These are purchasable for gold from a vendor in Netherstorm.
  • Dark Coven Shoulderpads - These give the layered effect of his shoulders, and a band of obvious glyphs, but no spikes at all. Sadly, they are bright blue..The base version are purchasable for 165 gold in ICC.

Friday, August 21, 2015

August Status Update

It's been awhile since my last post, so I thought I'd at least share some of my progress in the game.

Legion: Warlock Class Hall - A little alone time.
Legion: Like many, I made sure to watch the big expansion reveal this month. I am excited about some of the things they are introducing. I think we are long overdue for a new hero class. It's all new continent, so no one can complain about 'rehashed' content.

On the other hand, Class halls for warlocks? I have always seen the warlock as a loner. We rely on our minions to do our bidding. If they aren't working out, we will even go to measures of transforming ourselves into demons. So, are we going to have a phased location and don't need to share it with anyone else??

Pathfinder: My main is about 60% complete with the reputation. As of this morning, I am 75% complete (i.e. middle of honored) for Saberstalkers and Voljin's Headhunters. I am still only at 40% through the Awakened rep (still Friendly). If I continue at this rate, I'll be ready when 6.2.2 drop (or I'll still be boundin on the ground!)

Legendary: I AM SO TIRED OF BRF! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! 10 bosses each dropping 12-15 tablet pieces.. That's on average 130 pieces a week. We need 900 to complete this phase of the quest line. I have 650. SO, I have at two to three more weeks of running this raid still.. At this rate, 6.2.2 will drop and the 'buff to speed up slow players' will hit. Maybe it won't actually be a month to complete?

The most disappointing thing? All the drops are dust. Here I am sitting at an average 670 gear score and keep getting awesome 655 gear drops from this raid. Maybe I really need to consider finding a Normal pug of this raids? Next week...

Speaking of PUGS. That LFG-thingy works great! Tired of getting pummeled? Find yourself a group with a tank and go run that Tanaan daily. I've found there is always at least one fighting around the Throne of Kil'jaeden doing the garrison daily there. If you manage to combine that with the 'complete' two Tanaan assaults daily, just stick with the group until you complete the bonus objective another time!!

I even got a carry! Still working on the misprinted coin quests, I queued up for a Heroic dungeon and landed on an interesting run. The tank and one of the DPS must have been sporting all heroic/mythic gear because they couldn't be hurt. The hunter was doing at least 45k-50k dps and the tank was #2. In my mostly LFR and Tanaan gear, I simply couldn't get a spell off before everything was dead. The tank simply gathered everything in the first room of UBRS and we AOE'd down all of them! Two of us needed the Leeroy Jenkins achievement, so the tank took the time to clear all of the mobs in the dungeon for us. We even killed the last boss and ran back to him with 5 minutes to spare before he finished eating his chicken. That was awesome.

Erknea get your (shot)gun!
Heirloom avalanche. I started off this month spending close to 12,000 gold on heirlooms! I had just finished the earlier Coin quest and was turning it in. While there, I was like a kid in a candy store buying one of everything that I didn't already have, earning the frequent buyer prize. My bank toon absolutely loves having a chauffeur to drive her around. Just wish Mr. Tophat Orc was also a bodyguard.. :)

Mock-up via MSPaint and Snipping Tool.
You know what, #Blizzard, I want a locked 'collection' panel on the Armory. I would like to see that awesome collection panel that I see in-game. What toys do I already have? What heirloom items do I have? This would be absolutely awesome for planning. Expose this in the API, then WoWHead could use it to help me build the best in class heirloom hunter set.

Lastly, BlizzWatch has a great lore piece about Wrathion. Anne also takes steps to even explain why Warlords of Draenor happened the way it did.  I suggest checking it out.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Casual Legion Reaction

Feels a lot like a mashup of Burning Crusades and Wrath.

We have elves, we have Valkyrs, we have mountain region loving tauren. Oh My!

The Dalaran Justice League of Mages has relocated their floating city base to here.. About time they get involved again. I can only guess that it was too hard to drive their floating city to the turtle and/or through the dark portal..

Helheim: Ghost Ship dungeon
As they said, everyone's FAVORITE dungeon, Violet Hold, is coming along too. (Ran this dungeon yesterday on my level 77 druid. The question came up why the guards don't simply use their aoe electric shield on all of the escaping mobs? Why bring in a group of under-geared noobs!?)

Best slide of deck: Feral druid artifact weapon upgrades.
You envied the warlocks and their green fire quest chain? No problem, to get your artifact weapon, every class will need to do a spec specific quest. Play a dual-spec discipline/shadow priest?? Guess what, 2 different weapons, twice the fun!

Garrisons lonely? How about Class Halls!? Now you can see how unpopular your class really is! (Question: Will this be a CRZ area for warlocks?!)

You wanted Illidan? Yeah, he's in there. See, he's in the cut scene!

You wanted Malfuriou? Yep, entire zone for druid lore.

You wanted The Emerald Dream!? Oh yes, but we meant the corrupted Emerald Nightmare!

New Hero Class! No need to level all the way 0 to 90 on a new class! We'll start you at 85 and you'll get some lore!

I don't have 4 horns! That's my BElf ears! Geesh!

So, Warlocks, what weapon do you think will be our artifact weapon? Supposedly, it is a 'dropped' weapon from a dead class hero. That would mean we are going to grab the weapon from another warlock. WoWWiki lists 11 'noteable' warlocks. Only a few of them actually carry weapons (at least in those screenshots I've seen). I am looking at two options possible..
  • Atiesh used by Medivh
  • Glaive of the Pit (?) dropped by Magtheridon.
  • Or is it this polearm wielded by Magtheridon? Which I only see on forums, but no where else..

I personally like the un-named weapon as it's a bit more sinister (not so bright and shiny) looking..

Beta by November? Just in time for release around June?! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Royalty of Eastern Kingdoms

With all the speculation about the upcoming expansion announcement on Thursday, I'd like to throw out one more. See, the big gorilla in the room is the Warcraft movie set to come out June 2016. From what I've heard (and the leaked trailer), this movie is based off the Orcs first showing up in Kalimdor and claiming Orgrimmar.
(Photoshop in a picture of you.)
I'd like to postulate that the upcoming expansion will mirror this. Again we'll time travel to the not so
distant past of Azeroth. The orcs HAVE come through the dark portal (patch 6.2.2) and we follow them into Azeroth. Unfortunate for us (see Quantum Leap), we don't land in our own timeline, but a similar, but different timeline. We now must relive the founding of Orgrimmar, destruction of Stormwind and the exile of the Trolls from their homeland (which we helped them reclaim back in Cata).

  1. Fight alongside King Llane Wrynn as he deals with the orcs streaming through the dark portal. Followed by his eventual demise and Varian forced to take the crown.
    Sorry BingRobot, he's 37 IRL. Maybe it's the makeup?
  2. Watch as the worgen are born (again) and go into seclusion, cutting off all support to Stormwind in this time of need. 
  3. Help Orgrim Doomhammer setup the orc base in this new land, later to become Orgrimmar. Witness the birth of Go'el.
  4. Join Vol'jin and his shadowhunters as they fight against and then with the orcs invading Kalimdor.
  5. Stroll through the streets of Lordaeron before it succumbed to the scourge..

OK, it's all just speculation based on what little I've seen from the movie trailer and what I'd consider a McDonald's Happy Meal type tie into it's release.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July Status Update

Just a quick update...

Vacations are complete. At least I think so; my wife may have other ideas. 4 days amidst the crowded Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration should be enough for any family.. :) It was a lot of fun and we still managed to get on a lot of rides.. It's all just a matter of planning out your tickets so you're always waiting on another "FastPass".
Cinderella's Castle taken with my cell phone

I've managed to complete part two of the legendary quest chain. All 125 abrogator stones collected. It was 2am in the morning, but I still ran over completed the quest chain. The next portion with having to collect 900 fragments sounds absolutely outrageous. Hopefully the drop rate is better than 1-5 per boss. 

Warcraft movie is previewed at ComicCon. Some guy isn't interested because it's heavily CGI. Too bad there are no orcs that they could have used for filming. 

Update: Just saw this on Legendary's Facebook.. So much CGI.

I've gotten my first epic ship through random luck. I feel like the 'destroys boat' for not 100% chance has gone down. Maybe it's just the one or two 85% chance that I've tried.

Timewalking has been fun, even got a few 'heroic dungeon' achievements for dungeons that I missed at level, but I still barely can complete 2 dungeons each weekend. BC Timewalking this weekend, so maybe I'll get the quest from last month completed this weekend??  Also a curious Draenor dungeon event going on this weekend... "increase rep bonus ..." So far, all my drops have been meh, nothing yet that AMR would let me equip.

Realized this week, that a 30-slot bag exists. Considering my warlock has been stockpiling mats for the last 3 months, he now has 800 cloth to use on this bag. Just need to xmute the sorcerous earth.

Going to try running BRF LFR this weekend and see how it goes. Maybe even peek into the add-fest that is HFC.

Addition #1: Worst news of all.. A co-worker/guildie was kind enough to send my Alliance druid (on a different realm than my main) a Sky Golem. Yeah, I know, pretty awesome! Problem?? My druid is level 77 and to even 'use' this mount (meaning add to my stable of mounts), I have to be level 80. So, I guess I need to start running more dungeons as NE bear..

Addition #2: I finished my rep grind with the Arakkoa and now have the level three trading post (plus 20% rep bonus). I am just about ready to start grinding out my rep with the three factions for Pathfinder.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mobile Auction House

More than once, I've been sitting at work, wishing that I could comment on a Blizzard post. If I only had my authenticator, I could comment on ...  But, since, I use a physical authenticator, and it sits on my desk at home, I am typically resigned to passive participation (or blogging about something on the side).

Today, I noticed something new! For kicks, I clicked on the logon link to connect to the site (I wanted to vote in the BMAH poll) and I noticed a new drop down option, SMS Protect. Selecting this sent a text to my registered cell phone with an authenticator code. :)

Not a very good photoshop

Now I was able to participate in the poll. Yes I seldom have enough gold to even participate in the Black Market Auction House.

Speaking of Auction House, now that I am able to logon from work, I can actually access the remote auction house!. Checking my bank alt, I see she has approximately 50 items that expired last Sunday and could be relisted. Click 'Relist' button, from here you can compare prices to other people's posts, then type in bid/buyout prices and off it goes.

It would be awfully nice, if the relist could put in the similar prices as I posted last time. With no competition, I am not sure if this belt sold previously for 20gold or 200?! Or maybe it does and my AH addon doesn't post prices very high??

Did I sell this for 16g last time, when someone else did for 400?
One bit of surprise, be careful when you post items.. I noticed afterwards, that the ALL tab, includes my bank. So those transmog pieces that I may have liked but never equipped can easily, accidentally sold on the AH.

Now, I appear to be permanently logged into Blizzard while at the office. Maybe my little auction house goblin can start earning more gold! 3500 feels like just barely breaking even anymore.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pathfinder Progress

Over the weekend, I only had a couple hours to play. Mostly the kids are adjusting to summer vacation hours, so they're not getting in bed until rather late at night. This left me only about 2-3 hours a few days to play. :-|

I worked on my Draenor Pathfinder achievement prerequisites.

  • Securing Draenor: As of Friday, I had 3 remaining bonus objectives to complete. I grabbed the the scouting missions from my QM and queued them all up. The hardest, IMHO, was Shattrath Harbor. This zone had a number of 101-102 elites that would dismount me when trying to run out of there. I wanted to run as I was also working on my Explore Talador and treasures collection (64:100). 
  • Draenor Loremaster: I made no progress with the Arak storyline. ATM, I have only completed 3 of the storylines. I feel that when I complete these quests, the exploration will fall into place. 
  • Reputation: I realized that I hadn't opened up tier-3 on my trading post. This tier increases your reputation gains in Draenor by 20%! In order to purchase the tier-3 plans, you need to have Savage Friends achievement, i.e. exalted with 1 faction in Draenor. Looking at Elkagorasa's reputation, Frostwolf Orcs was already 4000:21000 revered and Arakkoa Outcasts also roughly 4000:2100 revered. I thought running through Manarok would be easy enough. It was, with my bodyguard and my voidwalker tanking. Was able to grind my rep up to 5400 in about an hour. (yuck). Reading Wowhead, some suggestions are farming the rare elites (400 rep each) by using the custom group finder and realm hopping. There appear to be a few more 'garrison support' quests that will give me rep, but I need to investigate.... Then, I realized that how dumb I was being.. Arakkoa + need to quest in Spires of Arak = free rep. As a bonus side-effect, I have found 20+ additional treasures, and a few included Arakkoa Outcasts reputation tokens. 

after 75% of  questing.

Timewalking Dungeon holiday boss snafu - I was disappointed queueing up for the Ahune boss fight, and finding myself thrown into the full timewalking Slave Pens. In addition, the party had just completed the ahune fight and was running to the next boss. Luckily I had picked up the quest to complete 5 TW dungeons. The trinket that dropped off the last boss wasn't helpful. Surprisingly, I did get an achievement for Heroic Slave Pens. I thought I had completed all heroic versions of these dungeons at level.. Guess not. At least, when I tried again later in the weekend, I went straight to Ahune, yeah Strength cape!.

Monday, June 15, 2015

A New Hope

After the compromise last week on no-flying ever again, I decided it was ok to restart the rep grinds for mounts. Flying out to Netherwing ledge reminded me of the Sha'tari Skyguard and their mountable rays. I remember hating working on this rep at level and had only made it to Friendly.

Over the weekend, I read through the guide "Nether Ray in a Day". This guide details all of the quests that are available for this faction. One commenter pointed out that you can technically you only need to do the repeatable quests (if you don't care about other faction reps).

So I flew up and started the grind. Some hints if you're just starting.

  1. Kill everything in the zone. Everything gives rep. (Ok, I don't know about the lizards, but they probably do too). I fly into a hub, and start spamming rain of fire over everything. The mobs give 10 rep, their little pets give 5, those fast orange birds give 10 rep and even the treants give 30 rep. 
  2. The skettis have a high likelihood of dropping Shadow Dust. Turn in the dust (for 150 rep each) to get Elixir of Shadows. (You want this, it adds more mobs at each stop!)
  3. With the Elixir of Shadows buff, you can see the Time-lost skettis. They have a high chance of dropping time-lost scrolls. Each 10 scrolls, you can summon one of the mini-bosses (100 rep each kill). 
  4. Turn in the tokens from killing all 4 for another 350 rep and a time-lost offering. 
  5. Use the time-lost offering to summon Terrok. Kill him for 500 rep. He's on a 15 minutes respawn timer, starting the moment you kill him. (I suggest you use the in-game stopwatch). 
I found the 'towers' had the best collection of mobs. Typically there would be one wandering sketti, plus 4-5 of the time-lost variety. Kill them, plus loot 2-3 time-lost scrolls. Rinse and repeat until I have 40+ scrolls, then visit 4 of the purple circles to summon each of the mini-bosses. Fly back to quest hub, turn in the 4 tokens, turn in all my dust, then repeat my rounds. Checking the Terrok circle to see if he's ready to respawn. In about an hour, I easily had about 5,000 rep. (About long enough for the DPS queue to pop!) 

Over the weekend, I put in a few hours, and burned through Friendly all the way to 7000 into Revered. Friday and Saturday using the DMF Whee buff, Sunday without. I imagine that I'll need about another 2 hours of repeating this process to reach Exalted.

Update: About 40 minutes - hour, local time midnight, server time 2am. Went from 6600 to 13370 rep doing 2 daily quests (escort, bombing run) plus two Terrok kills, and grinding out the materials for 2 more kills next time. Terrok is on a 15 min timer after last kill. So I triggered the stopwatch after each kill and made it for the next. Would have gotten a 3rd, but was late by 2 seconds.. :)

Update: Spent about 90 minutes this morning and finished this faction off. This included 3 Terrok kills (using the stopwatch). Had to compete with 2 other people for kills, but one was a level 70-ish warlock, so I took sympathy and helped with a little rain of fire over his kills.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blizzard, Thanks for the Compromise..

Blizzard has made a (somewhat) reasonable compromise to the 'no-flying' decision. To open up flight in Draenor, you basically, need to have done everything on one character.
Mastering the Outdoor World
In an upcoming Public Test Realm build, we will be introducing a new meta-achievement called Draenor Pathfinder. You’ll earn this achievement in Patch 6.2 by mastering the outdoor environment of Draenor—exploring Draenor’s zones, collecting 100 treasures in Draenor (there's a 200 treasure achievement), completing the Draenor Loremaster and Securing Draenor achievements, and raising the three new Tanaan Jungle reputations to Revered. Initially, this achievement will award a rylak mount: the Soaring Skyterror, one of the native beasts that roam Draenor’s skies. Players will remain ground-bound on Draenor until a small follow-up patch (6.2.x), when all players who have earned Draenor Pathfinder on at least one character will unlock the ability to fly in Draenor on all their level 90+ characters. (Source)
Elkagorasa, my most played toon, is nowhere near completed with these requirements.