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Monday, July 12, 2021

Can't Stop this .. Waiting.


I took so long to publish on this post that 9.1 dropped. Spent the last few weeks getting into the content so this is slightly outdated, but still slightly useful. 
So, rumor has it that 9.1 will drop. Eventually. Probably this year. I swear! I've heard it from all those talking heads people. My favorite theory has it dropping the last week of June. Nothing like a major US holiday weekend to deal with troubleshooting the first large patch of the expansion. Hmmm.. 

In the meantime, it has allowed me to get the Mythic+ achievement for +10 or better dungeons. My hunter is sporting 200-226 level gear. My alliance warlock has reached 190s and is working on a few low-level mythic dungeons. 

So, what do I do instead? Start an alt. Just started a new warlock on Stormrage. Enervati - the one who causes enervation - a feeling of being drained of energy or vitality; fatigue. I was considering a character move to Stormrage to join "The Turtles" over there, but there already was an "Erlenmyer-Stormrage", a level 50 warrior still sporting heirlooms. Starting over new on a new realm is hard, but not impossible. My largest issue was gold.

  1. On toon with rep with Anglers, fly out to Angler's island and chat with Nat Pagle to buy another pair of Angler's Water Striders.
  2. Enchant heirloom gear and send it over to warlock. Found out the hard way, that SL enchants don't work as they require character level 50 before they activate. Probably need to use last-expansion enchants, but I didn't investigate.
  3. Buy 60-ish Northrend meats to level cold-weather cooking to 25+. [Rhino Meat] was selling for about 10s so I bought 100 of them. Now "E" can use the nifty chef's hat toy. 
  4. Copy over macros from other toons. I'll paste them at the end of this article.
  5. Acquire Legion: Dalaran Hearthstone - I didn't bother until 55 but was able to pick one up from the Innkeeper in the Ledgermane Lounge in Legion-Dalaran. In case you forgot where that is, the entrances are street-level about where the words "CHAMBER OF" are.

  6. Buy WowToken? For $20, starting off on a new realm with +180k gold isn't a bad start. I figured it was cheaper than the character transfer fees and it would eventually be a good base for starting an AH business. So far that's not paying off with hardly any of my WOD leveling BOEs selling. Items immediately purchased:
    1. 30+ slot bags 
    2. Training for the fastest flying! 
    3. Supplies for professions

After ~36hrs played, I hit 60 while finishing a dungeon. There were a number of Plaguefall runs where we only really fought the last 2 bosses. I quit running a damage meter at one point, so not sure what my numbers really were. 

Max level means gearing up, completing that the covenant campaign and TORGHAST. This video reminded me the obvious first upgrade is crafted gear. Crafter cloth gear cost me about 2000 for almost full-set of gear. I didn't buy a new helm (as I forgot and) as that would quickly be replaced by legendary if all works out ok. 

Sometime later: Now that 9.1 has dropped and Korthia is explorable, just by running the content, she's replaced all that Covenant gear with 207 drops and upgraded a few to 213/220 pieces. 

Macros - Here are the existing macros that I use on my alliance warlock on Proudmoore.

** use trinkets then cast corruption

#showtooltip corruption
/use 13
/use 14
/cast corruption

** attempt at using a single CURSE button, but doesn't pay off most of the time.

/cast [nomod] Curse of Weakness
/cast [mod:shift] Curse of Tongues;[mod:alt] Curse of Exhaustion:[mod:ctrl] Curse of Tongues;

** casts fear on focus if exists, otherwise on the current target

#show fear
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] fear
/clearfocus [mod:alt]

** casts mortal coil on focus if exists, otherwise on the current target

#show Mortal Coil
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Mortal Coil
/clearfocus [mod:alt]

** when demonic circle exists, click to teleport, hold SHIFT to place demonic circle

/cast [nomod] Demonic Circle: Teleport
/cast [mod:shift] demonic Circle

** creates a single button to create a healthstone/soulwell and use a healthstone when exists.

/use [nomod] healthstone
/cast [mod:shift] Create Soulwell ;[mod:alt] Create Healthstone

** triggers Fishing Buddy add-on 

#showtooltip Fishing
/fb macro
/cast Fishing

Note: I am using a warlock weak auras and it was overlapping the default UI's soul shards display in the middle of the screen. I found this Reddit post detailing the place to turn it off.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Happy 2021 - Throne of the Lich King

Shadowlands is upon us and I have exactly 1 max level characters. I would love to play some of my many other characters, but I don't feel capable until I get my first hunter's legendary created.

Sadly the two "memories" that are considered BIS for BM hunters drop randomly from a dungeon. Update: I was finally able to grab a memory by running a M+7 Spires of Ascencion with friends. 

The legendary creation tool is very novel. Pick a gear slot, combine with 1 ability, add 2 secondary stats, stir in a base item and some ash for glue and you have an i200 piece of gear! 

I feel so behind the curve in gear and story plot. I played the opening slowly, now I feel 'everyone' is completing content several levels harder than I could successfully attempt. 

Torghast Layer 3 feels like a struggle that I barely completed.

Torghast - RNG dungeon layout with RNG powerups sprinkled throughout. 

LFR Castle Nathria's first 3 bosses are interesting. Some new mechanics.

Gearing has been slow. World Quest gear is 'time-gated' behind the story, not my average level. So WQ drops are useless in this in-between. 

The most reliable option has been completing the story. I can usually add 8 levels to several covenant items, every 2 chapters. Upgrading requires ANIMA. Anima does not drop off of everything. It is a reward for somethings, like emissary boxes, er, callings. 

I love that callings are usually similarly themed. "complete 3 WQ in Zone A" also tends to land with "Fill blue bar while doing things in Zone A" 

I never understood why someone would xmog a shirt into hidden until I had to do it myself. Why? because it's free to wear it hidden vs having it take up a bag slot. Then if I ever want to xmog a shirt, I don't need to find one in my bags first. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Not gone, still here

Checking this blog, I noticed that I hadn't posted anything in over 6 months now. So how about a quick update to dust things off. 

In all the (14+) years, I've played WoW there are actually a couple of classes that I've never played and even more that have never made it to max level. While under the Winds of Wisdom buff, I've decided to play through a few of the other classes. 

First off was to finish leveling a paladin on my current server. Eraalii (in honor of friend's mage "Oh Really? Ya") was a fun class to go back and revisit. She was my BFA boost and my first allied race (light forged draneii). I had forgotten how much fun tanking was, especially while wearing all heirlooms in those early dungeons. "Hold on let me pull a large pack, we got this". 

Next, I finally gave in to the aesthetic of the Worgen heritage armor and leveled a Worgen mage. Erleoniance (the random name generator gave me that one, "Erl" + "brilliance") leveled almost exclusively via questing, following AAP rather blindly. I say it took 4 days to level her to max, but that is skewed because once I went AFK and she died but WoW didn't log me out, so I was at the spirit healer overnight. She has been max for about 3 weeks now, has reached the pseudo max ilevel of 430 via some heroic dungeons, lfr, and emissary quests. Sadly, she still isn't exalted with WorgenTown Gilneas, so she still doesn't have the heritage armor (even with the tabard). A few more heroic dungeons are required.

  Right now, I am leveling an arms warrior. Erlander is full-blooded Kul-Tiran. It's fun watching this large, lumbering KT charge into battle and start swinging that gigantic ax around. I couldn't imagine the visual of any smaller class doing the job. Gnome warrior? "roaarr" LOL What I do love about playing a KT, is that he already has the Boralus portal open to him. At level 108, I might consider porting over and tempting fate to see how he does at mining and questing. That will be a few more days as he's just starting in WoD content. According to AAP that's open your garrison and open a bunch of treasure boxes. 

Coming up next? The emissary quests came up for Voldunai and Elkagorasa finished off the last 2,000 rep needed to reach exalted. I now have a tiny shaman (Ejinji) that I am leveling up through Orgrimmar concurrently. (Rested bonus flipping) I loved some of the fur coloration options for this tiny race. I had chosen to go topless so that you could see his fur. 

Ejinji - Vulperan Shaman

Next, my alliance warlock is only about 3000 rep away from exalted with the Rustbolt Rebellion, so maybe a mechagnome? This will definitely be a slower process as it's less than 1000 per day?  Maybe it's about time to pre-purchase the Shadowlands expac so I can level a death knight m-gnome?! 

eBot - Mechagnome DK

If there is still time, I will consider finishing off one of my not-yet-max level characters. My panda monk with his dual-wield hammers or the night-elf druid (so she can equip the eye customization) sitting at 88 maybe? Or maybe I'll start over again, as it's only playing out to be a couple hours of playtime. Crap, am I turning into an altoholic? 

Have you bought the Shadowlands expansion? I am seriously considering purchasing the basic edition. The boost, the big item in the second package, isn't a serious draw for me. We're going to max level 60 in 6-ish months. I am finding the leveling from 1-120 under the 100% xp boost comfortable. Mathematically, the 100% XP boost is equivalent to leveling half the number of levels. The mount is shiny but I am a little bit over that atm. Have too many mounts to have a favorite. The game-time in the best package is shiny and I'd seriously consider it if included in the middle-tier, not the top tier price at almost 2x the cost. 

Question: When the max level is 60, what will happen to my heirloom gear? Will they all disappear as we don't need the bonus XP? Will the 0-60 heirloom convert to a 0-30 heirloom? Will I just get a big refund check for the 60-110 heirloom upgrades that I've purchased? 

From a leveling perspective, I wouldn't suggest upgrading your heirlooms beyond 100. Consider artifact gear and legendaries that drop in Legion and the three AZ slots, plus the shiny new neck you equip in BFA, you'd only waste the gold. Just pay for upgrading your legs, trinkets, and rings if you want to keep running them. 

Erlenmyer, my hunter, has been smashing it gearing. Ok, he's only 457, with stuff in his bags bringing him to a 465, but it still feels powerful. Soloing a full horrific vision with one mask has been easy-peasy. I am considering adding a second or third mask soon. Dark Imagination (cue creepy Willy Wonka remix linked above) was super easy as it only triggers when below 50% sanity and with the tree 80% filled, he's hardly ever that low. I used my first orb going into Thrall's fight because I figured I should. 

AOTC has been achieved. RL friend was able to bring me into a coveted spot in a friends & family heroic run with his mythic progression guild. I was happy to not die on 3 of the bosses! Happily, they didn't kick me before reaching the N'zoth.  

2020 has been one big April Fools. No Blizz jokes. No fun. One of the few happy moments has been listening to upbeat, happy music. Electro-swing is that genre of music. It's one of those rabbit hole moments on Youtube when you find a video you like, then keep following it until you start fixating. Spotify playlists; youtube music

Interesting Ideas for 4/1.
  • WoW for Switch goes mainstream. Enjoy all raiding from the sofa, fishing from the kitchen, and mining while in the restroom. WoW on your Nintendo Switch is the most versatile option for playing World of Warcraft. [WoW for Switch is not mobile play, must be connected to WiFi. Need new Switch 2020 in order to support gameplay. Mouse and keyboard sold separately.]
  • AC Cross-over: Along with mining, and herbalism, WoW will be adding bug collecting. Specimens can be turned in to a new NPC, Owlsie, found near the heirloom vendors in Ironforge or Undercity.
  • Using this new class token, all hunters can now ride tamed pets, not just Haiti. Warlocks can mount their own minions. (still working out how Imps can carry their boss). 
  • Mercenary modes extended beyond the BG/Battle for Dazaralor. Living on a highly unbalanced server is never fun, now enable mercenary mode while questing so that you can level on that opposite faction. Have a horde toon and want to raid with your Alliance guild? Turn on Mercenary mode so that they can invite you. 
  • Phantasmal armor kits are now for sale on the Blizzard store. These $2 armor mods turn any set ghostly so that you can still see your DH's mythic raid set plus the glowing tattoos through the armor. Must buy the appropriate armor class (cloth, leather, mail, plate) for your toon. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bee Math

So you've finally realized that the Bee Mount is the absolute BEST mount in the entire game. You want one, no, NEED one right now. OK, so what do you need to make this happen.

Step 0: Go to the auction house and buy a few monel-hardened stirrups. Using the stirrups is the best way to harvest jelly. No need to dismount unless you are attacking something. Try not to.

Step 1: Head over to wowhead and read what they said over there. This will give you all the details on how to get started. Turning off ground clutter really does help.

Step 1B: set your hearthstone to the inn in Brannadam. It's a bit of a pain if your dalaran hearth is on cooldown, but nice to not have to fly back to stormsong each time.

Step 2: You've now finished the intro quest chain, and are planning to harvest lots of thin jelly. You need to level your baby bee up 10,000 (3,000 for baby, another 7,000 for mature) health points to 'mature' and each thin jelly feed this little guy 6, SIX. That is, according to my big giant calculator 1,667 jellies. (if you have the gold, jellys do sell on the ah for gold. (about 70g according to Undermine). Also look into Rich (= 4 thin) and Royal Jelly (= 8 thin). They all provide the equivalent rep but sometimes sell for less (than 4 or 8 thin jelly). Gold making idea, buy low "RICH" and sell high THIN. ;-)

Step 2b: oh, you also need to gain rep with this little bee family, but really, I am exalted with these bees and still need 800 more thin jelly. Holidays, dark moon faire all give you bonus rep, but you still only get 6 jellies fed to your baby bee. Get to REVERED ASAP! Buy BEEHOLDER GOGGLES. You will want to save your last 20 rich jelly so you can buy these.

gathermate2 tracking with my suggested search pattern.

Step 2a: Wait, really you don't want to go flying all over stormsong looking for jelly. It's a pain in the behind. Jellies can be found in any of these circumstances:
  1. on the ground
  2. on trees (about 10%)
  3. in combat zones, but less common
  4. on grassy zones, can be hillsides if there's grass nearby, but not on the steeper portions
  5. Not in the water, but can be nearby. UPDATE: I found 2 in the pond near the hive; roughly in the same place in the water. 
horde rogue npc protecting this one.

As you can see from my image, I found most of my jellies so far either around the hive (down to turtle emissary) or near the bees by mildenhall meadery. Get those goggles. Jellies can be multi-looted by several people, but they despawn about 2-seconds after the first person. You be flying along, see a jelly, land to pick it up, then it will despawn with "you can't loot that." error. VERY ANNOYING. If this does happen, you're probably following someone and should go a different route. 

goggles showing 4 jellies with
gathermate addon showing old ones.

Step 3: Kill Honey Smasher daily. Use a bonus rep buff. He's a world boss so find a group to kill him quickly.

Step 4: Join Bee Events. They spawn in about 6 different places on the map. (do you have TomTom addon). Please turn hunter pet's taunt off! I don't want us hunters bashed during these events. (spell book (p) - pet tab - right-click growl to turn off auto-cast by pet).  

Now, the best part of these bee events is that it takes only one impatient person and they're over. Yep, they last about 4 minutes from start to finish. If you have a good crew, you can kill 3-4 mini-bosses. Loot ONLY drops from mini-bosses. You know it's over when either a giant jelly loot box appears and/or the bee flies back and all the mobs turn peaceful and disappear.

Update: Bee events aren't as useful after your exalted with the hive. Sure they give a big handful of jelly, but the quest turn-in doesn't give anything useful for feeding your bee. If you're having decent luck finding jellies, pugging bee events might not be as time beneficial. 5-10 minutes filling a group for <20 jellies vs 5-10 minutes wasted of monel-hardened stirrups.

If you manage to get on a low-pop server, you could find more jellies as they are not all timing out, as they despawn about 1-2 seconds after the first person collects from it. You can pick them up while in a raid group, so just don't drop after killing honey smasher or a bee event! :)

Good luck! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Brain Pharts 8.2.5 and Beyond.

Finish last fight in 8.3, cut scene rolls. Wrathion has found a way to clear the purge of all of the old god corruption by triggering the origination array. Unlike our encounter in Uldum, we won't avoid the full re-origination.

( screams and fade to black ) 

Next we wake-up back in Orgrimmar/Stormwind to find ourselves no longer level 120. Nope instead, the world has been rebuilt to a date roughly in Earth 2006. Yes, the level squish will see us back at level 60 as if we've just completed Vanilla experience. 

ref: DenOfGeeks
That new level 60 content won't be added to Vanilla. It will be the next expansion where we don't repeat our mistakes in Burning Crusade. 

Can't Stop this .. Waiting.

  I took so long to publish on this post that 9.1 dropped. Spent the last few weeks getting into the content so this is slightly outdated, b...