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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bee Math

So you've finally realized that the Bee Mount is the absolute BEST mount in the entire game. You want one, no, NEED one right now. OK, so what do you need to make this happen.

Step 0: Go to the auction house and buy a few monel-hardened stirrups. Using the stirrups is the best way to harvest jelly. No need to dismount unless you are attacking something. Try not to.

Step 1: Head over to wowhead and read what they said over there. This will give you all the details on how to get started. Turning off ground clutter really does help.

Step 1B: set your hearthstone to the inn in Brannadam. It's a bit of a pain if your dalaran hearth is on cooldown, but nice to not have to fly back to stormsong each time.

Step 2: You've now finished the intro quest chain, and are planning to harvest lots of thin jelly. You need to level your baby bee up 10,000 (3,000 for baby, another 7,000 for mature) health points to 'mature' and each thin jelly feed this little guy 6, SIX. That is, according to my big giant calculator 1,667 jellies. (if you have the gold, jellys do sell on the ah for gold. (about 70g according to Undermine). Also look into Rich (= 4 thin) and Royal Jelly (= 8 thin). They all provide the equivalent rep but sometimes sell for less (than 4 or 8 thin jelly). Gold making idea, buy low "RICH" and sell high THIN. ;-)

Step 2b: oh, you also need to gain rep with this little bee family, but really, I am exalted with these bees and still need 800 more thin jelly. Holidays, dark moon faire all give you bonus rep, but you still only get 6 jellies fed to your baby bee. Get to REVERED ASAP! Buy BEEHOLDER GOGGLES. You will want to save your last 20 rich jelly so you can buy these.

gathermate2 tracking with my suggested search pattern.

Step 2a: Wait, really you don't want to go flying all over stormsong looking for jelly. It's a pain in the behind. Jellies can be found in any of these circumstances:
  1. on the ground
  2. on trees (about 10%)
  3. in combat zones, but less common
  4. on grassy zones, can be hillsides if there's grass nearby, but not on the steeper portions
  5. Not in the water, but can be nearby. UPDATE: I found 2 in the pond near the hive; roughly in the same place in the water. 
horde rogue npc protecting this one.

As you can see from my image, I found most of my jellies so far either around the hive (down to turtle emissary) or near the bees by mildenhall meadery. Get those goggles. Jellies can be multi-looted by several people, but they despawn about 2-seconds after the first person. You be flying along, see a jelly, land to pick it up, then it will despawn with "you can't loot that." error. VERY ANNOYING. If this does happen, you're probably following someone and should go a different route. 

goggles showing 4 jellies with
gathermate addon showing old ones.

Step 3: Kill Honey Smasher daily. Use a bonus rep buff. He's a world boss so find a group to kill him quickly.

Step 4: Join Bee Events. They spawn in about 6 different places on the map. (do you have TomTom addon). Please turn hunter pet's taunt off! I don't want us hunters bashed during these events. (spell book (p) - pet tab - right-click growl to turn off auto-cast by pet).  

Now, the best part of these bee events is that it takes only one impatient person and they're over. Yep, they last about 4 minutes from start to finish. If you have a good crew, you can kill 3-4 mini-bosses. Loot ONLY drops from mini-bosses. You know it's over when either a giant jelly loot box appears and/or the bee flies back and all the mobs turn peaceful and disappear.

Update: Bee events aren't as useful after your exalted with the hive. Sure they give a big handful of jelly, but the quest turn-in doesn't give anything useful for feeding your bee. If you're having decent luck finding jellies, pugging bee events might not be as time beneficial. 5-10 minutes filling a group for <20 jellies vs 5-10 minutes wasted of monel-hardened stirrups.

If you manage to get on a low-pop server, you could find more jellies as they are not all timing out, as they despawn about 1-2 seconds after the first person collects from it. You can pick them up while in a raid group, so just don't drop after killing honey smasher or a bee event! :)

Good luck! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Brain Pharts 8.2.5 and Beyond.

Finish last fight in 8.3, cut scene rolls. Wrathion has found a way to clear the purge of all of the old god corruption by triggering the origination array. Unlike our encounter in Uldum, we won't avoid the full re-origination.

( screams and fade to black ) 

Next we wake-up back in Orgrimmar/Stormwind to find ourselves no longer level 120. Nope instead, the world has been rebuilt to a date roughly in Earth 2006. Yes, the level squish will see us back at level 60 as if we've just completed Vanilla experience. 

ref: DenOfGeeks
That new level 60 content won't be added to Vanilla. It will be the next expansion where we don't repeat our mistakes in Burning Crusade. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Are you Mecha-Done?

One of the most exciting mounts to come out this last expansion (personally) is the Model-W. This wheel mount comes in two variants, new and rusty. The rusty edition is dropped from Rustfeather with a 0.5% drop rate. The Model-W is a shiny edition that comes from a fairly lengthy bunch of achievements. I have been working on this achievement on my Alliance Warlock for some time now and thought it was time to look up the remaining portions.

(Note: Comparing achievements with my alts, it appears the meta-achievements are BOA. My son has Making the Mount marked completed, yet hasn't completed the quest chain.)

You can find the achievement under:
Character > Achievements > Exploration > Battle For Azeroth

It has 10 meta-achievements included in it. I believe the very first achievement "Unnamed Branch" is from completing the main storyline which concludes with killing King Mechagon in the dungeon "Operation: Mechagon". (update: as soon as I completed the dungeon on Monday, this achievement is now marked completed).

Rest In Pistons involves killing rare mobs that spawn all over the island. These rares can be divided into about 4 different categories; 1 spawn on a timer. 2 spawn during an event or quest. 3 requires the player to 'do' something to spawn it (cast lure, use a quest drop). I have a few of each still remaining.

All of the rares via Wowhead comment (plus my notes):
  • Mechagonian Nullifier - 56.88 52.10 (Junkwatt Depot: Requires Smashed Transport Relay, which has a small drop rate from minions that spawn for 1 minute during Gemicide's Drill Rig DR-JD99 drilling.
  • Mecharantula -- 87.90 19.60 (Sparkweaver Point)
  • Paol Pondwader -- 22.02 69.17 (Roams the north side of the second-most big isles in Western Spray. Only seems to spawn when Reclamation project and/or Flame Turret projects are available)
  • Arachnoid Harvester -- 51.69 41.57 (southwest of Bondo's Yard)
  • Fungarian Furor -- Only spawns when Mylune is in Rustbolt with a daily quest: Aid from Nordrassil. Follow the link to learn how to summon him.
  • Deepwater Maw -- 37.28 43.82 (Toothy Shallows: Requires Hundred Fathom Lure to spawn)
  • Bonepicker 65.90 26.94 (Sourback Hideout cave)
  • Uncle T'Rog - 58.65 23.58
  • Motobrain Spider -- 80.14 24.84 (Sparkweaver Point: patrols north to south of the coordinates, near the cave)
  • Malfunctioning Beastbot -- 60.66 42.22 (Bondo's Yard: Spawns as a neutral giant mech-gorilla. Requires: Beastbot Powerpack to turn him on. First timer? Blueprint: Beastbot Powerpack at 60.93 41.57)
  • Earthbreaker Gulroc -- 63.03 25.68 (Only spawns when Drill Rig construction projects are available. Drill Rig DR-TR35. Scrapbone's Hollow cave in Scrapbone Den)
  • Gemicide -- 59.78 67.05 (Requires: Drill Rig construction project. Cave, south of Junkwatt Depot's wall)
  • Boilburn -- (a cave north of the Junkwatt Depot's wall. Only spawns when Drill Rig construction projects are available. Drill Rig DR-JD41. Drops Blueprint: Scrap Trap)
  • Steel Singer Freza -- 25.29 77.55 (Western Spray)
  • Mr. Fixthis - 61.25 60.49 (Junkwatt Depot)
  • Oxidized Leachbeast
  • The Rusty Prince - 57.21 58.38 (Future Mechagon: Junkwatt Depot - may need to shard hop by joining a party.)
  • Caustic Mechaslime -- 66.46 58.81 (The Outflow: Only spawns when Drill Rig construction projects are available. Drill Rig DR-CC73. Inside the Crumbling Cavern)
  • The Scrap King -- 72.27 50.12 (The Heaps)
  • Jawbreaker -- 77.26 44.68 (The Heaps)
  • Rumblerocks -- 38.21 53.02 (Inside the Rustrock Cavern in Toothy Shallows)
  • Killsaw -- 41.26 34.88 (The Fleeting Forest)
  • Foul Manifestation - 66.11 50.10 (The Heaps: follow the link to learn how to summon him.)
  • Rocket
  • Boggac Skullbash -- 55.64 26.37 (Scrapbone Den: only spawns during Drill Rig construction projects)
  • Seaspit -- 19.25 80.26 (Western Spray: drops Blueprint: Rustbolt Kegerator)
  • Rustfeather -- 64.13 78.86 (The Outflow: top of the mountain)
  • Crazed Trogg -- 81.94 21.35 -- (Tinted Cave in Sparkweaver Point. He is friendly. Follow the link to learn how to turn him hostile)
  • Ol' Big Tusk -- 56.22 35.92 (Requires Drill Rig construction project. Drill Rig DR-TR28)
  • Oxidized Leachbeast - 
  • The Kleptoboss -- 68.39 48.27 (The Heaps: only spawns when Drill Rig construction projects are available. Drill Rig DR-CC88. Inside the underground Crumbling Cavern)
  • Gear Checker Cogstar (Only spawns when a certain amount of Upgraded Sentry are killed. They say "Bzzt... unit defeated... request immediate support... Szzt. Cogstar yells: Distress message received! Gear Checker Cogstar reinforcing target area." He spawns where that last Upgraded Sentry died)
  • Armored Vaultbot -- 50.08 46.46 (The Fleeting Forest: roams northwest to southeast of these coordinates. He is immune. Follow the link to learn how to kill him. Drops: Blueprint: Armored Vaultbot Key)
  • Enforcer KX-T57 - 52.98 62.38 (Junkwatt Depot)
  • Gorged Gear-Cruncher -- 72.85 54.06 (The Heaps: Only spawns when Drill Rig construction projects are available. Drill Rig DR-CC61. Inside the Crumbling Cavern)
  • The Doppel Gang
    • Complete Cogfrenzy's daily 3x, get 3 pressure valves,
    • /way 80.95 20.17 use pressure valves
  • OOX
      1. /tar OOX-Fleetfoot/MG
      2. It is running around the area and you have to use slow and stuns. Has 6 mils hp
      3. After you kill it there will be an alarm that spawns the rare
    • Stage 3 Go to the mountain west of the Bondo's Yard and kill the rare
    • /way 56.77 39.89 OOX-Avenger/MG
      /way 72.8 38.0 Oglethorpe Obnoticus

I've done most of the obvious quests for this meta-achievement, found that those that I had remaining are mostly tied to the same visitor. The daily quest "Clues Abound" results in a different follow-up quest depending on the item that you find. (ref by Wowhead user Fyeina)
  1. Old Parchment leads to the Quest A Historical Mess
  2. Ancient Runestone leads to the Quest A Growing Mystery
    1. IMPORTANT: While you do the Quest A Growing Mystery, don't just kill the Mutated Lashlings for your Quest, kill also the Toxic Lurker and you will receive (after a few kills) the Night Elf Ring. This gives you the Quest Strange Discovery for your Achievement. If you already turned in your Quest A Growing Mystery the Lurkers cant drop the Quest any more!
  3. Hearthstone Card leads to the Quest Time for Heroics
    1. After you rescued Adalin Halfheight he gives you the Quest Deck'Em
    2. IMPORTANT: While you do the Quest Time for Heroics don't just rescue the 3 Guys, also kill the Congealed Oil in that area and you will receive after a few kills the Old Pirate Hat. This gives you the Quest Pirates? I Hate Those Guys for your Achievement. If you already turned in your Quest Time for Heroics the Oils cant drop the Quest any more! If you do this in a Group only 1 Member can loot this Hat and has to share it to the others!
* As long as you are on the follow-up quest from Clues Abound you can loot the ring from the lurker and the pirate hat from the oil. You don't need to be on their associated quest. I was on Time for Heroics and got the pirate hat and the ring

  1. Aim High - Daily quest that can popup, kill rustwing mobs near where Rustfeather spawns. (I've only seen the corollary to save 8 gnomes).
  2. Taking the Air Out - Daily that's a followup with "A Direct Approach". According to comments, it's only happened once since 8.2 dropped. 
  3. Cogfrenzy's Construction Frenzy - I couldn't find any construction projects last time, but now I can fly and it should be a lot easier to complete! 

This meta-achievement involves collecting blueprints from various locations around Mechagon. This comment by Clarial is super helpful in outlining all the sources. The ones that I have left include:

Advanced Adventurer Augment
Buy from Quartermaster Honored
AntiGravity Pack
Rare: Rustfeather
Battle Box
Buy from Quartermaster Exalted
Blue Spraybot
Rare: Crazed Trogg, Data Anomaly
Emergency Powerpack
Daily Cogfrenzy's Construction Frenzy
Emergency Repair Kit
Daily Cogfrenzy's Construction Frenzy
Emergency Rocket Chicken
Rare: OOX-Avenger/MG
Encrypted Black Market Radio
3x Dailies from Steelsage Gao
Extraordinary Adventurer Augment
Buy from Quartermaster Revered
Holographic Digitalization Relay
Large Storage Fragment (quest) - Data Anomaly
Microbot XD
Paragon Rep - Rustbolt Supply crate
Orange Spraybot
Crazed Trogg, recycling requisition (daily)
Perfectly Timed Differential
Drop: King Mechagon
Rustbolt Pocket Turret
Rare: Enforcer KX-T57
Rustbolt Requisitions
Hard mode Reclamation Rig - Needs an item from Toys for Destruction
Rustbolt Resistance Insignia
Paragon Rep - Rustbolt Supply crate
Ultra-safe Transporter
Rare: Gear Checker Cogstar
Utility Mechanoclaw
Rare: Caustic Mechaslime

Junkyard apprentice (No screen capture of meta)
  • Requires Junkyard Scavenger (25) - Craft 250 items from Pascal-K1ng
    • Get Blueprint Canned Minnows from Deepwater Maw
    • Farm 6250 Spare Parts
    • Farm 750 Ionized Minnow - Use minnow vac)
    • Craft 250 canned minnow.

This one looks to be best completed during the drill rig or construction project events. They show up on the mini-map as cogwheels. It's definitely going to take me awhile. 

Big-ol Bronze
Rare: Rumblerocks
Fel Mint Green
Rare: Crazed Trogg
Mechagon Gold
Rare: Armored Vault Bot
Copper Trim
Lemonade Steel
Rare: Mr Fixthis, Scrap King
Fireball Red
Mechanized Chest drop
Overload Orange
Rare: Crazed Trogg, Rare: Fungarian Furor

Gnomeregan Forever 
Rare: Boggac Skullbash, Mechagonian Nullifier
Mimiron's Brainstorm
Battle of Gnomeregan
Data Anomaly
Depths of Ulduar -
Rare: Boilburn, Rare: Gemicide, Ol' Big Tusk
Triumph of Gnomeregan
Rare: Steel Singer Freza, Box of Assorted Parts

Complete daily [Toys for Destruction]  x 5

For me, here are the remaining rares:

Spawn Timer: 
/way 22.02 69.17 Paol Pondwader (kill)
/way 38.21 53.02 RumbleRocks (kill)
/way 58.65 23.58 Uncle T'Rogg (kill)
/way 64.13 78.86 RustFeather (blueprint)
/way 61.25 60.49 Mr Fixthis (exothermic)
/way 72.27 50.12 Scrap King (drop)
/way 52.98 62.38 Enforcer KX-T57 (drop)
/way 81.94 21.35 Crazed Trogg (blue, orange)
/way 56.88 52.10 Mechagonian Nullifier (vinyl)
/way 25.29 77.55 Steel Singer Freza (vinyl)

Found at a Drill Rig 
/way 68.39 48.27 Kleptoboss
/way 72.85 54.06 Gorged Gear Cruncher
/way 66.46 58.81 Caustic Mechaslime
/way 55.64 26.37 Boggac Skullbash (vinyl)
/way 59.78 67.05 Gemicide (vinyl)
/way 51.2 50 Boilburn (vinyl)
/way 56.22 35.92 Big Ol' Tusks (vinyl)

Alternate Timeline:
/way 57.21 58.38 Rusty Prince (bring vault key if during Chromie's quest)
Gear Checker Cogstar - shows up after several sentries killed.

Need quest or item:
  1. Leachbeast (kill)
    1. /way 61.03 61.45 Weather Alteration Machine
    2. /way 57.16 62.58 Oxidized Leachbeast 
  2. The Doppel Gang (kill)
    1. Complete Cogfrenzy's daily 3x, get 3 pressure valves,
    2. /way 80.95 20.17 use pressure valves
  3. Fungariun Furor (orange)
  4. OOX-Avenger/MG  (blueprint)
    1. Stage 1: confirm that there is a Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Rustbolt active.
      1. /way 72.8 38.0 Oglethorpe Obnoticus
    2. Stage 2: find and kill OOX-Fleetfoot/MG (chicken can be all over the zone)
      1. /tar OOX-Fleetfoot/MG
      2. It is running around the area and you have to use slow and stuns. Has 6 mils hp
      3. After you kill it there will be an alarm that spawns the rare
    3. Stage 3: Go to the mountain west of the Bondo's Yard and kill the rare
      1. /way 56.77 39.89 OOX-Avenger/MG
    4. note: It seems the more people who successfully repair a Dismantled OOX-35/MG the more they will run back to Oglethorpe Obnoticus until he has enough to upset Tinkmaster Overspark (you will hear Overspark complaining about chickens). Once that happens you can start /tar OOX-Fleetfoot/MG. Chances are there will be so many people repairing chickens left and right that doing a sweep for OOX-Fleetfoot/MG at random intervals will land you one

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Why am I NOT Flying (a bee)?

As I log into the game, it appears that about 1/3 of all players have completed the Pathfinder 2 achievements to unlock flying. Due to a combination of a family vacation, a US holiday (long weekend) and kids off for summer (aka, get to sleep in, so they stay up later), I've had less than the usual amount of time to play the last month.

Disneyland fireworks "Let it snow" (more)

Summer Vacay

Due to my bad planning, we took a week-long vacation the very same week that patch 8.2 dropped. My oldest is about to graduate high school, and about to start university. I wanted a chance to expose her to a few colleges in the state, so we headed to the beaches for a few days by San Luis Obispo (UCSB, Cal Poly SLO), then spent 4 days at Disneyland (discarding any plans to see LA and San Diego colleges). Upon our return from SoCal, we met up with my parents and aunts and uncles for a 4th of July family reunion. Equating to roughly 2 weeks away from Azeroth.

Rep Grind is a Long Grind

As of today (July 22nd), I am about 80% of the way to revered for both the Naz'jatar and Rustbolt factions. At this rate, I expect to unlock flying by the end of the month.

I haz contracts. New to BFA was the reputation contract. I suggest purchasing the Rustbolt contract as the Naz faction has a regular emissary quest available. I was a bit disappointed that none of the dailies (blue !) or the follower quests rewarded any rep; only the world quests. Starting off in Naz, you have so few WQ to actually do.

Darkmoon Faire starts again next month. If I don't have it by then, I could always fly out and get the DMF party hats!

My Son has Started Playing (again)

With his summer vacation 2/3 over, he's been playing a bit of WoW while he's home. He made it to 120 over the winter break back in December and has only been able to play a little each weekend. (between everything else he plays). This left him at a pitiful 305 gear score. Benthic gear has been extremely helpful for him. For only 5 pearls a pop, I was able to purchase him a full set of gear and raise his ilevel to almost 385. This allowed him to swap from questing as a tank DH and over to the DPS spec. He now looks like one of Davy Jones Crew from the Pirates of the Carribean

He's very excited about the rares popping up in Mechagon. In one day, he managed to kill Rustfeather 5 times before realizing that he wasn't able to loot the bird but once a day. Low-pop server and demon hunter mobility for the win. He did manage to get the awesome blueprint for the anti-gravity pack, so he can fly around in the meantime!

While not in Mechagon, he's also started doing old raid mount runs. Last I watched was Warlord's Mythic Hellfire Citadel. He's trying to acquire the Felsteel Annihilator. The changes to the first "boss" made this trivial once he knew what to do. His only real big issue was the Kilrogg fight as the boss would despawn when he filled his bar. Flipping to DPS and killing him faster solved the issue.


Like you all, I am waiting patiently for the super cute bee mount. It appears the secret finders agree that the bee is not available yet; "possibly 8.2.5 or 8.3". Icy-veins has combined a number of data-mined resources for this mount. 

I still believe that this will be loosely based on the Horde Kua'fon mount quest chain. The necklace drop and later raising Bumbles could be simply the first step in the chain. Let's re-organize the quests from Icy-veins into this order. The story could be something like:
  1. The Usurper - Shortly after you're introduced to the bee queen, she is killed by someone? A naga?
  2. A Royal Awakening - Bumbles is realized to actually be descended from royalty. You must do some 'leveling' with her to reach queenship. (leveling may also killing the opposing usurper's followers).
  3. A New Queen - Bumbles starts to get followers as the new queen winning over followers.
  4. A Defender Emerges - You must help Bumbles defend her queendom.
  5. Defender of the Hive - Rep grind portion as you raise your rep up to besties with Bumbles.
  6. One of the Hive - Now that you are besties with queen bumbles, she grants you one of her drones as your mount. 


You go to complete a new quest in Stormsong, get clobbered then wake up only to find yourself turned INTO A BEE and framed for the murder of the old queen. Continue the story from above, but raising yourself as the new bee queen! Surprise! The BEE mount with you being the actual BEE and you can carry a friend.

The Essence of Play

The biggest addition to patch 8.2 (IMHO) has been the essence system on top of our Heart of Azeroth. I've spent a bit of time these last two weeks, trying to get essences. Basically, at Rank 2, the top four essences all perform about the same, so it basically comes down to which is your favorite activity. 

Ref: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/affliction-warlock-pve-dps-essences
  1. Condensed Life-Force is from killing bosses in the new Eternal Palace raid. 
  2. Crucible of Flame is from leveling your heart of Azeroth. 
  3. Blood of the Enemy is from PVP. 
  4. Essence of the Focusing Iris is from Mythic+ dungeons. 
I haven't been available to raid, I don't feel like PVP (realm is unbalanced and I get discouraged) and I haven't looked for a m+ group to run low-level dungeons with. I did manage to get into a M+10 last Sunday, but we wiped on the rock monster in Motherlode a couple times and missed the timer by about 2 minutes. Maybe if I am bored this weekend, I'll try pugging and M+4 and see what I get.


My oldest daughter has encouraged me to fire up the old Pokemon Go again. She spends a fair amount of time (and money) at the local mall which has around 22 different poke stops. Her and her boyfriend spend the afternoon there catching pokemon, and participating in gym/raid battles.

I have a quest for you! I need 3 new Pokemon friends. I recently shared this out on twitter as well and those don't count. I send gifts whenever I have them in stock!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Glory of the Legion Hero at 120(+)

Now that we're up to into BFA and have a gear score over 370, going back to solo Legion dungeons is rather painless. With 10 levels, your toon can walk passed most trash mobs and quickly take down those that you need to engage. The achievement Glory of the Legion Hero has 26 meta achievements. Several of those you may have already completed as you played through the area. I found that I completed about half of them already on either my paladin or hunter toons. Since the achievements are account bound, you can complete them in any order, on any toon. There are 3 achievements that you'll need 5 people.

Eye of Azshara

  • But You Say He's Just a Friend - burn down boss, don't kill trash. don't have boss spear shellbreakers.
  • Stay Salty - boss summons droplet adds. do nothing to adds until 10 are there. boss puts debuff on you that expires in a focused spray. Use that spray to kill 10 droplets at the same time.  The problem I had is boss only calls player # * 2 of droplets. So if trying to solo, you have to not kill any droplets for 5 waves of adds. Having more players in the dungeon would make this go faster!
  • Ready for Raiding V - avoid bosses abilities. 
Darkheart Thicket
  • Burning Down the House - pull boss to 5-15% health, stop all dps. kite him through voidzones until he has 10 stacks, kill boss. 
  • Egg-cellent! - Egg behind Dresaron. Open it before starting boss fight.
Neltharion's Lair
  • Can't Eat Just One - let boss eat 4 adds and will probably eat you two times, have healing pot or healthstone.
  • Got to Ketchum All - yeah pokemon. Need to squish 7 snails in dungeon using a ketchum tablet bought in dungeon. 2 snails need something to get them near you. My warlock was able to fear or shadowfury them both. This caused them to move. DON'T KILL SNAILS before you smash 'em with tablet.
Halls of Valor
  • I Got What You Mead - need at least 4 people. Kill first 3 bosses to open up path to Odyn's area. 4 people each grab a jug of mead off tables. Splash the four bosses simultaneously. 
  • Surge Protector - burn down the boss before adds cast Surge
  • Stag Party - 
Assualt on Violet Hold
Vault of the Wardens
  • I Ain't Even Cold - when boss casts a line of lava pools, run through all of them to get debuff. kill boss while debuff active.
  • A Specter, Illuminated - two specters are only visible using the light of elune. Need to carry it back the elevator to find them. (click on title for detailed comment)
  • Who's Afraid of the Dark? - burn her down to 45%, she'll cast creeping doom. run through the gates, pick up orb to find and kill add, finish off the boss. 
Black Rook Hold
Maw of Souls
  • Clean House - burn down boss or soak all pools he summons.
  • Arcanic Cling - burn down boss to avoid his damaging ability.
  • No Time to Waste - avoid timeless wraiths as you are running back to the last boss.
Court of Stars

Bee Math

So you've finally realized that the Bee Mount is the absolute BEST mount in the entire game. You want one, no, NEED one right now. OK, ...