Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Protection Paladin Mage Tower Woahs

How I feel about Highlord's Return.
I am STILL working on my protection paladin mage tower. I was actually really excited to hear that patch 8.0 did not drop today. No, it hasn't been super easy now that my weapon is overpowered. I am at roughly 70+ attempts, with 40 of those being in the last 3 days. I've read the guides, watched numerous videos, but I still can't seem to complete this challenge. (It would be my second completed)

At moment, I am running 946 item level and my artifact is overpowered to 136. I have the awesome Tyelca pants, but I don't have Sephuz's Secret like many guides suggest. This typically means that I have been not dying to health issues, but because of too many stacks of the aura (10 stacks hurt), flying off the platform or Velen not fighting off the horrors and dying. I've seen ~1% (i.e. 500k health on Kruul) ONCE! Your helper is released and does DPS the second phase and actually did 200k DPS after I died. Meaning, I was 300k health away from winning this challenge!! (*#&$ If I could have only hit the pally bubble before death. /sigh

I have progressed. My biggest improvements in gameplay have come from Darkmech's video. Now, the video itself is useful, but the biggest improvement came with his /focus macros. Yeah, stupid 'use this ability on /focus' type of macro.

Game preparation:
  • Macro for Judgement + Avenging Wrath
  • Macro for Avenger's Shield /focus
  • Macro for Hammer of Justice /focus
  • Macro for Rebuke /focus
  • Mapped Repentance to Q and HOJ macro to E
  • Rebuke macro is on mouse button 4
  • Taunt is currently on mouse button 5
  • DBM - Challenge mode addon is active
  • Weak Auras is running, but may not be triggering correctly. 

Scenario Preparation:
  • Flask of Countless Armies  - strength buff so extra dps
  • Defiled Augment Rune       - strength buff 
  • Bear Tartare                        - run speed buff when killing enemies
  • Set focus to Inquisitor        - macros and weak auras tend to trigger off /focus settings
Now the fight actually begins.
  1. Start fight with my macro for Judgement + Avenging Wrath then click Seraphim. may combine into a single macro. 
  2. DPS until 5-6 stacks of Aura.
  3. Take out the first eye that spawns. (run speed buff from food)
  4. Run down to Velen, and get ready for first horrors to spawn. 
  5. Bring them back to Inquisitor. More DPS after the stacks drop. 
  6. Continue loop until Kruul jumps down, then change focus to Kruul.
  7. My best attempt at Kruul had me simply kiting him around the platform until I had completely filled the entire platform with green gooey circles. Dying in a circle attempting to run towards one of Velen's orbs.
My issues:
  • I get too many stacks of Aura of Decay. 
  • I get knocked off the platform by an infernal. 
  • DBM is really noisy. I am not paying attention to the dozen or so alerts that are triggering and simply missing the casts. 
  • I don't think any of the weak aura's are working. I copied Darkmechs and tried a couple of ones off Wago.io.
  • If I make it to Kruul, I miss a Twisted Reflection cast and heal him back up (i.e. I've seen him at 80% health, when starts at 33%).
I've been keeping the frustration down, by only attempting this fight while using a defiled augment rune. When I run out, I stop for the night. I have been managing to acquire on average 12 runes one a toon each day. Now that I have one more week and my weapon is only getting stronger each day, this SHOULD get easier, right?? I'd really love to get the weak auras working. I may just delete all the auras I have already imported and try them again. Maybe the author put in character specific triggers? Maybe using spell names and not ids? 

How it typically ends.

Update: 7/11/2018 - Gear drop caused a re-roll of all my stats. I took this opportunity to shuffle in more haste stacking gear. This increased my DPS rather considerably.  (For those that use AMR, I swapped to "AGGRESSIVE" from (dungeon friendly) "CONSERVATIVE")

AMR Gearing Strategies

I am now getting the bosses to transition faster. I also changed my legendary Breastplate of the Golden Val'kyr for the Pillars of Inmost Light. Pilar's has a nice buff to the artifact weapon's ability "Eye of Tyr". I've also created a macro to apply a [Potion of Prolonged Power] when casting [Eye of Tyr]. I attempted the run about 8 more times with this configuration and got to Kruul most of the times, but also got killed before completing the challenge. I got killed by being knocked off enough times, that I decided to have my engineer make a few (hundred) Goblin Gliders. Shall I bind to the glider to "Z"??

The last issue remaining, the Weak Aura's are still not working. I noticed that the weak aura is in German so all the spell abilities and the trigger of zone information was not English or using spell #s. I've updated the WA copy, but it's still failing. If I get them working, I'll post them here. :)

Update 7/13/2018:

I got a number of the weak auras working. First was the [load] function on the group was tied to the zone name. Fixed that, then fix each aura by looking at the 'trigger' tab, searching up the spell, and replacing with the spell # (off WowHead) instead of the spell name. In many ways, using the Wowhead Prot Pally guide was easiest to find the exact spell (like drain life). This was most helpful with Aura of Decay. Seeing the stacks and then the stacks dropping was nice to maintain DPS.

And then this happened!
Last night it finally happened! I had only one defiled rune left to go. By now I am consistently getting Variss down and progressing to phase 2. I am finding if I don't kite Kruul, he doesn't jump, so not as much green stuff on the ground. I have been kicked off at least 6 times by infernal stomp so I am starting to reliably side-stepping it when it comes down. My biggest surprise was when it was over. I hadn't even realized how close I was when Kruul was moved to the center and stunned.

Final thoughts:

  • (try to) Save Avenger's Shield for Twisted Reflection. If you're glowing, you're healing Kruul. Die or go find a Velen ball to drop the debuff. 
  • Interrupt Annihilation as often as possible, and use damage mitigation when you can't. 
  • You can run through the blue bars that go across the screen. They were working like the waves that push back during the last boss of Arcway. 
  • Keymap goblin gliders for that 1:10 chance you'll get knocked off. You have about half a second to trigger the glider before you are too low to get back on the platform. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Legion's Mythic+ Dungeon Final Impressions

Yesterday, Ythisens posted a question on the WoW forums asking for final impressions on the Mythic+ dungeons.
With Legion coming to a close we thought we might try something a little different and collect some specific feedback on things. While we normally are reading tons of posts you guys make and sharing the details internally, we want to try collecting focused feedback to ensure your opinions are being heard. We're still doing our usual methods but want to see if this can be something we use going forward.  
For the first one we're going to try one focused on Mythic+! We want to hear everything you guys have on this feature we introduced in Legion. What you think it does well, what you think it doesn't, ways you'd like to see it go, how did it work throughout the course of the expansion, etc.  
Also a friendly note that just because you see it here doesn't mean it will be changed or added - and this topic is not an indication of future feature development.

Mythic+ dungeons have been my staple end-game content for this expansion. I was able to encourage two co-workers to come back to WoW from a decent hiatus to see the revamped Karazhan dungeon, and they stuck around doing mythic+ dungeons with me since then. We've had our ups and downs. We've had absolutely spotless +15 runs and absolutely atrocious +11 runs in the same week. We've had runs were everyone got at least one upgrade and weeks where some of us got absolutely no upgrades (my hunter got 980 mythic+14 titanforged boots and they've never let me live it down). Here's my take on the good, bad and ugly of Mythic+ dungeons for small groups.

Raider.IO:1574 967 ILVL
Raider.IO:1308 942 ILVL

The Good

  • Small guild/group friendly - My current guild group consists of 3 friends (including myself). This means that we never had enough to fill a raid group. As this would require pugging at least 7, we seldom raided. Sure we all did LFR, and I've seen Normal Antorus at least twice filling in pug spots, but we'll never make up a mythic raid team in our current guild group. 
  • Quick Gear upgrades - Upon reaching 110, it is REALLY easy to get a new toon up to a 920-940 gear score, if you have a decent group (and some decent RNG). 
  • Alt Friendly - Midway through the expansion, our healer rolled a new character. Using leveling to 110 and relinquisher tokens he replaced most of his boost gear. With two of us in the group fairly well geared up, we could quickly run lower level mythic+ dungeons carrying him as a healer. As he was playing a shaman, I ran my hunter and handed over all my drops that he could use. Within 2 weeks, we'd replaced most of his gear with 930 level items. 
  • More variety - Unlike raiding, we were not tied to a specific routine. By the end of the expansion, we had so many dungeon options to run. If the affixes didn't play well with a trash or even specific bosses mechanics, the group could pick a different dungeon to run. Teeming plus Lower Kara, ugh! If we had to pull in a pug, we could choose a lower level key. 
  • Mythic+ Dungeon Invitational - This really spotlighted some creative ways to play the dungeons. I was really surprised to see the creative ways that groups would attempt to solve some of the mechanics to get through a dungeon quickly (i.e. EOA-boat skip, invisibility potions, and even purposeful death to trash in order to skip larger portions of trash). My one wish was that this happened sooner!! 

The Bad

  • PUG roulette -
    At the start of the expansion, the guild had the four of us, plus a couple who played primarily PVP. After a few dungeon disasters, the PVPers dropped from the rotation and we needed to pug the last two DPS slots. Somedays you would get an awesome player who did all the mechanics perfectly, and absolutely helped the team finish the dungeon. On other days, you'd get someone who either didn't know the mechanics or didn't care and would attempt to blast through the mechanics. Top it off, if the same guy who disregarded killing the explosive balls caused a wipe(?)  then would drop group before completing the dungeon leaving us all in a lurch. 
  • Crafted Gear/ Gear tokens / LFR - Very quickly did we realize that mythic+ gear would outstrip the basic gear you could craft, purchase or dropped from LFR. For me, this soured the content. My hunter was 940 by the time I completed opening up the Argus quest chain. He can now solo all the argus world bosses with basic damage mitigation (often by simply letting Bunsen or Cork (fka Chromaggus) tank for me). Why should I even bother running Argus World Quests?? 

The Ugly

  • Affix + High keys = Dramatically More Difficult - Our last ALL guild group was a mythic+10 Black Rook Hold. This was our first attempt at a dungeon with all three affixes. At the time, we probably had an average (team) ilevel of 900. Sadly we never made it TO the first boss as the mechanics kept killing us. With the 10, we likely had a fortified key, causing increased trash damage. We now had to worry about pull size and LOS mechanics.. It was a big surprise that we weren't ready for. 
  • Gotta Get Gud:
    With PUGs it's hard to 'learn' the mechanics first hand. They are not always that friendly to tanks learning the one-shot mechanics. I had to quit playing my protection paladin because I wasn't learning fast enough. Even with DBM, I wasn't predicting the mechanic good enough to avoid dying to it.  Over the last few weeks, I've focused on my hunter (with his awesome RNG luck) and let a guildie to tank (on his blood DK).
  • Mythic RAID vs Mythic+ dungeon - Unfortunately there's still a stigma that dungeons are inferior to raids. I've completed a Mythic+15 dungeon on time, but I can't easily get a normal Antorus pug invite because I don't have AOTC. From my experience, the mechanics of mythic+ dungeons have taught me skills that I've never really needed before. Using my hunter's frost trap and feigning death to skip trash packs after everyone's passed. Using protection pally damage mitigation abilities only when needed and not on cooldown (seems obvious, but not something I worried about until dying to one-shot mechanics on a +15). I can't speak to my ability in an actual mythic raid, but I do feel comfortable that I can kill Serpentrix on Mythic+13 and still get a +2 chest (oddly with only one of my legendaries equipped because I just tamed Fenryr).
  • Rush, Rush, Rush - The former guild leader came back to WoW after almost a year hiatus. She was absolutely down with running dungeons, learning the mechanics and taking down bosses. Unfortunately, after several runs of the same dungeon, even with new affixes, it got boring. There were no mechanics involved, but simply steamrolling the trash and boss as quickly as possible. Sadly she left before 7.3.2 caused all of the dungeons to be much more difficult. If she did stick around, I think she would have really enjoyed running Nighthold and we may have raided more.

Going forward into BfA

Overall, the Mythic+ dungeon process has been fairly pleasant. Add-ons like Raider.IO's Mythic+ scores have helped with pulling in pug'd players. Late in the expansion, we're starting to see people with high raider.io scores, but no skill (IMHO a bought +15 run).  I believe that the 'community' UI coming in BfA may help with this as well. I personally believe that my group's primary reason for not reaching higher keys is group consistency. If we had 5 reliable players, we could communicate reliably, accept some loss to learn the mechanics and everyone profits. Having to fill positions each time, kept us from exceeding +14 comfortably.

Some affixes are absolutely unpuggable, especially without voice communication. This week's affixes have me cringing with Explosive + Teeming + Fortified. More Trash and More Health = More Explosive Balls. This goes back to a reliable communicative group. Without everyone on discord(?) we are limited to calling out on type-chat. I don't know about you, but running from snake vomit and tab targetting and calling out BALLS! in chat is just too much to do.

Mythic+ dungeons are the direct child of challenge mode dungeons from MoP. With the challenge modes, we had direct rewards (achievements, mounts, cosmetic appearances, etc.) for completing a dungeon in a specific time. I'd love to see some of this brought back to Mythic+ dungeons. I feel that the higher level dungeons, require a level of commitment and dedication. They are similar to raiding and could easily have 'similar' rewards. [Keystone Master] rewarding the nice artifact appearance was nice. How about a title 15+ on multiple dungeons? Mount for completing ALL dungeons at 15+? (I request to be carried around by the Curator).

Forum Feedback

I've been reading the other (22+ pages) of posts and want to provide my opinion on these.

"Mythic+ dungeons should never reward gear higher than Heroic/Mythic raids." 
  1. If you lower the ILVL of the rewards, you will remove the incentive. 
  2. If you remove the incentive, you'll have less prepared people running high key Mythic+ dungeons.
  3. If you have less well-geared people running Mythic+ dungeons, you'll only have masochist and under geared people trying to push higher keys. 
  4. See LFR
Personally, I would not still be running mythic+15 dungeons if I only got a piece of 915/930 gear from the Tuesday loot box. They are much too complicated to pug solo and the guild group would be in my same situation. I've already started working on other things like leveling an alt, working on taming a few more legion pets and finalizing those mage tower appearances that I still want before BfA.

"I need to run mythic+ dungeons to be competitive in raiding."
That is an option. So was doing PVP back in Warlords. Running 10-man and 25-man raid back in Wrath. These are all gearing strategies that people will exploit if they exist. A mythic+15 dungeon with a good (heroic raid buffed) group should take about half an hour. (what's another 30 minutes on Monday night after your raid?) The MDI shown people running +20s in less than 20 minutes. Honestly, how is this not part of someone's normal rotation? Of course, if they are running Mythic raids after the average player's score reaches 950/960 would be solely based on replacing items with a warforged or titanforged item.

If you are LOOSING people from the raid group, because of Mythic+ dungeons? 

"Mythic+ dungeons led to a heroic dungeon go-go-go mentality."
One must not forget that this is the end of the expansion. Most players in 930 gear could solo a mythic 0 dungeon (I just tamed Fenryr, remember?). Heroic dungeons are a step lower in difficulty and item drop levels. The ONLY reason I am running a heroic dungeon at this point in the expansion is for the 20-30 wakening essence rewarded at the end. AP, Legendary drops (so very rare), and loot are all but pointless. A heroic dungeon rewards, what 1 billion AP(?). I get more from my class hall quests. The loot is all sub-880 gear, aka vendor gold. The extremely rare chance for a legendary drop isn't worth it personally. 

"blah blah class balance blah blah" 
We experienced this. Our healer spun up a new toon for Legion as a mistweaver monk. He had a lot of fun for most of the mythic dungeons, but never felt well equipped. He ended up boosting a resto shaman. He had raided as resto shaman back in Wrath(?) so this was an easy transition. He felt the AOE heals of the shaman were easier and more useful in mythic+ dungeon situations. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home

Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twitter:
and thought, with 960 gear, this should be EASY. I'll just go in and one shot everything, burn down the two bosses and I'll have me Fenryr doing my bidding. Unfortunately, reality didn't agree.

First off, packs of three require a bit of coordination. CC the caster, misdirect another, and make sure tank pet doesn't die. Packs larger than 3 require even more effort. I probably died about 4 times, actually just trying to kill the second trash pack of 2 casters, 2 berzerkers and the drake. OK, that method wasn't working.

I found on WoWhead, people suggesting flipping to Marksman then simply using camouflage to get up to boss. I did this. After each death, swap to MM, run as quickly as possible back to Fenryr, then try again. THEN I had to logoff..

When I came back all the  trash I managed to kill had respawned. Annoying, but still not a big deal. Camouflage myself a little bit longer. The 'spell' lasts 1 minute, perfectly fine for running all the way there when using cheetah speed.

Unfortunately, after all that, I did manage to kill Fenryr (the boss) but Fenryr, my (soon-to-be) pet, isn't there.

Then I found this video by Bambuzel. It's a year old, prior to any mythic dungeon difficulty upgrades, but it gives some good strategies. My first thing was to compare (and replicate) his talent spec. I had been running the "zoo" spec from Icy-veins. Next, I loved seeing him successfully pull off feign death to drop aggro for each of the trash mobs. (now to be part of my rotation while in dungeons). I also took note and replicated his trap placement for phase 2 (8:18) [i.e. tar trap in front of boss, ice trap in front of me] and movement into the cave to end the fight.

 My last tweak was to modify my misdirect macro. During the Skittish affix last week, I created this macro to continuously refocus mobs back onto my tank.

/cast [@focus,exists] Misdirection;[@pet,exists] Misdirection

I added a second line to the macro to /cast mend pet every time this macro was ran. I bound this to my fourth mouse button, so I could spam it regularly. On mouse button five is typically my interrupt, I swapped that to intimidation which stuns the pets target. This allowed my pet-tank to keep the wolf-adds on him and not me.

With all this in place, I reset the dungeon, and tried again. I managed a perfect run, no deaths, and completed within 10 minutes (video possibly to come soon).

Feeling Ambitious

Checking Bambuzel's other videos, I saw that he also had a video on how to tame Jetwing. This is a tamable black gryphon flying around in the Hinterlands. (IF you have the tome purchasable in the class hall).  He is a rare spawn and has a very small flight path, between Valorwing lake and a mountain nearby. So I ported to Ironforge, then flew north to Hinterlands. To help out, I added his ID (16872) to npcscan and flew around in circles for about an hour. No luck, but I did find the Feathermane guide and decided to search for the others. 

Hmm, Wolfhawk. This is the EASIEST tame. There are 3 color variants to the wolfhawk. They all reside in similar caves on the back side of the Eye of Azshara dungeon location. Fly there, pick a color and tame, done. One note.. DO NOT BRING A FOLLOWER! I had Rexar on follow and he killed the green wolfhawk before I could tame it. Had to fly back to Dalaran, release him from duty, then fly back to tame blue. 

Second, Owlcat. I loved the colors on the very lost feathermane kitten, so off to Suramar. By default he's stealthed, but has a predictable stop at coordinates posted in the guide. I went to the coordinates, popped flare, and he immediately started attacking me. tamed. Named him FuzzlesJr because he reminds me of  the druid owlbeast form and Fuzzles is the healer in my guild. 

Third, Netherbeak. Netherbeak is a stealthed hippogryph that is flying around a building in Azsuna. 

When I landed by this building, I actually found one of the blue and gold grand hippogryphs flying right there, so I tamed him first! 

Next, I flew around for about 20 minutes around this spot. I still don't know how to 'enable track hidden' as the guides state. I had actually just told my son "oh well, I give up." when he said, "dad, he's attacking you!". Land on roof top and tamed Netherbeak.

This brings Erlenmyer upto 18 hunter pets! IKR!? In keeping with my 'scientific terminology' names for this toon:

  • Fenryr a wolf, named him Wavelength
  • Cliffwing Hippogryph, named him Helium
  • Netherbeak, I just renamed back to Netherbeak because that seemed appropriate.
  • Very Lost Feathermane = FuzzlesJr in honor of Fuzzles. Sadly he didn't notice the name during our +12 Upper Kara. 
Still need to name the blue wolfhawk. Thinking of naming him Kelvin as it mirrors his NPC name of Kveldulfnir.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring Update

I have seen all the bosses of Antorus at least once on my hunter. Paladin has seen 'most' in tank spec, with someone else taking over passed Kingaroth (skipped Coven and Varimatharas). DPS having a lower level of expectation, my hunter has made it all the way through (except for ... pug killer kingaroth).

With that, I do have AOTC, via a friend-of-friend. He did a 'perky pugs' style raid run and pulled in a bunch of all-stars to help a few of us get the achievement. I did manage to pull some dps, just not the top of the charts, dps like others.

This same friend, also worked with us to get some of the achievements towards [glory of the argus raider].

  • [Remember the Titans] - CC one of each of the titans that spawn during coven fight. They picked the one wall opposite the stairs and CC'd the titan along that wall. 
  • [Hard to Kill] - tanks simply triggered every single trap running across bridge. Take it slow enough that healers can top off.
  • Don't Sweat the Technique - Instead of the tanks swapping directions, the rest of the raid needs to swap. Stand behind, stand in front, stand behind, etc. We had a warlock banish the add. My hunter frost trapped it once until banish cd came off. Besides the raid move (call out in discord), the tanks had to taunt perfectly so as to not get hit by knockback. I believe they stood at (10 & 2) behind tank while rest of us stood at 12 and 6. 
While I was in the group, we never completed Stardust Crusaders. I was one of the DPS that didn't release and res.. We attempted a couple times to get the achievement. I found a weak aura that 'helped' but I believe the raid leader needed something like that.. I believe we 'really' needed to wait until ~ 5% health and 6 of them to spawn. We were attempting it at 5 orbs, so only perfect amount of orbs to collect.. 

The guild is still running pugged mythic+ dungeons on a weekly basis. We're kinda stuck at the +14/15 level. None of my toons have experienced anything over +14 at the moment. Due to guildie having 3 different toons (tank, dps and healer), we swap out tanking duties. He's doing quite a bit better learning the fight intricacies, so he tanks more often.

My paladin is hovering around 945/947 for gear. No tier items yet so it's hurting her progress getting into raiding (except for 915 lfr editions).

My hunter on the other hand has gotten some nice RNG luck and pulled down 2 titanforged (980 boots and 985 bracers) items from the weekly loot box. This has pushed him to 957. Top this off with 2 Antorus tier pieces, with a third in the bags waiting for it's partner.

Legacy Raids/Dungeons

Glory of the Firelands Raider
Firelands = Stormwind/Orgrimmar -> Hyjal portal -> fly south, entrance is in middle of lava field).

  • Been looking at the legacy raid/dungeon achievements. I found that I am only 2 away on [Glory of the Firelands Raider], i.e. Bucket List and Only the Penitent. Paladin runs out there to do Bucket List, in full armor, and manages to kill boss via enchants (Army). Sigh, I don't seem to be able to zone out and run in 10-man vs 25-man mode?? Only the Penitent is going to require more players. It appears 5 more people in voice chat. The rest of the achievements are trivial at 110. 

Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Dalaran:Legion -> portals -> Wyrmrest Accord (chromie scenarios) -> fly north to Ulduar.

  • [Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare] is keeping me from finishing the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider] (i.e. the 25 man version).

[Glory of the Raider]

... Wyrmrest -> East to Naxx.

 Ran Naxxaramas with a guildie and we got separated. He did one wing while I did another. He got all those achievements, while I got the ones in mine zone. Now need to go back and complete them again.

Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25) - Ran half of raid in NORMAL mode and didn't get any achievements, then realized and changed raid. Still need to complete [Been waiting a long time for this (25)].

Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
Dalaran:Legion -> portals -> Caverns of Time -> follow map.
  • Ran Dragon Soul for the first time all the way through. Soloing Deathwing's spine was interesting. Not 'hard' on a 110 paladin, but hard in the since of what am I doing? 

Mage tower - paladin made 30 attempts one day last week. Still not getting any closer on finishing first mini-boss off. Like proving grounds of WoD, I think I am missing the majorly obvious mechanic.

PVP Prestige - sigh.. Usually, PVP on paladin isn't so bad, but last few weeks, the alliance just can't win. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Post 7.3.5 Revisiting My Warlock Talents

While playing with my friends has me spending more of my time on my Alliance toons, I still try to find time to play and level up Elkagorasa. Last night, I found a PUG that was running a +6 Eye of Azshara. The group leader, FindMuck is another warlock and consistently did quite a bit better damage than me. Reviewing his armory page, I found that he's both 20 ilevel lower than me and isn't gemmed or enchanted at all. Top it off, he only has a single legendary item equipped and no tier gear set bonuses. On the charts, I should have been out doing his DPS by a 100k+.

realized class hall chest has tattoos.
going red with fancy hat.

So.. What is the difference?? I know my rotation was clunky.

  1. Agony
  2. Corruption
  3. Siphon Life
  4. Unstable Affliction
  5. Haunt
  6. Drain Soul
Once I applied all my dots, I bounced around between DS and whatever was about to drop off. Usually dots 1,2,3 would all fall off about the same time. UA would drop a few seconds before or after. 

After the mythic+, we ran a few wings of the Antorus LFR together. During this, I set him as my /focus so I could watch what spells he was casting. One thing I immediately noticed was that he wasn't ever casting haunt (i.e. it's has a 1+ second cast time). I couldn't see any of his instant cast, but I could see a constant bounce between UA <=> DS. This led me to talents. Of course.  Reviewing the damage meters, I did see that he is casting the agony, corruption, plus some proc's. 

What I did find is Findmuck is/was running a much simpler talent build. No Haunt, no Siphon Life, and 'permanent corruption'. This would definitely explain his 3-button rotation. Agony -> Unstable Affliction -> Drain Soul, with Corruption and Phantom Singularity on cool down.

As it was LFR, and we just wiped on Imonar, I ported out (teleport out of dungeon), changed my spec's and repaired my gear, then popped back in. With that, my DPS charts went from 15-16 up to somewhere around 7-8. More practice with this simplified rotation. Maybe more moves of the buttons so they are in a better cast order.  Thinking...

The Phantom Singularity buff has a 16 second cool down, so likely only cast once per short trash fight, or maybe a couple times during a boss fight.  Instead of macroing it to apply with something else, I think I'll just squeeze it into my rotation like:

That's my plan. I'll check out my progress later this week to see if this helps. 

Protection Paladin Mage Tower Woahs

How I feel about Highlord's Return. I am STILL working on my protection paladin mage tower. I was actually really excited to he...