Sunday, March 22, 2015

Awesome!!! Oh.. Never mind

Today, while trying to finish the Kalimador Tamer achievement, I ran through Sithilus. Hey, while I am here, AQ, maybe I'll get one of the insect tank mounts.

Yeah! First trash, I get the mounts! Blue, green and yellow!! Woohoo! So I log out and hop to my warlock to grab my screenshot and then I saw the flavor text.

This (relatively) domesticated silithid is at home only in the desert sands of Ahn'Qiraj.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Thanks Tome Of Ancients

What an awesome surprise..

So, in honor of my new pet, I've renamed her Tomena. She's already done me proud by winning the daily battle against the Quintessence of Light.

Thanks for the mechanical scorpid!

Update: Well, thanks Tomena?! I spent 4 hours last night, running my priest around doing all the pet-battle quests. Guess what happened, she leveled. 90 -> 91. Sure half that XP was from opening the garrison, but she hasn't even gone far enough in the quest line to open the first profession building..

45 achievement points later, and almost 2am, I have now completed the Taming Kalimdor and Taming Outland achievements. At 94:100 for Master Pet Hunter and 210:250 for Going to Need More Leashes. Only need "Magic" for Family Reunion.

I guess, I should head back to Winterspring and look more for the Snowy Owl. Lots of alpine hare and chipmunk, but never saw this guy.. I did pickup the clockwork bear though!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Opening Garrison Pet Menagerie with Level 1 Pets!

Probably due to my wife's OCD rubbing-off on me, but I hated having the pet menagerie manager pestering me with a quest, that I had no ability or desire to complete. Sure, I could level up my pets from Ashenvale up through the various zones, until finally reaching max level, but why would I want to?!

Last weekend, I followed up on a comment by Grumpy Elf. He mentioned that I take the short (one-time) quest, Unearthed Magic, from my menagerie manager. This quest is available once on each level 100 toon. This quest provided me the Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. Someone mentioned that you should use the stone on either the Molten Corgi or the Terrible Turnip as they both have abilities that leave 1 health. Allowing you to tame more pets!

I chose the corgi for my starter pet. This left my pet party with a level 25 corgi, level 11 blighthawk and level 9 blizzard bear. The corgi was enough alone to carry the fights for the Pets versus Pests quest. Each is a 1 (pest) versus 3 (pet) fight. Only one of these fights, I had to run twice because the corgi died early on.

Druid up, she promotes the snail to 25. Less informed suggestion as I went to Internets and searched "ideal pet battle team". The pet is rare quality, but not sure it's a great choice for #2. Either way, I was able to use this two 25 team to capture a level 23 seagull right from my garrison, rounding out my current team.

With these three, I can finally start considering capturing pets again.. Maybe leave the corgi as my starter and re-visit all the starting areas to work on the 'pets of azeroth' achievement.. Leading to MOAR PETS!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Over Reaction to Proving Grounds

Not so bad..
Ok, I have to admit, I've given the proving grounds a bit of a hard time. Last night, I decided to give our relationship a second try and it wasn't so bad. Really!?

Last night, I was consistently making it to wave 5 or 6. A couple times, I saw the last fight. Worst off, I know what I am doing wrong. Moving way too much on this last fight. I think I need to stun the closest amber weaver, let far amber weaver encase the healer. So I can focus down the healer while he's disabled.

Due to my short term memory, I've started making notes of what to do. Primarily I want the positioning, so that I am not running between the two locations, mid fight. I think of it as a giant clock, with marks at the quarter hour with the 'front' edge is at 6 o'clock. Right off, I have put up my portal from 6 to 3 and parked my doomlord at the 9.
  1. Havoc lizard (right) focus fire down guardian. 
  2. Rain of fire on varmints, focus down lizard, fire and brimstone to cleanup remaining varmints.
  3. Move to 3, havoc far lizard, focus amber weaver, swap to closer lizard and refresh havoc. 
  4. Move back to 6. rain of fire on varmints, focus fire amber weaver.
  5. Rain of fire on varmints, burn down healer, interrupt first heal with ShaodwFury, should be down before second heal. 
  6. Move to 3. Havoc guardian, focus fire healer, cleanup lizard. 
  7. ?? 
  8. ?? 
I actually think it's close. Give me a handful more times to fail at this and I think I'll get it!! Maybe it did finally require me getting the correct combination of stats via my gear. Maybe the use of the doomlord is helping and I am not running out of time as often. Just need to work on my positioning for the last two fights and you'll see my happy post.. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bosses in 5-Seconds

BlizzardWatch, fka WoW Insider, has a wonderful segment hosted by Adam Koebel, Bosses in 5-Seconds. This is similar to what, like Salts does for his tanking guides, in that it provides a quick summary on the boss mechanics, focused for LFR. Last week Adam posted a short write-up of the 3 newest bosses released Hans & Franz, Flamebender Ka'graz and Kromog.

This is definitely something I want to keep on-hand. Always great to have something short and sweet to quote if all is going terribly bad..

Where's the BEAR?

Sunday, I had a few minutes, so I completed a speed run of Zul'Aman. During this speed run, I did successfully get the Bear-ly Made It achievement. Sadly, I didn't realized I needed to loot the bear. I thought (like this commenter) it would come in the mail, or immediately drop into my mounts (like ICC Raider achievement).
The mount is in Kasha's Bag, which drops from Halazzi’s prisoner. The bag is in a corner of the room, and is not immediately obvious. You have to loot the bag. I thought maybe the mount would come in the mail, or become automatically known. Not so. Loot the bag.
Thinking about it now, MAYBE it's in my bags.. Geesh, hate when I think of this at work. On the otherhand, my druid may need to run this dungeon soon..

Soloing this dungeons is effortless at 100. I ran straight to each of the bosses and was able to engage them. Sure I aggro'd mobs along the way, but I could AOE them down. Now, they are all level 85, so those 15 levels meant they didn't instant die from my rain of fire. Actually had to dps them a little.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quickie: A 6.1 Pleasant Surprise

Honestly, after the announcement of the Selfie camera in 6.1, I quit watching the patch notes. This means I missed some of the new recipes that came along for Alchemy. Tonight when I logon, I'll be running over to my alchemy hut, to pick-up the Tome of the Stones. This teaches how to create a i640 alchemy trinket. Combine this with a crafted belt, I should be Savagely Epic! Now I just need to find some shoulders, craft a belt and I'll be Savagely Epic.

And if you haven't seen this video linked on The Grumpy Elf, it's definitely worth a watch.. My spanish is terrible, ignore it. It's all about the subtitles.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Soloing ICC at level 100 for Achievements and Mount

A month ago, I decided for glory and heck, just to try my luck, I solo'd ICC in attempts to get the mount. I decided to run this with my druid because it seemed to provide me the best dps and heals combination. As you can imagine, there was not a single issue soloing this content. In fact, on a couple bosses, I killed them too fast and didn't get the achievement the first time through (full house). That is OK, because Once Bitten requires at least two attempts at the boss to complete the achievement. Plus, if like me (i.e. boosted druid), you need to clear the raid once on Normal, and a second time on Heroic.

UPDATED: As of last night, I have completed this and acquired my drake. Using the add-on 'RaidAchievement' helped with the Lich King achievement, and I would highly suggest it, just need to make sure you download the 'legacy' modules.

Here's been my strategy for each of these achievements so far:
  • Lord Marrowgar - Boned - burn him down quickly. Rumor is he won't 'bone' anyone when there's no one else. Dismiss pet. 
  • Lady Deathwhisper - Full House - End fight with Lady having at least 5 different types of adds. At 100 the adds and boss do like 100 damage. My troll self healing was doing more healing than all their damage combined. Start the fight, then go to restroom, get cup of coffee, eat a snack, then come back, single target down boss. 
  • Gunship - I'm on a Boat - End fight with no one visiting enemy boat more than twice. In my experience in both normal and heroic 10-man, I never had to visit the enemy boat once. Start fight, go straight to cannon, shoot. 
  • Deathbringer Saurfang - I've Gone and Made a Mess - Burn boss down. 

If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic: Storming the Citadel.
If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic Plagueworks.
  • Blood Council - Orb Whisperer - Burn Boss(es) down - Lots of AOE.
  • Blood-Queen Lana'thel - Once Bitten, Twice Shy - My strategy is burn down quick for first time, watch for bite at 45 seconds, and then burn down while bitten. 
UPDATE: Druid tried fight twice. Need the 'kill boss without being bitten' portion of achievement. First time, druid was bitten and let timer run out on bite. What I hadn't realized is that the bite causes possession. You get a new cast bar when it times out and need to pass the bite along. Sadly instant death. Second time, she died due to auto-attack after bite. Maybe I could have dispelled the bite on my druid? Good news, I found last night that the achievement for Once Bitten is account bound. So while my druid didn't have the DPS to burn down Lana'thel before first bite, my warlock grouped with a guild hunter, we had her down under 10 seconds. No one bitten.
If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic Crimson Hall
  • Valithria - Portal Jockey - This is where you need a healer. As feral cat, we have 2 healing spells. I simply healed her via the long heal a couple times. I had her at 100% before first add reached me. When at 100%, I got achievement. 
  • Sindragosa - All You Can Eat - Burn boss down
If you ran Heroic, you should also have the Heroic Frostwing Halls, only one achievement left.
  • Lich King - Been Waiting a Long Time for This - 30 stacks of necrotic plague combined on player and adds. This is so far, the hardest to solo. I kite the LK around his tower until 10-15 adds are chasing me around. The plague stacks on an add, if they don't die within 10 seconds, it disappears. If you kill it, the disease transfers to all within 10 yards. If you progress the boss to 70% health, he no longer infects with the plague. Strategy I've read was to get treant to tank boss, it will get plague most likely and die soon, causing plague to transfer to those immediately around it. Wait a few seconds, then kill boss. First time, I attacked the boss and almost immediately transitioned to phase 2. Second time, I let plague stack up rather high and died almost immediately from plague.. Even 20 levels higher, that's an Ouch! Of course, I am having a terrible time tracking the amount of stacks. Maybe it was closer to 50-60 stacks? Or maybe it was heroic 10-man? 
UPDATE: Finally successful. Absolutely needed the Achievement addon. On normal mode, start fight aggro Lich King, and do 0 damage to him. Sit wait until RaidAchievement pings you that you've hit 30 stacks, start fight. You will need heals. Each time the plague randomly came around to me again, it started doing damage near 15k-20k a tick. It sits on you for 10 seconds. Unfortunately I couldn't get the add-on to ping me when running the same boss again with a guildie. It saw that I had the achievement and wouldn't ping, or it couldn't determine when more than one player? Not sure. As a warlock / hunter combo, we couldn't survive when the 30+ stacks landed on either of us.. Ouch! So, plan is to bring in a healer next time for the achievement. Maybe have her run the addon so it will monitor her status..
I have noticed that I only need to run it in Normal from now on. I've gotten all 4 of the "Heroic ___" achievements and only need these 2. Just wish I could skip straight to LK and not have to clear the entire raid. On the other hand, maybe I'll bring along a guildie next time, so they can complete it as well.. :) 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Request for 6.2

I love the idea of the proving grounds, I just can't seem to get passed them as DPS. I really, really want to get my silver PG so that I can finally move on with the legendary quest chain. To my defense, I just don't have the patience to keep trying many more times. I go in about once a week, run the Silver 4-5 times and see how far I can get. When done, I queue up for LFR, and go run the garrison daily.

My best run so far was when I ran spec'd into demonic servitude and the infernal (pet), "Flame". Flame is great because he does his aoe hellfire, wiping out several of the annoying vermin at the same time. Unfortunately, he runs slow, so I have him to sit in the middle of the arena and then start fighting however is standing there. My warlock is now sporting a 638 gearscore. I should be able to do this without issue. Heck, the gear that drops from heroic dungeons is only 630 gear.

Blizzard, how about this.. Heroic dungeons should require: proving grounds silver, or raid achievement or 640 average gear score or successful challenge mode, or ... even best of 2 of them. A 640 gearscore cannot be achieved via crafted gear alone. It would require sufficient runs of apexis dailies, garrison quests PVP gear, or going into the raiding environment. Taken in combination, none of these are a simple task. Apexis dailies on my lock, with my bodyguard, I can clear the quest in about an hour, but many times my druid has killed his bodyguard off and had to solo the rest, taking much longer. Garrison quests are probably the best means for free gear, but personally, I am still seeing mostly 615 gear drop here. (Need to level my followers). PVP is fun, but to get the gear linked to, you need to be fairly good and have a lot of situation awareness (or a good bot). LFR raiding is probably the easiest way to get gear as you can easily queue DPS and get random drops simply by standing in the back.

I know, I know proving grounds weed out the bad players. If I can't spend the time to research and improve my game play enough to get passed this darn hurdle, I shouldn't be torturing other players with my lousy dps. I guess I am just a lousy warlock. No legendary ring for me...  I guess I should just go back to fishing (or torturing LFR)..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Help for Protanopia

Do you see a #?
or a granite countertop?
I am color blind. I've known this since I was a kid and first got my eyes checked (thanks mom and dad! or more correctly, thanks Mom and grandpa!). I can remember that time sitting in the optometrist chair, and he's flipping through a book of those Ishihara (aka dot) plates seeing nothing on most of them, or a later visit and trying to do the arrangement test and a bunch of the squares look to be the same color. There is just something about those pink/baby blue/light green colors. Me, a devastated teen, "Mom, he told me I am BLIND!?"

This looks about right...
Here, for example..  This color arrangement test, to me looks about correct. (the block on the left-most was already placed). I have done the test a twice today and it's looking better, but at some point, I have to start to guess. For you that are not color blind, you can see my obvious mistakes, but according to the site, I am mixing up my colors still. Now, it could be I don't know how to do the test.. :) (or is it sooo obvious?)..

Color blindness has impacted my gameplay, even if only a little. For example, games like Bejeweled (aka Candy Crush) where there are a lots of items the similar shapes, just with slightly different colors. Want me to solve this with only X moves? I really need to focus on those shapes. (As a note, candy crush has distinct enough shapes that I seldom need the color). When playing co-op Borderlands, I had issues with throwing out legendary gear. Cleaning out bags.. "Didn't you want that legendary pistol?"  Oh maybe.

So, these (highlighted) aren't the same color??
In Warcraft, I've never really had major issues. I typically can work around that the green and yellow gear is virtually the same color by evaluating the gear for it's stats, not based on the implied quality. Now with AMR, I don't even try to do the maths. "this looks like an upgrade, but what does Mr. Robot say about it..". Yeah, I know, but I don't find theorycrafting fun..

I am interested to see if it changes the game any for me. Will the new colorblind filters improve my gameplay any? Or will it be like the van Gogh comparison's and I won't see any difference.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Garrison Chores

There's a post on the WoW forums by Torvald about how boring things are in WoD. The "Garrison Chores" killing most people's fun because they feel they have to do certain items each day, and get very little reward from doing them.. Blizz has taken note of his post, but I personally doubt anything much will be done with regards to 'resolve' it.

Why? Well, we have the next expansion coming soon. Coming soon, they will need to explain why we don't get to bring our Garrison along to the next battle. I highly doubt that the Dalaran mages are going to come by, enchant my garrison into the air and allow me to bring it with me.

My thought is Blizzard is trying to make a point. You say you wanted Player Housing. We gave you Garrisons which is close. You say you hated them, we tried to tell you it was a bad idea..

Next expansion: Mail-order materials. A box, like in your garrison, will provide you random herbs and minerals. If you take the order, you are charged a few gold each time. As you play, you can increase the size of the dropped box and pay a little more. Same idea as "garrison resources" but you'll be charged for the convenience.