Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Update

  • Class mount for Elkagorasa - completed. I am actually more excited now that I've completed it than when I wrote about it during my role-play post. I've purchased the non-green one from Calydus. I like the look better. Not sure I want the purple edition, but will probably grab it simply for completionism. I do like that there's a rune on the floor when summoning him. I haven't looked for the warlock cookie jar rune placement glyph, but I miss the fact that I used to have it..
  • If I ran with a succubus, I'd want this glyph.
  • Side note, isn't there a glyph to make my paladin 'charger' into a horse?? You know, when I hit Cavalry button and charge up on something?? The class mount of an elekk is interesting, but tiresome.

  • Argus is completely opened up for 1 character and 95% opened up for hunter. That took about 4 hours on a Friday (work warcraft from home day).
  • Warlock is about 50% completed with quest chain. 
  • Of course, this really means that both pally and hunter have increased their gear scores to around 920 (925 and 919 respectively). Pally has a hard time justifying even spending the argunite to buy any tokens. 
  • I sort of wish ALL argus tokens were BOA. Thinking back to WOD Tanaan Jungle (aka Baleful) tokens simply dropped gear pieces. Here's a head piece, chest, etc. Not a plate head, and mail chest. My warlock could really benefit from a few 880-910 pieces right about now, but my paladin seems to only get 880 sullied plate or leather gear.
  • The darn 2 TOS LFR tier piece (w/ buff) seems to want to stick around forever! I sometimes feel inclined to drop them, BUT AskMrRobot just keeps pulling them back in! The one time I really questioned AMR's choices, the math hit me in the face (865 trinket vs 900 trinket on key traits. Both had similar amounts of haste, but 865 trinket had strength as well) 
  • Paladin has reached Revered with Argussian. This means that all my characters now have the awesome Krokul whistle. Run out to legion invasion portal, then use whistle 'hearth' back to space ship. I do like the addition of the flight-master's whistle and these krokul windchimes as an awesome no-flight option. 
  • Now a question. If the Draenei had this 'teleporter technology' all along, WHY are they just now revealing it?? Mage portals cheaper to power, just need to give the mage a few cupcakes? 
  • A little disappointed that I think I've seen all the various alternate planets. None of them seem very badly damaged by the Legion. 
  • Where are the spaceships? Where are the legion towers as seen in Broken Isles? Where are the destroyed lands? I hoped for 'dozens' of worlds. I hoped for MORE! Not only 6.
  • Looking forward to Antorus opening up. As a PUG Tank, I can get into Normal and Heroic raids rather easily. Helps knowing the fight and some still want the AOTC achievements. 
  • Sadly, looking at Tomb of Sargeras loot tables, I don't see a really good reason. Heroic Nighthold and Tomb are dropping 890 ilevel gear. Maybe I could do an inplace replacement of my two tier pieces, from their current LFR edition, to a better copy? But I don't see replacing my 920-930 gear for anything in that raid. 

  • Reached Prestige 1 with paladin. Now working on honor level 50 so that I can that artifact appearance.

  • I really do like the warlock PVP artifact appearance. Hoping that the prestige levels are BOA. :) probably not though. I am not sure I have time to PVP with 2 characters.. 
  • Of all artifact appearances, I am hoping that someday SOON, I'll open up the protection paladin mage tower appearance. I suppose when Antorus drops, I see some ilevel upgrades if not from anything upgrading my legendaries. Of course, adding 30 ilevel to 2 items, really only increases my overall gear score up 4 points (difference/15 or (1000 - 970)/15), so not a lot.
  • How about a mythic+ dungeon appearance? Maybe something farmable on say Karazhan dungeon??? Heck, I'd love a cosmetic top hat appearance. Turn my Warlock infernal into the Curator? 
  • So, this protection paladin hidden appearance requirement stinks! It requires that you run this Withered Army Training scenario in Suramar. I've done it a couple times and always lose all my withered before the end of the event. MAYBE now that my dps as a tank is high enough, this won't be an issue. Just frustrating. Somethings (according to comments on wowhead that I was doing wrong). 
    • Attempting to go too fast. The objective is to kill everything. Don't skip more difficult mobs, they're just worth more points.
    • Get to end of scenario and then go and 'turn in' your withereds for chests. I had been going along until i felt I was near end and turning in withered for one big chest. Ideally, you get withered all along way, then get several 5-10 withered army chests. Maybe if no one from the guild logs on this week... 

  • Speaking of, I saw that we will actually get to wear a third legendary, if it comes from Antorus raid. One of the trinkets datamined is a legendary, while the others are not. (Don't know if that means 3 of all acquired or only that one trinket from Antorus.) On top of that, it's 'cool effects' will only happen inside that raid. (Sounds like the legendary RING from WOD). When 4 legendaries are activated with same affix, they will empower a 'titan trait'?? WTH? 
  • I am NOT liking the Netherlight Crucible. It basically has only given me the +5 ilevel on all my existing relics. Paladin is furthest along and is only level 65 with weapon?? So if I ever swap to DPS (retribution) what does that mean? Top it off, relics are NOT dropping for me. 
  • My paladin champions have all reached 925. Now they are working on leveling up to 950. Soon they will have better gear than I do. I sort of wish that as we leveled up their gear, their models upgraded too. Look Lothraxion is now wearing mythic tier drops from Tomb. Wait, I am still wearing leveling gear from Nightmare, not fair!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Topic 24 - Class Fantasy Yay or Nay

Post about class fantasy with some fantasy conversation between my pally and my warlock.

Warlock: I hate my class hall. I hate my class mount.

Demons stink and they don't bathe.

I have to go into the sewers to get to my class hall and all it is space on the demon hunter starting zone. Demon Hunters!?! who took my demon form in return for empowered demon minions.

Paladin: I was just born about a year ago now, so I am new to this, but you're a warlock. You have a demon as a pet following you around all the time. I'd think you would be used to it by now. 

Your class mount is almost identical to that fel-horsey you rode around Dalaran for months. Now you are saying you don't like it?  

Like you have it hard. Your class hall is a shiny golden palace. Your mount comes in three colors and you can change it based on your outfit.

Top it off, you got help the priest class hall and stole away one of their followers. You have a giant space alien dancing around in your hall. How awesome is that!? Imp mother would love to come over and hang out with Lothraxion.

Like you, my mount is similar to my class mount from Vanilla. 

Also, remember my class hall is in the basement of the Lights Hope Chapel in Plaguelands.. PLAGUE LANDS. You can't go anywhere without smelling that stench because some idiot left the hatch open. Every time we get a new paladin, he comes through that door, and lets in more stench.

Gotta love the undead.. Ok, we both agree that your class hall is awesome, but ours both (physically) stink.

But, as a warlock, you'd think that I should be able to pick a different demon minion. Nope. Hundreds of demons wandering all over the place, and not a single one here to enslave. They DON'T EVEN PICK UP AFTER THEMSELVES! I've had to get my shoes cleaned every time I visit. That goblin in Dalaran charges warlocks 10x for shoe cleaning.

Shoes? SHOES!? At least you don't sound like a horse, wearing horse shoes running down the cobble streets of Dalaran. clip-clop-clip-clop My mount and I sound identical running around town. I have on METAL BOOTS! They have absolutely no grip. They are impossible to wash as they rust. Top it off, my left boot probably weights around the same as your entire wardrobe. 

You don't even want to know what it's like to use the restroom...

Ok, TMI.

It has been fun (despite my early accident), helping rebuild the Dal alchemy lab. Having to go all around Broken Isles to replace his equipment has been a learning experience. Never would have realized how hard that undead worked to prepare these new potions.

How has blacksmithing been?

mmm. Not so much. They've taught me how to make various armor pieces and put them together. I end up running around the store to put something together and then it's only a basic understanding. I have to travel out to High Mountain to use a specific firmament stone to make only a single type of metal bar, but I can make all the rest of the armor at any anvil. Frustrating.. After ALL THAT? I never even wore any of the gear and it won't sell on the auction house.

So what's up with that weapon? It looks like a giant hammer. I would have thought a Protection Paladin would use something damaging, a blade weapon?

I have really enjoyed acquiring my staff. I really had to use all my warlock abilities to get it. Even used my portal to get over a room full of tentacles. Most frustrating part, some darn priest came along, then abandoned me when things got tough at end.

Oh the hammer? Ever heard of bunny foo-foo? You can be the field mouse.

To get this weapon, (which is secretly my sword and shield), I did the same quest chain as you've started. It has the same requirements, nothing special at all.

I don't know about you, but I feel a bit underwhelmed by all this. 

You mean like Blizzcon 2015 - In your class hall you'll be the leader of all warlocks? 

How you'll need to work together for a common good? 

I haven't seen any of this. I see Alliance warlocks running around MY class hall and they don't help out at all. They just get in the way at the order board.

Agreed. Agreed. 

I'd love to have quests for only fellow paladins where we actually do work together. The class champions sure get to do this a lot, but how about paladin class hall (horde and alliance) vs Gul'dan? 

We're all the same class, why not work together?

No shared class accomplishments.

No decorations or improvements to class hall as we progress.

The 'class' hall is really just a class-decorated garrison, isn't it?

I am still waiting for the demons to test their bounds and try breaking free from MY influence.... any day now.

Hunter: Whiners. Pets don't stink?? There are hunters here running around with 2 abominations, now that's rancid. At least the hunting lodge is open and airy out. Not some basement.

Despite that, the hunting lodge is awesome. Having Hemet Nesingwary as a follower, is awesome. I've always looked up to him (literally, he's about an inch taller). 

The hunter BM quest requires meeting up with Brann and traveling to Northrend. I helped Thorim defeat an evil, then tamed and kept his pet, Hati. 

Best of all, I get to my class hall riding on an eagle! Not some portal. For class fantasy, it has been great. It is a bit odd, working with so many tauren, after killing so many in Ashran last year. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mythic Seat of Triumvirate - Tank POV

Patch 7.3 -week three opened up the newest 5-man dungeon, The Seat of the Triumvirate. This dungeon is the end of a touching storyline involving Velen and his two brothers.

The dungeon is a 4 boss dungeon. A guildie and I pugged it on Mythic+0 with no looking ahead and, I feel, we did fairly good.

Zuraal - Fairly easy tank and spank with adds. He randomly spawns void globes that will leave snail-like trails behind them of void-badness. They need to be killed quickly to avoid filling the arena. He also randomly drops a large pool of void that must be a-voided. :) Basically, just keep moving.

Saprish - Hunter with 2 pets. Or... A flying boss bird, with humanoid pet. There are three players in this encounter, Saprish the Etheral and his 2 pets; a bird Shadewing and a cat, Darkfang. We wiped 4 times because we didn't interrupt Shadewing. The Dead Screech would overlap with the void traps causing almost 10 seconds of stun. The 'trick' that we came to was to focus on Shadewing and share the job of interrupting his stun.. They share a health pool, so one going down, means they all drop.

Viceroy Nezhar - Boss is basically shadow priest. Kill his tentacle adds whenever he spawns them. Otherwise we two-shotted boss.

L'ura - Final boss in dungeon. Corrupted Naaru who spawns void portals. Kill adds then shift attack boss after closing portals. Stuff on ground to avoid, but didn't seem difficult to avoid.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

PVP: Shadow-Pan Showdown

I love the Blizzard has been changing up PVP this expansion. I find these crazy brawls rather appealing to play and participate in. They make me want to do more PVP (not world) aspects of the game.

Ref: Shadow-Pan Showdown

Shadow-PanShowdown is a PVE players dream. You queue up as a 5 man dungeon team: tank, healer and 3 DPS. When the BG starts, you are faced against a similar 5-man party and race to the center. You will randomly be assigned to purple or gold team. 

In the center of the dance floor are two bosses surrounded by a giant disco ring. The team with the most players at center, will enable their attackable boss. Winner is the team that takes down their boss first. 

The bosses have 3 basic abilities. 
  1. Smash - knocks back attackable team to the wall of the arena if caught in it. Avoid ground with 'dust flying'
  2. AOE damage - circles appear on ground, avoid. One boss it's fire, one boss it's electricity.
  3. Healing - interrupt whenever possible. 
There's one last element to this brawl. The buff. Regularly a giant treasure chest will appear on one of two platforms. The team that opens the chest will get a temporary +dps buff. 

So, if you play PVE this is fun because it's like a standard dungeon. The boss has basic mechanics that you need to avoid while s/he runs around trying to take you down. Then there all these adds that are always flying around you trying kill you, interrupt you or cc you out of the circle. 

If you enjoy PVP, you should enjoying killing the opposing team players getting them out of the disco ring and controlling the center. The extremely random aspect of pvp is here for sure, watch the video from CyberMike below.. 

I've had decent luck playing this brawl. I try to give 2 bits of advice while waiting in the lobby:
  • Fight in the middle to keep control. (see drawn in ring on WoWhead image above)
  • Grab the chest whenever possible. (platforms to east and west of ring drawn in)
Tank: Keep boss on center platform as much as possible. Run back if you get knocked out of center. This will provide a good portion of your control. Interrupt the boss' heal.

Healer: Do your Magic, you're doing awesome. Interrupt if possible the boss' heal.

DPS: Focus boss when yours is active. Work on killing or cc'ing the opposing team when their boss is active for them.

Commentary: Not fighting in middle, they keep boss swapping with a single person in the center ring. You can watch the bar in the top corner swing back and forth.
Info on right side of screen

Their boss is not active at moment, as the boss bar is grey, when it swaps, it will turn red - hostile.

The top center, is the boss health. You can see that gold team, has gotten the purple boss down lower in health. I've never seen it reach the time limit in the 10 or so I tried.

Info on top center of screen

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hunter 100 - 110

Beast Master Erlenmyer
Last Friday, I worked at night, so I had most of the day off. I spent this time leveling up my Alliance hunter from 102 up to 110. Wearing all my heirloom gear, I was actually a bit surprised on how quickly this happened. Erl managed to reach 110 by only:
  1. I participated in a legion assault. Since I was sub-110, I couldn't do the 3-man scenario after 4 quests, but I did get a LOT of xp (plus a hidden bonus of racking up almost 4000 nethershards by max level). I did on the other hand run all of the legion invasion quests in the zone. 
  2. I started questing in Highmountain, since that's the home zone of the hunter order hall. I still haven't completed the quest chain. 
  3. I've gotten about half way through the Order hall campaign. Still haven't opened up the 3rd relic slot on my weapon.  Currently at Missing Mages and realized that I'll need to open Suramar to continue.
  4. I started the engineering quest chain, but got stuck on roughly the 4th quest (create Reeves Snack unit) because I didn't want to buy 80 felslate off the auction house (when my paladin can mine it up rather easily).
At 110, I ran immediately over to Broken Isles. This helped opened up the second ring on my artifact weapon and allowed me to spend all of that AP that I grabbed. The quest chain is rather short, mostly some flying around doing huntery things. 

Last night, Sunday, my guild had an alt run night. We ran 3 of the 4 mythic dungeons (for the weekly quest) the other night. Since I was DPS and our healer was tanking, we went without a healer at all. It was either 2 tanks and 3 DPS or simply 1 tank and 4 DPS. Sure, we wiped 4 times on Helya due to AOE damage, but overall it wasn't that unpleasant. With a warlock and mage, we had some self-heal options available. We had to take trash pulls slower due to Erlenmyer needing to eat between each. In the end, he managed to replace several dauntless items bringing him from 839 to 847. 

In addition, I see that my hunter pets are lacking. I've been running those pets you get in the starting zone for awhile (bear, cat, etc.) According to Icy-Veins...
All Beast Mastery Hunters should have a battle resurrection pet and a Bloodlust pet ready to go. Quilens, Moths and Cranes bring battle resurrection, and Nether Rays and Core Hounds bring Bloodlust. If your group already has Bloodlust in it, you should generally default to a battle ress pet in dungeons.
A resurrection pet would have been awesome after the many wipes in the mythic dungeons. I can easily zone back to Pandaria and go tame a Quilen (Mogushun Vaults anyone?) I'll have to think about what to name it.. 

(side note: All my hunter pets also have science equipment names. I try to keep the first letter of their name to match their class. Bunson the bear, Scalpel the snow leopard, Mortar the Moose. Quark?? ) 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Soapbox: Lazy Form of Raiding

Over the summer, I spent 2 weeks with my family (parents, brother's family and my family) on the beach in Maui. It was absolutely awesome, the beach, the sea turtles, Duke's for dinner, and those sunsets. It was nice taking time away from work, to simply be a tourist.

Source: (brother's) Instagram

Recently, Blizzard has stated that they used to think of LFR is raid "Tourist Mode". The players get to experience the entire raid without having all of the complication of the (could use voice chat) mechanics. With Tomb of Sargeras they've changed their design philosophy, rather dramatically. This can be seen in such fights as Desolate Host, where, the players never actually fight the Desolate Host, or Avatar where there's no meta-boss, Maiden.

This is a massive disservice to the casual/LFR crowd. As a self-declared casual player, I am now at a loss. I currently pugging normal Nighthold raids to help finish my Balance of Power artifact appearance quest. Between LFR edition, and current LFG "quick AP N-nighthold" runs, there's minimal differences. I am afraid that when I start pugging Normal Tomb, I am going to have killed the Engine of Souls and be looking for my loots.

Tomb of Sargeras LFR is like traveling to Maui and never seeing the beach. The palm trees are still there, but missing the honest to goodness reason for traveling to Hawaii. Blizzard, you're only making regular raiders hate LFR more. Not only will we assume we can avoid standing in the bad stuff to soak damage (due to sporting an mythic+ ilevel, i.e. higher than drops in LFR), but we won't know the entire boss fight because those essential pieces were missing. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

LFR TOS: Chamber of the Avatar - Wing 3

This is for the third wing of Tomb of Sargeras. For the other two wings:

As today, Monday, I haven't done this raid yet, so I don't know how complete DBM is.

Maiden of Vigilance (aka Guitar Maiden)
  • Split raid into two sides of boss. (light or yellow and fel or green)
  • When infused with light or fel run to that color (yellow vs green) [place down raid marker]
  • Unstable soul - is because on wrong color with infusion. Doesn't do raid wide damage in lfr, stay on platform. 
  • Tanks should take hammer based on their infusion. Creation = light, obliteration = fel. Fel tank taunt immediately after hammer of creation. 
  • Phase 2 - boss teleports to other side. Run to her and take down her bulwark ( ie Karazhan's Maiden of Virtue). Can run down center line to avoid all orbs. 
  • Soak matching color orbs to match your infusion. Gives buff +10% damage +5% healing buff per stack up to 10 stacks. Players can stack when soaking orbs to share buff.

Just found Darkmech's videos, they're excellent (concise, good info), but many f-bombs, so be warned.

Another boss that has been severely nerfed in LFR. There is no 'maiden' in this fight, so you only need to deal with the 'avatar' mechanics. The hardest element of the fight, personally, was phase 2 and making sure the boss didn't 'eat' the entire platform before the DPS killed him off. I had a druid lead-tank it, dive into the lava seconds before he cast [desolate] and then swim back (or priest yank him back).
  1. Taunt on DBM
  2. Run out when he casts ruptured realities
  3. dodge giant spears that appear at boss. 
Phase 2: (fall through floor)
  1. Taunt on DBM
  2. Position in furthest corner possible for when he breaks big portion of floor.
  3. Can even jump in lava right before cast complete to move boss off platform. Taunt boss off tank in lava.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Topic 23: Why Do I Blog?

Everyone who has created a blog has done so for a reason. For all of you WoW bloggers out there, what was that reason? Why did you choose to put fingers to keys to write about a computer game? What type of posts do you like to write? Does your blog have a theme to it, or do you just wing it and write whatever you want? We’d love to know!

Blogging as a community
As I've stated in previous posts, WoW is all about the community. One of the most striking elements of the video game is the number of 'third party' contributors to the game. Sure there are the big companies that have large staffs of people posting about this game (as any game does, pcgamer, gamespot, wowhead, blizzwatch, etc.), but it's the bloggers that help it stand out. Us bloggers add life to a game that would probably otherwise die. We comment, we complain, we analyze, we deconstruct. If not for community like ours, we wouldn't have flying any longer in new content. Blizzard would have been able to save money not having to put tops on buildings, or clouds in the sky. Why bother, no one will see them?? 

Blogging as expression
what I envisioned my cousin's accommodations to look like.
Often in social situations, friends and family will discuss something interesting coming up in their lives. With these things, I'll suggest they start up a blog. Social media has turned the world into 140-character sound-bites, instant gratification youtube tidbits and or #IGotLikes facebook feeds. Blogging exposes people up to new ideas and allows them to be shared (for facebook likes even!?) with everyone. If not for bloggers, we would only have information that was good for the bottom-line, the fiscally responsible information; what the advertisers allow. For example, I have a cousin who after leaving one profession, decided to live in a village in the Philippines for a year, teaching ESL classes to the locals. Her blog, (which I cannot locate now) described her stay. She discussed things like how villagers would come through her 'house' and go fishing using the trapdoor there. Blogging allowed her to stay in contact with the family, posting updates in irregular updates, but hit a number of us at the same time. 

Blogging for the experience
As a techie, I've never been really strong writer. College, I struggled with my classes that included heavy writing requirements (english, history), while succeeding in the art, math, science, and computer classes. I started blogging to force myself to write more. This blog is my way of practicing writing informally, regularly. 

Blogging for me
Most importantly, blogging is for me. This blog is often a resource to come back to later on and review information. I'll spend the down time at work, researching (currently reading up on TOS LFR Wing 3) and post the strat as I found it. This helps that night as I go into TOS LFR Wing 3 and already know the fights. If my healer (as he's fond of doing) says he doesn't know the fights, I can then text him the URL to read before we start fight.
  • Theme: Casual Warcraft - I am NOT going to be posting about mythic raiding (unless it's about wanting my friendship moose). Heck, I am probably not going to be ranting about heroic raiding nerfs (unless it's soloing old content). My game play style, hence my blog, is going to covet workWarcraft-life balance, standing up for LFG/LFR, PUGS and making the game more supportive of parents playing after the kids are in bed. 
  • Topics: It will also cover topics that I find interesting. I love the more group aspects of this game. LFR/LFG, PVP BGs. 
  • On the other side, I also won't be posting game from non-warcraft games, strats to something else (unless it's about how it relates or complaining about the 'content drought').. 
  • Writing style: Casual. I don't plan many of my posts further ahead than the PEBKAC interface. Yes, I sit on some posts for a few days, adding tidbits here or reviewing items, but I don't have an outline or work flow. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Topic 19: Picking a character name

Why not. I miss the old topic of the week. Topic 19 is to break down how you picked the names of your characters. I don't have that many, so, I am going to cheat a little here..

I have basically 2 naming processes, either:

They 'starts with E'

Elkagorasa - "Elk-A-Gore-Asa" Name that stuck with all these years. Here's how..
Eride - "Arrid-ay" After realizing that most raid/dungeon chat didn't something long to type "elka, um, elk, uh, e.." I opted for something really short for my third character, plus it pulls directly from my RL name.
Esha - Even shorter than Eride. Liked the name for a troll druid. Her alliance twin shares her name.
Erknea - "Ernie-ah" My cataclysm created goblin. I wanted something silly to go with a short-stature, "knee high" goblin. Ernie turned into Erknea.
Erlenmyer - alliance dwarf hunter - also misspelling of erlenmeyer (flask). All his hunter pets are science tools (scalpel, pipette, bunson).
Ellidari - "Elli-dari" -Is an obvious twist on Illidari. I thought having "Elli" as her name was fun.
ElPlato - "El Plato" - Influenced with my daughter taking spanish 1 in high school last year, so I while reviewing vocabulary with her. El plato is spanish for the plate or dish, because as a paladin she's wearing plate armor, obviously.
Elkor - wanted to chat with a character on Farstriders. Created a baby Elkagorasa twin on that realm.

The exceptions to the E rule are:
Joralin the First: Paladin and Commodities Trader

  • Joralin was character 1. I played him for about 2 weeks before moving to Malfurion.
  • Gisha is a misspelling of geisha, character 3. As a corolary to Elkagorasa (#2), I thought a female rogue would be a deadly name..
  • Drehded, ie 'dreaded', is my first troll and death knight. I wanted to capitalize on the trolls inclination to sound jamaican. 
  • Teddi is my first monk and I knew he'd be a pandaren, or a bear.. 
  • Tahihath, Maks and Dingo are all my son's toons. I believe he hit name generator until something stuck.
  • BarbGordon is, but of course, Bat Girl.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Topic 2: How has WoW changed/impacted your life?

Sorry Z and Cinder for necroing this old topic, but I just can't pass it up.. I think I can have fun with this.. So here goes

How has WoW changed my life?

I see Quest Givers! EVERYWHERE.
First off, I can't seem to go anywhere without seeing little yellow exclamation marks over peoples heads. They're everywhere!?! I am headed to the grocery store and the girl scouts are out front selling cookies. All I need to do to complete the quest is give 5G to buy a box and I get +10 Troop Girl Scouts rep and +10 Some_Parent_In_My_Town rep. Never know when that will eventually pay out, probably middle school.

Can't Touch This!

The crappy end-game content in other video games, keeps me coming back for more. During each WoW expansion there comes a lull. Friends are calling me to come play the latest co-op FPS and blow up some bad guys. For many, many games they have a great story, lots of lore, but absolutely die when it comes to end-game content. You've reached level 30 and completed the story, what now? Run the SEWERS AGAIN! Or pay to go kill world boss AGAIN?! WoW has made it impossible to really get into ( and stay playing) any other video games.

BioShock Infinite: Hook tool/weapon.
On the other hand, when I do have the opportunity to play a different game, I am often wow'd by the differences. Warcraft has that cartoonish feel to it that you don't really ever see with modern games. The visuals are such that it looks fairly similar to game play from vanilla. WoW has also stayed away from very dark themes. The blood splatter factor is really low and comically simple. Then you go play a game like BioShock Infinite and fight bad guys the blood splatter is real.

Its All About the Cheese!

After so many years of immersion into this world, I started seeing things as feats of strength. Look at that guy, he's standing on top of that car while it's driving down the road! [TEEN WOLF] Look at her wearing that high school mascot costume at the grocery store! [COSPLAY STAR] OMG, that family also has 3 kids and they're all fitting in that SMART car!! Meta achievement, kid lost another molar.

Gaming vocabulary has a way of mingling with RL. I really need to watch it when talking with non-gamer family and friends about not using gaming acronyms. "Going to grocery store. PST if you want anything." PST??!

? Go to grocery store, locate new dinner recipe and come home with only materials and no box of cookies. 

Deep Thoughts.
I started playing WoW about 6 months after my son was born. He has seen me playing video games for all his life. As he has gotten older, he's gone from Minecraft and Mario Kart to more 'adult' games that I currently play. While I am not about to let him play a FPS (quite yet), I am happy for him to play WoW. This game gives us stuff to talk about. Hey dad, I ran this dungeon today and got so-so loot. Or questions about how to make money in game. I believe it's playing games, and sharing that interest, that he's starting to watch other things I do. Work has me developing scripts for various processes, and he's now showing interest in the same  thing. He's picked up books at the library to learn to code video games, which I am really excited about.

A New Understanding

An important part of a happy marriage is a good understanding of each other. Communication, compromise and compassion. If I do not communicate with my wife that I plan to raid this Monday night, and have her compromise in my not doing the dishes until the next morning, she will not have compassion for my gaming night. :) We've had to re-learn this over many expansions (busy start to mid expansion to slow end of expansion).  This is part of the main reason, I don't start playing video games until after the family is in bed.

My friends (aka guild / raid group), who used to be more serious raiders, have also compromised to my more casual play style. They've (thankfully) adjusted their schedules to play starting at (or soon after) 10PM locally. LFR has come a long way to playing late at night, but nothing beats playing with RL friends (and then sharing the sleeplessness misery the next work-day).

That Odd Party Conversation Topic

Warcraft is that odd conversation topic that comes up at random times. I am really surprised when I find someone else that plays or has played Warcraft. In the office I often have a screen on my PC dedicated to Warcraft (blogging, youtube videos, wowhead). Outside the office, I don't sport anything as blatant, but still manage to find you out there. For example, I was at the Comcast store the other day working to renegotiate my service plan. While there, the sales(?) guy, Colby, asked me what I use my Internet for.. Oh, video games, working nights from home, streaming netflix, etc. That spawned a 10 minute conversation about what classes I enjoyed played, how I was liking the current expansion and so on. I get the feeling the guild may have a 'new recruit' soon, or at least, another player looking to run TW Black Temple with us.

WoW This Blog
unused concept header

Warcraft is ultimately the reason I work at this blog. I've got a few other places I post, but nothing with the creative flair and energy that I put into this blog. My original intention was to post the results of my research acquired while sitting in the office. (i.e. lunch break). Hey, I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, and I am working on it... As time went on, it grew from beyond mere novelty to labor of love. The community. The involvement. No other game that I've played has the enormous active community that WoW has. (Not that I really looked either). Now with subscription sites like WowHead involved and numerous, very prolific, YouTube streamers, there's infinitely more information from less people. Less 'homegrown' content, but I still feel that there's room for all our little warcraft blogs. I have that occasional 1000+ reader post, among my typically 50 reader posts.. ((Thanks for reading!!)) I hope you keep coming back. I promise, no ads and no (too far) off topic posts (As long as I play Warcraft, I'll post here).

Warcraft has been a part of my life for over 10 years and has impacted my life in ways that no other virtual content has. I've formed friendships over battlegrounds, shared excitement over a successful defeat of a boss and even had that watercooler moment discussing the changes from a patch. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Topic 21: What's in your backpack?

As my children start preparing for school starting up again in t-minus 30 days, I found this blog-topic keenly interesting..

My oldest is in high-school and has learned the fine-art of carrying around only what's absolutely necessary. That includes only a pencil or pen, and a notebook. My son who's just starting middle-school (i.e. 6th grade) I imagine that his backpack is going to be stuffed full and weighing in at 11kg (25lbs). My alt and my main fit into both of these categories. So, What's in my backpack??  (I am just glad you didn't ask What's in my bank!?).


As this site's namesake (and my former, but stil active main), I am a bit more sloppy with his bags. He has quest items that I don't know what quest they belong to any more. He has three different gear sets because I still haven't quite settled on a spec yet (affliction this month, destruction last month). Topping it off, his gear is often highly in flux, so he is often carrying a slightly lower ilevel or higher ilevel of a matching items in order to maximize output. Top it off, Elk is also an alchemist, cook and herbalist, so at any times has potions, cooked food and crafting supplies that he recently acquired. Often the mats land in the regent tab of the bank, but sometimes not. 


While also carrying around 3 (partial) sets of gear, her bags tend to be a little cleaner. She is quite a bit more brutal with emptying what she's carrying around. One bag dedicated to quest items (i.e. those darn class-hall items that require running a raid or dungeon instance). Backpack containing vendor fodder (grey items and soulbound below ilevel gear). Lastly, one to two stacks of stat food and those augment runes. Overall, there's nothing really hanging on too long in her bags. 

Handy Helpers

With the constant influx of items into their bags, it's quite a task to keep their bags sparkly clean and fresh. There are always items to be vendored, things to mailed to bank alts, and stuff that could be important to functioning later on. 

Ask Mr Robot

As I've stated before, I am an avid user of this service. Mr Robot takes my bag and bank content and churns out my best-in-bag items. From this I take this build and import it back into game where Mr Robot then creates gear builds using WoW's native closet option. Skimming my bags, I can see AMR Holy, AMR Retribution, or AMR Protection tags on all of my gear. This in turn, means that all gear NOT tagged, is up for sale. Sure, I take some consideration and don't delete anything that's within 5 ilevel of my current item, but with timewalking gear, and world quests still dropping 855 gear, it's an easy purge.
Mage Tier Gear


This add-on simply sells junk. It's configurable with some 'smart' options to auto-sell items when talking to valid vendors. I personally have some rather aggressive settings where it will sell all grey items, soulbound items that are too low for my current average ilevel and soulbound inappropriate gear (pally's really don't wear plaid). This is typically a life saver of an add-on. Mount up on my handy-dandy mammoth, talk to that repair vendor to both clean the bags and fix my stuff. Sadly this has bit me a few times. Class hall mount needs a crafted LW item, a "barding". I bought one off the AH only to have it sold when I next visited a vendor. Bought a second one, then realized what happened, and found it in my 'buy back' tab. You can teach SCRAP to not do this, but it requires training. It still auto-sells goblin gliders on me, but now that I have flying, that's more of an inconvenience... :(


While this may be a given, but I extensively use the bank for secondary storage. I absolutely love the 'regents' tab option and will often visit the bank to click that button to purge all crafting items. I am also putting all my possible upgrades in here for a short time. Mr Robot has a habit of not really liking the specs of a higher ilevel item, simply because it's badly spec'd out. For example, that 915 trinket that had lots of versatility when it wasn't popular, so I keep running the 855 item. 

October Update

Class mount for Elkagorasa - completed. I am actually more excited now that I've completed it than when I wrote about it during...