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Horde Rush!

 With the announcement of 9.2.5, Alliance guilds everywhere are experiencing a horror show! Alliance toons are jumping ship to get a slight benefit in raiding. Many are simply faction swapping their current high-level toon, with a horde race of the same toon.  Void Elf Enervati => Orc Elkagorasa Fortunately, there are so many advances to leveling up a toon! Using Chromie Time, players can choose what expansion they want to level in. A lower max level cap means only half the number of levels to quest. Queueing for dungeons is less painful as it's possible to run a dungeon with 10-50 level characters, not just a tight band (ie level 40-50) of players.  What class? Pick a class you want to play. If you're spinning up a new character, maybe it's time to try out something new. While starting warlock over again will mean you know the rotation, Warcraft has a number of options that might also be fun.  If having a hard time between two classes, try the multi-spec option.