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Archaeology For Beginners in Patch 8.x

This week my Alliance guild is planning on attempting the Glory of the Uldir Raider  meta-achievements. Unfortunately, no one in the guild has the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron for the What's in the Box? meta. So last night, while the guild was raiding, I attempted to find this toy, here is what I learned. Archaeology basics Archaeology spotting scope Look at the world/ zone big map, click on the magnifying glass on top corner and select the checkbox for "Show Dig sites". (there is a similar 'track dig sites on the mini-map you might need to enable). Scan map, there should be a number of little shovels appearing on the map.  Fly to the one closest to you. When you are close, the mini-map will display a zone (like quest zone) for archaeology finds.  From the professions window (P), click the survey button. I suggest moving this to your button bar for quick access.  The first survey spot (unless you are really lucky) will provide you with a spotting scope and

Failed Mythic+ Affix Ideas

This project started as something silly going through my brain then took a life of its own. Here I'd like to detail several mythic+ dungeon affixes that never made it into the game. I now find myself trying to think of ways to deal with each of these affixes.  Shiny   - Random mobs will be afflicted by BLING. These mobs will be sporting extra gems and polish on their armor. Players will be able to identify them via a glowing aura and small sparkles that randomly twinkle around them. While fighting these glowing and twinkling mobs, players will randomly get blinded for one second. Demoralized - While fighting mobs, they will randomly become completely demoralized and simply sit down. Once demoralized, these mobs will become unattackable. They will sit on the floor until they encounter another mob that is actively fighting you. Players may find that they are short numbers to complete the mythic+ dungeon and will want to kite trash mobs over demoralized mobs.

Glory of the Hellfire Raider at 120

Now that my hunter has reached his potential max for the patch, I've decided to start running him through legacy raids for gold and glory. Last night I decided to take on Hellfire Citadel to see what he was possible of doing. At the moment, Erlenmyer is level 120, sporting ilevel 378 gear. He has managed to pick up two 385 azerite pieces and fully populated all traits, giving him two 390 slot items. During the first solo pass, he was able to complete the raid without any MAJOR issues. The only 'issue' was on the first boss (aka save the canons) fight. To win this fight, you must run waves of ammunition off the incoming tanks to the canons that the Kirin Tor have captured. Picking up the ammo box gives a short run speed buff to get you up to the canon and back. During that time, it's likely that another wave of trash has come in. I tried to do both during the fight (kill trash and run ammo boxes). After several waves, they simply stopped coming. I was able to run a