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Azeroth Choppers 7 - voting begins

The two 'bikes' are up and available for voting. While I have already voted #TeamHorde, I thought I'd share my opinions. Horde comments: Nice 'Orc' look. Blood Elfs, sorry. Another trike? Really? On both, Horde and Alliance , like how brake/gas are fist weapons. Some wood accents are nice, but I think the foot platform is a bit much. It's so darn big, Tauren won't look ridiculous riding it.  Alliance comments: Has a shiny alliance feel, but.. Still think the layered plate looks buggish . Lion on front shield isn't quite right.  From video , the bike looks hard to steer. I like the 'sword' front, but pulls a lot from the ' good guy ' bike. Who said Alliance is the good guy? Gnomish gear on bike seems out of place.

IT: Stat Squish

Idle thought here.. As I level up this druid tank, my DPS that I see now at level 53, isn't that far off from what I'll see at level 90 post stat squish. To give you an idea of what that would look like, here's a screen grab from running Sunken Temple. Instead of damage in the hundreds of thousands, you'll be looking at damage in the hundreds to thousands, and health pools being around the 2,000 instead of 400,000.

Week 1 - Guardian Druid Level 90

Been spending the last few days leveling up my gear from the boosted i483 green gear up to i496 Timeless Isles blue gear. This has been fairly interesting in that it has gotten substantially easier just dumping the quest greens. I only have 3 items still remaining, main hand (probably never be replaced without dungeon/lfr/valor points), legs, and a second trinket. I've also gone through and enchanted (via priest/enchanter) and purchased the gems that go for less than 200g each. That means, I still need enchants for weapon, belt buckle, leg armor and some how missed my wrist enchant? Drops of gear has been rather good except for hands, legs and trinkets. As you can see from my bags (top 2 rows), I have 5 TI cloaks, 2 TI belts, 1 TI boot, 4 TI chest, 3 TI helms, 1 TI shoulder, and 2 TI rings, in addition to the single that I've converted to gear for each slot. The two rows of gear under that are all the items I've replaced (or not equipped). Still need to put guild tabard u

AC 6

Azeroth Choppers 6 brings about the two 'factions' scheming with the Blizz Art department to get their digital model started 'cuz they know they have a winner'. Am I wrong in restating that this is all a ploy and both are going to be in-game. One faction just may have to pay $25 to a worthy cause to get theirs?  (Enchanted Fey Dragon anyone?) Am I excited about a matte colored mount? Not really. I like the idea of the red glistening like droplets of wet blood, the spikes sparkling like they're dappled with the wet tears of the Alliance, and the chains, doing whatever sparkly chains will do, rattle like the ghost of Christmas Past.  ;-)

Brown Ninja to Green Samari

Last night Esha traded in her brown heirloom gear for shiny greens. After reaching 61 on the weekend, I logged in last night to boost Esha to 90. Lot more painful than I originally envisioned. First off, I decided on following Arielle's advice and respec professions into Blacksmithing and Alchemy before the boost. This required remembering how do I actually unlearn a profession. I knew it was blindingly obvious. First off went to trainer, no option to forget Leatherworking. No sprinkle-y powder of don't-need-that-anymore, no tome of forgetfulness. Looking closer at the UI, I see this greyed out little NO symbol. Oh yeah, that's it. 20 minutes wasted. Next, Esha ran over to the reforger. I blindly followed the AMR suggestions, converting most everything to Hit or Expertise. She is now sitting at 5% Physical Hit and 11.7% MH Expertise. Unfortunately, AMR assumes that I did all the other optimizations and I am not considering doing any enchants on green i483 gear

Woah! Leveling SLOWS!

As I anxiously dungeon my bear up in the levels, I am once again introduced to the complexity that was only found in Vanilla. The dungeon of the day is Blackrock Spire . This dungeon has 9 bosses in the 'upper' region and 5 more in the lower region. There are 7 different 'floors' to this map, with several shortcuts between each level. If I was a Blizzard level designer, this would be my masterpiece. I think this would be a perfect level for Warlords of Draenor (Orcs, Ogres, and Spiders Oh My!). 83 minutes at level 57! Play time has reached a soaring 2100 minutes! (1 day 11hrs) to reach 57.99. Yeah, I am only 2000 xp from reaching druid flight form. I was so torn to just run one more dungeon, or maybe go fly out to the next zone and grind some beasts, but I decided to simply wait for next time I can run dungeons. Probably later this weekend. Update :: Sunday night, logged in for about an hour. Of course, get BRS again, and ding 58 while clearing the trash in the

SSOTD: Dagger Model

Gotta love the model for the Crushing Mass of McGowan  that my druid has equipped. Yes, she did have the Deadly Kris equipped, but I changed that about a month ago now..

Wildstar Impressions Continued

Over the weekend, I played with the Wildstar open beta. First off, I enjoyed the game. I played both a Dominion Cassian male and Exile Aurin girl up to about level 4 and 5. Combat is fun and lends itself to some nice combinations of fights and moves. Likes: Focused combat system, as I said lends itself nicely to aoe fighting. I would run into an area, aggro multiple adds, then make sure they were all in front of me before releasing my large attacks.  Profession specific quests are everywhere. My human was a spellslinger (aka buff-caster + gunslinger) with the Explorer profession. Randomly small profession quests would pop up prompting me to 'place this transponder' or fix this piece of tech way up high. "Jump Quests", I saw someone refer to them as. Easy enough to do, not easy to find the start point. My Exile was a Esper (dps caster) and a soldier profession. Her profession quests were assassinate this bad guy, or defend this base for __ minutes.  Random (w

Azeroth Choppers 4

Good to see that they actually got to play the game, even if it was on boosted 90's in a closed environment.  Wonder if they also provided mechanohogs or goblin trikes for everyone..  The horde trike does have some awesome fender action going on.  The alliance bike, hmm, looks like a beetle riding for the gas tank at the moment. Found that Paul Jr is posting a lot of additional info to his facebook page, plus linking to the #AzerothChoppers hashtag that shows details from the builds.

RL Feats of Strength

After finally finishing off my Champion of the Horde achievements and what it meant to me to get these completed.   But honestly, we (gamers, parents, citizens of the world) face down and complete our own 'Feats of Strength' on a regular basis. I've decided to create a few of my own Feats. I GOTTA CROWN! Wear a tiara in public as an adult (for daughter's birthday is ok.). THEY ATE IT?! Successfully cooked a holiday meal and no one comes down with food poisoning. Meeting Impossible! Eat a large burrito for lunch and then attend hour long meeting without a pit stop (or any embarrassing noises)! I'm ApreSHE8ed! Obtain (unsolicited) a Certificate of Appreciation from your kid's classroom. Horde:1 Gym:0 Proudly display that you still play (not just subscribe to) World of Warcraft! MOAR SPRINKLES! Ask for, or put an, extra scoop of sprinkles on your frozen dessert! Long Timer Stay with a

Leveling a Druid: What You Get When?

As I've been leveling my Druid to 60, I am constantly frustrated when I do ding a level, say, mid-fight, and all the 'Congrats! Now that you're __, you can now do ____." flies by.  This list will attempt to be a comprehensive list of those new items. I am mainly concerned with 0-60. Level: 6: Learn cat form 8: Learn bear form 10: Pick specialization 10: First specialization spell 12/14: Second spec spell(s) 15: First talent slot 15: Dungeon: Deadmines 15: Dungeon: Ragefire Chasm 16: Learn travel form 16: Learn moonkin (balance spec) form 17: Dungeon: Wailing Caverns 18: Learn aquatic form 18: Dungeon: Shadowfang Keep 20: Apprentice Riding 22: Dungeon: The Stockade 22: Dungeon: Blackfathom Deeps 25: First glyph activated 26: Dungeon: Gnomeregan 28: Dungeon: Scarlet Halls 30: Second talent slot 30: Dungeon: Scarlet Monastery 32: Dungeon: Razorfen Kraul 36: Dungeon: Maraudon 37: Dungeon: Uldaman 40: Journeyman Riding 40: Dungeon: Scholomance

My WildStar Beta Experience (so far)

Last weekend I was excited to see a key in my email inviting me to the WildStar beta. Sure, why not try it out before it goes on sale next month. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to start installing the binaries until after 10PM Sunday night. By the time I finally had everything installed it was after 11:30PM and the beta servers were shut down. Checking back to the site later the week, I found good news . One more Wildstar beta weekend, then open beta until Grand Opening. Yeah! I mean, sure, it looks interesting. The game has quite a sense of humor, with an anime look and feel. Add player housing, player created 'dungeons' (aka WarPlots ) and some end-game raiding like content, it has some potential.   Unfortunately, my experience in the beta hasn't been any fun. I've tried about 4 times this weekend to play and my experience has been less than stellar.  "SERVER UP" But, "No Realms Available" I'll

Hmm, WoD World PVP Could Be Fun...

WoWJuJu just posted a screenshot from the WoD alpha. It looks like we'll be able to loot the dead bodies of the other players we kill. Now, this has the potential of being awesome.  I can imagine a whole series of items that could be ' gathered ' from Alliance players when they're killed, but I don't think Blizzard will take it far enough.. "Zone specific" items makes me think it will simply be 'quest rewards' sort of like how you can get insignias or  ' supplies ' from killing players/mobs in Alterac Valley. Here's my suggested items: Faction specific pets, mounts and recipes. If I kill an Alliance player, let me rip (or actually copy) a page from their cookbook and learn something new.  Random item from their backpack. Maybe I'd get a drop from the last Horde you killed, a pet you just captured, or a piece of your PVE raid set. Or maybe just a juicy apple.  How about a portion of your gold? 50% of it transfered to my