Monday, October 31, 2011

SSOTD: Blizzcon 2011 Gallery

As I mentioned, a co-worker/friend was down in Burbank during Blizzcon. While there he hit the showroom floor and grabbed a few picks from Blizzcon. Some pics from the Panda starting area, Diablo III and the showroom floor.

Friday, October 28, 2011

MoP : My Casual Review

Reading through some of the release notes on Mists of Panderia, I think Blizzard is really pushing to involve the Casual players. The main evidence I see is their work on expanding the end-game content that is available to players.

Scenarios: These scenarios are ranging from 3 people (i.e. close friends) to 25 people (nice pug size). Raid fail anyone? The timing fits nicely with new parents, 10 - 30 minutes, short enough in case the kids wake-up. The immediate-ness of them, i.e. defend Goldshire, makes them sound more 'important' than a simply group quest. I think this will have the advantage of not feeling like a 'daily', but still provide something for those that want the extra credit/points.  Note, I personally hate doing dailies.

Challenge-dungeons: Now, this one has an interesting twist. Complete a dungeon in a certain way and be rewarded things like gear, pets, mounts and achievements. Ok, but the cool twist is it will change in complexity as your average groups gear score improves. Or, you will always run this dungeon in the same level gear, no matter what. For a casual player, who isn't a gear hound, this could be great. You won't be vote-kicked from a dungeon simply because your gear stinks. If you have the skills, you'll be good.

Pet Battle System: Because we all want to play Pokemon, I have "captured" 108 pets! This will give the casual player one extra thing they can do in their down time; level up their (non) combat pets. One thing Wowhead mentions is the capability to capture new pets so that you can level them up. (I want a bomb-throwing mokey pet (that loots)!) With now 108 vanity pets, I am curious which will be the strongest ones to start with? If I can capture critters and tame them as pets, will there be animals that I can grab? How about go out to Elwynn and grab a Cow?

In my best announcers voice: "Are you ready to rubble?? Appearing in the left corner, the pet every raider has met, don't kill him if you want to get, the cat of KT, Mr Bigglesworth. In the right corner, the pet for pvp, he loves the horde, the black cat of BS, Underfoot."
Stronger, better, faster minions!

Revised Talent Tree: Oh this is going to be fun. Gone are the class distinctions. "I've played ____ type warlock since Vanilla".  I am now going to be a Affl-emo-struction lock, or is it Demo-struct-liction, or Destro-lict-ology. In addition, I look forward to having SUPER versions of each of my minions! Didn't they promise boy/girl warlock minion models?  So is the Succubus going to turn into a Shivan? 

Personally, I am looking forward to Mists of Pandas.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Off-Topic: Why AdWords?

I am not a fan of ad-sponsored anything. If I could spend just a few bucks more (/nudge Amazon), I would rather purchase the ad-free version, instead of having to deal with something inappropriately asking me to buy something. In the long run, I don't want my kids grabbing said device and clicking one of those links. I've almost got full copies of games on my mobile phone one afternoon. "Daddy, I don't know what they want here.."

Why would I want to create income from you? Are you going to click on links simply because they came up in the word-association algorithm created by Google? I don't think so. In addition, I don't want to have any association to gold sellers, pawn shops, etc. that might come up. I'd want control. I tried the Amazon Associates thing and well, it didn't spawn anything. Honestly, my account has $0.10 in it. I wasn't hurt when Amazon pulled the whole thing due to our current Governor's failed sales tax policy.

Will I put random ads on my site? Nope. I don't want the manliest soda ads showing up.

Do you know someone who has? Has it paid off for them? 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PVP Tidbit - Where's my Season Honor score?

I know this may seem obvious to the seasoned PVP vet, but I have only recently gotten back into PVP. Loving demo in the battlegrounds, but lately the horde hasn't been on a winning streak anything. Maybe 1 lucky run in 10; making for frustratingly slow Honor point accumulation.

So, I was wanting to grab a shiny Season 9 weapon, namly replace my 346 wand or PVE weapon with something new and fresh (Vicious Gladiator Spellblade?). Unfortunately, such shinies come with a hidden price tag.

"Requires earning a total of 7250 Honor Points for the season."

I hadn't been keeping track. No achievement tracked it. Not on the PVP interface. There must be a place to find this value. Finally, the other day I was fumbling around at the vendor, when I came up with the popup. Floating over the icon on the corner, I see that ...

Ugh, 2100 more points to go. Well, if I don't buy anything else, at least I'll have the points to buy the weapon when I meet the pre-req.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Addon Review:Reforgerade

Of the two red Xs, one has an invalid reforge
(hit to stam) on it.
I was testing to see if it would
remove them as well.
(Elk pats imp, "Slow down Volham, we haven't even written the post yet".  Revert to Draft)

We are both a little excited about a 'new' addon, Reforgerade. This simple little addon takes reforge priorities and presents them in a nice little interface when you visit that reforge guy.

"Reforge Priorities??" you ask. "Where do I get those?"
I don't know, go AskMrRobot?  :)
Click the EXPORT button, then the Export Reforges button. I know, go figure. Copy the contents.

When you visit Enchanter Faradine, the Reforgerade window will popup, paste the AskMrRobot content and hit the Reforge button. Now you don't have to think to blindly follow our robot overlords.

Love ya Mr Robot (and legowxelab2z8 the addon PM)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bit of Blizzard History

Right before Cataclysm, Blizzard did a server refresh. Yank out that old computer hardware on domains doing sub-optimal and toss it. Businesses do this all the time. My office, we replace the old hardware probably every two to three years. These old pieces of equipment are either recycled (like into website servers) or returned to the vendor to lease to smaller companies.

Blizzard has donated the hardware to St Jude's Children's Hospital, so that they can auction it off as a fund raiser. On their eBay store, you can place bids (starting $100) on a domain server. IMHO, could be really cool mounted on the back wall of my cubical, but.. well.. their $100 starting bid and $300 shipping kills it for me. (plus I haven't found Malfurion yet).

Is it usable? Maybe? If you have a blade cabinet that is capable of housing this type of server (looks like HP or Compaq). It has memory installed, but (looks like) the CPUs removed.

Bidding ends tomorrow (noon 10-24-2011). Go check it out..

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blizzcon News! Playable Pandas!

Coming soon to Azeroth. 

Co-worker just texted me that coming in the next expansion, Mists of Panderia, we'll be able to play a panda monk. I had hoped that they'd bring out a new class that would be cross spec, like a druid. You can be a tank, you can dps, and you can heal.

I can't help, watching this video, pulling comparisons to Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda series. Especially with this list of racial perks:
  • Bouncy: reduces fall damage by half.
  • Inner peace: double rested XP.
  • Gourmond: +15 to cooking.
  • Epicurean: double stats to food buffs.
One element that has me thinking. Panderans will be both factions. At 10, you chose Alliance or Horde. So, this will be the first time we will fight in PVP against the same class. You could potentially have 30 people in a BG, all playing pandas. How will you tell them apart?? 

Annual Pass:
In addition, they are creating an 'annual pass'. Starting today, you can signup for a 1 year contract for WoW. This commitment comes with perks, like a special mount (winged pally mount!), access to the Panderia beta and access to Diabo III. As a contract, you cannot cancel your subscription for 12 months. To get the perks, you need to have an active account as of 10/18 and signup before 11/18 (which I guess is about when 4.3 will drop). (from faq). You use your current payment method (Elk's on a 6-month recurring plan) of payment.

Review of WoW Monks:
Melee, cloth class, that has some magic abilities.Uses staffs,

  • Crimson Monk - Stratholme - cloth melee, abilities: kick, thrash
  • Auchenai Monk - Crypts - immune to CC, summons ghosts to assist. Uses staff
  • Condemned Monk - 
  • Scarlet Monk - Scarlet Monastery - cloth melee, abilities: kick, thrash
  • Argent Monk - ToC - melee - flurry of blows, mediation, pummel, shield ability 

Creepy Crate (107) and looking to pet 108 - Hallows End

Last night I picked up a strange little pet, Creepy Crate. This guy hides in his crate peeks out, then snacks on nearby critters. He was rewarded after a quick little, 6 step quest chain; mostly completed in and around Orgrimmar. Culminating in a zep ride to Undercity to kill a level 84 npc.

Goblin boat, not Vashjir
  1. Missing Heirlooms - Go to the Inn near the entrance, there's an undead in there complaining about his missing heirlooms. (Wasn't there someone in UC complaining about this?) If you haven't been to Vash'jir, but have the quest in your logs, you may only see the Vash'jir boat. I had to drop the quest with my alts to see the goblin ship.
  2. Fencing the Goods  - Go to the AH, one of the goblins will chat with you.
  3. Shopping Around   - Go see Droffer and Son's in the Drag.
  4. Taking Precautions - All items available in town. From around the Tauren AH, I found all 5 Blood Nettle, Crystial Vials sold by Isashi (opposite the AH), Arcane Powder (Magenius is closest).
    Blood Nettle grows like a weed.
    (Note:If you have a the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Drix sells both the Arcane Powder and Vials.)
  5. The Collector's Agent - Go kill a void walker.
  6. What Now? - I picked the Edgar Goodwin, since he gave me the initial quest. After you return the heirlooms, a crate next to him pops up a quest. On the second time through, I went to the Blood Elf. Go this way, as it has a bit more humor to it. (reference to Raiders of the lost ark). Collect pet.

Now to see about those 150 tricky Treats. I really want to get the Feline Familiar. 
He walks when you walk,
he flys when you fly.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let The Hallows Eve Alt Leveling Begin

If you have a lower level alt, now is the time to start running them around Azeroth. Find yourself a friendly guildie with a 2-man rocket and start flying around to all those Inns. Grab the flight paths and (based on last year) a nice bit of XP. It's a quest, so wear your BOA gear (and guild tabards) to get an extra bonus.

This year, Blizzard (reference) has removed some of the randomness in getting the achievement, by making the Sinister pet a vendor item (instead of solely a random drop). I like, now if I could just BUY my warlock mount.. Still a little angry about that.

Day 1: Tuesday 10-18-2011 - Got on at 1AM, Tricky Treats and a mask.
Day 1.5: 10-18-2011 PM - Hallowed Helm (that I couldn't loot because I have one in the bank).
Day 2: 10-19-2011: Sinister Squashling
Day 3: 10-20-2011: Sinister Saber (now I can summon pumpkin men in BGs, reforge off the agility and it MIGHT be viable??).
Day ?: I now have 5 Squash, thinking about making pies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IT: Guild Recipe Exchange

Elk has been patiently stationed out in Shattrath for the last two weeks. Each day, he works with Rokk to provide the Lower City denizens a bit of food prepared to order. Elk's primary goal is a bit of accidental luck, the recipe for Stormchops. (Why a recipe would be left in a barrel of meat is beyond me??)

This got me thinking. Guildies have the recipe. I have a few recipes they don't have. How about we meet in town somewhere and trade recipes? Sit next to guild member with recipe, open guild-professions interface, click new button "Learn". Probably have to give something in return, so that it's not a 'free' exchange, but it's guild sharing. (Note: It reminds me of what I envisioned Inscription could be, before it was introduced in Wrath. Inscribe documents from other sources to create tomes of important knowledge. Translate documents from other languages (NE -> BE?) so that they could be used by opposing forces.)

It would sure make some achievements easier. Hmmm...

Monday, October 3, 2011


The 4.3 PTR was up last night, so I spent about 15 minutes looking around. 

Funny because you can run a pre-made (ungemmed, unenchanted)
in fully decked out tier (balespider) gear.

No more Troll only option. 150 for all Heroics.
Does have separate option for Bastion series.

Queueing up for a raid could be interesting...

shadow bolt. no, I didn't see any
other spell changes for locks.

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...