Thorough reading of the 3.3.3 Patch notes.

I was just reading through the 3.3.3 patch notes posted here and noticed a few items that I haven't seen mentioned before.

  • No more farming mounts - The Holiday Bosses and Battleground queues will be converted into a model similar to the RDF. Randomly get one of the BG, you win you get big spoils. 
  • Goodbye PVP Daily .- Get equivalent to the PVP daily if you win (30 Honorable Kills worth of additional Honor currency and 25 Arena points). Second time, get honor equivalent to 15 HK.
  • Raids of 5 people per side. I can't imagine the length of time to complete Isle of Conquest or Strand of Ancients when all 5 people are completely spread apart. Maybe it will contain five 5-man groups?
  • hCOS will have a skip functionality, like TOC, to allow you to skip the jibber-jab said at the beginning (assuming your party has completed it at least once). Yipee, ran Culling last night and had to wait the 4 minutes from start to finish just "Arthas Roleplay".
  • A second fishing daily in Dalaran - The "Monsterbelly Appetite" daily fishing quest has changed so it now takes place outside the Violet Hold in Dalaran. The quest still requires a Severed Arm and has been renamed to "Disarmed!" (yipee! this is my second least favorite fishing quest, outside Ghostfish). For both these quests, I fly past Wintergrasp. I tend to manually fly, instead of take a taxi. Inevitably, I fly too close and get tagged PVP. More than once, I've been attacked by some hopeless Alliance because of it. At least death removes the PVP tag.
  • Don't Ditch the Dungeon - The "ditching of a Random Dungeon" debuff, er cooldown, has been increased to 30 minutes!
  • Why me? - You'll be asked to why you wanted to kick someone from a random party. Last night the "kick" function failed us. Our healer decided to accept a battlegrounds invite right after the instance started. Unfortunately you can't kick someone who is tagged "in combat" even if they aren't in the same instance as you. When he finally decided to rejoin us (yes, we actually waited), probably when the battlegrounds closed, he claimed "sry dc'd". Oh, right, that health bar wasn't visible to us, showing it go down to almost 0, then back up as someone healed your sorry bum.
  • Order in the chaos - Parties built by the RDF, will always be arranged Tank, Healer, DPS ... 
  • We can all be Loremaster's - Quest tracker has been improved. Looks like Blizzard is really trying to help people to finish their Loremaster achievements before Cataclysm. Need to see if I like it better than Carbonite. 
This patch is looking to be bigger than I had initially expected. In turn, this may mean that Cataclysm will probably be pushed out a month or two. I had initially hoped that Cat would drop early this summer, but I am bound to guess closer to September. Which for me, later in the year would be nice, since I was hoping to take a few days off and play while the family is out of the house. 


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