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Picking a Class to Boost??

I love this list that WoWJuJu has put together reviewing all the various classes and if you should/n't boost it to 90. Warlocks, never loved, but often envied. I hadn't thought about DK, but you start at 55, so leveling to 60 would have taken a heck of a lot less time. Why should I choose a Death Knight? It starts from level 55. You can get to level 60 pretty fast, pick your desired professions and the boost feature will boost those professions to max as well. You can use the character as DPS but you can also tank and if you want to use Looking for Dungeon/Raid feature, as a tank you’ll spend less time in the queue. A Death Knight pretty great at soloing stuff and it had some great survivability abilities. Any Race (except Pandarens) can be a Death Knight. Why shouldn’t I pick a Death Knight? You have to have at least one more character on your account at or above level 55. The resource system might be a bit unusual for a beginner. You can not use the Death K

The (Leveling) Story So Far.

As I reach the midpoint of leveling my druid to 60, I've had a few revelations about the entire process that I wanted to share.  Playing a druid is fun. I find that the combination of shape changing and multiple different playstyles fun. Charge in as bear, aggro a cluster of mobs, get over powered, heal as troll, back to bear, still too many, change to cat and run like an angry mob is chasing me!!  Heirloom gear is highly overpowered (on the plus XP side). With 150% XP on every kill, I am flying through the zones. Complete 4 quests in an area and I gain half a level. By the time, I reach the last quests in a zone, I am seeing grey "low level" alerts on the quests. If I run a random dungeon in the middle, forget it, hearth back to Orgrimmar, look for a new zone. ...Making it pointless to level professions.  As much as I had intended to keep my leatherworking up to snuff, it's been impossible to do so. In order to catch up my leatherworking and skinning, I'

How I Raise and Nurture an Alt.

I am not an altoholic. I don't have a stable of toons providing me all my professions. Personally raising another to max level is a dreadful task and one to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately with the veteran bonus in the new instant-90, I have seriously started leveling a druid alt. With my leveling anxiety, I am taking advantage of every single shortcut possible. From using heirloom gear so that I can max out my possible XP bonuses and jumping into my guild to get their favor, to making sure I always park in an Inn or major city to get my rested bonus. Twink it up : I have equipped every piece of heirloom gear that I can locate: Head Urban Assualt Ninja Druid (@Level 38) Back Chest Main hand  (healer model from priest) Trinket 1 Trinket 2 Once I get more Justice points, I'd still like to get the: Shoulders  or the upgraded model DPS Main hand  or the upgraded model Also, (just found) that I need to run to my Guild vendor in Orgrimmar and pick

Pre-Order Complete

Ok, I bit. I've re-up'd my subscription to Warcraft and pre-paid for WoD. I have (all but) decided that my boosted 90 will be a druid . Thinking about the 'veteran' perks, I am not too sold on "we'll level up your professions to max". Since I don't have a (horde) druid, it will be a fresh new character and the grind to 60 sounds incredibly daunting. OK, grind to 15 during DMF, with heirloom gear, run dungeons until 60, probably take me, what a week.  I do like the idea of saving the gold required to buy the supplies to level these skills on my own.. But you do get XP (when WoD is released) by leveling professions. We'll see.. So, would the 'boost' include druid flight form? Since I don't have a druid beyond level 5, does this come from a trainer? Or a quest chain that I'll need to go find? Ok, auto learned at level 58 . So, that would be a Yes! Name Fame!  (just found Dark Legacy Comics !) MissturDarse?.. So far, all my t

Connected Realms Game Play Idea

I hadn't noticed an announcement , but last night, it appeared my realm Malfurion-US had been merged with another. Standing in the Shrine of Two Moons , over by the Inn Keeper was a player from another realm. Now looking back, probably partied with someone and pulled to my realm, but.. this got me thinking. The Party of Elkagorasas.  If I were to multi-box, I could technically create characters on each realm with the exact same name. Heck, I could make a druid, get the stag glyph . Elkagorasa the warlock, riding Elk the druid-elk-mount. Makes me seriously consider a druid for my Instant 90 in WoD. Even without the multi-boxing aspect, having the option 2 or 3 of my characters all with exact same name is intriguing. Speaking of druids, Elkagorasa this morning picked up the Overgrown Lilypad from Sele'na  (Gomez). This allows me to self-cast symbiosis on me, providing, yet another heals .

Orc Warlock art!

Maybe it's time to bring out this old PVP set and give Elk a new haircut!