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Post 701 - My 9 Year WoW Anniversary & Where I do a little reminiscing.

Joralin - my 1st toon - now sporting some heirloom gear. Still level 12. October 7, 2006 - 6 months after my second child is born, I accept a 10-day free play pass from a co-worker saying "You should play, we can go do ___ this and that together. They'll be launching a new expansion soon...". I logon that night, and he takes me through level 1 in the human starting area. On the 18th, I plop down the credit card, and start paying into my little bit of Blizzard. About a week later, that human paladin stalls at level 12. My friends have gone and swapped servers and factions so I follow.  Elkagorasa  the warlock is born. It takes me almost a full year until I level up to 60. Dad with a 3 year old, 6 month old and just don't have enough time (or pull with my wife) to raid when my guild does. I'd LOVE to, but that doesn't happen for a few more years. In the meantime, I run dungeons with them (being dragged through vanilla content is more like it). My big a

Garrison Mounts

Since the drop of 6.2.2, I've been actively clearing my garrison mission table. I've been doing this with hopes that I would see the rare gronnling garrison mission appear . This when completed, drops a coalfist gronnling mount! Unfortunately, it has never dropped for me.. Looking at WoWhead, I see I probably don't meet all of the prerequisites. According to one commenter , for the quest to appear I need: 3x followers with 675 item level 7x followers with 645 item level 675 item level on character (no need to equip the gear, you can just have it in your inventory) I know I don't have 3 followers at (least) 675. I am still getting the quests dropping 645 gear tokens, I didn't think there was a point in upgrading them further than that. I've only reached 678 myself this week with the upgrade of my alchemy trinket to 5:6 (i.e. the  Stone of Wilds ). Instead I've been doing the fair-is-fair upgrade path, were my lowest geared followers were gettin

Draenor Pathfinder Complete

I logged off last night with only 1700 rep needed to reached revered with the Order of the Awakened. Any other week and this would have frustrated me, knowing I would need to run the gauntlet 2 more times to get my pathfinder achievement. Happily this week is Darkmoon Faire and I was more than happy to port from my Tanaan office back to Ashran, then port to Thunder Bluff to get the Whee! buff. Yeah, they allow it on the carousel! I totally took advantage of Grumpy's Ultimate Unforseen Circumstance 's tip. Leave it on the body. Yep, that's it. Don't auto-loot the fel-corrupted apexis crystals, leave them on the dead-body.  This was great, for the simple fact that one day, I got on, already having 5 crystals. I didn't auto look, so I got 5 more. Then managed to get into a group, and completed my quest. The next day, I killed the 3 mini-boss challenges and got 6 more, leaving only 4 to get. Use 3, leaving 2 remaining for the one more day.. Overall, what do

Now I Feel Dumb.. :)

The other day, Blizz linked to a spanish youtube video put out by Hols. This video detailed how to get the new booterang  "toy but not a toy" from 6.2.2. Watching the video, I notice that Hols IS WEARING GUL'DAN'S shoulders! Yeah, not the corruptor set like I substituted with, but the same model. So, I start by searching the US armory.. (can't select EU for some reason), so I searched Korean, Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia as well.. No Hols . "Change" button disabled going from US to EU. Quick Internet search, I found " ". This site lets me put in a few specifics, [level 100], [mage], [blood elf], ["Hols"] and it returned exactly who I wanted. Hols @ Uldum-EU Looking up his shoulders , I found they share the same model with the warlock HFC tier set . The normal version of these shoulders of these don't appear to have the spikes, but the Mythic one does! Sigh, I don't see me runn


Just wanted to share a YouTube channel I just subscribed to, MGN . They have a series of 'how to solo' videos done by " the angry swedish man, Franki " which I found useful, but also funny. "spam it, spam it, spam it and loot!" ... makes me want to send my druid into Ulduar again to see about trying for this mount again.. (I'd give him a PG-13 rating simply for language and a bit of sexual innuendo) :D

LFR Black Gate OMG!

Last Friday, I had the day off, so I did some catching up. Actually got the last of my fragments to make up my last tablet and completed the next phase of my legendary. Xhul'horac Time to move on to Hellfire Citadel. So far, I've participated in downing 9 of the 13 bosses. Xhul'horac was crazy difficult for LFR (having at least 4 wipes). The hardest thing to communicate was dropping the pools onto opposing sides. Archimonde takes the award for a major PITA. There are so many different things going on in this LFR, that it's almost impossible for a PUG. Determination * 6 - I think I've had enough today... — Elkagorasa (@elkagorasa) August 28, 2015 So, far, I haven't seen the entire fight. Based on the LOS video, the best I've reached about 40% but never saw the 'nether banish' mode. I am really starting to understand Alt:chat's " not going to do that.. " post.