Friday, February 25, 2011

Resource Site: Ask Mr Robot

Reading through comments on Killing 'em Softly on reforging, someone suggested using the After reviewing this site, I am really excited about it.

Why do I want to Ask Mr Robot? 
First blush, Mr Robot provides you a breakdown of your current gear, what gems and enchants each item has and if you've reforged it. At the top, you get an overall gear score for this build. My first impression was Wow-Heroes, without the "you could be running" information or MaxDPS with more functionality.

Now looking a little closer. In your gear column, note those red arrows. These are items that you could still upgrade (based on the filter at bottom you selected). For example, if I select the filter to NOT include Darkmoon Cards, the Witching Hourglass turns into the BIS pre-raiding trinket. There are 6 different filter options (rep, money, archaeology, darkmoon cards, BOE World drops and random drops) and 3 levels of gear (pre-raid, raiding and raiding heroics). According to Mr Robot's dev team, the BIS slot is determined by SimCraft results:
Mr. Robot noticed that SimulationCraft is very popular amongst warlock theorycrafters, so he used it to generate his weights. But SimC is in beta, so these will need regular updates.

Mr Robot Optimal gems, enchants and reforged stats.
If you don't like the stat weights, check out the Stat weight editor. It's very basic, but I really like this. Not only can you set a weight, but you can set a (soft) cap for some stats (i.e. Haste for locks). Right now looking at Mr Robot's suggestions for my current gear, the site suggests reforging almost everything for hit. When I reach 17% hit, the prioritization will switch heavier to Haste, automagically. Tweaking the stat weights even does a number of the gear selection. I ramped up Crit to 100% and my offhand immediately changed from +hit +haste gear to +hit +crit gear.

 Once you find BIS gear that's personally achievable, select the "Drop Locations" tab and now you'll be presented with how and where to get it. This is wonderful when you combine this with the weighted table available under the [...] button. Now I can see how much better that World Drop is than the Exalted item is. I'd definitely consider buying the rep item at a 9 point loss personally (over a best possible 0.1% drop rate).

BIS Gear selections
BIS details

As a gear site, there isn't features that I openly hated. My comments about the site are more improvement suggestions.
  • The stat weights don't allow for adding other stats, i.e. I can't add a stat weight to include resilience on gear. I could see this being really handy if you wanted to use this same site to build a PVP set and gem/reforge priorities.
  • I'd like a comparison feature between gear sets. What would I do differently between an Affliction set vs a Destruction set? How is my gear compared to another guildie? 
  • Don't see where I could save my profile. When I access the site, it gives me the last few toons I looked at, but if pull this up from home, I think I am going to have to start all over again; rebuild stat weights, select my toons, etc. 
Overall, I see a definite use and benefit from this site. I confirmed that I need to keep running the Ramkahen tabard to get the exalted boots. I see I shouldn't have bought the Justice belt, but sent the mats for the crafted one. Instead, I would have purchased the Justice neck.

Last night, before logging out, I blindly followed some of the suggestions under "Optimize" and watched my spell power go from 5400 to 5800. Yes, part of it was the cata spellthread enchant on my pants (vs the high-end wrath) because the price really dropped. Part of it was the boots that dropped in SFK the other night. I also replaced my i318 dagger (and JP offhand) to the Very Manly staff (from CoC). I'll let you know if this in turn means higher DPS.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What do I want with 2?

Dear Blizzard,

Last year, I tried and tried to get the vile fumigator's mask. What a great role-play piece. It was irritating, it was crazy, it was AGGRAVATING. This year, I get the Toxic Wasteling AND 2 MASKS? I can't auction them. I can't wear 2 helms. It's not even i300+, so I don't even want to use it in a regular dungeon. Don't give me two, give me valor points PLEASE!


Elk, warlock without a love rocket.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I swish for a fish dish wish list.

not Ish and his Wish Dish
I am looking for an addon. I want an addon that will track my wish dish list. You know, that list of items that you can pickup at vendors, or the auction house. Stuff that would be fun, or useful later on. Stuff that I blog about here, but don't actually have.

Here is what I want this addon to do:
  1. When I visit a vendor, say a quartermaster or the AH, I can right-click an item and add it to my wishlist; tracking a virtually infinite list of items. 
  2. I'd like at least categories for the different body parts (head, shoulders, etc.) so that I can find items on my list quickly.
  3. Allow linking to that item, so that I can reference it in chat, or via Pawn.
  4. Have a column that shows me the pawn scale value for the item. (Scale chosen on an Options page).
  5. Allow me to prioritize the list so that I can set the weapon upgrade before the boots then change it when I get the weapon drop. 
  6. Have items lower in priority when I get a better upgrade (or maybe drop off the priority list to another tab)
  7. Track what I need to get that item and ding when I have it. (reputation, conquest points, or valor)
  8. Incorporate AtlasLoot data (for NPC location), then I can include raid drops, and quest items.
  9. Popup when it shows up, saying something to the effect of "WishList Item, Roll NEED". (I might not have missed that sideways upgrade for new shoulders).
  10. Track alt BOA/BOE requests. "Hey my priest could use this BOE drop."
  11. Present with a ATSW sort of popup when I visit the vendor with a wishlist item (like "Buy Reagents" ).
I've peeked a little bit on Curse, but didn't find any good candidates. Nothing that has been updated in, say, the last year. Will this be the addon that pulls me finally into LUA programming, maybe. If further research doesn't reveal better candidates. /shrug

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guild Group

Last night after introducing some guild members to the holiday bosses, we decided to run a dungeon. Considering they just reached a 330 gear score, they weren't quite ready to take on their first heroics (at least at 11PM).

So, being they just came back to the game for Cataclysm, we decided to run COT:Culling of Stratholme for a free bronze drake. 5 levels made this dungeon a piece of cake for a warrior, shadow priest and warlock, like myself. We flew through this dungeon in no time, and they picked up their achievements. Unfortunately, it was the bronze drake we were after and we didn't run it Heroic. Rinse, reset to heroic, repeat. Tank actually died on this round, when overwhelmed by scourge, luckily I was able to finish off the mobs and the priest res'd the warrior, still finishing in time for the drake.

The best surprise!? Nope, not 2 drakes. The best part was that we got a guild achievement for this Wrath heroic instance. So, 3 is the perfect number for a heroic instance. On the other hand, 3 is not enough for a Crucible of Carnage. We wiped twice trying to get past the worgen. Guess we needed a full Healer, not a part time shadow priest.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shared Topic: When Good Raiders Go Bad..

There's an interesting topic posted up on Twisted Nether for this week:

What do you do when a normally good guild mate performs poorly or behaves badly? Your rock solid tank comes to raid ungemmed, your master mage dips down into pre-cata dps numbers several nights in a row or your best healer can't seem to keep from going OOM 2 minutes into any fight. What do you do?

WoW is about the players. The people behind the keyboards, tapping the keys, and screaming into vent. When a player shows up for a raid unprepared, I see a few potential issues:
/cry no more gold for enchants.
  1. Player is (financially) broke. The player knows they need gems, enchants and upgrades, but simply cannot afford to purchase them. New players are often the biggest culprit. They've misspent their quest gold on pets, or buying an upgrade something that may drop better in the raid or an even better tailored item (/wave). Training the guild members to ask for help is often necessary. They don't realize that they have a guild full of people that are more than excited to help out, especially if it means a better equipped and prepared raider.

  2. Player is new (to class, dungeon, guild, raiding, etc.). Training in this game is often mandatory. The blogging community has spawned to fill this need, but many users don't even realize it exists. 6 million people playing and there are only a dozen or so active warlock blogs? Mentoring, communication and gentle prodding go a long way to helping out these players.

  3. Player is having real life issues. As a dad of two kids, I can totally relate to a player having something else going on. More often than not, my wife is sound asleep and when one of my kids wake up, they come down and sit on my lap, or I am up stairs coaxing them back into bed. Patience is necessary. Hopefully the issue at home is resolved, before they are forced AFK (for the night). Then there was the 2 months after moving into my new house that AT&T failed to fix issues with my DSL. I would randomly drop my Internet connection for no apparent reason. It took switching ISPs to get the problem fixed.
Personally, I don't think raiders can go bad. They can distracted, ill prepared or even ignorant. Taking from an old adage, (in Cataclysm) It takes a community to raise a player. We can all assist these players by providing BOE drops, materials, gold or even a gentle /poke to get them focused. Sometimes, the problem is something you can't directly help out at all; family matters, technical difficulties and those random bad days at work that can have an immense negative impact. Be patient, provide a sympathetic ear, and maybe technical expertise where you can. :)

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    PVP Queue Fail

    This last week has been absolute PVP fail for me. I've tried numerous times this week to participate in the random battleground. Each time, it states ">10 minute queue", but then after 20 minutes, it still hasn't dropped.

    this can't be normal... :(

    I am thinking it's just me as a DPS on Malfurion, otherwise there'd be more griping. Maybe everyone in my battlegroup is now running guild/premade groups? Ah, well, back to grinding the Chemical Brothers for my hot rocket.

    Today, I got into the Call To Arms fight almost immediately, but the random battleground still is FOREVER.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Resource Site:

    I am a fairly avid reader of Darth Solo's blog Wow Alone. He has great gold making ideas, pet acquistions and locations and his experiences leveling, well, solo. As a more casual player, I can sometimes relate to his experiences and draw from them. This last year he's taken on trying to complete the Long Strange Trip achievement, which forces group play, which he has taken in stride.

    His latest project is This site is a great quick reference for anyone wanting to build, create or enchant items. As he put's it:
    BankAlt is a World of Warcraft database for professions and recipes which helps you determine the materials needed to craft a certain recipe. However, it can drill deep into all the sub-mats and sub-sub-mats and... you get the idea. As a result, it calculates the total number of base components - or raw materials - that you will need in order to craft your recipe.
    As you may know, I have a similar project to this going on, but Darth's is so much more elegant and this is only the beta release. For example, a quick search on the Engineering pattern for a Personal Wold Destroyer (which appears to only emote like he's a kid riding a motorcycle, just needs vroom vroom sound effects).

    I see a big potential for a site like this. For example:
    • Include the Wowhead price on an item based on current market values of something, then make a suggestion to buy the raw items, or a different level. (Is buying 16 Obsidium bars cheaper than 8 Handful of Obsidium Bolts?)
    • Query a large cauldron recipe, then have it break down all the materials for that cauldron.
    • Check my guild page (or list of favorite toons) and tell me who has this recipe? (Possible long term goal with a site named
    He is actively looking for suggestions and comments on his work. Head on over to his blog and leave a comment.

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Companion of Choice

    Nah, I am not referring to the Imp vs Succubus debate; let them fight that out on EJ or the forums. I am referring to the non-combat pets. The other night, I ran the holiday boss and was lucky enough to pickup a Toxic Wasteling. I had not read up on this little guy, but he's absolutely cool with regards to the Critter Killer guild achievement.

    Summon the wasteling, and you get a blob of green goo following you around. As you encounter critters, this guy will pounce on them and eat them. As he does, he grows from small (think frog) to about the size of a regular mob.

    Large << Small

    After I saw this happening to the chickens in the center of town, I spent the next hour trying out different critters and trying to judge range. 
    1. This pet is indiscriminate.  He will eat rats, cats, beetles, snakes, moths and mechanical chickens. 
    2. This pet is short-sited. He will only eat critters that are roughly within 10 yards.
    3. This pet will leap on critters when you run by. I was mounted and running between two locations. He stopped, ate a critter then caught up with me. 
    4. This pet will follow. I flew from the Uldum daily to knock the pickers up the river (picking herbs) to the tank bombing daily and he followed me all the way. Stay fairly close to the ground and you're golden. Just don't fly over a land mass that has no easy roads (AH up rise to flight master for example).
     My complaint about this pet is it's sound effect. It gurgles constantly. Just a slight background noise when it is around you, but still there. I saw a Personal World Destroyer on the AH for 500g and snagged it. WowHead lists it at over 1000g at the moment, so I considered it a deal (even though a guildie could have probably made it for far cheaper). So far no critters stomped and no worlds destroyed. Maybe it still needs improved animations?

    What's your weapon of choice?

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Fun Night, Death Knight

    Last night, I got into a pugged Grim Batol. The best kind of pug where someone explains things, doesn't get mad when you die; everyone learns, everyone wins. It was super sweet! I have to give thanks the tank, TheDrip on Dethecus (first Tank I've seen with 215k health!). This was a nice way to see the dungeon considering there was NO WAY I was pulling aggro accidentally off him. It was also a very odd group, with TheDrip, 2 warriors, a rogue, druid healer and myself. No ranged dps but myself. Not until after a wipe or two on Erudax when the rogue dc'd, and we rolled a mage. Just the extra DPS we needed.

    As my first full clear of the dungeon, there was a number of new fights here. Here are my basic notes:
    • Throngus -  stand back for most of his fight. Has a nasty 'sky is falling' aoe. Stand underneath when he equips shield (which shoots flames!)
    • Dharga - caster that shoots shadow bolts, but also jumps on dragon rather quickly. Breaths fire cone, RUN! Causes fire on ground, that spawn adds - kill fast. 
    • Erudax - stand apart to avoid drain life buff, stand together when casting shadow gale. TheDrip put a raid icon on his head and the first few times, we just ran towards him. Nice easy way to find the little eddy in Erudax's gale. After gale, DPS the two adds down quickly. Their casting heals boss. No damage to eggs = achievement. Looks like slow downs work, so if you've specc'd into CoExhaustion, give it a spin.
    I didn't get any drops that were any upgrades. Mail and plate are great, but only in the mailbox or on the table. :D I did get enough justice badges to get a new belt. Elk is ready for the Prom now in a sparkly cummerbund (with a belt buckle!?).

    Even better, I picked up a dungeon achievement yesterday by accident. My fear dropped off the Malignant Trogg as Umbriss was down to his last 50k health. This caused him to run over and buff Umbriss. A few incinerates later (and whatever those warriors do) and he was dead.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    Achievable Guild Achievements

    I am really excited about the new guild achievements and their associated loot. Here Blizzard has made it nice and easy for guilds of basically any size to pick up some interesting items, just for working together. After reading Poneria last week talk about how her guild finished the fishing achievement, it got me thinking about the various guild achievements that are easily obtainable (i.e. low hanging fruit!!) just by doing what we already do.

    Here are a few guild achievements that I am working towards:
    • Critter Kill Squad - This achievement is simple enough. As you run around, target and kill various critters you pass by. Kill 50,000 critters and get a nifty armadillo pet (announcer voice) now with more animation (end announcer voice). I use an instant cast spell (fel flame) and firing it off as I run around. In the achievement comments, they mention 2 tricks to simplify. 1) run as a raid group, aoe gets 1 point for everyone in the group. 2) run certain areas (see this comment). Reports of completing the achievement in little over an hour. 
    • Someone fed it pet biscuits.
      PVP - "Slayer" achievements - Run a battleground and no matter win or lose, you will kill people or DOT people and someone else will kill them. For this achievement, you kill one of each race class combo and your done. All OOT has left is the Dwarf Mage combo for this achievement. Unfortunately, looking at this census data, there are only about 23 of them on my server TOTAL. If you include all the US there are only ~1,400 (1% of all dwarfs). This achievement is looking a lot harder to complete. On WoWHead, I found one active level 85 Dwarf mage, 11 on the Shadowburn battlegroup. When completed you get a nifty guild page, i.e. a non-combat pet like the Argent tourney page. Follows you around and can sell you guild item (also buy your trash). Sounds like an excellent item for dungeons with guild or pugs. :)
    • (Low level) Guild Dungeon runs - Take five level 85s, include a warlock (summons) and mage (portal) and you can hit all the old world, bc and wrath dungeons. What do you think? 3 hours? Got a lowbie who's looking to level? Why not drag them along with an uber-85 and knock them all out. OK, yes, maybe you'll spend more time running between the various dungeons, but it's worth it.
    • Cooking - Set the Oven to Cataclysmic still lets you use South Island Ice Tea. The process is rather simple, check out last months blog entry. In 4.0.6a, Blizzard removed the Ice Tea recipe from the list of recipes that award credit. Looking into starfire espresso, but you (now) have to buy the beans from the cooking token vendor. In the end you get a nice raiding recipe
    Overall a short, but easy list of achievements to work on. Achievable by one person, and definitely quicker with more. Suggest that your guild kills critters, has a lowbie dungeon night. Heck, maybe hit a few dungeons after that raid, while you're all raid buffed and plow through the content. By completing these easy achievements, your guild will get more levels, and you get more guild rep. OOT has just hit level 8 and the Hasty Hearth guild perk is nice while questing. Also make the low level dungeon achievement that much easier..

    What are you and your guild working towards? Do you have a favorite guild achievement? Please share.

      Wednesday, February 9, 2011

      Grim, Grim Batol

      Looking through my current gear, my next biggest upgrade is my main-hand weapon. There appear to be two (or maybe 3) options available without raiding.
      1. Modgud's Blade (normal and heroic versions)
      2. Elementium Spellblade (crafted)
      Modgud's blade drops off the first boss in Grim Batol, General Umbriss. The Spellblade, which has slightly better stats than the Heroic weapon, but has EXPENSIVE price tag (3 chaos orbs + 6 truegold bars + 3 Elementium bars). Considering I just sold a Truegold bar on the AH for 800g, that puts this weapon to have an estimated 5000g starting price. The 20% (or 8% in heroic) drop rate of Modgud's sounds much more cost effective.

      As I mentioned Umbriss is the first boss in Grim Batol. From the entrance, you face several groups of mixed trash (humans, dragonkin, fellpuppys and elementals), following catwalks down to him. (see my pretty blue line above?). In our festive little party, we had a restro shaman (earthbind and hex), pally, boomkin (hibernate), mage (polymorph) and myself (banish and fear macro'd) in our party. We laughed because at one point, we had all 5 mobs CCd and they all just stood there looking at us. "Who first??" Look at all those shiny raid icons!

      At the star, you free 5 imprisoned drakes. You free one, mount it and it will immediately start flying down the pathway from star, to circle to diamond, then back. Your objective is to shoot fireballs (1 if you don't have a chat window active, doh) at as many mobs and wear them down. (Think Sunwell dailies) With effective shooting we knocked many down to 25% health. Made for cleaning trash between star and the boss easier. Note: If you have the quest to kill 30 troggs, make sure to be very effective at circle.

      About Umbriss
      Umbriss from my POV was a rather straight forward fight. The fight is simply a DPS race to get him down. As a warlock, I had 3 responsibilities.
      • Keep Malignant Trogg fear'd. I tried to grab him as soon as he came off the rock pile (circle) and keep him feared throughout the fight. Easy enough. 
      • Avoid Blitz - Blitz targets one player, but does an AOE at that location. Our mage died once because he ran through by my spot when I was targeted. I don't think DBM was running last night as I only got visual warnings on the Blitz and not audio. (maybe because I was running my add-on profile for the AH, not raiding). I had also tried to use the portal to assist with this, but never got to use it.
      • DPS - We wiped a few times on this boss as our DPS was a bit low. Ended up swapping out the boomkin for their raiding lock main. (Mage needed gear too).
      Umbriss was not cooperative last night and dropped the mail helm. Which no one wanted or needed. If I ask nicely, maybe I'll be able to find a guild group that will run the Normal mode boss until it drops?! :)

      Tuesday, February 8, 2011

      IT: Daily Love

      Last night, I logged in long enough to run a few battlegrounds amidst completing a few dailies. One of my battlegrounds was the old Wintergrasp. (What a sad state of affairs that is nowadays, 3 horde attackers vs 3 alliance defenders. I had to kill npcs to get my 10 kills for a catapult). When done, I hopped into the portal to Dalaran and explored the now ghost town. Patchwerk is the raid daily.. Hmm. The fishing daily is the severed arm recovery. No new clothes for sale at the point vendors there.. Bored, I hearthed back home.

      As I worked through both the cooking and fishing dailies around Orgrimmar I realized that Blizzard has been making our life a little simpler.
      1. No longer need to fly across the map to fish up arms, or fish from specific zones. Everything is within 30 seconds of the capitol city.
      2. No longer needed the dreaded SPICE. Of course, after the first few levels, you have enough Dalaran cooking credits to buy it constantly.
      3. No longer need a cooking pot in your inventory (a la Rok in Shattrath). Ugh, I think I ran with a cooking pot for a month in my bags, because I didn't want to fly out to Blades Edge and gather the materials. Still need one more recipe for the "Chef" title from those dailies. :(
      Personally, I always hated the fish up an arm fishing daily,. Mostly because I would tend to manually fly myself (save some time, then would tag myself as PVP as I dipped into Wintergrasp. This got me thinking,
      • Alchemy needs crystal flasks. Why doesn't cooking need pots, dishes or serving cups? 
      • Can I get a serving platter that holds 100 services of something? Heck, think of the role play issues of holding 100 servings of South Island Ice Tea in your backpack. 
      • Why don't we need to feed our mounts? (yes I can only imagine the costs of feeding 10 drakes, 14 horses, 7 kodos, 7 raptors, etc.) Hunters need to feed their pets to keep them around? Horse stables? When I first started playing, I thought I'd need to rent a stable at each place you call a home. 
      What items are you happy that Blizzard changed to simplify your life? Or what items are you happy the never implemented?

      Monday, February 7, 2011

      PSA: Love is in the Air (RL Edition)

      This is a public service announcement. 

      Look at the calendar. See, it's already February. Time sure has flown between release of Cataclysm and now. Have you noticed that your calendar mentions something on Monday the 14th? Mine does. In my house, the 14th has a special relationship with my loved ones. If I ignore that relationship, my game play severely suffers.

      So don't use to influence your loved ones. It only leads to then . If you want your loved ones to stay , may I suggest a little Romance. Things you might want to consider:

      So keep this in mind. Your RL is more important than WoW and an unhappy home is 0 DPS (and maybe a whole in the wall).

      Friday, February 4, 2011

      Pug Pet Peeves - Cata style

      As I am working on gathering Valor badges points for my Tier gear, I am running through my daily random Heroic. Through this I am getting to meet a lot of other late night players. Unfortunately at midnight PST (playing on a Central server), you get a wide mix of players, ranging from extreme raiders to those fresh out-of-greens.
      1.  Labels - As Poneria mentioned, we tend to love labeling players. "Wrath Baby", "Casual", "NOOB" all derogatory labels that are only used to say "I am better than you!". If you're playing a pug, you need my dps. I need the heroic for points. Let's get along. Keep using labels like that, and I'll see that we wipe and/or you'll be finding a replacement.
      2. Having the leader ask if my fear is glyphed. I suppose if I ran in all PVP gear, that would make sense, but nope, only my shoes contain any resilience. I am here for the dungeon, why shouldn't I be prepared? I am not a Wrath Baby.  ;-)
      3. Impatient tanks that try to race through content like we're all hitting a Wrath dungeon in December 2010. My rule of thumb is don't out pace your healer. If you managed to pug a healer still in low level gear, keep it slow. In addition, even though Cata has been out for 2 months, I only started running Heroics about 3 weeks ago. In addition, I only typically see one dungeon a night (pugs are slow). Therefore, I don't quite have the "Static Cling Hop" down right and will probably die.
      4. Having someone constantly quote Recount or complain about lousy caster DPS (then they die regularly). Had a Warrior that kept bashing the Shadow Priest and myself through a Heroic Vortex Penn, then to die with each mini boss in that environment. Maybe my lower DPS was cuz I was casting Banish, or moving out of the fire? Hmmm?
      5. Slow learners - Yes, it's 2 AM where you are, and midnight for me. Yes, it's probably only the second time both of us have seen this dungeon. But, when the big swirly ruins spin around your head, and the giant purple magnetic death splotch hits the ground, DON'T STAND IN IT! Run away, no not that far, she's going to despawn, there, stand there. /sigh
      6. Inspect bug - I am tired of LUA errors. I typically launch my game from the Curse updater, just so I always have the most recent add-ons. Recently I found whenever I inspect a person (4th wipe and the tank keeps dying first), I start getting Blizzard Paperdoll Inspect LUA errors. I've uninstalled ElitestGroups and GearScore off my PC and still get the errors. (only 25 add-ons running when in 'raid spec'. ) BLIZZARD!? Please fix in next patch. If the tank's in all cloth armor, I WANT TO KNOW!
      My last two Heroic runs have been guildies only. That feeling is EPIC, compared to a pug. Shared vent channel, common goals, no competition for gear and players who I don't mind chastising when they die to the fire. If only I could reliably get on at 9PM, this would be so much easier. Until then, pugging it will continue to be. Cobrastyle!

      Tuesday, February 1, 2011

      Battle for Gilneas Overview

      Today I ran my first time through the Gilneas battleground. This is a 10 man battleground new with Cataclysm that looks like something from Grizzly Hills (or I guess the Worgen starting area). It features 3 resources to control (AB style) and the first team to 2000 wins.

      The easy strategy for this BG is to maintain control of 2 resources the longest. Simply send 5 people to two different locations and defend. No running around, no dashing to the third and try to control all three. Personally I liked the Lighthouse and Mine. You start on the boat (upper right of map) and run out on dock, wait for the bell then race to the flag at the mine. 5 others head over the hillside to the lighthouse.

      Speaking of PVP, there's a chair bugged in the Hall of Legends. Try sitting in one of the largest throne chairs, and you'll find yourself transported to the inside of the building. Great if the city is being attacked and you're still tagged PVP.

      Lastly, the Warlock PVP set looks hideous. Maybe it is just this toon's combination of Vicious and Bloodthirsty gear, but OMG, I am not liking the NEW look.

      Taming MOAR Pets

      WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...