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Comic: Demonology in Legion (complete)

I had plans to post an image every few days leading up to today, Easter Sunday, ending with my final punchline today. Vacation happened faster than I could anticipate and spent all day last Saturday packing instead of posting. So instead of episodic, this is the entire comic. You should be able to open the first one, then simply slide to the right to get the next panel of the comic. The Summons The Meeting The Quest The Legion What?? The Agony ZZIIIIPPPPP!! The Solution Oh, this doesn't look good. The Love This doesn't look good. The Quote Go forth malefic bunnies! This comic was inspired by this quote posted November 10, 2015 by Blizzard. This blog post details changes coming to warlocks in Legion and how demonology has 'strayed' from it initial inception.

Comic: Demonology in Legion (Part 1)

Let me explain Late last year, my daughter asked for one of the "stress relieving" coloring books. They were all the rage locally, sold everywhere including the grocery store. (Retailers, take note, if you sell coloring BOOKS, this is a great up-sell opportunity to also sell coloring PENS/MARKERS/PENCILS!!) I had fun coloring in her book, so decided to get one for myself. Sadly over the holidays, I could not find markers anywhere until late-January and didn't want to commandeer her glorious 100 color gel pen set.. With that, I finally purchased my own ZenDoodle Calming Swirls coloring book. Lots of intricate little dots, swirls, swooshes and patterns to color in. So far, I've colored about half of one page. It was then, that I realized that my color-blindness could be making this awesome pattern rather bland or ugly? "Oh that looks 'nice'" One side effect of having a giant box of markers and paper on my desk is that I started doodling. &q

Ideas to Change Warcraft that Would Never Happen.

Blizzard loves to change this game with every expansion. We see it from those Legion Alpha reports all the time, about how this class will change and they're removing that ability or changing the way a certain mechanic works across all players. I'd like to throw out some ideas that I've had about changing Warcraft. Inspiration Terraria My son has been playing this game pretty much constantly since downloading it about 6 months ago. He's even forgoing his Christmas gift of Lego Dimensions for this pixelated 2D game. While the game concept is simple it does have some finer points that I think Warcraft could adopt. Player housing Here's the ultimate in player housing. You go out into the environment, gather materials (wood, rock, ore, mushrooms, etc.) come back and make into bricks to build your house. Once inside, if you put the right fixtures (bed, lighting, small end table), you get NPCs to show up and move into your house. If you want, you can create