Friday, March 30, 2012

Hey, Where's my Beta?

Everyday this week and last, I've checked the email account associated with my Real-ID. Checked the Junk mail folder just in case gmail got a little over anxious. Nothing. Checked in on Battle.Net (that's where I learned about it last time.), nothing. With Cata, I had put my name in the Beta hat not expecting anything. This year, Blizz has set an expectation when they created the Annual Pass option.

Did you forget us? Will I be playing Panda beta before Diablo 3?

Ha! Last night this dropped in my mailbox... I am in!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MOP Warlock Minions Preview

I don't know about you, but I am really looking forward to some of the new Minion abilities. A felpuppy who can spell steal. A succubus that mesmerizes with rainbows. Sure, warlocks maybe on the decline in Cata, but maybe MOP will be their expansion.


As with any beta, Beta is beta, and may not become live.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beta invites are going out..

Guildie just texted me. He's received his Beta invite and is downloading the files at this moment.

Poneria has posted a nice screenie of various MoP Warlock glyphs. I am absolutely loving the Glyph of Felsteed which will allow my warlock mounts run across water (like DK Path of Frost). Curious about the Glyph of Shadowbolt splitting into 3 smaller attacks. Does that mean we'll have another frontal AOE type of attack? or maybe machine-gun like the Mage Arcane Barrage?

Will Glyph of Felguard (use weapon out of your backpack) use the weapon's special abilities? Well my felguard now spawn pumpkin men when using the HH sabre?

There's something to say about Poneria's theory about Lock Tanking. Glyph of Demon Hunting makes Soulshatter a taunt when in demon form. Glyph of Healthstone returns 100% of your health (instead of roughly 45%?)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Guildies, Go Fish.

As of recently, my dungeon queue time wait activity has been fishing. I pop over to Twilight Highlands and start fishing up the Deepsea Sagefish. These lovely fish are now appearing (since about January) in pools along the ocean front. In about 15 minutes time, I can tend to fish up about 20-30 fish.


Guild, Go Fish. We're currently 1100 recipes from the cooking achieve and 4000 fish caught in pools. I don't know about you, but the Seafood Magnifique has got to be the craziest raid food I've seen (so far). Why would I want to eat something from a basket with a crab in it (which BTW comes from a recipe that doesn't include a crab "Requires Highland Guppy (2), Lavascale Catfish (2), Fathom Eel (2)")

Monday, March 12, 2012

Miss TBag by Shefki? Try ArkInventory

I've been saddened lately to see that Shefki has given up maintaining TBag. I am guessing, like a lot of people, he is on hiatus until MoP comes out (this Summer?). This has left me to maintaining my bags and bank by hand (/GASP!). It's dreadful, things everywere, herbals mixed with PVP gear, and gems stuck under that piece of gingerbread cookie I am still hanging on to.

Happily, I have found ArkInventory. This is also an all-in-one bag solution, but with some interesting quirks. First off, it combines nicely all of my bags into a single source. I can sort each of them based on various criteria so that items are quick and easy to find. Once it is configured it is a very nice looking interface with even more thematic options available. Finish it off, it contains a few nice features that TBag still doesn't have.

Starting view
First time you fire up ArkInventory, you will be presented with the default profile view. It's currently sorted into a single bag, and the sorting is limited to the bag that contains the item. Not very interesting.

Edit Mode
The first step you are going to want to take is to go into Edit Mode (Gear top corner). Edit mode allows you define rows and columns for your various items, up to 5 columns and as many rows as you want.

Assigning Categories
Start off by clicking on one of the box numbers. I clicked on 6. Now you pick what items you want to put into this box. For 6 I want all my soulbound gear, so I select System - Equipment (Soulbound). Wa-la, all my gear is in this box. For sorting, (since the menu is still up), I click Sorting - Default Bag - Rarity ... Now that entire square is sorted!

Final bag config
Rinse, repeat with any level of granularity you want. I found I wanted my healing and mana pots in the same square, but not mixed with my food and drink. I also wanted to minimize the screen space my bags took up, so I hid all the empty spaces (assign all empty to an unused square, then select 'categories assigned - empty - empty and select hide', I suppose you could hide them in the same square using the same method, but??).

Only bah-humbug, is scaling. I've got most my buttons running at 60% normal size. When opening up my bags and the icons are 100%, they seem huge! The scaling options are 'hidden' under the backpack by your name. Click that, then config, then settings.  I also played with the padding and width so the bag view is more tall than square (wide screen monitor = less real estate used). Now that I've scaled down, the currency options at the bottom don't display very nicely.

Overall I love this all-in-one bag replacement. Best off, I haven't even started exploring some of the more advanced features like 'rules'.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

20 Days Remaining

Last night I ran the LFR raid. I accepted the request with my felpuppy out. Dropped into the second to last boss, slime boss. Lots of trash, Felguard's happy place. Sadly he was having long term issues with summoning disorientation.

I resummoned him 4 times, with shards, without, in combat, out of combat. Nothing would bring him out of his funk.

Back to felpuppy, and lousy DPS.

Friday, March 9, 2012

How to get a SOR spectral mount for $15.

MMO Melting Pot has a great way to get yourself one of those nifty mounts. Cheeper than the pretty pony, and definitely not going to have hundreds of them showing up on day one.

I'd personally love to get one for this lock, but not about to go spamming my friends.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

IT: What If...What If It Wasn't Panderans?

Sitting here today, looking at all the news releases coming out on Mists of Panderan, I start to wonder if Blizzard really could have picked a different race to come out in the next expansion. OK, sure, it has Panderan in the title, so really, would there be any other option??

Aside from that, as I skim down the story line in the game so far, is there a distinct class/race combination that screams out to be played? The Azeroth lore is fairly rich with strong classes, but most are already played, or simply variants of what is already there. This got me thinking... what about the centaurs?
I mean, there's a whole quest chain in Desolace where we befriend one of two local tribes. We work on getting their trust so that we can move on to the next area. If I remember correctly, all horde picked the tribe closest to the stronghold there so they didn't get attacked running to/from the base. BUT, that's besides the point.

Think about the benefits.

  • Melee friendly class. Leather armor. 
  • Carries axes, staves, shields and swords. 
  • Sure there are healers too... 
  • They already have a mount; built in horse, duh!. 
  • They already have relations with Horde (and maybe Alliance?)
Now, don't get me wrong, I think the idea of playing Poh from Kung Fu Panda sounds like fun. The first level probably has you bringing your noodle cart up the giant set of stairs, then bouncing back down to the bottom for an achievement?!? 

Click Picture to go to Author's website.
This post idea came up as I was listening to the audio book, "Guild of the Cowry Catchers". The story contains humanoid characters that are part griffin, fox, lion and such (grishnard, foxlings).  In addition, the main character, Gerard, has a pet griffin that he owns, rides and chats with. The audio is full cast (not just the author doing all the voices) and has a great story line. Despite the author's warning "for people who shop in the grown-up section of the bookstore", I would put it around PG13. A little bit of violence (beheadings) and "adult situations" subtext, but no actual visuals. A lot less than, say, trade chat. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Then and Now

Ok, I had older pictures, but evidently deleted them to free up some precious hard drive space between builds. 

Back in December 2007, Elk was just old enough to run the warlock quest chain to get the Dreadsteed

Elkagorasa, December 2007 - Excited to get new mount!

Looking to make a St. Patrick's Day theme'd banner, I looked all over for something to kill. Dwarves in Twilight Highland were my first choice, but they kept getting too close and with a 10minute cooldown, I wasn't about to try for a third time. Settled for an Easter Elfin Bunny.

Elkagorasa March 2012 - New Banner  - Killing Critters with Kindness

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...