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Garrison Growth

I've reached level 2 with my garrison, and would like to start growing my professions buildings (alchemy, herbalism). I've also realized that the Tailoring hut probably won't benefit me any and should be replaced. I want to start a salvage yard. Here is the research materials I found: Ask Mr Robot  has compiled a great list of each garrison resource.  Based on their suggestion, I am going to start an enchanting hut for my third small plot. This will allow me to DE all my drops, instead of just vendoring them. WoWJuJu has compiled a great list for garrison followers. From here, I found out that the blueprint vendor is in my garrison and he sells them for around 1000g. I was looking at the vendor in Ashran and thought he was the only one. In addition, you can only assign a follower to a level 2 building.  WoWHead breaks down when and where blueprints come available. Through this I realized that I am probably about to get the plans for all my small plots soon as

In Response to Blizzard's Release Day Issues

Blizzard has been taking a beating over this recent launch. Clients worldwide are getting hit with long queue times, slow response from the game servers and even disconnected randomly. As an Information Technology professional for 15+ years, I can totally sympathize with them. I work for a large public sector agency on a team responsible for supporting email services for close to 100,000 employees. I am responsible for the design, deployment and day-to-day operation of the computers hosting the email services. For comparison purposes, I would suspect that I am responsible for approximately 3 medium-pop realms worth of users on WoW. This is my attempt at explaining a technical environment and it's issue in as user-friendly of terms as possible. Design: If I were to design a 'realm', I would want to mirror what we do with our email environment. It meets the needs of a high-demand environment, where the clients are using a fat client to connect and requires pretty much 24

My First Day in WoD

This is my first day in Draenor via screen shots. My server is Malfurion-US (CST or GMT-6) I live in California (PST GMT-8)  9am I log-on to the server and start questing. Immediately feel the urgency of the game. Leveling going great. The flow of the starting area, the cut-scenes, it's a lot of fun. Feels like the Jones series in Uldum of Wrath.   I reach the first boss (this might not be him), and have to laugh as the names flash across the screen. It reminds me of the silly splash screens that Borderlands is famous for, like...  9:38am, I find my first profession, herbalism, book. Opening this book, teaches me several of the basics. Nice way to learn the next level of a profession, by doing it.  After one such plant picking, I am attacked by a flower buddy. He's a little loot monster for the plant. Killing him nets 8x of the same plant. Very nice!  Then the lag starts. I spot little things like this peon who's sleep walking. He proc

Alliance Druid Update

My Alliance druid is still working hard to reach level 90 before the expansion drops. The last few days played (real time elapsed since 6.0.2 dropped), Esha-Alliance has been questing and running Wrath dungeons. The questing has been interesting because of the difference between Alliance and Horde. Little nuance differences like their purpose for coming to Dragonblight. Save the humans , vs experiment on the humans! As of yesterday, I've dropped carrying the iLevel 40 off-hand and decided to just carry a bouquet of flowers . The stein provided only a few stam, then int and spirit. The flowers. set off the ninja costume nicely against the main-hand weapon. Yes, it's silly, but so was equipping a weapon that was from the starting area of Vanilla. Ok, I really should have gotten the two-handed weapon for tanking! I know now! DMF is almost over, but I've tried to maintain the Whee buff for the dungeons. I really should purchase a few of the DMF hats for when I pull more

While I am away...

Elkagorasa wakes up stiff and sore. He did not sleep well again. He dreamt he fought Garrosh yet again. This time the team that came with him different, but the fight came out the same. Garrosh is imprisoned for his deeds. Only later to escape with the help of that insidious Kairoz of the bronze dragon flight. He looks around his bunk in the Inn, finding all his familiar items, he sighs with relief, he can rest today. Nothing planned all morning. Sitting up he spots his well worn robes and the weapons that seem to be twitching for a fight. Outside the doorway, he can see the goblins, Branzlit and Perixa , crossing the courtyard to open the Bank. They appear to be bickering about some transaction or another in their own Goblin way. This causes Elk to chuckle to himself. Hopping down from his bunk, he lands on the plank floor with a soft thunk. Strides over to the basin, wash his face, then pull on his light slippers, and finally grabbing a turkey leg from Gryshka . Out for a quick