Thursday, October 31, 2013


Last night, I after running through another Horseman dungeon and still not getting the mount drop, I decided to queue up for random Siege of Orgrimmar LFR. Love the new option where you can keep queuing for multiple LFR options (select -> join queue, select new -> join queue). I join all 4 Siege raids and see which one pops first (usually another run at General Nazgrim with the wipe debuff).

Anyway, Tuesday, I drop into Gates of Retribution on Elk and after waiting 15 minutes for a second tank, we finally start the fight with Galakras. 12:15am hits, and BAM! Internets drop. Send a SMS msg to Comcast (266278) and it's confirmed. Down. :(  Guess it really is time to go to bed.

Took Wednesday off, (daughter needed homework help), so last night try again. This time, Elk get's his run (of course LFR shoulders drop off Nazgrim), so I hop over to my Disc Priest. Nothing off Nazgrim, but when we get to Gates it's 12:00am. Yep right around 12:15, my Internets drop again. This time Comcast doesn't know of an outage. Router is in my bedroom, so power cycling it while wife sleeps is frowned upon.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Buckets full of Timeless Coins

Elkagorasa has been actively grinding elites all over the Timeless Isle. At 11 PM local, or 1 AM server, it's not that busy, so when an rare is announced, it's fairly safe that they'll still be fighting when he get's there.

With that, I found Elk's pockets bulging with over 20,000 timeless coins. So, I bought batches of 5 keys from Kukuru and opened chests in his little cave. Each key unlocks a treasure chest that can contain anything from 1-1000 more coins, Bonkers, timeless gear tokens, and even the highly rare burden of eternity (BoE).

From my time last night, I bought approximately 40 keys, from which I got 2 Bonkers, about 10 gear tokens (mail, plate, leather and 2 cloth) and around 3/4 of my investment in coins; spend 2,500 coins, get 1,900 coins back.

Still looking for my pants. I want to use my BoE on a Timeless Cloth Pants token. This should net me a pair of Cloudscorcher Leggings. 5 hours later, still no CLOTH pants. I have mail pants. I have plate pants. Still no cloth. Most of the Cloudscorcher options are still better than the LFR drop "Leggings of Furious Flame", which are a ton easier to get than the lock tier pants.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Patch 5.4.1

Patch 5.4.1 is dropping today. I tried to logon and burn my cooldown on celestial cloth, only to be told, it's busy. Looking at the PTR notes, this appears to be mostly for Blizzcon updates (add the pet, new RAF mount, etc.), but I remember at the last developer round-table, they mentioned 5.4.1 containing some of the transitional content leading into the next expansion.. Right??

Speaking of the Dev Round Table.. It would be so cool to have a heirloom and/or toy closets?!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blizzard, I've been thinking.

With a new expansion on the horizon, there are a few things that Blizzard you could really do to expand the game. I feel that there is an entire segment of untapped players out there that would love to have awesome mounts and get to PLAY with them. Sure, the quests to raise, then race the dragon look cool, but how about we make them more detailed, then provide on-going play.

For example, I feel that riding a velociraptor should be more organic. When turning corners, I'd expect the animal to lean into the corners and really rip up the ground. Instead, Stinky just sort of strolls.

What I want to ride would look more like this:

Next, the motorcycles (mechano hog, goblin trike). Here are goblins, reckless and a wee-bit crazy. If you wanted to host an all night rave and didn't care if the place was destroyed when you left, you'd have goblins host it. I'd love to see our bikes, actually be able to drift.

I think it would be awesome, if we could take our mounts out to a race track (Shimmering Flats?) and actually race against other players.. Even better, a PVP battleground! Your mechano-hog sidecar and/or your 3-person mammoth would be a viable fighting platform! If you don't have one, rent one from the race shop before hand! Goblin Death Track, including the cheesy announcers! Only difference, is that your weapons would be provided by team mates. "That's no machine gun, those are my incinerates! ;)" We could race through phased versions of Stormwind and/or Orgrimmar!

"Can I buy flame-outs for my trike for a hundred gold?" Upgrades! I want mount upgrades. I would love to have flames shooting from my goblin trike. Maybe simple things like, change out the flag on the trike to have a skull and crossbones. I'd like to add side-saddle to my camel so that it can carry more stuff. I'd like the BE chicken to have rockets so that it can do short jumps!

Let's see, what else..
  • Charred foot prints behind my felsteed? 
  • Water ripples on ponds when walking by on my kodo or even mammoth. 
  • pterodactyl flying dino-mount!!

What would you like to see? 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Warlock Tier Tokens from Siege of Orgrimmar

Over the weekend, Elkagorasa picked up his first tier piece, Robe of Horned Nightmares. This was decent enough upgrade from my previous item that I decided to replace it immediately. Now, looking forward, I want my second piece so that I can take advantage of the 2-piece set bonus (and maybe drop my Sha-skin set).

So, who has each warlock (priest or paladin) token? (in order of appearance).

Of course my 2 sha-skin pieces are my legs and shoulders, the last 2 tokens I can find. I guess it makes sense to keep looking for another timeless cloth leggings token to combine with the burden of eternity I found.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Secret Lives of our Toons

Something funny on the forums:

So that explains why they are rested in Inns. Maybe like in Wreck-it-Ralph, Elk actually seeks counciling for his warlockery ways.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Shared Topic: I Don't Get It!

Ambermist proposed an interesting shared topic idea. Since I haven't wrote on a shared topic in probably a year, this looks a good re-start.
What about WoW just doesn't work for you? Maybe it's something you aren't good at, maybe it's something you just don't understand, maybe it's something people like that you really never got into and don't understand the appeal. (Source)
 I just don't get it. I have been playing WoW since the Vanilla and I just don't get the desire to level up a army of alts. I have/had a number of guildies that have leveled up enough alts to cover every possible profession. No, not just DKs because of their jump start at level 57, but druids for the herbalism and mining while in flight form or goblins for the alchemy bonus and blood elf for the enchanting bonus.

I can't do it! The grind up all those levels over and over again sounds dreadful. I already spend 4 hours a week trying to get Elk into LFR raids (working on legendary quest line), searching the Timeless Isles for BOA gear for my disc priest and/or skipping the queue and just playing my priest in the ToT raids.

I won't do it! I have a collection of alts. I have a level 15 goblin hunter so that I could see the goblin starting area and is now all decked out in PVP gear. I have a level 62 troll death knight for the same reason. I have three under level 5 alliance toons from a failed Wrath pet re-sales business. The highest non-starting area toon I have is a orc rogue who made it all the way to 30 before I realized I didn't like leveling alts.

My level 90s are and shall be:

  • Elkagorasa, destruction warlock, max level herbalism, alchemy, first aid and 590+ cooking
  • Eride, discipline priest, max level tailor and enchanting

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