Monday, August 26, 2013

That was FUN! 2 man Sartharion-25.

Logged in today and found that a guild-mate needed some help. She wanted to get the drake from Sartharion 3-drake. Considering Sarth has less than 10million health for 25man, he wasn't that much of an issue for two i500+ equipped pets classes.. :)

Grats on the new mount Taurohtar! Elk actually got the achievement for it!

Empowered, we went to ICC, for the skeletal drake from there. Trash, piece of cake. (funny when they miss!) Malomar, er Marrowgar, easy. Lady Deathwhisper, we didn't get Full House because we killed her too fast. The adds before her, aren't the ones to leave. Boat, nope. We couldn't destroy their boat fast enough with those little pew-pew cannons.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The End of Pandaria Cometh 9.10.13

Is Garrosh possessed? Or just power hungry?

There will be a smaller pre-expansion event patch, but anything beyond that is not set in stone. Patch 5.4 is the conclusion of the Pandaria storyline. 

AskMrRobot has a concise write-up about changes, including currency, gearing, etc. 

"Players who want to stockpile their 3,000 Valor before Patch 5.4 hits will be able to do that, and probably should start thinking about that."

Blizzard posted some great info about:
  • Flexible Raiding - 10 to possibly 30 player raids?
    The tech is in place to be able to change how flex encounters work for each additional player that is in the raid. Some things like NPC health or damage scale well and can easily be changed per player, but generally things that don't scale well like the number of adds just change for every few people that are added to the raid.
  • Connected Realms (post 5.4) - start with a few, then pool realms together to get a good population. Like PVP, you could see 2 people with same name!
  • Class changes - I've put in my two cents.
Casting while moving is a complex problem, as the game works better when there is less casting while moving, but being inactive when movement is required is a problem as well. Allowing players to do lower damage while moving is a decent solution to the problem.

MMO-Champion posted a summary from the Developer interviews. This is a really good list of some major changes to the game. Sound bites, but interesting.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

G'Bye ZoneEdit

If you logged onto this site yesterday, you may have been greeted by either a 404 error, or the "GoDaddy" splash screen. Problem being that my DNS provider (fka ZoneEdit) has a policy of providing 5 free zones, then the 6th requires monthly maintenance. Sadly, due to my IT work, was my 6th zone, and even though I only had 2 domains there, those legacy domains still counted.

Since, I registered this domain using GoDaddy, I figured it was time to move my DNS over there. They allow me to host up to 50 records for this domain with them for free. Considering Blogger only needs 2, they seemed to be the obvious solution.

Unlike August 2011, and August 2010, it won't happen again.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Blizzard Battle.Net Browser Beta

Today I downloaded the Battle.Net Loader Beta and am quit pleased with it. There are a number of features in this new loader that are nice.

First off, the loader never forgets my username and password. Clicking the giant PLAY button brings my right into the game, as if I just entered my credentials. Nice, once click log-on.

Second, notice the second column to the loader screen? That's a real-id friend currently in game. Nice, I can know who's logged on before I even log on!

Third, access to website. Using the 'beta' icon up top, it instantly dropped me onto the battle net site. From there, I was able to access my account and even update my beta options (Hearthstone beta coming, try it, I might.)

Definitely an improvement over the old loader.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5.4 Class changes.

Ghostcrawler has released some notes on the upcoming class changes in 5.4. After all of the changes we had coming into Pandas, I suppose these are more of a level-set to make game play a bit more balanced with other classes.

  • Fel Flamebefore and after - more damage, no dot (aka immolate) extension. This is a bit of a frustration as I currently solely use FF for it's dot extension. It sits between Incinerate and Chaos Bolt on the button bar; allowing me to refresh the spell without the long (Immolate) cast. 
  • Rain of Fire: before and after - less ember regen for Destro. This is not actually going to stop destro locks from casting RoF on the single target /boss fights; just make it less effective. With Panda making RoF a non-channeled spell, why not?? Cast and forget. ( have it on button-4 of my mouse!)
  • Harvest Life: before and after - drain life improver. If it improves drain life enough, I'd probably go that way. I am not absolutely pleased with my soul leach healing as of late. At least not since I've been trying (and failing) to tank level 92 elites
  • Kil'jaeden's Cunning: before and after - can cast one spell per build while moving, no snare effect. I am not THAT upset about this change. Sure, casting Chaos Bolt while running across the floor and fighting the boss was AWESOME!, but then it's so wrong! Boss mechanics don't really apply to 5.3 warlocks except for (IMHO) Durumu and his maze (snare bad). 
  • Howl of Terror: before and after - part of class, no longer talent. Yeah! Meh. PVP, this was devestating loss to warlocks. PVE, we're unfortunately at a point in LFR that CC isn't really used. I currently use Shadowfury during my dailies. (have voidwalker aggro a bunch of mobs, shadowfury, rain of fire, fire and brimstone... ) 
  • Demonic Breath: bringing back spell. Nice, a close-range version of Shadowfury. Like my priest's Void Tendril's, allowing snaring those in melee range. Probably won't be taking this talent. Funny thing, when running a heroic Mogu'shan Palace, I saw one of the trash mobs before Gekkan use warlock spells, including demonic breath.  
  • Soul Link: before and after. Yesterday, I tried to take on one of the Kor'kron commanders myself. My poor voidwalker was hit pretty hard when he attacked. The best run was when I used soul link and drain life. dot dot drain life. Sadly at already 50% health, it didn't take long before voidy was dead and the commander was running my direction.. 
Will KJC lose favor by only allowing one spell while moving? Probably not. Incinerate is still a 2+ second cast. As long as Rain of Fire creates embers, destro locks are going to cast it on the boss. I see Demonic Breath and Howl of Terror as nice PVP options that defined warlocks early on (I think we lost demon breath because of mages), but still don't have much usefulness in PVE. Harvest Life and Soul Link have potential, but not sure as the 3% health to the demon isn't enough to sustain our mini-tank for long fights. Maybe when combined with Health Funnel, alternating with improved drain life it will be more survivable.. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

IT:Gear Naming

Blizzard, I want to see a bunch of NPCs sitting around a conference room naming gear.

"No!, I don't like the name Cracklebite Links! It's SILLY?! I want to name this belt Flaming Skeleton Head Belt!"

"We've already discussed this, that's BOORING!"

"but it fits..."

"Fight for it?"

"OK.. Winner picks the name."

<fight ensues>

Cracklebite links it is..


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Warlock tanking... Spotted in the wild

Ok, it wasn't really the lock, but her voidwalker. I was running around the Barrens on my disc priest hoping to finish gathering the 150 each of the supplies for the Battlefield Barrens weekly. I see down in my chat that one of the Kor'kron commanders is in battle. When I reach him, he's only in combat with a single destro lock. Of course, I start throwing my tiny smites but that lock didn't need any help. I followed this lock over to the other commander that was up then she left.

Very encouraging. This lock was heroic raid geared (i522 - 540 gear), so this may be nothing more than Elk running through a heroic dungeon.

Thanks Imma____?? (I missed your name).

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