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Patch 9.3 Chromie Crisis

The bronze dragon, Chromie is still suffering from the events that lead to her many deaths during the Legion invasion. She's fatigued from keeping up access for champions to adventure in the many different timelines. In 9.3, we will adventure into an ever-changing timeline with zones phasing between classic (including season of mastery realms), vanilla (pre-cataclysm), post-cataclysm, and a future alternate reality where the Iron Horde was successful in conquering Azeroth. Characters will phase randomly into various timelines as they are playing through a series of  'What-if' type scenarios.  Some of the possibilities include: Argus never fell to Burning Legion. Quest alongside Velen to perform daily tasks.  Players turn 'evil' after killing the end raid boss of select raids. Your raid team is allowed to hire raid boss' minions and take over the raid environment. The objective is to keep the raid under your control for as long as possible against other raid grou