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Something's in the air, but it's not love.

Ah February. Love is in the air. Those heart shaped chocolates. The exchanging of sappy cards and trinkets. The endless grinding the apothecaries for a mount with an insanely low drop rate. Ah holidays.. So, Elkagorasa has been taking a bit of a holiday. He's gone back to Pandaria to do a little recreational activities. He started the adventure hanging out with Nate on his little floating town. Elk was already honored among the Anglers as being a decent fisherman. Getting exalted meant hanging out for 3 different adventures each day. These trips ranged from fishing up garbage (player competition), killing puffer fish, and collecting the clam meat. The 'worst' was fishing up a piranha from the rivers . The oddest was fist fighting a shark . (spam #3 on cooldown). Those goblins loved sending him to 'blow-up' things, but usually he would just DOT everything up and watch it die quickly. At hitting Revered, Elk picked up the Angler commendation , basically turning