Friday, May 29, 2015

Destruction Silver Proving Grounds ... ALMOST?!

Trying my hand at video recording, I captured my latest run at doing the proving grounds. I am now regularly reaching fight 8:8. The 'ah-ha' moment was realizing that the Felhound and/or Observer have an interrupt.

Here is my 200dpi (yeah, it stinks badly) video of my last run, with notes for those who are still working at it. I'll record it again tonight (actually sort of excited about this) and hopefully work out all the bugs for that last fight.. As Grumpy Elf said, it's all about placement..

Flashback: WoW 1.0

A friend shared with me this article that details the WoW 1.0 beta and what we should be expecting.. Very exciting news!

WoW 2001 Computer Gaming

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ideas to Revamp DPS Proving Grounds

As I sulk here in my tears, still not successfully completed with the silver proving grounds, I have started to wonder is it me? I mean, there are numerous complaints on the various forums of people that can't seem to break this through barrier. This simple little thing, has prevented me from moving on to bigger and brighter, dare I say it, legendary things.


The idea of the proving grounds is to replicate a raid environment to test how well you can deal with it. By passing a silver proving grounds, you should have proven ideally be a decent DPS. I should be able to be picked up by a pug for a normal raid and not wipe the group.

As a DPSing member of a raid group, my responsibilities are:
Damage Dealing : DPS - The role of DPS is to kill the monsters. This may sound simplistic, but it takes skill and know-how to dish out powerful damage without overwhelming the group's tank and causing the monsters to attack you.(source wowwiki)
  1. Kill the target(s). The tank keeps them off me and soaks up the majority of the damage, the healer makes sure we don't all die.
  2. Avoid the bad stuff. (I love the sound effect associated with the reverberations sent out by Kromog). By avoiding damage, I allow the healer to focus on keeping the tank alive. 
  3. Crowd control. Make sure the tank is not overwhelmed with incoming damage and they don't head over to the healer.
  4. Battle Rez. I have my soulstone and know how to use it. 
And that's it.

pew pew pew

So what's wrong with the proving grounds? I believe the proving grounds don't really test for DPS readiness. 

  • Requires Interrupts - The mystic, in the last three waves, absolutely needs to be interrupted. If not, it will heal the most damaged NPC. If you are not successful in the interrupt timing, the healer often heals himself. This doesn't sound so bad, but as a warlock I have only 2 possible options available to all builds.
    • Fear, this is a 1.7 second cast spell that causes the healer to 'stop casting' until you damage them again. Of course the second you cast another damaging spell, you break the fear and they can start casting heals again. 
    • Shadowfury is an instant cast spell, but it has a targeting reticule. Cast, target, stun. This is definitely faster than a 1 second fear, but there's issues. For example, if you're casting a long cast spell (incinerate at 1.7 seconds as well), you'll need to break the spell (aka move), and then cast shadowfury. This spell also has a 30 second cooldown, so if you don't get him down quick enough, his second heal may come up just as your 
      Same targeting reticule used for the Infernal cast.
    • If you spec demonology you have one additional option, your felguard's Axe Toss. Instant cast, plus with only a 30 second cooldown, this is perfect (if you don't mind playing demo). 
    • The Felhunter Spell lock work as well and maybe this is the key that I've missed all along. Since I don't PVP that much anymore, I have hardly used my minions abilities. 
  • Has a strict timer - Unlike both the tank and healer proving grounds, the DPS proving grounds has a strict timer. If you do not have all of the mobs down within that time limit, the proving grounds completely reset and you start over the entire series. You could be down to 10 health on the last mob and if he doesn't die before the timer hits 0, you have to start over again... and again.. 
Beat the timer or you'll be licked.
My suggestions:
  1. Make the proving grounds NPCs do player damage. Make the damage avoidable if I am doing my job correctly. 
  2. Turn the interrupt into a CC. Personally, an interrupt is the tank's or melee dps' job, not the ranged dps. We are standing back in the bleachers and throw our crits and dots. I am happy to CC an add, but you can't make me also responsible for making sure he dies before some arbitrary time limit. I envision certain adds simply being there to distract the player, like the Brawler's Guild fight against Blat. Once you kill the boss, all his adds simply disappear. 
  3. Remove the time limits. For most DPS, moving stops casting. Not casting, means no dps. No dps means that timer is running out, most of the time. 
How about you give me a tank and a healer and if either die, then it's game over.. Too many adds on tank, healer won't keep up. Give me a few adds (like the lava dude) that can damage me, so I have to demonstrate I won't stand in the fire. Give me a round where I have to CC someone, but the tank will be responsible for interrupting him if needed. Give me a room full of vermin, and have me AOE them all down or else the tank dies. Destro warlocks are great at AOE! Give me a giant boss who calls adds that need to be dealt with. Give me something that runs around all the time (within the arena) and I need to deal with movement to keep it under control.
 Is the idea, then, that you are supposed to swap from Destruction to Demonology and back depending on the situation? Is the idea that you play Affliction if you like dots and Destruction if you like nukes? Or do you just switch to whatever theoretically does 1% more DPS for the next fight? (Ghostcrawler - Blizzard)
I know that the current silver proving grounds model works. There are tons of people who have successfully completed them. I just feel that the DPS PG is unnecessarily difficult, preventing a good number of decent DPS from progressing on an entire segment of the game. It's Heroic dungeons and the associated daily quests from my tavern. It's the heirloom gear quests that would allow me to get free 1-100 heirloom piece upgrades. Most importantly it's the legendary quest chain, that while I completed it in MoP, I doubt I will have the opportunity in WoD.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Quickie: Horde Shadowmoon Flight Paths

Really quick, there are three flight paths available to the Horde that land in Shadowmoon Valley. Two (in south) of them you get sent to as Garrison missions.

I found the easy way to get the top flight path, is via the Shadowmoon Burial Ground dungeon. At the end you are offered a portal, which takes you outside the dungeon. Simply run up the road from there to the north flight path. This location is great if you are doing your stable dailies. The talbuk is close to here and so is Great Tusk.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soloing Ulduar for Glory to Ulduar Raider Achieves

Last night, after I finished my dailies for the Netherwing, I decided to go run Ulduar for both the achievement mount and hopefully, Mimiron's head. 30 minutes of emptying bags, and turning in quest items, I finally show up at the entrance of Ulduar. I then spent the next 3 hours gathering achievements, until I had to give up for the day (2am local) and go get some sleep.

Let's start here.This quick 6 minute long video is based on running with a level 100 toon. This is extremely helpful in seeing the fights from that perspective before hand..
  1. Orbit-uary - This was easier than mention in the video. When your DPS is doing 1 million damage using the main (button 1) cannon, why use anything else. 
  2. Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare - I am at 8:25 dwarfs at the moment. It appears that the main technique is you have to do damage to the dwarf after the boss is pulled down. As a destro warlock, my technique was to splash a rain of fire over their mole machine. This would aggro them for me when they came running for my helpers. Then drag them around until they could get the harpoons activated again. Once active, position nearly infront of the boss and wait for him to breathe. His knockback did the most damage to me, 60-70k damage. So after a few rounds of this, I was almost dead. I repeated the fight 3 times. 
  3. Stokin' the Furnace - simple DPS race. 
  4. Heartbreaker - I was afraid of doing too much damage to the boss and pushing him passed the phase, so I stripped naked. DPS was noticably lower in that I really had to work at getting that heart down quickly.. 
  5. I choose you, steelbreaker - messed this one up. Supposed to kill steelbreaker last. I just dps'd who ever was closest to me. 
  6. Disarmed - Also messed up this one. Took too long between different parts. Should be able to AOE down the arms, then focus on body. Or maybe go a little slower and dps the arms down to 50%, body to 50% then go for it.. 
  7. Crazy Cat Lady - DPS race. 
  8. I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare - DPS Race
  9. Lose Your Illusion-  I am not sure if necessary, but I used a run speed buff to get to him. I don't think it would have mattered. 
  10. Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood - DPS Race, head straight for boss, focus on her, then aoe down trash. 
I still haven't attempted these achievements. Running around the raid last night was getting tedious and I was lost. I think I see where I messed up for Mimiron. I took the tram to the second location, thought I was coming up to Yogg so I ported back to the entrance area.. 
  1. Firefighter
  2. I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning
  3. One Light in the Darkness

Checking WoWHead (combined with using their addon), I see I can filter on all the achievements still outstanding within this raid. First off, search for "10-Player" returns only the achievements that can be earned on, well, 10-player mode. Second by right-clicking on the "Completion" column, I can filter it for "=0" or incomplete achievements.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

So Blizzard, don't stop, you got a great idea!

With Time Walking dungeons coming to WoW in 6.2, there are a number of people calling for tw raids! I'd like to propose a slight variation.

Ok, so as I recently posted that I am working on mount gathering, both from reputation rewards like Netherwing, but also legacy raids, like ICC and Ulduar.

Running these raids at 100 is menial. In fact, with these raids, it's detrimental to run many with a minion as they will often kill the adds and boss too fast. I may have to attempt a few achievements naked or with a different, lower level toon in order to kill them slow enough.

So, I'd like to propose variable dungeons and raids. Let's call them Normal and heroic. Normal would be tuned a so that your group is at, or even little op. You could potentially solo the content, but not easily. 3-man group would be ideal. Whereas Heroic level would be tuned 3 tw levels lower. You'd do about 5-10% less. It would be similar to running a heroic version of the content. (I suppose).

So, go down to the caverns of time. Take drake taxi down to bottom. Hunt down Time Walker Norris. (friend of Chromie). Complete his quest and he'll provide you access to his chrono device. (like in War Crimes). This will allow you to pick a dungeon or raid and the level you want. [picture of Chuck Norris 👊 ]. Bam! You're there with your party!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Now is the time grind me some Netherwing rep

Tonight, I plan to start working on my Netherwing reputation. This is the faction, that sits way out in old Shadowmoon Valley, under Black Temple.
WowHead quest progress. (/)

Where to start?
As of this moment, I am HATED with a capital H by this faction. Checking WowHead is awesome. I points out that the last quest that I completed in the Introduction chain is Karynaku. Two more quests and I'll become an 'Ally of the Netherwing'. This final quest provides (without buffs) 42,000 rep!

Being that my guild is level 25, we have Mr. Popularity and it's Darkmoon Faire week, so there's WHEE! (or the Hat, buying 4 to last weekend) that will add another combined 20% rep to the gain. 42000 + 4200 + 4200 (50,800 reputation gained). The first 42k moves you from Hated to 0-Neutral. 4200 moves you from Neutral to Friendly (1200:6000). The final 4200 will bump me 600 short (5400:6000) of Honored.
Rep required per level

And then...
I can start the quests. Neutral one timers and daily quests reward 250 each. (Sure 20% of 250 is only 12.5 more rep, but it helps! Every 20 quests will give me one entire bonus quest.) Friendly quests give 350 and Honored give 500 rep each. If my prediction holds, I should be (at least) Honored on my first day of quests. If I find a bunch of eggs (250 rep each), I could potentially go further..

So, here it goes...
Day 0
Update 5-11-2015: Disappointingly, I was reminded of the loss of Mr. Popularity as a guild perk (with patch 6.0.2). My first quest turn in returned only the 46,200 faction rep. Am I being greedy? Maybe, but I miss this bump. After finishing all of the intro quests, and spending way too long running around the mine, I finished out the first day where I hoped to be with Mr. Popularity bonus. I only saw two eggs the entire night. One for the quest and one dropped off trash.

Day 2 (5-14-2015): Ran through the dailies (this time without DMF buff) again and popped up to Honored with Netherwing. I started doing each of the 'race' quests. Found out the second contestant and on cheat. Throwing out their void portals, fire, and the last guy, electricity. I've completed all but the Mulverick fight so far. I thought he was going in for a landing, but instead took another turn and I failed. At this point, I fly really fast, so keeping up with him isn't a concern. Get hit by his shock isn't a concern, I can easily catch back up. The problem is missing a turn (like the docks).  I have yet to fly to Twisting Nether or Nagrand for those quests. Since my main hearth is set to pandaria, I thought I'd hearth home, grab portal to Shattrath, then grab taxi to these stops, that should be 15 minutes, so I could hearth back again.. :)

Day 3: After completing the last of the races, it actually bumped up a nice bit of rep. Winning the final race not only provides 1000 rep, an achievement and a trinket providing riding speed increase (only usable below level 70). Funny enough, the last race against Skyshatter was the easiest. 1) He wasn't obnoxious on his racing, so you could easily follow him. 2) His spell seldom did a stun or pushback. Most of the time his fireballs "missed" completely. I took a taxi over to Twisting Nether and Nagrand for the two side quests. This opened up another daily (booterang!) for me,
which I completed immediately. Surprised by the amount of competition still out there for these orcs. I have only picked up a single additional egg (spotted it during a race and came back for it).

Day 4 to Completion: The entire process took about 2 weeks. Start day port into Shattrath, fly to Nagrand for daily to kill the 20 shadow orcs. Grab taxi and fly to Skryer's outpost in Shadowmoon, rain-of-fire the invading forces, then complete the quests for Netherwing. Received about 2500 rep daily with no % bonuses. Found one book quest item, that I turned in for 500 rep, included a side quest to interrogate a worker. 
Found macro for the booterang quest that made it easier. Spammed that as I flew around. Found most of the disgruntled orcs were sitting right near the main camp. 

Finding eggs was rare. The entire time, I found a total of 6 eggs. There is usually 3-4 other people working on rep for this faction every day I was out there. My best day, I found 2 eggs sitting right out in the open.. WOW OMG GRAB 'EM! 

Excellent relic farming spot.
I also found that instead of farming the docks for the relic hunting, that the drakes took off from Dragonmaw Fortress. So I'd farm netherskates for the fel gland, then land on the ledge outside the fortress. They tend to take off in 2s and 3s, so you'll need some instant cast damage, mixed in with some short damage spells. 

One of the Dragonmaw,er Netherwing

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Posting Some Ponderings

Borrowing concept from GrumpyElf

  • Khadgar may not be bad as we previously (tinfoil hat) thought. 
  • Very unlikely he's the end-boss in WoD, if he has a spot in the upcoming movie.
  • Blizzard WOULDN'T pull a GARROSH and have him continue on into the next expansion would they? Right?
  • Ran LFR Slagworks last night (Monday)
  • After killing off the Heart of the Mountain, I looked back up the way and saw a purple loot, aka treasure chest. (Right next to where the trash reside. 
  • Can't find it on the loot list on WowHead
  • Sadly I had already accepted the next invite to part 2. NoooooOoooOoo.. 
  • Blackhand was the only complete wipe I saw. 
  • We wiped 3 times. 
  • Later, I tried to run back (after Blackhand), but it's gated and you can't. 
  • It's gated every way possible.
  • Guess that prevents noobs getting lost in LFR.
  • Have to run it again later this week and check again.. 
  • My lock is reaching the end of gear upgrades in BRF LFR. 
  • Crafted upgrades (sure), sideways upgrades (655 <=> 655) gear (meh), garrison missions (yeah right), etc.
  • Guess I need to start playing alts..
  • Druid has passed the tank silver proving grounds. (so much easier).
  • Wonder if account wide achievement or only character level. Could I DPS my way through playing feral druid and win for warlock?! 
  • Almost wish I had another tank alt! 
  • Tried running Heroic Slag Mines.
  • Except for missing a few interrupts, one of the DPS said I was doing well. 
  • Sadly, healing either wasn't keeping up, or I was pulling badly. 
  • We wiped.
  • We wiped a lot. 
  • After an hour, we had downed the first boss, Slave Watcher Crushto.
  • Tried to save the caveman. 
  • Died at the piggy. No caveman. 
  • Soon after, I ran out of time and had to logout. 
  • Priest is now at 92.
  • I have her fully decked out in 3:3 crafted 640 items. 
  • She is running the heirloom cloak and using the +xp pots. 557 gearscore with SoO (healer) LFR drops, crafted 640s and some early WoD quest upgrades.
  • She has level 2 garrison going. 
  • She hasn't even completed the second quest hub.
  • Tried to queue up for dungeon, but DPS is 45-65 minute queue time. 
  • Should I consider healing again? I don't know. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

A (much belated) Liebster Award Post

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by that Grumpy Elf hunter over at the aptly named  The Grumpy Elf. Thanks for sending this over my way.


  1. Write a blog post about the Liebster Award
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  3. Display the award on your blog
  4. Answer the eleven questions that the blogger who nominated you gives you
  5. Give eleven random facts about yourself
  6. Nominate five blogs that you think deserve the award
  7. Create eleven questions for them to answer
  8. List the rules in your post
  9. Inform the bloggers that they've been nominated and provide them the link to your post

So lets get on with them questions.

  1. What is your favorite expansion of warcraft and why do you think its your favorite? Wrath of the Lich King would have to be my absolute favorite. I started with WoW a few months before BC. This meant that my friends already had max level characters that were actively raiding. I wasn't able to really participate with them at all. Most of BC I was trying to catch up. I did finally get into a little raiding at the end, saw Karazhan at level, but again, most my friends had already maxed out and they were running these raids on alts! In Wrath, I was finally able to catch up, and was raiding with them at level, when appropriate. I completed at level ToC and ICC. Never progressed very far into Ulduar (cat lady I think), but plan to go back solo for the mount.
  2. What is your favorite fantasy book of all time? (fantasy, sci/fi, horror, they all fit)? Ok, instead of picking one, I'd like to provide you with 3 books that I thoroughly enjoyed. Each of these books, encouraged me to keep reading the entire series by the author. (click on covers to see book on Amazon).
  3. "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi
    Near future sci-fi where we are actively exploring space, but the astronaut program is populated with end-0f-life geriatrics. It was my first book picked up after a long hiatus of not reading. 
    "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline
    Soon to be a major motion picture! This is an 80s pop culture bonanza with a SecondLife treasure hunt twist.
    "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez
    Imagine what would happen if the developers at Blizzard went crazy and up on their death unleashed video games into the world.

  4. If you could make one change to warcraft what would be it? This would be a tough one to change , but I'd like to get rid of the stigma against 'casual' players. Serious raiders burn out. They quit playing when they don't like how the game is progressing. They get 'bored' when new expac doesn't come along fast enough. The casual player keeps Blizzard employed by 'alway' finding something to do in game. We realize that family and friends come first, so there's none of that stress associated with playing the game. "Sorry honey, the raid team needs me on at 6PM; I can't help the kid with their homework."
  5. Where would you have your character/(s) call home? 
    Kirin Tor to the RESCUE!
    Hmm, Dalaran seems nice. It's a bustling city in the sky. Maybe if we encouraged the mages, they could move the city over to the beach! Hey look at those Borean Tundra sunsets! Think about it, those Dalaran mages could totally be like superheroes, flying their city wherever there's a problem. 
  6. Have you ever met anyone in real life that you met online first? Yes. Now I work with him. I started playing the game on a friend's suggestion. He knew a husband and wife who also played. I joined their guild. Not long after, the husband started working with me at the same employer. 
  7. If you could add one race not currently in game at all to the game as a playable race, what would it be? This is difficult. I believe both factions need more beast type players. Worgen are interesting, but nothing more than a human reskinned. Same with undead, aka the sentient zombie! Tauren, draenei goblin, pandaren, all interesting races. Personally, I'd like to see a playable centaur class (which is already in the game). Run speed buff like the worgen, or tauren.. You're already part horse, so maybe mounts are out of the question. Maybe rideable like druid stag form. Problem being how would you fly with such a character? Horsey riding a taxi would look ridiculous. In fact, if the race isn't bipedal humanoid, it would look silly riding taxis, and most mounts. 
  8. What inspires you to write a post? Everything does at one point or another. I spy something of interest. I've just completed research on a topic that I want to work on at home. I was bored at work and simply want to write something down. I don't typically write posts THIS long, it's too much concentration and effort. This post has so far taken me 3 days and I still have work to do. 
  9. What other types of games do you like? I like to play co-op FPS type games. I am not really into the stealth and dagger, but more the blast everything. I really get into the game if there is a CO-OP element that I can play with friends. Sadly, as we learned the other night, it's really hard to game with me because of the baby in the house.. 
    Bioshock Infinite is a fun story driven game. If I understand correctly, it's a prequel to the earlier Bioshock games. Variety of guns, plus elemental powers that create some fun mechanics when fighting bosses near water, or explosives.   Dying Light from the makers of Dead Island. I like to tell people this is a zombie Assassin's Creed game. You're majority of game play is parkour running along the tops of buildings and killing zombies. I am currently playing this co-op with the guildies. Interesting mechanic of this game is that you can upgrade your weapons. Have baseball bat and nails? Make a mace!The Borderlands series are great games. Another co-op friendly FPS, with a sense of humor. Not quite something you'd want the kids watching you play. Lots of different guns, some do crazy things like shoot swords, or chickens, or fireballs. 
  10. Do you snack while gaming, if so, on what? Not regularly. Since I am playing mostly at night, I like sweet dessert type treats. Favorites would be peanut butter granola bars or cookies, dry cold cereal (yeah the kid kinds like apple jacks or cinnamon toast crunch), and sometimes (apple or peach) pie, if we have it. 
  11. If you were stranded on a desert island with three CDs and they were the only three you would ever have, which ones would you bring?  (no greatest hits or live, only standard release) If I was stranded on an island, I wouldn't want any music. Music get's stale for me rather quickly. Here in the office, I am usually listening to streaming music from Songza or Digitally Imported. While working, I like upbeat, fast tempo music that doesn't contain lyrics; so I am usually listening to trance channel that is constantly updated. Home, with the kids, I am typically playing a teen pop music or something off my daughter's approved playlist. On an island, that's too much like camping. While outside in nature, I don't want any music. It offends me when camping and I have to listen to someone near me with the radio playing. It's NATURE! Listen to the birds and animals, darn it! 
  12. What is your favorite lore moment and how would you inject your main character into that story? I am intrigued on Lady Sylvanas' story. Based on some of the backstory that was introduced in the latest War Crimes book, I think she has a lot more to tell. I remember running the short 'scenario' back in a previous expansion, when we storm Lordaeron. I don't know if that quest still exists after the area has been revamped, but it was a fun event. Like the Sculling of Scholomance, I'd like to see more of the story about Sylvanas and the undead coming into place.

11 Random Facts about me.. (with animated gifs in honor of one of my nominees)

  1. I've been dating-married to my wife for over half my life. We met in high-school and have been exclusive ever since.
  2. I am the dad of three kids. When my oldest daughter graduates from High school (grade 12), my son (middle) will be 'graduating' from middle school (8th grade) and my youngest daughter will be finishing Kindergarten (pre-1st grade).
  3. As a teen, I climbed to the top of Mt. Shasta! The third highest peak in California (at 14,179 ft / 4,322 m). This was my second attempt, but my dad's 20-something climb to the top. I tried to climb it again in my thirtys, but my post-college body wasn't fit enough to make it. Only made it to the 'heart'.
  4. I've had three different cars in the 3 decades since I started driving. I drove the Civic for 14 years, PreRunner for 4 years and now 4Runner for 11 years. Both the Civic and the 4Runner were/are blue and have had their engines replaced. The Civic finally died because of a lack of engine oil, had a leak causing me to refill it daily. The PreRunner was great, until we had 2 kids. No real backseat. The 4Runner is now my kid-friendly car.
  5. I can wiggle my ears. Promise "No hands!". My Great Uncle Art taught me how when I was a little kid and it's stuck with me ever since. It's a nifty trick that I'd hope one of my three kids is able to pick up some day.
  6. I've been hired for a contract position because of something I posted to one of my blogs. A couple of years ago, I posted a script that I wrote that solved fairly complex Sudoku puzzles. The job had nothing to do with writing scripts, but the employer liked it enough, that he gave me a chance. 
  7. I am most proud of my warlock for the achievement [Did Someone Order a Knuckle Sandwich] when weapon skill was still a thing to level. This legacy achievement required Elkagorasa to go out and punch people. Yeah. Punch, slap, hit. Warlocks are not that type of fighter. We cast, we wand, we stand back at a distance and let someone else do the physical labor. 
  8. I don't love chocolate! I LOVE CINNAMON! Given the choice between a chocolate chip cookie and a cinnamon cookie (like a snickerdoodle), I'll take the cinnamon cookie first. Cinnamon roll before chocolate bar. Apple pie (with lots of cinnamon) over chocolate cake.. on and on.. Darn, now I am hungry for a snack.
  9. I am one of those 2.7% of smartphone users that have a Windows phone. I've always loved the platform. My wife is a diehard iPhone user, I tried her phone, but have never really liked it. WP lets me create a start screen that is personalized to what I need. Instant access to email, calendar, texts, weather, twitter feed, my audible book of the week, news, and one touch to call my wife and daughter. That's only what I see immediately upon turning on the phone. Slide down and I see if it's my turn on Trivia Crack, glimpse favorite picture feed, instagram updates, facebook tags, and shortcuts to various music playlists (in car with 18month old, fire up the Wiggles). As for apps, there's everything I want. Based on news coming out this week, I anticipate tons of iOS and Android apps coming to the my phone with Windows 10. Exciting times. 
  10. I miss sailing. Growing up as a kid, my parents signed my brother and I up for sailing classes at the local sailing club. It was a lot of fun to go out each Saturday and go around the estuary in the little El Toro sailboats. I, on the other hand, don't care for whale watching; last 2 times I got terribly seasick. Top it off, for a 3 hour tour, all I ever saw was a tail as the whale was diving back under the water. Woohoo! 
  11. I live in California, but not that part that has earthquakes very often, or that part that is on or near the ocean, or even the part that see's snow. We have drive to it. Heck, going to Disneyland requires many long hours in the car. That didn't stop us one year from driving down there every 4 months (while we had season passes). 

My Nominees are:
  • Poneria aka Megan O'Neill, the warlock-class writer at BlizzardWatch - I've been a long time reader and commenter on your personal blog. Glad to see that you've made it professionally. 
  • Alt:ernative Chat - Your blog has popped up on my short list of WoW reading sources. Much more prolific on writing than myself, so I almost always have a back-log of stuff showing up.
  • Arielle  - I rolled a guardian druid as my boosted 90 and have been having a lot of fun with the class. Your posts on IncBear and WoWhead have been extremely helpful. 
  •  Dusty Monk - I've just found your blog via our shared Twitter FF for the last few months. 

Questions for my Nominees:
  1. What is your favorite expansion of warcraft and why do you think its your favorite? 
  2. What is your favorite fantasy book of all time? (fantasy, sci/fi, horror, they all fit)?
  3. What inspires you to write a post?
  4. What’s the origin of your blogging name?
  5. If you could make one change to Warcraft what would be it?
  6. If your character could be a NPC in the game, what would (s)he do? 
  7. What's for dinner? 
  8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
  9. If you could cast the Expecto Patronum spell from Harry Potter, what would your Patronas charm be?
  10. What is your favorite lore moment and how would you inject your main character into that story?
  11. What other types of games do you like?

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...