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As of October 2013
On the suggestion of my RL friends, I started playing World of Warcraft back in Vanilla Warcraft. Elkagorasa is the first toon I rolled. When naming him, I was looking for a name that started with "E", contained maybe a large powerful animal and sounded like something from LotR. I had just seen the Broadway version of the Lion King, so this played a part.  I rolled Elkagorasa as an Affliction warlock and there he stuck for most his time. Only recently in Wrath did I re-spec him Destruction for about a year.  Going back to Affliction when it became viable again recently.

Following Jame's Leveling Guides, Elk made it through a lot of the old world content. Since I started late in the game, I missed the more difficult raids; only reaching level 60 about a month before BC's release. With friends and guildies, Elk was dragged (when /follow was all I could do to keep up) through a lot of the leveling dungeons, including completing the quest chain to get his Dreadsteed. Unfortunately due to this, we still get lost easily inside many of the low-level dungeons and he has not see the inside of several of the 40-man dungeons.

Somewhere in BC, I started working the Auction House. I found a number of add-ons that helped ease with resale of items and started actually making gold. When he made it to Shadowmoon Valley the first time, he was able to purchase that epic flying immediately up hitting level and start flying around. I don't play regular enough and don't put in a ton of effort to make gold-limit levels, but enough to keep Elk in the black.

August 2007, I started blogging about his exploits. At first, I blogged on my personal blog. After a total server crash, I started over this blog over at blogger.com, where I've been ever since. I blog for two primary reasons, one because I often do gaming research during lulls at work, I want to maintain this information until I get home. Second, I find it useful to see what people are doing, what they get, how they got it. This blog is my contribution to that. Want to see how I started PVP? Want to see what new pet I picked up? This is the place to check, in part, that's why I've added categories that can be subscribed to.

With Cataclysm, my RL friends started disappearing from the game. When Mists finally dropped, they barely logged on to level up. In fact, I think they barely reached 90 on their main characters. Meanwhile, I have found a new love of playing with the Looking For Raid (LFR) function. I can still gear up and play without relying on my guild to participate. Sure, it's fun when we can get together and run old content (2 of us successfully ran 25-man Sartharion), but it's not my only action.

Now in Panda's, my play time has dropped, but not stopped. I no longer seriously play PVP, or make lots of gold on the auction house. I try to logo n at least 2 to 3 times a week, but with a new baby in the house, that will be severely limited.

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