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Monday, March 8, 2010

Interesting - Random Dungeon Finder Pool

The dungeon finder tool, takes advantage of the already existing battlegroup (aka closely related server farms). For kicks, I clicked on my battle group on the WowArmory and found a blue post by Nethaera.

The following realms are all a part of the Shadowburn Battlegroup (List subject to change):

Agamaggan- PvP
Azshara- PvP
Baelgun- Normal
Dark Iron- PvP
Detheroc- PvP
Emerald Dream- RP-PvP
Greymane- Normal
Kalecgos- PvP
Lightninghoof- RP-PvP
Maelstrom- RP-PvP
Malfurion- Normal
Moonrunner- Normal
Nazjatar- PvP
Sargeras- PvP
Staghelm- Normal
Twisting Nether- RP-PvP
Ursin- PvP
Wildhammer- PvP
 I find it interesting that most my heroic dungeons are run with PVP players. Of 18 realms, 5 are NOT PVP (including mine Malfurion). This puts a bit of a different light on the 5-man groups that I have joined. Now I am going to pay a bit more attention though.

Have you noticed any consistencies with your groupings? My 5mans are typically:
  • Healer = Shaman
  • Tank = Pally or DK
  • DPS = Me (warlock)
  • DPS2 = Mage
  • DPS3 = Another Pally or DK.
Is this due to server make 1/5 Normal to PVP ratio, Blizzard maths or simply server population. Are most healers rolling shammys?

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  1. on Ruins Battlegroup, we have TRILLIONS of Heally trees. I'm not sure why that is but they are EVERYWHERE!

    A druid tree falls in the woods, would you hear it?

    We would on our Battlegroup... we wouldn't have any healers ;)


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