Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yeah, No.

No flaming, flying lion for this warlock. Cool, but at $25?! I already bit that bullet with the sparkle pony and won't do it again. If I am to purchase another mount from Blizzard, it will be the $30 (recruit a friend) two-person rocket.

BTW Blizzard, where's my flying warlock mount?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Check-in

I hadn't posted in awhile, mostly because I didn't have 'sufficient' content for a stand alone post. So, I thought today, I'd take a few minutes and post a few tidbits.

Random Dungeon Drop-off
I know soon after 4.1 dropped, the dungeons were once again friendly. I could queue up for a random heroic and typically land one in under 10 minutes. This was a vast improvement over the typical 30 minutes that I was getting pre-4.1 dungeons. Now about a month after release, it seems the queue times are creeping up again. Yes, I am typically trying for the double-bonus valor troll dungeons.

Is it because all the tanks have everything they want from the new bag of goodies? or people just not want to suffer the content in a pug?

Gear Upgrades
Over the last 2 weeks, OOT has managed to reliably take down Halfus. The last 2 raid days, we've even been able to also take down Magmaw. This has meant a few (one)  upgrade for me. That 346 offhand, that I mentioned last time has been replaced with the Halfus drop, Book of Binding Will. This was a nice upgrade for the JP off-hand I had been running. (The wrists evaded me again this week, "/roll = Elk: 5"). From that, I started taking a closer look at Mr Robot for my next gear upgrade option. As I run both a Destro and Demo build, and Mr Robot suggests different items for each build. Checking the Destro build, I noticed that:

If I finished the 'Optimized' stats would gain me...
  1. The Stump of Time from the TB quartermaster, rated higher than the Valor Point Soul Casket. I am ATM, about 16k rep from exalted with Hellscream's Reach (or about 8 days doing all the dailies). Much cheaper, in the long run, than the on-use Soul Casket. 
  2. The Tier 11 Shadowflame chest was rated as a +2000 point upgrade. This was my defining moment, to plop down my 2200 valor, pickup the chest piece and then gem and enchant it. 
  3. Taking Mr. Robot to heart, I ran through and reforged and (tried to) re-gem all my gear to match their optimized set. This has me now at 0.2% below hit (or 16.8%) because I cheeped out. I will revisit it again next weekend, when my AH sales come in again. 
Patch 4.2 Coming soon!
I am excited that 4.2 should be dropping rather soon. Not for Firelands. OOT is still working on 3:13 of the bosses. What it does mean is that those guild members who have higher-level toons in other guilds, won't be saved to these 13, and can fill in on those tougher bosses. For me it means:

  • With 4.2, we're getting new raid content. 
    • Old raid content will be nerfed to make it more accessible.
  • With new raid content comes along with another tier of gear. 
    • Old tier gear goes on sale for the lower currency.
 In addition, Wowhead just mentioned that they'll be bringing a bunch of new achievements. Including new pets for the 100, 125 and 150(a sparkle DRAGON!?) pet levels.

New gear from 2 new factions to get exalted with. Including the Avengers of Hyjal:
By doing dailies and then spending Mark of the World Tree:

I looks like the PTR may be updated with new content and I'll see if I can check out the vendors. I'll let you know.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    What to Wear??

    I am torn. I don't know what to wear! Here I am, on the cusp of the big raid tonight, with money in my pocket and no idea what to spend it on. What do I really want to pickup??

    According to Battle.net, I have an average iLevel of 354. This equates to:
    1. Eight i359 items (raiding and exalted honor) - neck, chest, back, legs, feet, waist, hands and alchemy trinket. 
    2. Four i353 items from the new Troll dungeons - head, shoulders, main hand weapon and ring 1.
    3. Five i346 items from justice points and heroic Cata dungeons - wrists, off-hand, ranged, trinket 2, and ring 2.

    Looking at what Jamus'Vaz has for sale, he's got a lot of nice shiny items. (I think he really needs a rack that he pulls items from, when he sells you).
    • Tier chest, legs and hands. I have i359 alternatives of all three of these. (Note: Hands and legs drop in Baradin Hold)
    • Feet, back, rings and trinkets. I have the Uldum exalted feet and the valor back, but the rings and trinkets would be 'upgrades'. 
     According to Mr. Robot, my upgrades go like this (excluding BOE world drops, archaeology and random):
    1. Head = +9 to tier piece
    2. Chest +66 upgrade to tier piece
    3. Wrists = ZA drop, or Halfus
    4. Legs = +15 to tier
    5. Ring 2 = +11 to Band of Secret Names
    6. Trinket 1 = +42 to Soul Casket, or +121 for exalted Hellscreams
    7. Trinket 2 = +130 to Soul Casket
    I am torn between the trinket and the chest piece. Replacing my Witching Hourglass, will lose me 285 Int, in return for 321 mastery, but I gain a massive, on-use spell power bonus. At least, I believe I can reforge that mastery into +hit and maybe gain back some haste from other reforges. Where as, replacing my chest with the tier chest will lose 241 mastery and add 198 haste, plus some gem flipping. Swapping the yellow for the red gem slot, would likely mean that I could get the socket bonus.

    Spiderman of Azeroth?
    One consolation? Tier 12, will bring about closeout prices on the Tier 11 gear. SALE SALE SALE! The rumor is Tier 11 will be bought with Justice points and Tier 12 will simply fill in to the Valor slots. This means that I shouldn't have to live with a 1 piece set bonus for that long.

    Update: 4.2 posted to the PTR, so I'll confirm it tonight... has been downloaded, but none of the test realms are up.

    BH resets today. Think I'll wait until we raid on Wednesday to decide.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Blogger burped

    This is an odd Friday the 13th. Living up to the gremlin laced superstitions associated with this date, blogger has lost content. Any post after the evening of the 12th has been lost, but any comments have been lost, not that I lost a bunch.. Just, if you did comment, I didn't censor it.. Jason whacked it.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    I am loving the new ZA!

    No longer that silly hat,
    but now a dog cone.
    I am really loving the heroic Zul'Aman dungeon. Last night, I pugged the dungeon again, making it my third time into the dungeon since 4.1 dropped last week. I still have yet to complete the save the sacrifice's quest, but I picked up a couple nice new upgrades.

    Last night's run had to been the most aggressive run. It contained 3 members of the same guild, plus a pugged healer and myself. We completed the entire dungeon in under an hour. I found it odd that I hardly ever ran out of mana, must of been some mad replenishment going on. I only life tapped out of habit before harvesting souls.

    The last two successful runs, took the following route. This route has a bit of a parkour feel. We hopped over walls, we jumped over broken stairs, even crossed the water, all to avoid trash fights. Having a DK in the group, really helps. The first time I ran it, we did boss 2 & 3, ported out of the dungeon, back in and did 1, then across the water by the entrance to 4,5,6.
    With the changes to 4.1 where team composition is to avoid gear overlap (i.e typically dk or warrior tank, pally or druid healer, warrior and hunter or rogue for dps), I've been able to pickup a few nice upgrades and never felt I had to compete. To date, I have won (and equipped)
    Collar of Bones
    Jan'alai's Spaulders
    Shimmerclaw Band
    Voodoo Hexblade

    and the 24 slot bag, quest reward. These items pushed my iLevel up 2 points from 351 to 353. I'd still love to pickup the wrists; from one of the to-be sacrificed prisoner's own belongs (boss 2). The Armani War bear mount would be awesome, but I doubt I'll ever see it ('cuz I got worst mount drop luck). Finally, the novelty of the voodoo mask trinket, might be fun in random situations, say raid trash.

    To date, I still haven't seen an entire run of Zul'Gurub. Every party into that dungeon has been a fail, after fail. Take that back, I came into a pug on the last, last boss. My party made it easy. I just stood out of the fire (or is it in the green dome of goodness), and killed demons, making sure my dots stayed on the boss, while the rest of the group did the rest. Here's to hoping for a run coming soon...

    You may want to check out WowHead's Patch 4.1 gear breakdown. It has a breakdown and basic comparison of the options that were currently available and what came in 4.1.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    The End is Nigh!!

    I just found out. It has been fun, but I have been informed that my time is short. I have maybe one more, before it all ends. Unfortunately, I am not sure I even care...

    See, Blizzard, just informed me that my subscription is set to expire with the next edition of the magazine. Each volume of the magazine comes in a nice, 'table-top' quality magazine. The stories range from insider information (Meet the Devs articles were my favorites), upcoming gear and zone changes information, and fluff pieces (blizzcon costumes, craft ideas, etc.).

    With Volume 3, that I got last month, they had a few interesting articles. Did you know that they are bringing out a new expansion? It's called "Cataclysm"! They even spent a good portion on the lore of each of the new races. (in case you don't know, they're the worgen and goblin, woohoo) In addition, there were a few strategy guides for the 4.0.3 dungeons, reposted articles off their own "official' forums and then a good portion on Blizzcon. Really! This is the OFFICIAL magazine!

    Could I suggest the magazine? Sure, the first 30 pages of the magazine is always an interview with a various team at Blizzard. Something that you don't get to see without going to So. Cal and chatting with them at Blizzcon. Unfortunately, the last 2 issues of the magazine that I received, that's about all I read. The rest, well, was stuff I saw via other means, and without the $10/issue cover price.

    Will I renew? Probably not.

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Do You Vuhdo Too, Warlock?

    As a disc priest, I love the addon Vuhdo. Combine the ctrl, alt and shift keys with my 5 button mouse and I can cast virtually all the primary healing spells I'd ever need. I can automate trinket usage, and casting buff spells (i.e. power infusion) in line with everything else, or call on macros that would combine the functionality of different items automatically. In addition, Vuhdo has buff minding and simple casting options (click buff and it applies it), plus auto-cast of some spells (i.e. click on dead toon to rez) or middle-click to debuff magic. After my interview with TNB, where Fimlys mentioned he uses this instead of the standard, Blizzard party/raid window, I got to thinking about how I could use this healing tool more effectively as a warlock.

    Some ideas.
    1. Buff: Dark Intent - Out of the box, Vuhdu tracks self-buffs (Fel Armor, Soul Link, and Dark Intent, etc.). I can click on the self-buffs and it immediately casts them on myself. Last night in the raid, it targeted the person I had selected and then the allowed me to simply re-cast the buff through out the night without thinking. Most excellent after a wipe.
    2. Soulstone battle rez - Peeking at the "smart-cast" UI, there is an option for a battle-rez, but it states that it's "druids only". If this is 'fixed' in an upcoming patch, great, but how about I use soulstone on alt-click targets, sorta like a heal, right? Wonder if they'll have a soulburn+soulstone combination added? I could group the items as a macro??  I haven't gotten this working yet. Multiple-clicking on dead people only targeted them multiple times.
    3. Singe Magic - Running Destruction, my best friend is the imp. The imp has an ability to dispel a harmful magic debuff from a client. I use it personally to remove the "Static Cling" spell off myself in Vortex Penn. While playing a healer, all the dispel options are shift+click. How about shift-click to do have my imp fry them?
    4. Target of target -Previously, I'd set my focus to my tank, then I could simply click on my tank, and assist with his target. Unfortunately, with the higher CC requirements in Cata, my focus is already used by my fear/banish macros. On the Vuhdo party interface, I can see who is targeting who. By expanding this 'hostile' field wider, I can see the mob's name and a larger health field. Now, I can simply hop to the add, burn it down then jump back to boss (aka tank's target).

    I am sure there are other options. It does have basic hostile spell options, but they aren't that well defined. I am also a bit of a button-masher and not a clicker. I'd like to be able to apply BoHavoc on a target and not click off my current target, I think that should be easy to figure out. I need to run a few battlegrounds and fine-tune the interface more.

    I'll post my updates that I find. Do you use Vuhdo for classes other than healing? I am curious to find out what you do.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Voluntary Demon Change

    Last night while running through the Drag in Orgrimmar, I stumbled upon the Demon Trainer, Kurgul. I hadn't visited this guy in a few patches and thought I'd check out what he's up to. Come to find out (since the 4.0.3 patch) that he allows you now to unbind your current demon and summon a new one. Unhappy with Thooshak's performance in the PVP arena and those constant threats about "if you summon me again, be warned", I thought I'd let him go. YOU"RE FIRED!

    50g in paperwork later, I now have a new Felguard. Oddly this guy looks like the identical twin to the last. No female form, no coloration difference. Only thing I see changed, is now his unpronounceable name. I think I'll simply call him Izzy.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    I haz Petting Zoo

    With the start of Children's week, comes the start of a series of Take your Orphan to work quests. Those quests that have you drag an orphan around to 5 different points of interest, usually on highly different parts of the map. Happily, with the completion of each quest chain, you are able to pickup a new pet for each one (now even Dalaran). Blizzard has also blessed us with 2 new pets (Scooter and Legs) for the Orgrimmar and Shatrath versions.

    With these last three pets (Scooter, Egbert for the achievement, and Wolvar pup), it pushed Elk to the 100 pet limit. Here's some screenies of these last 5 pets. Note, the wolvar pup comes in your mail after you finish the quests. Not picked up when you turn in the last quest.
    Winterspring Cub


    Curious Wolvar Pup

    A quick note about doing these Children's week quests. Set your Hearth to Shattrath and/or Dalaran when you start. This should save quite a bit of flying around to get you back to the turn in. I did for for the Shatt quests, but not the Dalaran. This meant flying through Wintergrasp twice in order to get to/from Scholarze Basin. Guild perk for 15 minute hearth, it would was reset by the time I finished the first 3 quests of the chain. With the portal's in these two cities back to Orgrimmar, it was a simple trip back to my new/old home. (& don't forget to re-home it when you're done!).

    For pet 101 a pet for a worthy cause.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Flipping the Winterspring Cub

    I was reading on sites like Cold's Gold, about a new companion pet introduced in patch 4.1. This site is for sale from a vendor in Everlook for 50g. So, I sent my death knight alt (yeah got one of those too) since he has the flight paths everywhere and hasn't left Orgrimmar since talking to Thrall. With his 120g, I picked up 2 of these wonderful cats.

    Shipped one off to both Elk and my Disc priest, Eride. Checking AH, she posted hers for a measly Buyout price of 94g. It sold for the BID price of 75g. Nothing like the 400-7000g that people were bragging about.

    Ah well, maybe make tips selling transporting them for guildies.

    Taming MOAR Pets

    WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...