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Topic 19: Picking a character name

Why not . I miss the old topic of the week. Topic 19 is to break down how you picked the names of your characters. I don't have that many, so, I am going to cheat a little here.. I have basically 2 naming processes, either: They 'starts with E' Elkagorasa - "Elk-A-Gore-Asa" Name that stuck with all these years. Here's how .. Eride - "Arrid-ay" After realizing that most raid/dungeon chat didn't something long to type " elka, um, elk, uh, e.."  I opted for something really short for my third character, plus it pulls directly from my RL name. Esha - Even shorter than Eride. Liked the name for a troll druid. Her alliance twin shares her name . Erknea - "Ernie-ah" My cataclysm created goblin. I wanted something silly to go with a short-stature, "knee high" goblin. Ernie turned into Erknea. Erlenmyer - alliance dwarf hunter - also misspelling of erlenmeyer (flask). All his hunter pets are science tools

Topic 2: How has WoW changed/impacted your life?

Sorry Z and Cinder for necroing this old topic , but I just can't pass it up.. I think I can have fun with this.. So here goes How has WoW changed my life? I see Quest Givers! EVERYWHERE. First off, I can't seem to go anywhere without seeing little yellow exclamation marks over peoples heads . They're everywhere!?! I am headed to the grocery store and the girl scouts are out front selling cookies. All I need to do to complete the quest is give 5G to buy a box and I get +10 Troop Girl Scouts rep and +10 Some_Parent_In_My_Town rep. Never know when that will eventually pay out, probably middle school. Can't Touch This! The crappy end-game content in other video games, keeps me coming back for more. During each WoW expansion there comes a lull. Friends are calling me to come play the latest co-op FPS and blow up some bad guys. For many, many games they have a great story, lots of lore, but absolutely die when it comes to end-game content. You've reached lev

Topic 21: What's in your backpack?

As my children start preparing for school starting up again in t-minus 30 days, I found this blog-topic keenly interesting.. My oldest is in high-school and has learned the fine-art of carrying around  only what's absolutely necessary.  That includes only a pencil or pen, and a notebook. My son who's just starting middle-school (i.e. 6th grade) I imagine that his backpack is going to be stuffed full and weighing in at 11kg (25lbs) . My alt and my main fit into both of these categories. So, What's in my backpack??   (I am just glad you didn't ask What's in my bank!?). Elkagorasa As this site's namesake (and my former, but stil active main), I am a bit more sloppy with his bags. He has quest items that I don't know what quest they belong to any more. He has three different gear sets because I still haven't quite settled on a spec yet (affliction this month, destruction last month). Topping it off, his gear is often highly in flux, so he is often

LFR TOS - Wailing Halls - Tank POV

I went into this wing with no preview of the fights and survived. Luckily I had an experienced co-tank and DBM yelling at me at important moments, so we never wiped, but hmm. I was completely confused by the Sister's fight (#2 in this wing) until reading the wowhead description (linked by each boss). I'll keep updating the notes below as I learn more about each fight and clean-up comments that didn't make sense. Wing 1 - Gates of Hell  videos, icy veins links and prot paladin POV. Wing 3 - Chamber of the Avatar Demonic Inquisition   Relatively easy fight. Little movement necessary. I picked up Artigan and pretty much stuck with him the entire encounter. We did little to 'coordinate stacks', but we did manage to avoid overlapping the confess.   ( icy veins ) ( wowhead ) keep Artigan faced away away from raid to avoid aoe damage. keep bosses separated. kite Artigan during bone saw to avoid additional stacks of torment attempt to coordinate stacks of