3.3.3 Frustrations

Ok, to be honest, I am not sure if it's a patch problem, or simply me messing with my key bindings in bartender4. Lately when I am in a really intense PVP fight, I am spamming Shift+MouseWheelUp (Shadowflame), MWDown (Fear) and Alt+MWD (howl of terror).

It seems about 10% of the time, I get the PVP Info screen popping up and twice yesterday, I get a dreaded button bar flip. Bar 1 and Bar 2 flip places. No longer is shadowbolt on key 1, but my healy potions. The only way I've figured to get my key order back is to logout and log-backin; a simple ReloadUI is not fixing it.

Going to have to research if this is a bug, or assigning too many things to the shift/alt mouse wheel.


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