Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am a Priest, sort of.

I am reading through Wowhead's review of the changes and found that Blood Pact now applies a stam buff. So what are Priests going to do in groups with Warlocks? I doubt it stacks to get 20% stam increase!

I am also looking forward to my tundra mammoth for raiding and dungeons on my other toons. Hmm, running around questing with 2 friends and my mammoth! Great way to get from 10 on..

If you haven't yet, check out WowCrendor's run through of Scholo and Scarlet Monastery. The simplifications to the 'maze' of scholo and the complexity of 4 different entrances in SM are gone. Definitely going to make running Headless a bit different now that the graveyard is populated with flame-thrower wielding npcs.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Have you considered pre-leveling?

taking a break from PVP
With Panda's expansion date looming on the horizon, have you considered doing some questing? On my priest, have done very little questing in the cataclysm zones. I think, maybe about 50 quests combined. Sure, no Exalted rep with Therazane, but when you can throw on PVP enchants for ALMOST as good, who cares??

Back to my point, the MOP expansion is a month away. I am thinking about finding about 2-3 dozen quests that I hadn't finished and do everything UP TO turning them in. When the level cap is increased, I'll run around to the quest givers and turn in. With all our rested bonus, I'd bet I will get 1, maybe 2, bubbles towards 86.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Count down to Pandas..

Just a little over a month remains until the Mists of Pandera expansion is released and it's time to start getting ready.

Step 1: Remove/Uninstall outdated add-ons. I just went through my Curse client and uninstalled every addon from my interface that hasn't been updated in over a year. Friends with Benefits, Gone. TBag, Gone. I easily did this by adding the "Latest Date" column to the interface, sorted by this column then just scanned down for older items. I left a few addons that I am fairly sure will be updated, like Addon Control Panel.

Curse has a nice section of add ons that work with the Panda beta. Take a look. Maybe it's time to start replacing those really old middle-ground addons with something new??

Step 2: Empty mailbox.  Blizzard hasn't handled mailbox items well several times. Making sure that the mailbox is empty before each patch isn't a bad idea. Right before my last logon, I had put bids on a bunch of disenchant prospects. My plan is to stock up on a bunch of entry level enchanting mats and hopefully sell enchants to monks. Since they'll probably level out to close to 15 before leaving the starting areas, I can start there... :) They're all in my bags now, disenchanted and ready to go. I'll pick up the vellums on day 1 of the expansion.

Step 3: Make sure the downloader is downloading bits. Nope, it's not running, I just rebooted. Last I looked, I had 15gb of 21gb of 4.3.4. Worst off, an estimated 100 hours to download that 5gb of data. At this rate, if it drops Tuesday, I won't be ready..

Step 4: Watch for the next patch. This next patch will include all of the pre-events for MOP. I remember all the fun of getting Pre-Wraith, and some from Pre-Cata. Wonder what we can expect this time around.

Step 5: Update drivers on PC. I just rebuilt my PC with Windows 8 "release preview", so my drivers are fairly new. I haven't tried the beta with this release, but WoW is working currently. I am hoping that MoP doesn't have issues with my older video card, I sort of remember issues with it not supporting the latest release of DirectX... Oh well, we'll see.

Pandas are on the horizon.

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