Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How much would you spend on a mount?

It wasn't that long ago, that Blizzard had this Brilliant money making scheme idea, to sell a pretty pony. This was a great idea. The pony is a free in-game, epic flying, and land mount for all my toons! $25 up front, saved my bank alt, death knight and future Goblin (lilelk?) from having to make an estimated 10,000gold (is it really that much?)

Blizzard, why always human models? Show some Horde <3
So, now a co-worker is thinking of playing warcraft. It came pre-installed on his new PC and he jokingly said he was going to create a toon. He's a FPS console guy, so who knows how long he'll last. That'd be cool! I told him, hey use my name and I'll get this cool flying mount?! (pointing at desktop background) He cringes, seeing himself as the brunette, to my manly alliance toon.  "Hey, let me show you what this button does!"

OK, outside of bribing a friend to sign-up, how else could one casual warlock get ahold of one of these fine rockets? Well, my 8yo daughter or wife could use an account!! (yeah, riiiight). I could sign them up for 2 months minimum purchase, level myself a goblin when cataclysm comes out at 3x rate xp and be level 85 in no time at all. Cost? $30 US Dollars.

Is it worth it? Maybe. I like the rocket heckuva a lot more than the zevra. Will I actually do it? Probably not, but hmm, I did buy one pretty pony and I'd love to get my bank toon high enough to ride at least a land mount. (it's a long run to the inscriptionist trainer from the bank).

Oh the dilemmas.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Cataclysm radar says October/November

Unofficial source, Amazon, has just updated me on my pre-order of a Cataclysm related book. It will arrive October 21st. Can the game be far behind??

Hello from

We're writing about the order you placed on May 18 2010 (Order# _____). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

 Christie Golden "World of Warcraft: The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm"
   Estimated arrival date: October 21 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Do you WoWSpeak?

"Save the critters" starts at 3min.
Driving home yesterday I was hit by how much media has influenced my life. I was commenting to my wife about the large number of squished critters on the freeway. OK, yes, it's not a WoW reference, but one of those other sources... Sorry, brain is wired that way.. You gotta a friend in me, you gotta a friend in me! Darn you Randy Newman...

Anyway, so I started wondering if I use WoW references in my daily life.I could just imagine coming back from the store saying "I couldn't find the cake mix so I asked the NPC" or "I vendored all the kids toys."

I think today, I'll make it mission to use at least one WoW reference in my RL speak..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Warlock's notes on what I do in PVP.

I just got out of a fairly intense Arathi Basin battlegrounds and was thinking about Dave's comment earlier. PVP when I first started playing was intimidating. I was actually so afraid of dying, that I wouldn't play. Go figure. At least Wintergrasp has vehicles, helps you feel protected when someone drives you around in a tank. After some time playing various battlegrounds, you think that if you could only last 2 seconds longer, or if you only cast that fear a little faster, how much better PVP life would be.. It's not about how quickly you die, but how quickly your attackers die.

PVP Pajamas
The trouble with it is, you can't PVP without PVP gear. It's pointless. Think about playing professional football, against a fully dressed team, and you're going in there wearing your pajamas. So, you need to upgrade those PJs as quickly and cheaply as possible. My suggestion, as it was for Children's week, play Wintergrasp. With Triumph badges (quit spending them on items to AH) and stonekeeper shards (which you have a ton, I know) get yourself some gear. Spend well and you can probably get around 5000 gear score (if you throw in some honor pieces).

Elk is currently sporting:
  1. Furious Gladiator's Felweave [head, chest and legs]
  2. Relentless Gladiator hands to round out the 4 piece set bonus
  3. Titan forged shoulderpads
  4. Wrathful Gladiator [ ring and cloak] of Dominance
  5. Wrathful Gladiator cuffs of Alacrity
  6. Relentless Gladiator [belt and feet] of Alacrity
  7. Battlemaster's ruination (trinket 1)
  8. Insignia of the horde (trinket 2)
  9. PVE weapon, off-hand and wand
  10. Ashen Verdict ring (currently Honored level)
  11. Warsong Gulch tabard (hiding cloak in view)
The only item I used Arena Points on was #2, the gloves. I had enough arena points from running PVP dailies, that I used them. My next gear upgrades will be one of the three items listed on #1. Like the head, nice graphic.All items are gemmed for stamina or resilience (or spell power). I am not worried about hit at all (all my targets are level 80!). 

Two related items:
  1. Invest in dual spec talent, especially if you plan on running PVE also.  I find it SO MUCH easier now that I can simply flip spec's. Bartender only shows certain button bars when I am in this PVP build. (see screenshot below)
  2. Look for a good PVP talent build. Elk is currently running this affliction 54/17/0 build with fairly good success. I specifically wanted the range, quick fears, and  master summoner.

Ok, what do I do? Spell rotation is a bit out of the question, but here's my current basic idea.
  • Hit with instant cast curse. I've specc'd into Curse of Exhaustion for the slowdown. I've also glyphed it to add range!!
  • Fire off fear.
  • Hit with instant cast dot, corruption typically (hope for shadow trance, er nightfall proc).
If it's a melee class and their in my face, I'll back up, when spamming Howl of Terror, then shadow flame.

If it's a warlock minion or druid in tree form, I'll banish

If it's a healer, I'll throw a Unstable Affliction their way! I love having them blow up when they heal themselves! Just to make them jump, I drain life, it's so VISUAL! I can see your miserable life draining away and into ME! Ah, tasty!

How do I do all that? 
soul shards are still an important
part of a warlocks pvp diet.
It's not perfect, definitely a long way from that, but I am definitely using a ton of mouse + keyboard combinations. How about a quick gui run down (see screen shot).
  • xPerl so my target is immediately under Elk's feet. Minion is right there next to me.
  • Bartender4 for the button placement.
    • The buttons about head height are at 200%.  Quick and easy to see. These buttons have 2 purposes, one time items like the Strand bombs or WG gun (clicky clicky), AND reminders of how to drain life.. 
    • Bartender also has a nasty habit when the action is intense to swap my keys around. Bar 1 becomes Bar 4. Not sure what I do to trigger it.
    • The main 3/4 rows below that are my pet bar and 3 rows of spells. These are at 75% normal.
  • PowerAuras is putting the -13% debuff (from Nibuca), the white claw marks (missing soul link with pet) around elk's head and the yellow squid (target doesn't have curse) on his back.
Bartender has a cool key-bind function. I use this for doing the key combinations.
  • Alt+wheel up is Curse of Exhausion, 
  • Alt+wheel down is Howl of Terror. 
  • Wheel up is Death Coil
  • Wheel down is FEAR! 
  • Shift+wheel up is Shadow flame.
  • Shift+wheel down is Drain Life.
 All those spells and all I had to do was target something (tab) and alt/shift and move the mouse wheel. The part that still requires training is not doing a SWU when I mean SWD.

My primary spells are on 1-5 (shadowbolt, haunt, curse of exhaustion, corruption and unstable affliction), no need to look for keys.

I've macro'd the pet re-summon to include fel-domination when I am in combat. Everything in alignment, I can have a new fel puppy in less than one second.

Pet is always on aggressive. (yes, I have accidentally pulled the boss in a random heroic because of pet aggro).

Final notes
Come prepared. I lost the above mentioned AB, and it happened soon after I ran out of soul shards. Bring enough soul shards to die a few times and not worry about how you'll replace them.

Locks make great flag protector's. Don't feel bad sitting on your haunches calling out "inc farm" in bg chat whenever some one in red is coming your way. With your pet on attack, you'll get a great head's up, when that puppy runs off to the cliff to attack a ranged caster.

Try to keep healers busy. Not yours, but theirs. If they are running in fear or just running away, it's unlikely they are healing their friends too well. Beauty is most healers don't DPS too well, so they can't fight back. Well, unless they have a rogue in their pocket.

Drain tank. Yes, you can tank by healing yourself faster than they can hurt you. Step 1, apply instant dots. Step 2, drain life.

Lastly, have fun! PVP is not hurting your gear. That fall will. Realize that dying is part of the battle. You get a wonderful res at the spirit healer for free! No running back to your body. As you upgrade your gear, and improve your spell rotation, you'll find it get's easier. You'll be wondering where you can spend all those honor points??

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cataclysm Profession Changes Preview

Chatting with a guildie the other day, he pointed me to a great resource site., it is a simple guide to level your current professions from 0 to max skill. The simplicity of the site is that it provides materials lists to get you max'd out and when you need to train up.

One side point of this list, is that it reminded me of a Cataclysm change to professions. I remembered that I wanted to post about these changes, back in May. As an elixir spec'd alchemist, herbalist, with max level first aide and fishing, I found a few changes interesting.

  • [Blizzard doesn't like] specializations, so they have been removed for all three [blacksmithing, tailoring and leatherworking] of these professions
    • Guess they like how the specialization is working for Alchemy? Hmm, maybe they don't really want you to proc more boots when you make them?
  • sliding xp scale on crafted items - the more difficult the items to craft (tailoring sited), the more xp you'll get. 
    • hoping this applies to all higher-level, like 'orange' skill items, in Cataclysm.
  • new mad/crazy alchemist pot, but it will work like BOA gear, providing increased base benefit as you level. 
  • simpler requirements, no need 4 different types of flasks
  • No more frost lotus! Instead use the more easily (we hope) volatile life (guessing like eternal life, which Elk has 20+ of and can't use). "Elkagorasa has learned a new transmute!!"

    [Transmute: Eternal Life to Volatile Life]
  • new cataclysm herbs, that may have 'wilt' factors. If one blossom is taken, the other flower begins to wilt immediately and dies soon after. Guessing that as you level herbalism, you'll be able to pick that second flower.
  • some fun new recipes
  • Cooking dailies, more like current wrath (all close to quest giver).
First aide
  • Bandages will have HOT (healing over 8 seconds!) aspect. Damage will break HOT.
    • " Dense Embersilk Bandage" Heals for 34,800 over 8 seconds.
    • Guess I won't be using these in battle any longer. I sometimes will use bandages on a battle-res'd healer or dps. Doesn't cost any mana and we can continue on fighting.
  • Three new bandages! That's right: THREE! 
    • >And only 5 levels?? Wonder if there will be some specialization in those bandages. This bandage removes poison and this one removes DOTS.
    • At my current HP, I don't think I'd ever use a Dense Embersilk Bandage. Elk has only saw 34k hp when fully raid buffed in PVP gear. On the other hand, our tank had much more than 34k, so I see the purpose.
  • Um, new fish, new fishing dailies.
Like everything in Cataclysm, they're still working out all the kinks. I don't think I'll be changing any of my primary professions. They haven't changed anything that looks like it will negatively impact my gold making, in fact Alchemy has a purpose now. Even if it will have break-neck competition to get it created because EVERYONE will need it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shared Topic: When should a healer let someone die?


Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Daily Burnout

Looking through sites like LootRank and GearWishlist, I have come to the realization that I don't need frost badges any more. There just isn't anything that I can purchase as an upgrade to what I already have. Sure, raiding ICC has upgrades, but that's a group thing. I have plans tonight to join the guild 10-man ICC raid. Hopefully I win the trinket off Gunship. It's dropped twice (in the last 5 ICC runs), once when my Internet was down (until after the raid started) and the second time I lost the roll..

Here's to hoping that the new Arena gear drops soon, and I can spend some of my frost badges on the Wrathful Warlock set.

Well, back to questing in Zul'Drak. Still trying to finish each of these Wrath zone quests. (17 in Storm Peaks, 46 in ZD).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playing the Naming Game

I am seriously considering rolling a goblin when Cataclysm comes out. Here's a race that's been an actively participating in Elk's growth from 0-80, but never beyond that flight master/ vendor/ minor annoyance throughout. Maybe by playing the class, I'll learn some insight into their background and their troubled past. This is my main reason that I started playing a rogue (aka warlock's nemesis) and got that character up to level 29. (thinking of trying my luck at pvp).

As a character that I'd like to keep on my 10 list, I want the name to have meaning, heart and even play into some of the lore or standards that Blizzard has already defined. I would LOVE for it to be original and not something you find on every goram realm. For example, I was searching up Goblin names in existence, and one of the popular ones is Filius (aka Filius Flitwick from Harry Potter) is on almost 70 different domains. So eliminate names already existing in media of any form.

Therefore, what do I want in a name?

Personal Requirements:
  1. Original, or at least less used than most. Unique so that I never fight myself in a PVP match.
  2. Seem to be a NPC from the game, maybe follow similar naming.
  3. Be short enough so people can chat with me and not cringe each time they want to type in my name (leason learned with Elkagorasa). I also hate trying to type European characters on my US keyboard.
  4. Slight bit of humor? Goblins look funny, why not a silly name! (Reminds me of an old movie where the main character is named "Sam Francisco")
  5. Not be an offensive, derogatory, or slang word that encourage Blizzard to rename my toon. 
Maybe I need to decide what class I want my Goblin to be, and that would help. I've always felt a bit miffed especially in, say, the daily-random market. The 15 minute queue length for "DPS-only" classes. I think I'd like to have the option to work as a tank/healer, but REALLY didn't like playing a priest (see bank alt). Ok, so what are my Goblin class options:
  • DK - want the goblin starting area, not plaguelands.
  • Hunter - possibly. It would be another "pet" class, at least it can wear better than cloth armor.
  • Mage - and be laughed out of every warlock party? nope
  • Priest - Nah, my bank toon is only level 12 and most of it is due to trick or treating in BOA gear! 
  • Rogue - maybe, probably not, as my 2nd alt was a rogue. 
  • Shaman - highly possible, pet/no pet, mail armor
  • Warlock - meh, got a fairly well equipped one 
  • Warrior - maybe, but well I dunno, a melee goblin just sounds funny to me.

Looking at Blizzard as a source, goblin (last) names tend to have parts, combination's of other words (Steamgear, Boltnose, Manclamp, Leafgrinder). But, I really wanted to keep this goblin's name under say 8 characters. By having a name that included something like this for a last name it could easily be 15 characters.

On the WoW forums, people were suggesting goblin names. Trend was to one-off their current main (Ebolin?(0), Goblarosa(0)?), but others had some fun options, using common phrases. I liked "TimeIsMoney" (33) best and it's fairly underpopulated on WowArmory (assuming it's a level 10 or greater).

I have also been considering of building a name. Take one part class, one part nonsense, shake well and serve. Here are a few considerations?
Hmm, I like Wart. I like Shoblin, I like Shmalt (sounds like alt). Wart's taken on Malfurion, but not an active account. Shoblin, well doesn't sounds female, how about Shobli. Ugh, sounding it out in my head, it sounds like chablis (aka wine). Maybe a BE, but not really a Goblin name. Sob would be ok (i was thinking /cry), but then again, theres "son of a b-" which, well ok no. Maybe Shamblin or Sham(a/y)calf?

Well, now that I have some ideas, I guess it's up to see which names have already been claimed on my server. Despite all my best intentions, it's very possible that any name I choose will already be chosen by someone who's saved it in their account, level-1 toon who's never left their game lobby.

OK, now who to delete? Which member of my pet-ring will I delete? The dwarf who can run and get bunnies? The human who purchases cats? The draenei who buys the moths? Or the night elf who purchases the birds?

Other Resources:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Excellent PVP Maps

If you are not a frequent PVP player, and looking for a quick easy guide, check out the maps Cynwise has put together. These maps simplify the common routes between the destinations. Not until I review these maps, did I realize the simplicity of the battleground maps. Instead of seeing the mountains and hills, think about the quickest way to get somewhere..

I especially like the Strand map as it helps layout the various gates to be attacked. Still had to check my in-game map to find the purple gate, now I just run this map concurrently.

Thanks Cynwise.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cataclysm New Glyphs, Goodbye Path of Titans

Over at, they mentioned that Blizzard has scrapped the Path of Titans progression and has focused it's energies onto expanding Inscription and the glyph system. New "Medium" level glyphs will join the Major and Minor glyphs that will provide alterations to game play. In addition, they mention that glyphs will be trainable, so you only need to purchase the glyph once. For non-inscriptionist, buy your glyphs EARLY to avoid having to compete on the AH, or at least find and provide (mats) to your guildie..

From comments: Female Demo Demon form
Thinking about this, these 'fun' glyphs might be a great way to get some of the 'fun' changes us locks have been wanting for Soul burn, but probably won't see. Sure, green fire, yadda yadda (not going to happen IMHO), but that's not a 'fun' mechanic, it's cosmetic. Fun!? How about instead of Glyph of Unending Breath as a minor, it pops to a medium glyph and adds water walking? How about a lock teleporter that will transform you into one of your pets for a short time? How about a glyph that would make healthstones also cure poisons or pull from your professions, like a crazy alchemist healthstone (bye bye mana table!)?

So, what Medium glyphs would you like to see?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

WoW Account Fishing

Just got a message in my mailbox from some random acccount, saying I won a Beta Account. Excitedly I follow the link posted in the email ('cuz Blizzard doesn't really use that thingy)

So, open the site, oh look that familiar WoWArmory logon page.. For kicks I click on the languages at the bottom, see if the site changes languages...Blizzard is a worldwide company, they should do languages right...

 Unfortunately after I click, the only thing that changes is the URL. Hmm, something Phishy about this site. So, I go visit the official WowArmory page and click on Russian(?)? OK, so Blizzard translated the page, the other one did not. Guess, it's time to put in a bunch of garbage in the first URL! :)

Long of it, spammers aren't in it to fool everyone, only the gullible few. If you like the clothes your toons are wearing, make sure the site you are visiting is legit. Heck, at least see if they took the time to implement the language filter and not just scraped the armory page graphics.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cataclysm Stat Changes => Feat of Strength - Weapon Skills Achievements

According to Wowhead's Cataclysm Guide:
Weapon Skill
Gone completely! You no longer need to learn or train weapons in order to use them.
That means the following 2 achievements will soon be a feat of strength:

  1. Master of Arms
  2. Did Somebody order a knuckle sandwich?
 Personally, I am proud that my warlock has both of these achievements. A clothy with an unarmed fighting skill at 400 is rare (I believe). wonder if there's a way to look that up?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


And now for something I think you'll really like...

a short video detailing both alliance and Horde retake the city events!

Useful Resource: TimeUntilWintergrasp

I was reading through the notes on Cynwise Battlefield Manual about his interview on TNB. During this interview, he brought up a useful site called "Time Until Wintergrasp".

This site has a couple of interesting features:
  1. The time of the next Wintergrasp fight across a number of US servers.
  2. The outcome of the fights earlier today/this month.
  3. A running average of all fights for this month.
I hadn't done any calculations, but the site explains a lot on Malfurion. The Horde it seemed is almost always in control of Wintergrasp. According to TUW, we are in control 67% of the time.

Trending for June, it appears that Alliance takes control during the day, then Horde resumes control after "work" hours. (IMHO, this feeds the running stereotype on our server that most Alliance are teenage boys.) So, if you want to do VOA, and your Alliance toon is on Malfurion, you better be playing between 4AM and 5PM.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ruby Sanctum coming June 15th

Not sure if it's a secret, but it appears that the 3.3.5 patch will be dropping on us June 15th. How do I know you ask? Well, I thought I'd sign up for the Beta and while on the page, I saw the new terms of service page.. :) Those new terms take into affect June 15th.

Have you ever read the terms completely?

Did you know that:

1) No add-ons
[Blizzard forbids] use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Service, any Game or any Game experience;

2) No cyborgs
You may establish an Account only if you are a "natural person"
 3) No blogs
You agree that you will not create any work based on the Games or the Service

4) No Wowhead/Curse Addon client
use any third-party software to collect information from or through a Game client or the Service, including without limitation information about your character
 5) In game advertising sponsored by Blizzard
[Blizzard may use technology that] enables in-game advertising, and the display of other similar in-game objects.

Friday, June 4, 2010

PVP = Addon Proving ground

For the last two weeks, I've been fighting with my ISP, to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Seems that when ever I was putting on a high-bandwidth situation, say dialing in for work, or in the middle of a 25-man fight my DSL would drop. Considering the age of my house, I didn't think it was line-noise (CAT-5e to my desk), didn't think it was my ISP, I blamed it on rats. I just new it was rats climbing into my telco box and gnawed their way into my DSL connection. When the DSL signal through the wires increased, it caused an extra special tingly sensation the rats loved enjoyed. Come to find out my ISP, after 2 house calls and 3 new pieces of hardware said, oh yeah, it's that alarm system with the unfiltered connection causing echos.

Yes, I was but wasn't happy it was all green.
So here I am, back playing again, nice fat connection (& dsl filter on my alarm), strand of ancients is yet again in trouble and blam-oh, my WoW crashes,  I just KNOW it's the DSL again. Has to be! Give me back my house call fee NOW! I look and I check, nope DSL is SOLID. No errors at all. OK, this happened before. Raiding, 25-man ICC, Putricide. OMG, I am running all my fat auction house addons, again. Addon Control Panel ftw. I swap to my 'raiding' addon build, which only includes fighting and gearscore addons (i.e. pawn, ratingsbuster). Load up again, Strand is over and we lost.

Requeue and guess what?, no dcing and in fact, your favorite little warlock tops the charts (well at least in honorable kills). That's gotta be an achievement.

Riding the destroyers ftw!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beware of the ejector seat!

Jumped into a pug the other day to go do the weekly raid (Flame Leviathon FTW!) and one of the members has the 2-man rocket. It's odd to have someone else flying you around. One thing to keep in mind, they have a ejector seat button on their vehicle bar. Just to show it off, he kicked me out about 3ft of the ground outside of Ulduar.

BTW, High, did you do a faction change?  Wowhead lists you as a Human Rogue. WowArmory has you as  BE Priest.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick Thought - What is Marcia selling?

I try to do the fishing daily on a regular basis, at least when it's one of the items in the immediate vicinity of Dalaran. I've mentioned it before, I hate the Ghostfish daily..

Anyways, Marcia, is she a tramp? Always implying something more that what is immediately for sale.When you chat with her, it seems my lonely orc is always asking to "check out her goods".

Just saying...

Taming MOAR Pets

WFH means Work Warcraft From Home Monday was a work from home kind of day, so I worked on a little project of my own. I saw this on Twit...